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Winter 2013


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letter from the editor

Winter 2013 |

By Roxy Rox, ROX SpokesToon


o here we are, at the end of our first full year of publishing cgrox - an incredibly challenging yet rewarding year. Challenges and rewards just seem to live in the same neighborhood, don’t they? We are so heartened and thankful for the response and support we have gotten from the community that we look at this current issue as a paean of thanks to our readers, the community and all of you who support what we at ROX try to do to help make the community better... As far as the ROX family of publications is concerned, you the cgrox reader can expect: • More coverage of local interest stories, in keeping with our central theme of economic development, business and growth. • More features: • Dear Casa Grande, a regular, recurring love letter to our town from its citizens; • REAL ESTATE ROX!, a new regular column on the business of Real Estate, by Jess and Colleen Gunderson, our new partners in COLDWELL BANKER ROX REALTY. • Similarly, INSURANCE ROX!, a new column by Lisa Atkinson, general manager of Casa Grande Insurance • We are filling out our travel reportage by publishing stories by traveler/ authors new to cgrox but not new to traveling. So buckle in, hang on and prepare for a fantastical journey with us, as we hurtle headlong into the future. Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

CONGRATULATIONS On Your 1st Year cg|rox Magazine! From your friends at

HOME HEALTH INSIGHTS “Your Home Care Providers for Nearly 20 Years in Casa Grande”




rox talk


What a year a regular annus mirabilus roxus. While the world wallowed in woes - recession, repression and aggression - we plumped up ROX GROUP by entering the insurance business, consolidating and expanding our real estate business, and forming a new relationship in our travel business. And then we started a magazine to tell the world about it, us, and our community, from which we are inseparable. The topics in the forefront since we last visited have been the election, the nation’s socalled “fiscal cliff”, yet renewed excitement - frenzy? - in residential development and construction. As businesspeople and investors, we are of course dismayed by the election results. It’s no mystery why businesses are sitting on trillions in cash, unwilling to invest forward, and if the national media can’t (or won’t) say why, I will: another four years of anti-business sentiment in the White House, leading inevitably to increased regulation and taxation, all exacerbated by bitter legislative polarization.

Winter 2013

Nonetheless, housing nationwide has picked up, mirroring what we have experienced here in Arizona’s Golden Corridor. In fact, unseen, at ground level (pardon the pun!) there is a huge rush into finished lots and developable land for single-family homes. We’ve been a little pre-occupied with other things, but have started making the rounds with our old land investor and developer clients and they confirm the boomlet: natural demographic trends plus zero new housing in the last six years has set the stage for a very solid future no matter who is President.

So where does ROX go from here? Bigger, better,

faster, of course. We will grow our family of enterprises locally and continue to improve our services to our most important business partner: YOU, our customer. But we will also push our way of looking at things into terra incognita, as ROX GROUP continues to grow.

from the top

Winter 2013 |

Brett Eisele, Rox Group

Anybody who has ever written an article for any type of publication knows when the publication comes out the first place you go in the publication is to your article. Even though you proof read it ten or twenty times it looks better when it is printed in the actual publication, right? You also know if there is a typo you cringe and blame it on somebody else because you did read it ten or twenty times. Imagine how I felt when I picked up the last issue of CG ROX and found a typo in the first sentence of From the Top! Good Lord, I thought, everyone’s going to think I’m a moron. However, having been in sales most of my adult life I started thinking how could I turn this into something positive? So here it is….from now on the first 5 people who catch a typo in any future CG ROX magazine and emails me with it will receive a $10.00 Fry’s gift card for gas, groceries or whatever else you can use it for at Fry’s. Email the goof to and I will include this issue as well. Casa Grande Insurance is now settled in their new home at the Kortsen Road office behind the Walgreen’s at Pinal and Kortsen. Our newest member to the commercial side of the insurance department is Pam Sanders who is more than qualified having been in the business for over fifteen years. Pam holds a CISR designation and is a welcomed addition to the team with her beaming and happy face. Peg and Roxanne Eck are really doing well with Temptation Travel Rox. Roxanne had a table at the Palm Creek RV Resort Crafts Fair in November and ran out of brochures and magazines because of the enthusiastic response! Next up for her will be the “Wines of the Regions” wine tasting get together at Eva’s restaurant January 11th. You will have a chance to taste wines from various regions of the world, taste a little food from the region and of course look at travel packages to those regions. If you take a liking to a specific wine you will be able to purchase a bottle from the distributor right on the spot. Mark your calendar. Coldwell Banker Rox Realty is doing something special for the holidays. Agents Dave Streicher, Cynthia Perry and others from the agency have built a really nice kids playhouse for the Electric Light Parade. Once the parade is over you can obtain a ticket for a drawing to win the playhouse by dropping off 5 cans of food at our Trekell Road office, 1919 N. Trekell Road. All food will be donated to the Casa Grande Food Bank. Thank you to everyone at Coldwell Banker Rox and also Kyle Myers of K&M Roofing for donating the building materials.

Kudos and local business plug for Print and Pack Express on the corner of Brown and Florence Blvd. Vicki Stonebraker, the owner, has been good to us at the Rox Group so we would like to get her a little business. Vicki always gets us what we want before we need it and at a decent price. Kindly stop in and say hello. You would be amazed at the paper and sign requirements for 5 businesses. Sometimes I can’t quite describe to Vicki what I want and she somehow reads my mind and bingo it’s done. Finally, Rock and I were reminiscing the other day and it dawned on us only eleven or so months ago we were a small real estate company located behind Walgreen’s at the Lakes. Do you realize we are now 5 companies with over 50 people including support staff? The reason for the growth, in my mind, is you. Without you and the wonderful people who make up the Rox Group of companies we wouldn’t be here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!



Winter 2013

Cream Cheese Company Announces Second Facility in Casa Grande Franklin Foods, Inc., the World’s fastest growing cream cheese company, announced in November 2012 their decision to open a second manufacturing facility as part of the company’s strategic growth initiative and to meet the growing demand for their products. The new facility will be located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Cream Cheese production is planned to commence in early 2013. The Franklin Food West facility greatly expands manufacturing capacity for Franklin’s rapidly growing Food Service, Industrial, Retail, Private Label and International businesses. This new production capacity will also be used to meet consumer demand for Franklin’s recently launched Greek Cream Cheese.

Downtown Streets Get Makeover

Life in downtown Casa Grande may get a lot more exciting. The City of Casa Grande owns approximately 15 vacant acres by Florence Street and Main Avenue which it hopes will develop to attract more businesses, residents and an overall sense of a vibrant downtown community. The City hired a design firm to conduct public workshops and develop a blue print for this new project called “Life on Main.”

After months of construction, the downtown streets project is finally complete. New trees have been planted, new sidewalks have been installed, new benches line the streets, and the new plaza design is complete on Second and Florence Streets. The project incorporates Pueblo Deco style, similar to the style of the 1939 Southern Pacific train depot. Pueblo Deco combines the traditional New Mexico Pueblo Indian design with the modernistic Art Deco design of the 1930s. Central to the proposed plan is preserving the Casa Grande Hotel and Shonessy House while enhancing these historic structures with a flexible, active plaza with space for art fairs and farmers markets. Other life enhancing ideas to the area include: expanding Elliot Park to include neighborhood amenities such as a dog park and a Ramada for gathering, grilling and neighborhood events; a lively, mixed-use neighborhood with opportunity for outdoor cafés intermixed with shops, retail and offices; and, approximately 30,000 square feet of space for light-industry and manufacturing.

Franklin Foods was established in Enosburg Falls, Vermont in 1899 and has a rich tradition of supporting local New England Dairy Farmers by purchasing fresh milk and cream from nearby farms and suppliers. The company will continue this tradition in Arizona by purchasing local milk and cream from United Dairyman of Arizona (UDA). “Casa Grande has a rich history in agriculture, including cotton farms and dairy farms,” said Casa Grande Mayor Bob Jackson. “Franklin Foods will be a great addition to the community because they will not only create additional jobs for our residents, but also provide more business for our local dairies. We are delighted to have them in our community and look forward to working with them to ensure a smooth transition at their new facility.” “Over the past two years we’ve conducted an exhaustive search throughout the Western USA, and we are pleased to announce our new facility in Casa Grande, Arizona,” said Jon Gutknecht, President & CEO of Franklin Foods. “We are excited to put down roots in the local community and partner with, not only UDA and their Coop of Arizona family farms, but also the talent-rich community of Casa Grande. We could not be happier to be a part of the Great State of Arizona.” Franklin Food’s state-of-the-art 90,000 square foot facility in Casa Grande will produce a full line of cultured cream cheese and cream cheese based products including the newly announced and industry first Greek Cream Cheese. The facility is expected to create 80 new jobs over the next two years. Keith Murfield, CEO of United Dairymen Of Arizona said, “We are pleased that Franklin Foods has chosen Arizona and Casa Grande for their expansion. We are very impressed with Franklin’s team and look forward to welcoming them as a new customer of UDA.” Franklin Foods, Inc., has promoted Rocco Cardinale to Vice-President. In his new role, Mr. Cardinale and his family will relocate from South Florida to Arizona where he will oversee the startup of the new facility.

“Life on Main” Concept Plans Unveiled

Mayor Bob Jackson hosted a block party in downtown on November 15, 2012 to celebrate the completion of the project. “The investment we’ve made down here right now is going to pay dividends as we go out and recruit new businesses and industries for the community,” he said. “When potential businesses come to Casa Grande they always want to see what our downtown looks like. This project will show prospects that we have a vibrant downtown and a vision for the future.” Design and construction of the downtown streets project cost approximately $3 million dollars. Downtown Casa Grande is home to many shops and restaurants, an Art in the Alley monthly event from September through June, an annual Street Fair/Car Show in January, and a year round Farmers Market held every Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Concept plans also include a district gateway arch feature to welcome people to the neighborhood and a pedestrian bridge spanning the railroad tracks along E. Main Street near Top Bottom Alley that connects the area to the Historic Downtown Business District. For more information about the Life on Main project including a map of the area, visit

Casa Grande Municipal Airport FIRST in Arizona to Install LED Lights on Runway Other Improvements Planned

Commercial service may not be available at the Casa Grande Municipal Airport yet, but that doesn’t

Winter 2013 |

mean the airport is not equipped with the latest technology. Recent improvements have enhanced the safety for pilots flying in and out of the airport.   New LED lights have been added to the runway, along with new taxiway signs, new taxiway markings, a new electrical vault to power the lights, new supplemental wind cones and a backup power generator.  The Casa Grande Municipal Airport is one of the first in the country and the first in Arizona to have LED lights installed on the runway.


Economic Development Foundation Welcomes New Director


national search has resulted in the naming of a new Director for the Central Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation (CAREDF). James Dinkle, a 24-year economic development veteran from Indiana, has been hired for the position and is slated to begin on October 9th.

Presently, Dinkle is President of Dubois Strong™ in Jasper, Indiana. Dubois Strong™ is an

“We decided to install LED lights on the runway because they last ten times longer than other light bulbs, are low maintenance and use a significantly lower amount of energy,” says Airport Manager Richard Wilkie. “The old incandescent lamps required replacement every two years and used about three times the energy of LED lights.  These new lights have three lighting patterns to provide maximum safety for pilots flying in and out of the airport.” The LED lights are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which provided most of the funding for the project.  The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) also provided funds for the lighting project.   

Indiana Not for Profit Corporation charged with enhancing the economic development

Other improvements scheduled at the airport include paving approximately 238 acres to accommodate up to 38 additional hangar units. “Right now we have about 40 people on the shade hangar waiting list and the list is about 25 for the T-hangars,” says Wilkie. “Hangars are rare so they’re a very hot commodity. Our primary focus at this point is trying to get some of these additional structures for people to come in and start generating additional revenue.” Paving on this project will begin in January with a completion date of March/April 2013.

D.C., inclusion of the Huntingburg Airport Technology Park in the Indiana Shovel Ready

A runway overlay was completed last year that resurfaced the 5,200 foot runway. City officials plan to expand the runway to 8,400 feet in the future. The Casa Grande Municipal Airport is a General Aviation Airport used by many corporate business leaders and airplane aficionados who keep their aircraft at the airport.  It is home to the Copperstate Fly In held every year in October and Cactus Fly In held every year in March, both events open to the public.  A Pancake Breakfast and Fly In is held the first Saturday of the month, also open to the public.  The Municipal Airport is located at 3225 N. Lear Avenue in north Casa Grande, adjacent to Pinal Avenue. For more information about the Casa Grande Municipal Airport, visit or call (520) 426-3616.

climate of Dubois County. Mr. Dinkle has served as President of Dubois Strong™ since April 2011, and has achieved numerous significant accomplishments. The organization, formerly known as the Dubois County Area Development Corporation, reinvented itself as Dubois Strong™ in April 2012. Along with the rebranding effort came a new website, logo and increased social media presence.

Mr. Dinkle’s tenure also saw the retention and expansion of several local

companies, including Indiana Furniture, Stens Corporation and G&T Industries. Other accomplishments include improved relations with elected representatives in Washington, program, an increased focus on providing better access to capital for entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as strategic investments in the Interstate 67 corridor study, Purdue Technical Assistance Program, and Buxton Analytics.

Dubois Strong also saw

growth in its investor base, nearly tripling in Dinkle’s 18 months. “The CAREDF Board of Directors is extremely pleased to have Jim lead the organization with his experience, knowledge and skills. With the Pinal Sun Corridor Economic Plan as a road map, Jim and his team can hit the ground running. CAREDF’s regional approach along with private and public sector support and a professional team on board are a winning combination”, said Evelyn Casuga, CAREDF Board President. “I look particularly forward to working with existing businesses to retain and to grow their investments within Pinal County. While the recruitment of new businesses is important, it is essential that we listen to the needs of businesses with deep roots in our communities to ensure that they remain and prosper here for decades to come”, said Dinkle. CAREDF is a nonprofit corporation designed as a regional partnership between the public and private sectors. The corporation’s purpose is to improve and promote the economies of Casa Grande, Coolidge, Eloy and Pinal County through job creation. CAREDF is funded through memberships from the public and private sectors. To learn more about CAREDF, please visit or call 520-836-6868.


community news

Being a member of the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce is an extension of your business and an investment of your business marketing dollars. I like to say “the Chamber is the best bang for your buck”, depending on the type and size of a business, for a little as $26.00 per month a business can invest in the Chamber and his or her business.

By Helen Neuharth, President/CEO Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Yes, cgrox is one year old, which is a big accomplishment for any start-up business in these challenging economic times. We are fortunate to have the addition of cgrox to the Casa Grande media family. Keep up the great job for many more years to come! Oftentimes I am asked “What is the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce?” I appreciate the opportunity to share with you information about the return-on-investment (ROI) for a business through Chamber membership. First, the Chamber has a 501-C6 non-profit status with the IRS. The Chamber does not have the status of charitable organization, which is an IRS status 501-C3. The Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce is a group of businesses that have banded together, since 1925, to speak as ‘one voice’ for the business community to strengthen and grow the economic climate in Casa Grande. Yes, I used the word economic, as in economic development which also means business retention and expansion, not just brining new business to Casa Grande. The

Winter 2013

Chamber also promotes the local economy by encouraging everyone to ‘buy local first’ and the Chamber promotes the entire Casa Grande community to visitors, local residents, winter residents and potential residents and businesses. The Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce is a business and is run like a business. We have our members (investors); our board of directors (policy-makers); and a President and Chief Executive Office (CEO) who implements the policy set by the board of directors and manages the staff (Chamber employees). We have an annual budget, report to the IRS annually, have financial audits conducted and pay close attention to our customers.

In a community like Casa Grande, it is important that a business have the visibility that the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce provides. No matter the size or type of your business, being affiliated with the Chamber provides you marketing, exposure and credibility for your business and incomparable networking benefits. How a business person chooses to utilize the opportunities to his or her business all depends on that business leader. For more information about the many benefits and opportunities for your business that membership in the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce offers, please contact Ken Saltzmann membership@ or me, president@ at the Chamber office or call us at (520) 836-2125.

Winter 2013 | 11

Historic Downtown… Experience the Difference


hen was the last time you strolled from one shop to the next instead of trolling massive parking lots for a convenient space? What if you could step back in time during a show in a historic theatre instead of having to don 3D glasses just to watch a movie? Could you make time for conversation over lunch with a friend you only talk with via short bursts of type? The very nature of the downtown experience allows you to explore all we have to offer at a more relaxing pace. The heart of historic downtown is Florence Street, situated between Florence Boulevard and Main Street. This area has been the talk of the town as of late, largely due to the beautiful new streetscape just completed in November. Generous sidewalks are shaded by mature trees with conveniently spaced benches to rest your feet. Shops are festively decorated and restaurant options abound when you’re ready to satisfy your hunger. Ongoing events include Art in the Alley, every first Tuesday of the month from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. There you’ll see vintage and

Casa Grande Main Street 110 West Second Street Casa Grande (520) 836-8744

specialty car owners, local talent and gifted artists sharing their passion with neighbors and friends. Every Tuesday morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., visit our Farmer’s Market to stock up on local produce and homemade goods.

Don’t miss the 13th Annual Street Fair January 19th from 10am to 5pm and January 20th from 10am to 4pm, which includes a Car and Bike Show on Saturday and a free Show and Shine on Sunday. Last year, over 200 exhibitors and thousands of visitors filled the streets of downtown to enjoy music, food and fun at this event. To learn more about the treasures you’ll discover in your own backyard, be sure to visit the Casa Grande Main Street website at

Casa Grande Main Street is a non-profit organization designed to improve all aspects of the downtown experience. Strengthening public participation and making downtown a fun place to visit are as critical to Main Street’s future as drawing new business, rehabilitating structures and expanding parking options. Much has been accomplished downtown thanks to the hard work and dedication of our city leaders, business owners and countless volunteers. Find out how you can participate in the historic downtown’s bright future by calling or stopping by our office. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Winter 2013

By Sue Pittullo

Rodeo Roots Go Deep in Casa Grande


ave you ever thought of what it takes to be a world champion in any sport? How about the extremely physically challenging sport of rodeo? The elite status of the first World Champion All-Around Cowboy in the Rodeo Cowboys of America belongs to one of Casa Grande’s most respected cowboys of the early 1920’s, Earl Thode. Earl was originally from South Dakota, but ranched and lived in Casa Grande. He won four World Champion Saddle Bronc riding titles along with the coveted World Champion All-Around Cowboy title between 1927 and 1931. Earl still holds the record for three saddle bronc riding titles at Cheyenne Frontier Days. He was inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1979. Competing in major rodeos like the Calgary Stampede in Alberta Canada, in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Madison Square Garden in New York in the 1920’s was not always easy for this dedicated cowboy. Pickup trucks and horse trailers were nothing like the ones used by today’s cowboys. A love for the sport and the desire to please the fans and spectators drew Earl to travel and give his best at each performance. His exciting style of spurring the horse was a crowd pleaser and became the current spurring style of riding saddle broncs today. The Calgary Stampede proved to be a very eventful rodeo for Earl over the years: winning four championships, breaking a leg at one of those performances, meeting his future wife while recuperating and then dislocating his elbow while dismounting – all made Calgary one rodeo Earl would never forget.

With his rodeo career winding down, Earl and his wife Blodie, moved to Casa Grande in 1934. Earl was involved in Casa Grande from the start. The Lions Club which held the Casa Grande Horse Show and Tournament featured Earl as the rodeo champion to help provide underprivileged children eye exams and glasses. The Dispatch reported Earl was involved with the planning and organizing of the Casa Grande Cowboy Days rodeo event held in February 1937. Later Earl and other residents organized an Indian Days celebration – known in later years as O’Odham Tash Indian Days Celebration. Earl and Blodie were well rooted in Casa Grande, serving the community in any capacity needed from their home on Olive Street where they raised their two sons. Earl Thode, a humble man, world champion, friend who inspired others, called Casa Grande home. Earl drowned on May 18, 1964 when his small boat overturned on a lake on his land in the White Mountains.

“Earl Thode on ‘Polly’ Sheridan, WY, circa 1928.” Ralph R. Doubleday, photographer. Bruce McCarroll Collection, Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.


Winter 2013 | 13

By Georgia Schaeffer

The Early Days Blodwin “Blodie“Thode

from Pinal County. She worked tirelessly to promote legislation in the areas of health, civil rights and education. As a member of the House, she was appointed to chair a House Committee researching community colleges in Arizona. That committee would pave the way for Arizona’s community colleges, and Blodie is largely credited with their establishment.

Photo credits: Casa Grande Historical Society

In 1958, the Arizona Legislature appropriated funds to survey the higher education needs of the State of Arizona. In 1960, the legislature created the State Board of Directors for Junior Colleges and enacted legislation to create junior college districts supported by county and state funds. State Senator E. Blodwin Thode sponsored the bill which became law. Central Arizona College may never have become a reality were it not for the persistent and diligent work of Senator Blodie Thode, Dr. James O’Neil, as well as several other people.


ppressive heat in the summer of 1879 made the track of the railroad under construction too hot to handle. Work was halted by railroad magnate, Charles Crocker. Seventy miles north of Tucson, the settlement of Terminus was born; population 6. Eventually, work would continue. In the meantime, hardy men endured the blistering temperatures, and were joined by a stream of sturdy women as well! Their names bring back sweet childhood memories for me…I sometimes wonder if I could have survived those same hardships!

in 1931 to marry her. She often joined him on the rodeo circuit, and then in 1934, they settled on the edge of Casa Grande where Earl ranched. Blodie spent much of her time raising their two sons, Ernest and Thomas. She became a naturalized citizen in 1941. A born leader, Blodie participated in many civic causes and community organizations. In 1947, the Lions’ Club - spurred on by Blodie and others - began a fund drive that led to the opening of Hoemako Hospital. Soon, Blodie was introduced to politics while lobbying for legislation to create hospital districts in the state.

Those women of character brought civility, education and health care to Casa Grande with names such as Weaver, Peart, Wilson, Hammer, Lehmberg, McMurray, Osborne, Clements, Maud, Barmes, Cole, Sullivan, Boyce, Gilbert, Prather, Armenta, Goff, Curry, Rugg, Henness, Prettyman, Carlton, Pace, Garrett, Palmer, Brown, Hackler, Turner, Bendixen, Cruz, Ward, Garr, Don, Hooper, Elliott, Earley, Dallis, Peters, Wells, Ethington, Pate, Rimol, Trekell, Fearn, Albrect and Thode.

In 1949 after months of planning, the Casa Grande Valley Cooperative Community Hospital Association reached an agreement on the location of Casa Grande’s first community hospital at the southeast corner of Trekell Road and Florence Boulevard. For the next two years, Blodie, Dr. James T. O’Neil, J. Lavell Harper and the hospital board lobbied for legislation that would allow for community hospital districts in an effort to borrow funds for the project. When the legislation passed, Hospital District No. 1 was formed - the first of its kind in Arizona! Blodie served on the Board of Hoemako Hospital for six years, five years as Board Chairwoman.

Edna Blodwin “Blodie” Cole born in Bankhead, near Banff, Alberta, Canada, on July 5, 1909 was one of those whose life impacted thousands. A Registered Nurse by 20 in 1929, Blodie was charged with caring for a handsome cowboy who injured his leg competing in the Calgary Stampede. Earl Thode, the first “World’s AllAround Cowboy Champion”, was charmed by the beautiful Blodie and returned to Calgary

In 1952, she entered the Legislature of Arizona, serving as both a Representative and Senator for Pinal County for 18 years. Blodie was one of the first women to be elected to the Legislature in Arizona, and the first

It may be that her biggest accomplishment as a legislator was as head of a Special Welfare Study Committee in the House that introduced a six-bill welfare reform package in 1962. Her time at the Capitol included serving as the prime sponsor or co-sponsor of bills overhauling the state’s health system, modernizing Arizona’s mental health laws, establishing highway safety provisions and updating cosmetology laws. Tragedy struck May 18, 1964, Earl Thode drowned in a small lake he had built on their ranch land in the White Mountains.



Winter 2013


Concept Plan Subject to Change


hile most real estate companies have been licking their wounds since the housing-led economic crash began, the Walton Group of Companies (“Walton”), based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has been actively acquiring land across the United States. Walton is a family owned land investment and land development firm that specializes in acquiring and developing land assets in North American real estate markets. Walton’s US headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. By executing its acquisition strategy during the economic downturn, Walton has grown to be one of North America’s leading real estate investment groups, currently managing over 70,000 acres of land. Walton’s acquisitions include approximately 9,500 acres in Arizona, with the large majority of its Arizona holdings right here in Pinal County. Other markets in the United States include Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, Southern California and the Washington D.C. area. Concept Plan Subject to Change

Walton’s investment strategy is simple: when the time is right, buy enough land, often agricultural land, in the path of urban growth in order to benefit from the next development cycle. Once land is acquired, get the land ready for development through the execution of a strategy to rezone the land to its highest and best use. According to Walton Development and Management (USA), Inc.’s Southwestern Regional President, Tim Terrill, Walton “intends to create communities that last for generations and therefore works with local communities to resolve regional planning challenges to encourage responsible urbanization.” Walton’s approach to acquiring and managing land is centered on the idea that the master planning of communities ultimately creates places where people desire to live, work and play.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau New Joint Release U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, September 26, 2011. Calculated Risk Finance & Economics, New Home Sales Decline Slightly in August, September 26, 2011.

Now that the real estate recovery has begun, albeit tepidly, Walton is carefully watching its local markets with the hope to have its assets “shovel ready” when growth encroaches. Builders across the country have begun to complain about the shortage of available quality lots. Walton intends to help fill that void and horizontally develop lots so that builders have the inventory they need to go vertical. Walton expects to begin development in the near term on two parcels in the Washington D.C./Maryland region and is cautiously optimistic that the other regions in which it invests will gradually emerge to experiencing full blown development cycles. As seen in the chart below, the last sustained development cycle coming out of the 1991 recession lasted 15 years (although now we know that this cycle was artificially prolonged due to the overabundance of easy credit).

In addition to buying and planning mixed use master planned communities, Walton also acquires and plans land suitable for industrial uses. Continued on Pg. 37


dear casa grande

Dear Casa Grande: I am writing this in the fall going into winter while wearing capri pants and sandals. I look at the weather forecast for the next 3 days and see sun, sun, sun, 72, 76, 77. What could be better! I grew up in Tucson and never knew much about Casa Grande. I drove by it on my way to Phoenix and eventually came shopping here when the outlets opened but never ventured off the freeway and into the city. After many journeys in my life which took me all over the United States and world, I have now landed as a resident of Casa Grande. The secret beauty that I have discovered in Casa Grande is its inner beauty; a beauty inside of the people who live here and a strong sense of “Community”. I haven’t seen this characteristic in a larger city. Casa Grande is big enough to not be too small yet small enough to not be too big! I have small children and the offerings for us here are limitless. I often bump into the same people everywhere that I go; whether it is the gym where they have a fantastic kids club, or the library where they have an outstanding selection of programs in the summer, or the city pool where we received great swim lessons, or cub scouts at the church or the baseball fields that come alive on the weekends with little league. This sense of “community” is what first drew my family here. We lost a loved one in the police force here in Casa Grande; Sergeant Tate Lynch. He was the first and is the only police officer that the Casa Grande Police Department has lost in the line of duty. When he died, the community supported our family tremendously. Five years later, hundreds of people still come out for annual scholarship events and his work and service here is not forgotten. One reason that I never would have considered Casa Grande to be a place to live is employment opportunities. However, I found that to be a surprise also. There is another secret! The growth in the city provides many opportunities as does its proximity to Phoenix. Just as I accidentally found myself as a resident of Casa Grande, I have also accidentally fallen in love with it here. And now I know, it is a secret within the residents here that it is a fantastic place to be!

Elaine Kaschimer

Winter 2013 | 17

Free Pre-Approval Consultation Sr. Mortgage Consultant

410 In Savings


With this coupon towards appraisal refund at successful closing. MUST have coupon with closing documents at successful close and notated on the Settlement Statement. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 3-31-13

BK #0909074


real estate rox!

Winter 2013

By Colleen Gunderson

Are Short Sales Still a Good Buy?


ational housing numbers prove that there is a definite decline in inventory, particularly among low-priced bank owned properties and short sales. Home buyers are still confused as to what a “good buy” is in today’s market. As prices are rising in our local market let’s look at a common problem that develops during a short sale escrow. Betty Buyer has been in escrow on a short sale home in Casa Grande for 4+ months. The listing agent has been negotiating an approval and when the property was originally listed the agent did a thorough analysis of market conditions. HOWEVER, during the escrow period home values have risen; and now the agreed purchase price is LOWER than what current market value is. Short sale buyer dilemma! The seller’s approval will be subject to their lender’s appraisal and or broker price opinion. The lender responds back after 5 months with a price that has increase by 22% from the original list price! Is it a “good buy”? Probably! It is very frustrating for consumers who believe they made their good faith offer based on values at the time of contract acceptance to face the probability that they will be asked to bring that price up. The lenders don’t just rely on the listing agent's broker price opinion. Typically the seller’s lender will order an appraisal as part of the approval process. Understandably, buyer’s can feel cheated out of the equity they thought they were earning during the escrow. It seemed like a fair exchange for no guarantee of closing and gambling on the approval. Not true in the lender’s eyes. Buyers should be prepared to pay fair market value based on today’s data. As an additional safe guard from over paying, if the buyer needs a loan to purchase the short sale their lender will also generate an appraisal. In instances where that appraisal is lower than the appraisal or broker price opinion obtained by the seller’s lender they almost always will defer to the buyer’s appraised value. In conclusion what should you do if you are in escrow on a short sale? Be prepared! Find out if you could qualify for a higher price if one is offered to you as part of the approval process. Don’t let your emotions be the determining factor when considering whether or not to cancel if the price goes up. Do the homework with your agent to see what homes are going for, and what is available before you give up on the one you could have. Too many buyers find out after the fact; there aren’t enough affordable homes in our local market, and that all those prices have gone up too!

Connie Rush, Designated Broker

GROW YOUR BUSINESS Advertise Here 520.509.1000

O Canada, Eh?!

Winter 2013 | 19

By Sandy Wascher,


More questions from our Canadian friends!

e are pleased to report there have been several Canadian sightings already this season. It seems early, but I was told just yesterday that they had already experienced a 9” snowstorm in Edmonton. So, you can understand why they are quite happy to be in Casa Grande enjoying our sunny, warm days. We have some very diverse questions for this issue. Questions about pets, the best method to heat a swimming pool and the real estate market, of course.

What specific paperwork do we need in order to bring Fido, Missy or our horse with us when we come down for our holiday in the US? Well, I had to call Cassidy Larkin at the Casa Grande Animal Hospital to answer this question. She very graciously gave me the following information for dogs and cats.

1. An original health certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days prior to entry. Photocopies must have an original veterinarian signature. 2. The health certificate must document that the animal is currently vaccinated against rabies. Now for you Canadians wanting to bring your horse down here, it’s a little more complicated. 1. An original health certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days prior to entry. A detailed description of the horse should be recorded on the certificate.

2. A negative test for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) must be recorded on the health certificate, along with the testing laboratory, date of test, and lab accession number. EIA test pending horses may not enter Arizona. Either the AGID test or the ELISA test is acceptable. 3. No prior entry permit is required. Thanks, Cassidy for this information.

Just what is the best method for heating our pool so we can enjoy it in the winter? I had to call upon an expert for this question also. Dennis Norris from Norris Pool was able to give me some good information. He said the most efficient method was a gas heater—using either propane or natural gas if available. With a gas heater, the pool can be comfortable all winter long. Another option is an electric heat pump, however, typically this method will not heat the pool sufficiently during Jan. and Feb. A third option is solar water panels installed on the south or west facing roof or on the ground in the sun. Obviously, this method is not as effective in the colder winter months either. Dennis suggested that no matter which method you choose, it’s important to have a solar blanket which will keep the heat in the pool during the cool winter nights. If you want more detailed information about the best way to heat your pool, please call Dennis at Norris Pools. He’s an expert and can address all your concerns.

Have home prices gone up since last year? Yes, indeed, home prices have increased. The housing experts have indicated that prices have increased 20% - 25% since last winter. Inventory is down and there are far fewer foreclosures and short sale properties. A recent Multiple Listing search showed a total of 276 “active” listings in Casa Grande. Of those 276, only 26 properties were identified as short sales and 38 were foreclosure homes. In past years, we typically had over 500 available properties listed for sale. I hope this information has been helpful…… please send me you questions. I enjoy hearing from you. The next issue of CGROX will be published in March 2013.



s it a show on the Discovery Channel, History Channel or the Food Channel? This show has found secrets in City Hall, looked for ghosts in Casa Grande restaurants and searched for the tastiest Chilli. For over 6 years it has been "THE OH!-FFICIAL TV SHOW GUIDE TO CASA GRANDE"! An online TV show hosted by "RAMB-OH", showing both visitors and locals where to go and what to do in and around our town. "It is just like a TV show that you would watch on any TV channel, except it is available worldwide on the internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at", according to RAMB-OH. " I like telling fascinating stories about people, places, current events, and local businesses." See current happenings and events of a particular month such as, The Electric Light Parade, Cactus Fly-in, The Pinal County Fair, The Battle of Picacho Peak or the Downtown Sreet Fair. You may also see a story about the High School Drumline or the Central Arizona College Jazz Band, the outdoors with Wildman Phil or the Battle of Picacho Peak, the Mission Royale Pickleball Club or Jayne Seymour Dancing at Palm Creek, the day in the life of Mayor Jackson or a tour of the New Public Safety Facility. Ramb-OH says he likes to keep up with what's new and exciting like the Phoenix Mart and the Downtown Revitalization project. One of the interesting businesses featured in downtown Casa Grande, is owned by Barbara Kunz. She has Cartlon's, The Winners Circle and The Quilters Corner which is three stores in one! Merchants are featured with a multi-minute segment so you can get a good look at what they do. This uplifting and informative show changes regularly and whenever you watch, you're sure to get a real feel for the area and see why we all love Casa Grande! See it anytime by going to and click on Casa Grande.


Winter 2013

“Come On In” with Sandy focuses on homes that are owned and occupied by some of our clients who have welcomed us in to share their decorating and remodeling ideas. Each issue of cgrox features a different home.

Come On In… with sandy I

’m very pleased this issue to introduce you to Wanda and Armand Labonte. They have graciously agreed to open their beautiful Coyote Ranch home for us. Unfortunately, they could not be available to personally open the front door and welcome us into their home. I know you are going to enjoy this tour.

Wanda and Armand are Canadians from Lacombe, Alberta and have been holidaying in Arizona for several years. About five years ago they purchased a home in Villago jointly with other family members. As it turns out, they really enjoyed spending time in Casa Grande and last year decided to purchase another property for themselves. Thanks Wanda and Armand for inviting us to “Come On In”. Both Wanda and Armand come from large families so you can imagine that their home is busy and frequently occupied by visiting relatives. The large, inviting kitchen is the heart of the home…….I know from experience that Wanda and Armand serve a delicious Eggs Benedict breakfast. Children, grandchildren, relatives and friends gather in the kitchen and enjoy the warm hospitality…….and great food and drink.

Wanda does a beautiful job of decorating the great room for Christmas. Sorry to say, these photographs were taken before Christmas decorating took place. But can’t you just imagine curling up on the comfortable sofa in front of the fireplace with a big Christmas tree surrounded by presents for everyone. The floor plan of the home is open and easily accommodates a crowd.

One of the very first things Wanda and Armand did after purchasing their home was to contact Christopher Olsen at Shasta Industries. The home did not have a pool and they were very eager to have one installed. Well, you can see the results of that phone call. Christopher spearheaded the design, planning and installation of the new pool and spa. The Labontes enjoyed working with Shasta and are now relaxing in their heated pool and spa year round. The backyard and patio and pool area is so beautiful it rivals any luxury resort you’ve ever seen. What fun they had last Christmas when kids and grandkids from Canada were swimming in the heated pool and soaking in the spa. I know I just indicated that the kitchen was the “heart” of the home, but, it’s possible that Armand would say otherwise. There is a huge four car garage……and just in case that’s not enough space, there is an additional detached two car garage. In Coyote Ranch, owners are allowed to park RV’s and also build detached guest houses, workshops or garages. The previous owner had built this building which is completely insulated, has water and electricity and a bath. Armand is a very talented carpenter and mechanic so you can imagine that these two garages might just be the “heart” of the home for him. I’m pretty sure the garages “sold” the home for Armand.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of this lovely Coyote Ranch property. It’s a warm and inviting home that is enjoyed and well used by the Labonte clan. Thanks to Wanda and Armand for opening up Photos by Isaac Brewer Photography their home and inviting us to “Come On In.”

WAT E R I S G O O D F O R Y O U R H E A LT H . ( W E R E C O M M E N D AT L E A S T 1 5 , 0 0 0 G A L L O N S A D AY )

Trust Arizona’s #1 Pool Builder to transform your backyard into an oasis the whole family can enjoy! With special end-of-summer savings up to $2,000, there’s never been a better and more affordable time to design and build the pool of your dreams. Schedule your free, no-obligation in-home consultation with one of Shasta’s award-winning designers today. Only Shasta builds Master Pools....that’s the difference. S H A S TA P O O L S . C O M





S E R V I C E & R E PA I R


#1 SINCE 1968

ROC076624, ROC080052, ROC144066, ROC028410




Winter 2013

rox realty

Colleen Gunderson co-owner

Colleen was originally licensed in 1991, and after 3 years of being a top producing residential sales agent became the Designated Broker for Coldwell Banker Eaglemont along with additional titles as the Marketing Director for the Eaglemont Golf Course Community north of Seattle WA. Colleen and her family relocated to the Phoenix area in 1999 and worked for Coldwell Banker until 2001 when she was appointed as the Designated Broker for CENTURY 21 which is a sister company to Coldwell Banker and has remained as both a Designated Broker and owner operator of several offices. Other achievements’ include, 2007 President of West Maricopa Association of Realtors, 2008-2011 National Association of Realtors Director for WEMAR, and from 2003 to current Colleen is an Arizona Department of Real Estate Certified Instructor and teaches and trains for Arizona School of Real Estate and Business in Scottsdale and Gilbert locations.

Jesse Gunderson


Jess was originally licensed as a REALTOR in 1980 and additionally became a licensed contractor and septic installer. He and his business partner averaged 40 new build homes per year, and in 1991 Jess shifted his focus from residential new home sales to commercial development. Working with local officials to receive approval on short and long plats, this sparked an interest towards commercial real estate He built and leased for large day care centers, pizza franchisee’s and in 2006 began the arduous process to become a “CCIM” which stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member and CCIM skill sets including ethics, interest-based negotiation, financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis, and investment analysis for commercial investment real estate. Jess is currently a CCIM candidate. Together as partners Jess and Rock Earle intend to grow and expand the commercial network through the Coldwell Banker System

Rock Earle

Associate Broker and Co-owner Rock Earle has been a real estate Broker in the state of Arizona and doing business in Casa Grande since 1981, specializing in land brokerage and investment. In 2005 he retired to travel the world. In 2008 he took over Mahoney Group’s real estate operations in Casa Grande and formed ROX GROUP to pursue other business interests including insurance, travel and publishing.

Allyson Sarauer From my own life experiences and strong family values, I take great pride in dedication, honesty and being devoted to all I am involved with. With a strong background in general Contracting, Development, accounting, Investing and a great deal of hard work, I am able to ensure my clients transactions go smoothly and become profitable investments. “My client’s success is my success”.

Annalisa Tapia As a native to Casa Grande, I have the knowledge of the community and the surrounding areas to assist buyers and sellers in their real estate needs. But more importantly, I love Casa Grande and enjoy sharing my home town. My goal is to make your real estate transaction smooth from start to finish and an experience you will enjoy. My professionalism, no pressure attitude and great listening skills allow me to understand my client’s needs. Current knowledge of where to find the industry buzz about your neighborhood is a priority. I have all the marketing information and reports to assist you in pricing your home to sell. I provide my clients with accurate information regarding market conditions and guide them in making the right choices for themselves. I am associated with service and product vendors with a reputation for efficiency, competency and competitive pricing. Background information of each company will aid you in making your choices. I am accessible to my clients to answer or assist in any concerns that may arise after the close. My continued success is based on referrals. It is my goal to make certain my clients are happy and satisfied with their home buying or selling experience. I am a real estate agent who is professional, aggressive, honest and trustworthy. I am available in the office and/or by phone or e-mail. Give me a call!

Bea Lueck I will help YOU find the right property. I LOVE THIS AREA! Whether you are a first time home buyer, a winter visitor looking for a second home or an investor, I will help you find the right property for your needs. As a seller, your priorities are to sell your home quickly and for the right price.  With my knowledge of the ever-changing market conditions and extensive use of internet technology I’m here to help you. My passions outside of work include 10+ years serving on the Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Casa Grande Valley and volunteering with local animal rescues and PCACC shelter dogs.

Winter 2013 | 23

Cathy Taylor,


Associate Broker 26 years experience in Casa Grande Certified Residential Specialists Customer service oriented

Charlie Weaver

Arizona resident since 1963 with 41 of those years here in Casa Grande and the surrounding area. I’ve had my license since 1987 and I’ve been and Escrow Officer for 5+ years.  I enjoy working with people and can offer expertise with construction of custom homes.  I love to sell new construction - resale homes and raw land.  I currently have 2 houses listed for sale, 10 custom home lots, numerous scattered acreages and several commercial lots in Casa Grande, Eloy, Coolidge and Stanfield.

Connie Rush

Dawn M. Zimbelman If you’d like to purchase a home, call me... first! If you are interested in selling your home, I can help you! I›ve worked for Coldwell Banker for the last couple of years and love every day better than the day before. My clients are my most important asset. I›ve obtained my certified distressed property expert (CDPE) designation to assist customers that need special help selling their homes. I›ve lived in Casa Grande, Arizona since the late ‹70›s, met my husband and raised two children here which makes me very familiar with this area and surrounding communities. My husband and I currently have two rescued weimaraners and spend as much time as possible with our children and grandchildren.

Dennis Callahan

I am a true Arizona Native, with 20+ years in buying and selling as an investor. I am happy to assist you in all your Real Estate needs.

Designated Broker

My objective is simple: to assist my clients in making the best decisions regarding their real estate needs. Sound knowledge, open communication, keen negotiation skills and extensive marketing expertise allow me to achieve the best possible results for my clients.

Cynthia Perry Whether you are relocating, buying or selling real estate for personal or investment purposes, my objective is to help you close the transaction with ease. I will always strive to negotiate the best deal possible, deliver honesty, professionalism, fairness and punctuality. I focus on client satisfaction. My business is about service and I am not happy until you are happy.

Dave Streicher Your Casa Grande Arizona Home Guy Arizona Realtor since 1998 Born Iowa Farm Boy General Contractor at age 21 building Custom Homes Provide my clients with the knowledge of a home builder and the Midwest qualities of Hardworking, Honest and Caring Service to my clients. Love the Arizona life style and spending time with Wife, Kids, Grande Children and Great Grand Children. You’re Casa Grande Arizona Home Guy

David R. Schlagel Your residential and commercial investment specialist. I have an extensive construction background and years of experience in real estate investing. From rentals to long term gains, real estate investing is a constantly evolving business requiring an agent up to date with the current market trends. I am here to help you meet your real estate investment goals.

Edd Michaud: When you need to sell your home or purchase your new home I can put my expertise to work for you.

Elaine Canary I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I started my career in Real Estate with my husband Jim when we started our Residential Real Estate Appraisal Company in 1996 serving SE Alaska.  A desire for a bit of warm weather and adventure brought us to Arizona in 2008. In 2010 I joined the team at Coldwell Banker in Casa Grande. I found Casa Grande to be a very welcoming community and a great place to build my next career. I enjoy the process of helping my clients find just the right home to meet their individual needs as well as helping sellers to maximize their ability to come into the market priced right from the beginning.   When I am not working with buyers and sellers making their dreams come true for their home you can find me with family and friends enjoying many activities including, music, quilting, and traveling.

Georgia Schaeffer Associate Broker

“As a Casa Grande native, I have a unique knowledge and perspective of the valley and its residents. I am the daughter of a cotton farmer/cattle rancher/real estate broker from whom I learned that a job worth doing is worth doing well.  Real estate gives me an opportunity to serve the public.  Since 1995, providing exceptional service and attention to details beyond the standard of practice has been my goal…for all my clients.  I have worked diligently to establish a reputation as an effective, discrete negotiator.  I value honesty and integrity…my reputation depends on it.”


Winter 2013

Winter 2013 | 25

Jim Beck

Sandy Wascher

Associate Broker.

First licensed in 1989 in North Dakota and moved to Casa Grande 8 years ago.  My years of experience and training help me with a wide range of buyers and sellers.

Joyce South My Signature is Service! An Arizona resident since 1960, I have lived in the greater Casa Grande area since 1986. Before embarking on a career in real estate, I was responsible for Livestock and Wool Marketing at Southfork Ranch in Coolidge Arizona. Prior to that, I was Marketing Director and Loan Supervisor for Republic Airlines Federal Credit Union in Phoenix, AZ. With my previous experience in marketing, sales and financing, I feel I can build strong, lifelong relationships with one satisfied client at a time.

Keith LaVoo

Sarah Campbell & Kay Kerby

Hi, We are Kay Kerby and Sarah Campbell, Your favorite MotherDaughter REALTORS®! It is my passion to find your perfect home, it is my mother’s passion that each and every transaction is handled professionally, honestly and to be as enjoyable and smooth as possible. Let our passions fulfill your dreams.

Sherry Balentine

Associate Broker

Specializing in residential, horse property, vacant land, farms and commercial property.  I have lived in Casa Grande for more than 40 years.  I served in the United States Marine Corps doing surveying and mapping.  After the military, I worked as a land surveyor locally on many projects throughout Pinal County and other parts of Arizona.  I also worked for a number of years in the Title and Escrow industry where I attained the position of Chief Title Officer, dealing with many intricate matters of property ownership, boundaries, easements, etc.

Linda Pixler

Purchasing or selling real estate can be a daunting task. I look forward to guiding you through the process of selecting a perfect new home or selling your current home. I have over 18 years of experience working with first-time buyers, seasoned buyers, investors and international buyers. Give me a call—I look forward to working with you.

“Service you can count on! I am committed to honesty, integrity and always have my client’s best interests in mind.  I have an extensive background in Customer Service and have lived in the valley most of my life.  Communication, follow-through and attention to detail are key when it comes to you, my client.  My personal joy is seeing you acquire the home of your dreams.  I am CDPE certified (Certified Distressed Property Expert) and stay updated on current market trends.”

Sierra Howard

Associate Broker

Finding the balance between the client’s needs and the home they want, then determining the strategy behind an offer or crafting a marketing plan for selling a home are precisely what Linda enjoys. “I love my job because every day is different, every client has specific needs, and every house has its own personality.” “Long-term client loyalty and referrals are what I strive for and are big part of my business.”

My name is Sierra Howard and I am the Property Manager for Coldwell Banker Rox Realty! I have been managing properties in Pinal County since 2008 and strongly believe in the Central Arizona Market. Call us today to RENT/LEASE your property.

Sue Pittullo

Pam Behrens I have 24 years of experience in various Real Estate industries, which has helped me develop a strong sense of attention to detail. I take pride in the my job and I thoroughly enjoy the marketing aspect of listing properties that get you results.

Robin Armenta

Sit back and relax! Let me do the work for you. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you will have my personal service and commitment to ensure a smooth transaction. Let me help you find your perfect home!

CDPE, CNE, Associate Broker I have been in the real estate business since 1977, selling real estate in Colorado for 3yrs, then in Pinal County for 34 years. . I am dedicated to my profession, a hard working agent with honesty and integrity as my top priority.

rox realty Each office is independently owned and operated.


classified ads

Winter 2013



rox realty 1919 N. Trekell Rd. Casa Grande

(520) 423-8250

Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. Connie Rush, Designated Broker

10737 W CAROUSEL DR $87,700 Traditional sale. Nice starter home with spacious eat in kitchen and island, large great room with neutral paint and carpet, raised panel doors, North/South exposure, block fence.

14432 S DIABLO RD $42,900 Cute home perfect for the winter visitor or family. New paint and new carpet make this home move in ready. Two spacious bedrooms and a large central bath have new touches throughout. Inside laundry and a nice kitchen round out the interior. Not included in the square footage is a large multipurpose room. Come and see this cute affordable home and all it has to offer.

All information accurate as of publishing date (12-5-12) Some properties may no longer be available for sale or lease. Various brokers and/ or sales agents of Coldwell Banker Rox Realty may be principals in listings.

9948 W LESNA DR $129,900 Inviting landscape welcomes you to this ONE OF A KIND WIDE OPEN CUSTOM HOME with ALL OF THE AMENITIES !! Spacious Custom built 2x6 construction with comfort in mind, Split floor plan, open great room, Full RV hookups, Easy living in this Beautiful home, Take time to see this one !!!

11902 W DELWOOD DR $114,740 A Very large Lot surrounds this spacious open floor plan 4 bdrm 2.5 bath Home completely upgraded throughout new hardwood cabinets, all new appliances, all new flooring and paint, all new ceiling fans and light fixtures this one is ready for YOUR family and is a must see

15137 S MOON VALLEY RD A $119,900 Enjoy all the charm of a Vintage Territorial Home with none of the hassle. This twin home features a very spacious great room with a gas fireplace, media center and some architectural delights including a skylight.There are tile floors throughout the home in the color of Saltillo. The kitchen has all the appliances plus a prep sink, two disposals,and abundant warm pine cabinets. Each bedroom has a private bath and a powder room is provided for guests. The bonus room and both the bedrooms have glass doors to the patio. This is a golf course lot and the views are marvelous The garage is oversized and features a utility sink, electric opener and pedestrian door The SPA is not functional and will be removed.

8815 W AVENIDA DE AMIGOS CIR $104,900 Beautifully maintained, this single story condo is near the Arizona City golf course! 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths in 876 square feet. Lovely saltillo colored ceramic tile in entry, living room, kitchen & dining area, & bathrooms, as well as on the covered patio. The kitchen, dining area & living room look out onto the beautiful common area with just a short walk to the community pool. All appliances convey. Master bedroom suite has a full bath. The full hall bath has a stacking washer & dryer. This home is all electric & energy efficient with ceiling fans. The covered patio has a view of the community pool, golf course & grassy green which is maintained by the H.O.A. The double garage has an electric opener. Sold furnished makes this the perfect 2nd home!

14794 S Rory Calhoun Dr $329,000 Quality built custom home located on hole #13 AZ city golf course. Split floor plan on ¼ acre lot. Very open floor plan with 15 ft vaulted ceilings in great room. Coffered ceilings in formal living room and 10 ft ceilings throughout remainder of home. Two tone paint on int. stonework on ext. plan offers walk in closets in all bedrooms. Custom walnut cabinets in kitchen. Oil bronzed upgraded faucets and hardware throughout. Recessed lights in great room and drop down lights to breakfast bar. Separate garden tub, shower, lavy and twin sinks in master bedroom complete with travertine surroundings. Two pantries, two conventional ovens, granite countertops with travertine backsplash in kitchen. Two 10 ft gates with RV hook - up. Full covered patio with roll down shades. The list goes on. Don’t miss this opportunity to own this custom beauty!

220 N SUNSET CIR $189,000 NOT A SHORT SALE OR FORECLOSURE! Ready to move into beautiful home with lovely sparkling saltwater pool, 2 RV gates, one with RV hookup! No HOA! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, formal living and dining, kitchen island with breakfast bar, plus a bonus Arizona room. Master bedroom has separate exit to back patio. Patio is length of house! Fruit trees and storage shed. See it today! Won’t last long.

1198 E Avenida Fresca $92,500 WOW! Ready to move in! This home has been totally re-done! New interior paint, carpet & linoleum, maple cabinets & laminate counters in kitchen & baths, window coverings, doors & hardware! Wood burning fireplace, vaulted ceiling & ceiling fan in the living room. Dining area off the living room convenient to the new kitchen! 1st bedroom has double door entry. Mirrored closet doors extend the hallway. Master suite has walk-in closet. Covered patio is extended. An RV gate & room to park adjacent to the storage building! A new garage door tops off this lovely home. Conveniently located near a park with playground & tennis courts, this corner lot home has No HOA! Move right in!

2443 N CASA GRANDE AVE $197,900 This home is perfect in every way. It appears to be absolutely brand new! The floor plan is fabulous. With a large living / dining room and a huge great room with kitchen, informal dining, family room and double garden doors to the patio, (the present owner uses the family room as an additional dining room). The kitchen is just marvelous featuring abundant upgraded cabinets, a center breakfast island and pantry. The sumptuous Master suite features a spacious bedroom, bath with separate shower and tub, separate ‘’His and Her’’ vanities/sinks, and a walk in closet. The lot is over 9500 sq ft which is a rare find! The kitchen is also plumbed for a gas range. If at all possible please schedule your showings after 10 am.

Winter 2013 | 27

11409 N BRAIDWOOD TRL $788,888 Contemporary hillside beauty on 2.5 acres with incredible city lights & mountain views in every direction! Dramatic 12-18’ ceilings,custom 8’ knotty alder doors, niches to display your art, tile floors, exits from every room,resortstyle master suite with garden tub & walk-thru shower with a view and Ronald Reagan’s bedframe to boot! Formal living/dining with fireplace & then the gourmet kitchen... with copper farm & prep sinks,an elevated dishwasher, walk-in pantry, Wolfe gas range & Bosch double ovens, cherry cabinets & granite counters. Virtually maintenancefree pool & 20’x26’ Ramada/kitchen for outdoor living! The 3 car extended, over height garage has 220 & walking deck over garage. All you could imagine in your dream home & more!

1556 E Laurel Dr $182,500 This spacious 1,700 square foot beauty stands above the rest! So many thoughtful upgrades including lovely, neutral 20’’ ceramic tile, upgraded carpet, custom paint & 4’’ plantation shutters. The formal living room has dramatic vaulted ceiling & bay window. The formal dining room is perfect for entertaining & has a coffered ceiling. 42’’ raised panel upper oak cabinets, Corian counters, white appliances, a pantry & breakfast bar in the kitchen plus a breakfast room with a bay window & separate exit to the south patio . Ceiling fans throughout. Master suite has custom closet organizers, mirrored doors, his ‘n her double sink vanities & upgraded fixtures. Both bedrooms have bay windows. Custom security screens, sun screens & ceiling fans throughout. Owner/agent.

102 E Laurel Cir $199,900 Beautiful home in Koenig Estates with Spanish influences inside and out! Enter through a large covered front patio into the spacious living room with vaulted ceilings and a gas two-way fireplace which separates the living spaces. Ceramic tile throughout! The great room/kitchen features stainless steel appliances, a breakfast bar and French doors to the patio. This 3 bedroom 1.75 bath beauty has 1,967 square feet, a split floor plan plus an office/ den. The master suite features double sinks, an oversized tiled shower, walk in closet and separate exit to the patio. Survey the oversized back yard and fenced pool

from the extended covered patio which is tiled and has ceiling fans for your extended covered patio which is tiled and has ceiling fans for your summer enjoyment! Loads of storage! Easily maintained, this home is built of slump block, has ceiling fans, sunscreens, multi-paned windows and a tankless water heater. This huge corner lot has an RV gate and plenty of room to park! best yet, No HOA!

1021 N GILBERT AVE $193,500 Very charming older home in wonderful condition sitting on two lots with mature landscaping and trees. Back yard is fenced with block wall. Inside features are coved ceilings, arches between some rooms. Tasteful colors, vintage tile work in kitchen and baths (no cracks or scratches). Large pantry, upgraded carpet in bedrooms, living and formal dining. Breakfast nook in kitchen. Office with custom shelving and desk and exterior door, inside laundry, 38 ft covered patio in back yard, detached one car garage with storage room and shade for one car. Look for list of furniture that may be purchased outside of escrow. This home is in the historical district.

220 W 8th St $35,000 Cozy three bedroom home with hardwood flooring and Upgrade kitchen / breakfast area. Home set on corner lot with easy access to shopping. Large back lot with rolling RV gate. Price to sale quickly !!!!

1657 E CAROLYN WAY $195,000 A rare find! The Original owner of this beauty is selling! Immaculately maintained, this popular floor plan has 3 bedrooms, den/office plus a bonus room! The formal living/dining room was extended and has a vaulted ceiling. The kitchen features granite counters, stone backsplash, upgraded cabinets, an island, pantry & all appliances. Laminate flooring in the kitchen, breakfast and family rooms. Bay windows in the breakfast & family rooms. 14’’ tile,a/c and heating unit in the bonus room. Master suite has vaulted ceiling and fan, double sinks, separate tub and shower and a walk-in closet. Marble floor in master bedroom and hall baths. Attached cabinets in the 3 car garage. Professionally landscaped with a watering system, the yard is very low maintenance! A/c, dishwasher and microwave new in 2011. Best yet, No HOA!

1647 N LOGAN LN $210,000 Beautiful 5 Bedroom home has two bedrooms downstairs plus a bonus room. The kitchen features additional counter space and cabinets with granite countertops and island. Beautiful large ornate security doors at the front door and heading out to the backyard. Jack N Jill bathroom upstairs. All closet doors are mirrored. Surround sound is wired out to patio.

1513 E ALBA DR $167,000 Beautifully designed formal model. This home is in immaculate condition. FULLY FURNISHED and move in ready. Diagonally layed tile, professionally painted, custom window treatments, ceiling fans in every room, Premium full house stereo speaker package with volume control in every room, security system, overhead lighting, under cabinet lighting are just some of the great features of this home. Epoxy flooring in garage and patio. The extended patio is great for entertaining. This home features 4 BR and 2 BA and is over 2000 sq ft. There is also a R/O system and water softener. Premium oversized lot with greenbelt across the street. 1 owner and pride of ownership shows. Home can be sold unfurnished 167,000. listing agent is related to the seller.

629 W JAHNS CT $133,911 This TRADITIONAL sale is waiting for you! Spacious floorplan features 3bd/2ba plus a den/office that could be a 4th bedroom. Formal living and dining room plus great room kitchenbreakfast-family room. Add new paint, carpet, tile, fans and fixtures and this move-in ready house is ready to call home. Need more enticement? How about a landscaped backyard complete with saltwater swimming pool to sweeten the deal! All this lovely home needs is you - what are you waiting for?

743 E PEPPER DR $39,900 Small but charming townhouse with three bedrooms and two baths. Great room just off the kitchen, small galley kitchen with tile counter tops. New tile in great room, hallway and kitchen. Owner did not finish all the tile in the master bedroom. Two car garage, backs up to McMurray but has a nice size yard for BBQ’s. Community pool, garage door is broken and will not be fixed. SHORT SALE.

6540 N CHOLLA LN $225,000 Traditional sale, nestled on almost a half acre lot, fenced and ready for you. Immaculate 4 bedroom, 2,500 sq ft home with great room, spacious kitchen with corian counters, tile floors, and plant shelves with a vaulted ceiling. Gas fireplace, office, large master suite, tastefully decorated, on paved roads close to I-10 interchange, Central Arizona College and only ten minutes to Casa Grande mall and hospital. Curtains in great room do not stay. This is a must see.

1205 E McMurray Blvd $259,500 A rare jewel in the heart of Casa Grande! Estate sale of original owners on two acre corner lot! Loads of potential, property can be split. Front circular drive with desert landscaping. Lovely home has new carpet, paint inside and out, all new hot and cold water lines, and room for family and friends! 3 roomy bedrooms plus a huge family room with fireplace, a large office and bonus room! Corian countertops, all appliances & large pantry. Inside laundry is big, storage room in garage, workshop out back, metal storage shed AND a tack room! ED2 electric, new plumbing line have a 20 year warranty. Home is being sold ‘’As-Is’’ as part of an estate sale.

1660 S Ethington Rd $189,000 Country living close to town. Adjoining acreage included in sale for a total of 2.51 acres, bring your horses! NO HOA. This spacious 3bd/2ba features oversized rooms and concrete block construction. The separate oversized 2 car garage has plenty of room for storage or workshop. There is also a separate 480 sq ft guest house or shop in the back. It even has a playhouse for the kids. This home needs some updating but at this price, it can’t be beat.

521 W Manor Dr $39,500 Very nice rental or first time buyer home. It’s currently rented on a month to month basis. Current tenant has occupied the home since August 2010 and would like to stay. Kitchen has been remodeled. 3 bedroom and 1 bath. Call for an appointment to see.


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2134 N Pebble Beach Dr $229,900 Beautiful Home with a fabulous pool, in Casa Grande Lakes. This 1996 Discovery built Custom Home has ALL the right features to ensure spacious, comfortable living at its finest. Tile floors and high ceilings complimented with skylighting give to a Grandeur of space and peace. 3 bedrooms and 2 bath. THIS IS HOME !!

1227 E Clearview DR $399,900 A custom beauty in Clearview Ranch! Entry is through the oversized leadedglass front door into the foyer with travertine tile & 12 foot flat ceilings.The formal living/dining room looks onto the covered patio,lush backyard & salt water pool.The kitchen has hardwood floors,granite counters, white cabinets with 42’’ uppers, an island & walkin pantry. Cozy up to the great room fireplace. The master suite is split with a separate exit, spa-like bath & two huge walk-ins. The 2nd upstairs bedroom is adjacent to a full hall bath. A roomy office has a wall of built-ins. A grand stairway with oak railing leads down to the basement which is complete with two bedrooms, game room & full bath. A matching guest house is secluded with a 3/4 bath for guests. Relax in the gorgeous backyard & feel like royalty!

1546 E LAUREL DR $129,000 PRICE REDUCTION!! BRING US AN OFFER. This beautiful home is conveniently located down from the community center and heated pool. The large bright kitchen has a bay window overlooking the front of the property. You will love the spacious dining room with the high, coffered ceiling. There is a private back patio area overlooking the green belt. Vacant.

396 E SEVEN SEAS DR $299,000 This home is lovely! From the minute you open the front door you will be more than pleased! The 10’ ceilings and 8’ doors make this large home

seem even more spacious. The kitchen is absolutely marvelous with warm dark maple cabinets, stainless appliances, a gas cooktop, wall oven and microwave, granite counter tops, island and a very inviting breakfast room. The secluded Master suite features a huge walk-in closet, a large Master bedroom and sumptuous bath with jetted tub, tile counters,private water closet, dual sinks and a separate shower . The family room is right off the kitchen and comes complete with a large screen TV and handsome pool table.In addition to the 3 bedrooms, there is an office. The formal living/dining have a marvelous view of the patio, pool, and putting green.

916 N PICACHO ST $190,000 Gracious ranch style home in the heart of historic Casa Grande! This beauty has been refurbished with new carpeting, some interior paint, upgraded electrical, new plumbing & ready for move in! A large formal living room, family room with fireplace, dining or den and a vintage kitchen with breakfast room, this home has something for everyone. The master has a separate sitting room with fireplace & enormous walk-in closet! 3’’ plantation shutters throughout! The backyard is gorgeous! A covered patio & built-in bbq make this the perfect place to entertain! A pull through driveway leads to an RV gate & room to park the largest RV! Centrally located, lovingly maintained by the original owner, this home will capture your heart! Best yet...No HOA!

728 E LAUREL DR $67,900 Home is being sold by owners Estate. Home ready to move into. This large clean 3 bedroom 2 bath Townhouse is in quiet neighborhood. Home is in an age restricted subdivision and has a community pool. Covered parking for 2 cars in rear of home, with a storage shed and fenced small backyard that is easy to maintain. Formal living room/dining room, along with eat in kitchen with bright atrium. Clean stove and newly furbished dishwasher. The large Arizona room is perfect for entertaining. No rentals are allowed in this community.

216 W PACIFIC DR $164,900 This 3 bedroom 3 full bath features a formal dining/living room and a family

Winter 2013 room off the eat-in kitchen. There is a den on the lower level which has a full bath next door to it. The open kitchen has a stainless steel dishwasher and a smooth top stove with dual ovens. The fridge is painted to match the kitchen walls and blends in rather nicely. The spacious master comes with double sinks and separate shower and tub. The large back yard does have some landscaping. The community park is in walking distance and the freeway is just a couple miles away.

207 E BISNAGA ST $150,000 2.5 ac horse property in town. Urban Ranch zoning. Nice older 3 bedroom 2 bath home with plenty of land, no HOA!

1319 E SUNSET DR $290,000 This spacious 5 bedroom home comes with a Casita/Guest house. The split floor plan of the main house features a formal dining/living room, family room with a built in entertainment center. The kitchen features a wet bar for entertaining, granite counters and a 48’ Stove with 6 burners for those that love to cook. The hall Jack and Jill bath is a unique touch to this lovely home. The large master features a garden tub, double sinks, spacious shower with great walk-in closet. The Casita has two rooms, a bath and an outside shower. It has AC and the 2nd room does have plumbing if you wanted to add a sink and convert it to a kitchen. Covered patio and dog run in the back yard and extra storage cabinets in the garage. This home is a must see!

1216 N ELIZABETH CT $132,000 WOW! What a beautiful backyard and pool on a lot with more than 10,000 sq. ft. This very tidy home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, formal living/dining plus a great room with kitchen, informal dining and family room. The Master Suite is spacious, has a walk-in closet and the bath has dual sinks and a private water closet.

750 E LAUREL DR $68,000 Wow! Bring your clothes, dishes, and toothbrush. Very nice and well cared for home in a 55 plus community. Lots

of upgrades, tile in wet areas, split floor plan, electric fireplace in family room. Tastefully decorated, all appliances and furniture convey at ‘’no value’’. Sand paintings do not convey. Large covered screened in patio with ceiling fan, small work area with workbench, vise, and electric grinder. Citrus trees (ruby red grapefruit & tangerine) and grass in the back. 2 car carport, 1 vehicle slab and storage room, Quick close for cash buyers. Great location. HOA pays water, front yard landscaping. New foam roof with 10 year warranty. No rentals allowed. Buyer/Buyers Agent to verify all information.

1032 N MENZE ST $49,900 This block construction 3 bedroom 1.75 bath features a living room and eat-in kitchen area. The master has a built in vanity. It has a large back yard ready for your landscaping imagination. This cul-de-sac lot is located in an mature neighborhood near all amenities. Being sold in as is condition.

1369 E RACINE DR $175,900 Conventional Sale Wonderful home that has had lots of TLC. If you are looking for a kitchen that has tons of storage and a great place to prepare meals or bake in this is it. Lots of granite counter space to gather friends and family for refreshments, games or conversation. Four nice size bedrooms with abundant closet space. Master bedroom has double sinks and separate tub and shower. Patio and grass for backyard fun with a nice hot tub (not warranted) to relax in. The garage contains a workbench and some nice cabinet space.

146 W Tahiti Dr $245,000 This spacious Taylor Morrison home has plenty of room for the entire family. One bedroom & full bath downstairs and four bedrooms and two full baths upstairs. Also upstairs is an open family room/loft and the laundry. The kitchen has granite countertops, a gas range and the refrigerator is included. Tile and carpet flooring in excellent condition. Lots of storage space in the 3 1/2 car tandem garage.

Fall 2012 | 29

633 E VEKOL RD $104,900 Unexpected beauty, a jewel in the heart of Casa Grande. Recent high end renovations. Huge open concept living area welcomes you into the home. Tile throughout the home except in the bedrooms. Granite counters and maple cabinets accented by stainless appliances take your breath away. Three large bedrooms with ample closet space. Baths have custom tile work and granite vanity tops and vessel sinks. Huge laundry room include washer and dryer, and tons of storage. Yard has been professionally landscaped and has plenty of room for your toys or RV. No Hoa.

1414 N WILDFLOWER DR $165,000 Look no more, you have found your Arizona dream home. This amazing home has many features and is located in a desirable neighborhood with no HOA. Beautifully landscaped back yard with a Pebble Tech pool and in-ground heated spa. Fruit trees, grape vines and a tranquil fish pond along with a garden is your oasis. Upgrades include: Vaulted ceiling in main living areas, breakfast bar in the kitchen; Enter the Master Bedroom through double doors, where there are dual sinks, separate shower & tub & walk-in closet and a door leading to the back yard; ceiling fans in every room, covered patio, 3-car garage with cabinets & electric door opener and the list goes on.... Don’t miss out!

1226 E 9th St $105,000 Traditional sale in nice older neighborhood near shopping and schools. Comfortable 3 bedroom plan with living room and family room. Kitchen in center opening to the family room. Carport has been enclosed to give a very spacious family room and play area for the kids or grown ups. Sparkling pool, large yard, completely fenced. Must see at this price and ready to move in.

steel dual oven. There are upgraded fixtures throughout the home. The split floor plan is a nice feature when you have guests. The master bath has raised double sinks and a separate shower and tub. The nice custom inlay at the foyer adds a wonderful touch to this lovely home. The large back yard is landscaped and features a covered patio and a double side gate.

8848 N Palo Verde Rd $395,000 Now this is Arizona Dreaming! This listing includes 5 parcels totaling 8.3 acres. Whatever your hobbies are there is room do it or store it on this this immaculate property. In addition to the absolutely charming country home,(with 2 bd & 1 ba)there is a 1369 sq ft. M.D.Barnmaster custom built barn with 3 stalls, 3 paddocks, tack room, closet and a large covered porch. There are also two huge vehicle storing structures on the property(30’x50 ‘)and (30’x40’) one is over height for RV’s. Another building contains 2 carports, 1 garage and a workshop. Behind the guest house (1 bd & 1 ba) there is a laundry room and an office. All of this and several pastures are surrounded by sturdy pipe fencing with chainlink. There is 40 ft. round pen and feed shelter in the pasture.


1321 N FAIRWAY DR $175,000 Wow, this Golf Course View home is loaded with upgrades, Granite Counters, upgraded appliance package, includes all furnishing, washer, dryer, and refrigerator! 2 Bedroom 2 Bath plus a den! Bathrooms tastefully tiled, vessel sinks in both baths, large walk in closets in both bedrooms. This quiet gated community has a heated pool, spa, exercise room and community Kitchen. Just move right in and enjoy the beautiful sunrise on your back patio. Come and enjoy peaceful living at a very affordable price.

black appliances and washer & dryer. Enter through the keyless entry into this professionally designed and decorated home with granite counters, upgraded tile and carpeting in all the right places. Covered patio, 4 ft garage extension, golf cart garage and front and rear watering systems are added positive features that will delight this home’s new family. Community amenities abound with a world class golf course, 3 swimming pools, SPA, exercise facility, restaurant and much, much more.

911 N D ST $40,000 Newer 3 bedroom 2 bath home in central Eloy. Close to school and shopping. With over 1200 sq ft this home has large master bedroom and great living room/dining area. Home is sitting on large corner lot with block fence. Plenty of parking and a two car garage. Just minute to Main Street.

1113 N FAIRWAY DR $129,900 Come and enjoy the golf course and mountain views from your covered back patio!! This home features 2 Bedrooms, a Den, 1 3/4 Bathrooms, Master Bath has oversized shower, huge laundry/ utility room, 2 Car garage. The privacy of a gated community with full access to all amenities including the heated pool, spa, exercise equipment, NOT an age restricted community.

427 E Atlantic Dr $259,900 This spacious single level home features 3 bedrooms plus a den, formal living/dining room and a family room. The kitchen features granite counters and upgraded cabinets with a stainless

6441 W YORKTOWN WAY $170,000 This 3 bedroom 2.5 half bath also comes with a den, formal living and dining room, family room and eatin kitchen. Features include; 10 foot ceilings, double oven, stainless steel appliances, corian counters, cabinets in the laundry room, double sinks in the bathrooms, upgraded fixtures and plantation shutters. Located in a desirable community with plenty of amenities; biking and walking paths, playgrounds, rec center, tennis courts, pool, spa, workout facility and golf course. All of this in a 2657 square foot single level home. What a great find!

rox realty 1422 N FAIRWAY DR $159,000 OWNER WILL CARRY! Enjoy the privacy and security of this gated golf course community complete with a pool and clubhouse. Tile flooring in all the right places. Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Very large great room overlooks the extended covered patio. Two bedrooms, two baths and an office/ den. The garage is extended 4’. Perfect for a second/winter home or for a young family. The Village at Grande Valley is not an age restricted community.

RESIDENTIAL FOR SALE Florence 5430 N SCOTTSDALE RD $359,000 This beautiful, gently used 2 bedroom Turn-Key home with den is located in the active adult community of Robson Ranch and situated on a walking trail lot with golf course and mountain views.The home comes fully furnished including upgraded designer furniture,

2685 Smithsonian Ct $199,900 Do you have a large family? This home is the one for you. It features 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a large loft, formal dining/living room, family room, eat in kitchen and a huge back yard with a pool, fire pit and what looks to have been a dug out spot for a trampoline. The spacious kitchen comes with an island, staggered cabinets and stainless steel appliances with a black flat top stove. The master bath has a separate shower/tub and double sinks. The upstairs laundry comes with a utility sink. All this located in a community with a golf course, tennis courts, clubhouse and swimming pool with slides.

1919 N. Trekell Rd. Casa Grande

(520) 423-8250 Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. Connie Rush, Designated Broker

All information accurate as of publishing date (12-5-2012) Some properties may no longer be available for sale or lease. Various brokers and/or sales agents of Coldwell Banker Rox Realty may be principals in listings.


classified ads the traffic and wet areas. The Master suite features a large bedroom, a bath with double sinks and a ample walkin closet.The backyard is lush, green and all set up for outdoor living and entertaining.

Winter 2013 163 E Baja Pl $1,095 This 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom, has Den/ Office, loft. Kitchen features granite countertops and kitchen island. Formal dining and eat-in kitchen. Must have appointment to view. Needs minimum 4 hour notice. 0000 S Sunland Gin Rd $25,000 Level lot ready for the right owner Check all utilities and facts, Owner states all utilities are to lot with the exception of cable.50 FT. FRONTAGE ON Sunland Gin Rd.

rox realty

4533 N CORONADO DR $425,000 Incredible vistas & Superstition Mountain views from this very private home on the 2nd fairway. Gracious Spanish styling throughout this Paramount plan! Well thought upgrades include elegant Italian marble tile, cherry hardwood floors, ceramic tile, upgraded carpet, crown molding,10’ ceilings, 8’ doors & windows & 4’’ plantation shutters, dramatic rock wall & million dollar view of the 2nd fairway. The gourmet kitchen has 42’’ staggered cherry cabinets with pull-outs, granite countertops & backsplashes, stainless steel appliances with gas cooktop, double wall ovens, pantry & breakfast bar. The breakfast room a bay window. The split master has a bay window & luxurious bath with a separate garden tub & shower. The charming casita has 10’ ceilings, plantation shutters & full bath. This is a dream come true!


42798 W SAMUEL DR $122,000 This spacious home has plenty of room for everyone or for many activities. The first floor features a foyer, living, dining very pretty kitchen, bedroom and full bath. The second floor has 3 more bedrooms and two more baths, laundry room plus a huge family room. The master suite features a large walk-in closet and a big bath with double sinks. The pie shaped cul de sac lot provides a very large back yard.

18488 N CELIS ST $119,900 This is a wonderful way to enjoy Arizona. With a spacious living room, inviting dining room, wonderful kitchen with upgraded cabinets and stainless appliances. Oversized tile floors are in

19619 N TOYA ST $164,900 What a wonderful single level home situated on a corner lot in a cul-de-sac. The home features 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, separate living/dining and family rooms. Vaulted ceilings throughout the home, blinds, ceiling fans and tastefully painted rooms. The master includes double sinks, separate shower and tub with a walk-in closet. The backyard is professionally landscaped, covered extended patio and features a sparkling pool for your enjoyment.

524 W Palo Verde St $950 All room you need and more! Large deck to enjoy the evenings on. Do not miss this one. Please note pending some minor repairs.



2273 W Roosevelt Ave $850 Beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home located in Heartland Ranch. One bedroom downstairs and a huge loft upstairs. This home backs up to a beautiful greenbelt for added privacy.

14254 S Country Club Way $45,000 Home builder’s dream...Great investment opportunity for homesite in upscale section of town just minutes from public Golf Courses. Buyer and buyer’s agent to do due diligence in verifying all information regarding utilities, zoning, etc. Blank SPDS to be signed by buyer, seller has no knowledge of anything regarding lot.


9971 W Pacifico Dr $13,900 This very large lot of over 1/4 of an acre is located in the County Sundivision of Arizona City with a man made lake and a 18 hole golf course. Arizona City is halfway between Phoenix and Tucson AZ, and 3 miles South of I-10.


8308 W CORONADO DR $6,000 Great investment possibility for homesite in Arizona City just minutes from Public Golf courses. Adjoining lot is also for sale, and sellers will consider a discount if both lots are purchased. Buyer and buyers agent to do due diligence in verifying any and all information regarding utilities, zoning, etc.

9920 W Debbie Ln $12,000 Great investment possibility for homesite in nice section of town just minutes from Public Golf courses. Buyer and buyers agent to do due diligence in verifying any and all information regarding utilities, zoning, etc. Blank SPDS to be signed by buyer, seller has no knowledge of anything regarding lot.

3669 N French Pl $995 Move-in Ready! This 2 story home has 3 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 bathrooms, and 2314 sq. ft of living space. Features include breakfast bar, large pantry, built-in entertainment center, spacious loft and extended covered patio with view of the greenbelt.

15951 S HILO CIR 357 $22,500 What a wonderful place to build a home. With over 8,000 sq,ft on a cul de sac lot and across the street from the Lake in Arizona City, this property is conveniently located near the I-08 and I-10 intersection and halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. There is a golf course just a few blocks away.

8294 W Coronado Dr $6,000 Great investment possibility for homesite in Arizona City just minutes from Public Golf courses. Adjoining lot is also for sale, and sellers will consider a discount if both lots are purchased. Buyer and buyers agent to do due diligence in verifying any and all information regarding utilities, zoning, etc. Blank SPDS to be signed by buyer, seller has no knowledge of anything regarding lot.

947 W Elizabeth Way $158,900 If you need space, this is the home for you! With over 4000 square feet, this home features new interior paint and carpet. There are 6 bedrooms including the one on the lower level with 3 full baths. It also as a formal living/dining room, family room, loft and eat-in kitchen. The kitchen features granite counters, staggered cabinets, kitchen island and black appliances. Step outside to the inviting pebble tech pool with water features and slide. The over sized back yard with covered patio has enough room for play equipment or storage space. All of this on a corner lot with double gates. Walking distance to schools and close to all amenities.

Fall 2012 | 31


287 W Auburn Sky Ct $79,900 First time offered upscale Coyote Ranch custom home lots in Sunset View - Bring your own builder - Prices starting from $79,900 - lot sizes from 1/3 acre to almost 1/2 acre. Lots vary in size & shape, north and south facing. Paved street - utilities - see documents tab for more information and plat call listing agent for availability. Also see separate listing of custom home lots in gated area of Coyote Ranch Cornerstone. Buyer to verify all information

2522 S Skousen Rd $30,000 Great Potential. This area has already been subdivided and is waiting for you to build your dream home. You can build a custom home or install your manufactured home. The electrical is close to the property line. Seller has four other lots in the area. They are ready to make a deal!!

Las Montanas Subdivision Beautiful, prestigious community of custom built homes. 8290 N Calle Hermosa Circle, Lot 16, 2.03 acres, $92,500 9408 W Paseo Callado, Lot 94 1.25 acres, $124,500

Tierra Palmas Only three lots still available in this mature, gated townhome community. Lots 1, 2 and 25, $20,000 each.

11906 W Sweet Acacia Dr $69,500 Great custom home lot with views in all directions. Custom homes to the north, east & south. Natural Sonoran Desert waiting for you to build your dream home. Electric, water and phone are on Sweet Acacia.

10359 N Trekell Rd $55,000 Fully improved 2.301 acre lot, with septic, water, and electric on the property, has some nice landscaping already in place. Paved access to the property. Nice mountain views, city lights and much more. Take a drive by and picture yourself sitting in the porch enjoying the gergerous Arizona sunsets. Great place for horses, 4-H animals or just enjoy the peace and quiet. RV’s welcome.

2525 S Colorado Dr $30,000 Great Potential. This area has already been subdivided and is waiting for you to build your dream home. You can build a custom home or install your manufactured home. The electrical is close to the property line. Seller has four other lots in the area. They are ready to make a deal!!

207 N Colorado St $135,000 Urban Ranch in town close to everything. Large lots for toys/horses or just room. All utilities are at the lot line, custom home lots - developer is custom home builder concrete wall around subdivision, paved streets & curbs already in place. 3 other lots are available. This is a regular sale.

Val Vista Estates Subdivision Build your dream home in this quiet peaceful community. 12760 W Sacaton Lane, Lot 30, 1.7 acres, $89.000 12661 W Sacaton Lane, Lot 32, 1.2 acres, $85,000 12093 W Blackhawk Road, Lot 92, 1.23 acres, $79,000 12762 W Ironwood Hills Dr, Lot 36, 1.8 acres, $59,900

2950 E Mopar Dr $150,000 Urban Ranch in town close to everything. Large lots for toys/horses or just room. All utilities are at the lot line, custom home lots - developer is custom home builder - concrete wall around subdivision, paved streets & curbs already in place. 3 other lots are available. Buyer/Buyers Agent to verify all information. This is a regular sale.

2554 S Skousen Rd $30,000 Great Potential. This area has already been subdivided and is waiting for you to build your dream home. You can build a custom home or install your manufactured home. The electrical is close to the property line. Seller has four other lots in the area. They are ready to make a deal!!

0 W McCartney Rd $199,000 10 ac parcel. Easement for ingress/ egress is on East side going north to McCartney. Great views of City lights and mountains in all directions. Utilities are on McCartney Rd. 101XX N Burris Rd $45,900 Affordable custom home lot on one acre in Desert Vista. Incredible sunrises and sunsets with room to ride. Conveniently located with easy access to I-10, but close to Casa Grande amenities. Buyer/ Buyer Agent to conduct all investigations. Seller may carry. 8500 N Hazeldine Rd $39,000 Alta survey in doc’s - Great views in all directions - horses welcome, AZ Water on property, electric available, seller will carry with $5,000 down, contact agent for info. Buyer/Buyers agent to verify all information during inspection period. Seller never occupied property & only has limited knowledge of property.

10625 N Little Oak Dr $17,000 An affordable corner perfect for a manufactured home. (80’ x 105’, this is two 40’ x 80’ lots as required by Pinal County to make up one lot for one home site.) This lot is easily accessible to I-10 and shopping, schools & amenities! Don’t let this one pass you by!

382 E Cornerstone Cir $105,000 First Time offered Upscale Gated area of Coyote Ranch. Custom home lots in Cornerstone “ Bring Your Own Builder “ Prices Starting from $105,000 - Lot sizes from over 1/2 acre to just under 1 acre. Lots vary in shape with some north and south facing. Paved Street “ Utilities – See documents tab for more information and plat call listing agent for availability. Also see separate listing of custom home lots in Sunset View area of Coyote Ranch.

0 N Henness Rd $89,000 Gorgeous mountain views from this 5.05 acre parcel. Water and electric to property line. Good access road, corner lot. Close to I-10, only 10 minutes to the Casa Grande Mall and the hospital.

000 N XXX - 23E 161,000 Beautiful 14 AC Parcel of Land just North of McCartney Road with easement just East of the Conference Center on McCartney. Buyer and Buyer’s Agent to verify all utility access and easements. Recorded easement for ingress and egress is from McCartney Road but no Road exists. Acreage is up next to the Mountain and offers potential for one home or several with views of city lights but country living.




2492 S Colorado Dr $30,000 Great Potential. This area has already been subdivided and is waiting for you to build your dream home. You can build a custom home or install your manufactured home. The electrical is close to the property line. Seller has four other lots in the area. They are ready to make a deal!!!

00 W Cactus Wren $6,000 Great investment possibility! Close to Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort, utilities close by this undeveloped subdivision only minutes west of downtown Casa Grande. Buyer and buyers agent to do own due diligence in verifying any and all information regarding utilities, zoning, etc. Blank SPDS to be signed by buyer, Seller has no knowledge of anything regarding lot.

11592 N Fantail Trl $255,000 Very nice High Desert property with great views of Sacaton Peak to the NE and city lights to the South. Very quiet

Winter 2013 with custom homes on all sides. Paved road to property with utilities at the lot line. All parcels are 2+ acres in this area. Sombre de Monte to the west is ‘Dead End’ at property line. Buyer/ Buyers agent to verify all information.

2493 S Colorado Dr $30,000 Great Potential. This area has already been subdivided and is waiting for you to build your dream home. You can build a custom home or install your manufactured home. The electrical is close to the property line. Seller has four other lots in the area. They are ready to make a deal!!


745 S Orlando ST $16,500 Great location to build your new home. Close to elementary school. Paved street. Lot size is 65’ wide on Orlando and 125’ deep. Utilities at road.



0 E Sunscape Way Lot 2 $1,734,250 Great central location between Casa Grande, Coolidge & Eloy. Just a few minutes to major shopping mall and freeway access. Utilities are available. Various principals in the subject property are licensed real estate brokers/agents.


0000 S Sunland Gin Rd $25,000 Level lot ready for the right owner Check all utilities and facts, Owner states all utilities are to lot with the exception of cable.50 FT. FRONTAGE ON Sunland Gin Rd.



XXX N Bel Air Rd $75,000 Public Remarks: Have you been waiting to build your home in the pristine desert with views of fabulous sunsets,city lights and close by mountains. Here is your opportunity! This 2 acre lot is located in a most desirable area North of Casa Grande. The land is enhanced by nature with native desert vegetation. Placed close to I-10, Central Arizona College and Casa Grande, AZ halfway between Tucson and Phoenix. Custom homes and horse property are neighbors to this lot.

0 E Sunscape Way Lot F $80,000 6.15 acres in wonderful central location. Just 10 minutes to major shopping, Casa Grande Coolidge or Eloy and I-10 access. Owner Agent

to the south. Seller had a mobile home on property but had it removed. Septic, electric, phone and water on parcel. Property is zoned Suburban Homestead (SH). Buyer & Seller will have to negotiate. Buyer/Buyer’s Agent to verify all information during inspection period.

32800 W Lulu Jane Dr $39,900 3.3 acres, Casa Grande City Water, septic system, damaged manufactured home needs repaired, not livable at this time. Priced for the land only.

2491 S Hidden Valley Rd $326,760 Beautiful views of lush natural sonoran desert that has not been disturbed. BLM land borders the West. State Land to the south. This property has 2 parcels (020E & 020G). 020E has the well (fenced in area). Well Agreement recorded but may not provide water to parcel 020F to the north or 020H

805 N Pottebaum Ave $530,250 What a deal! Heart of town, great visibility, owner may carry & subordinate, build to suit shovel ready property with B-2 zoning can split. Fill dirt already on lot. Buyer/ Buyers Agent to verify all information during inspection period or before. Fire hydrant already in place.

0 N Trekell Rd $5,183,640 Prime Corner! SE corner of Trekell and Kortsen Rd. preliminarily planned for all sorts of neighborhood uses- buy the whole thing or pick your pad - Seller will consider splitting for one quality user, see MLS 4673440, 4673441 for separate listings for pads. various principals in the subject property are licensed real estate brokers/ agents (owner agent).

2106 E Florence Blvd $1,052,409 Great corner property. Perfect for fast food or other high visibility uses. Owner agent.

Winter 2013 | 33

0 S Peart Rd $280,000 Petite retail corner between Lowes and Home Depot just off major retail corridor, with permit-ready plans for 7,600 sf retail center.

2950 E Mopar Dr 19m $150,000 Beautiful 5 acres of affordable residential property. Unlimited opportunities allow this parcel to be split into 1.25 acres pieces. Build your dream home, bring your critters, enjoy the sunrises & sunsets with room to ride! Close to I-10, Robson Ranch & Casa Grande shopping, medical services & amenities!


inch wood shutters, upgraded carpet, earth tone ceramic tile baths and vinyl in kitchen/copy room. Nice reception area and three other work spaces in the back. High ceilings. Computers, copy machine, conference table & chairs and custom wood furniture in lobby do not convey. Back of building has a 6ft chain link fence with a drive gate for storage or additional parking. Sidewalks on N and W side of building. Buyer/Buyers Agent to verify all information.

0 E Randolph Rd B $487,435 65 acres of irrigated farm land with great access. Additional acreage may be available


1216 N Pinal Ave $399,000 Fantastic opportunity to own a large building on busy Pinal Ave. Lots of possibilities, tons of parking available. Some updating has been done.

801 N Pinal Pkwy Ave $182,454 Car wash site! Next to McDonalds, all utilities, C1 zoning, includes permit ready plans for car wash. Various principals in the subject property are licensed real estate brokers/agents.


1901 S Arizona Blvd S $175,000 Four parcels zoned C-2, buy all or part. All utilities are on the property. Great Commercial corner with high traffic count from Martin Rd and Arizona Blvd. There are two light poles located in the center of the property. Buyer/Buyers Agent to verify all information. Az Water Co, San Carlos electric, SW Gas, and City sewer. HO HO Kam Mobile/RV Park to the north, Shops-IGA Market & Galloping Goose to the west. 1 curb cut on AZ Blvd & 1 on Martin Rd.

0 W Peters and Nall Rd $1,645,600 Large parcels with heavy industrial zoning and irrigation rights. Halfway between Casa Grande and Maricopa. Others may be available.

421 W Ocotillo St $130,000 Pinal Ave frontage (HWY 387) ALTA Survey available. 7 lots total, buy all or part. Complete site plan available for 8,000 sq ft building, parking and retention basins. Buyer/Buyers agent to verify all important information during inspection period.


1700 S Arizona Blvd $583,704 One of owners is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Arizona. C-3 zoning w/good frontage. All utilities are either on the property or on the W side of AZ Blvd. Submit all offers. Owner may carry with large down payment. There is an alley on the E end of property that goes to Taylor. Billboard on NW corner of property produces appx $900/yr in rent. Other than utility lines, property is vacant and flat. Property is clean except for weeds, which will be removed.

0000 S Eleven Mile Corner R Cor $410,000 40 Acres with CAP water, currently in Alfalfa, cement ditches, Domestic well with storage tank. Land was lazer levied last year and new crops planted. Currently getting 9 cuttings a year with average 1 ton per acre. Close to Eloy airport. ED# 2 HORSE CORRALS DO NOT STAY,

100 S Stanfield Rd $88,000 Great frontage on Stanfield Rd. Visible from HWY 84. Vacant Block retail building, mobile in SW corner in back rented as residential. Good investment parcel with fresh paint inside & out. I-8 has off ramp onto Stanfield Rd approx 3 miles to the south. Buyer/Buyers Agent to verify all information. Owner has rent rolls available during inspection period.

1-10 Toltec Rd $4,784,850 Fantastic commercial property with off ramp at I-10 and Toltec Rd. Rare opportunity to join with major national users at I-10 interchange halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. One fast food pad and one convenience store pad are available quickly balance could be for additional food service, hospitality or other. OWNER AGENT.

rox realty 1919 N. Trekell Rd. Casa Grande

(520) 423-8250

Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. Connie Rush, Designated Broker

299 W Central Ave $282,500 Very nice red brick office building arched windows on the outside, with glass block wall on both sides of the front door. The east side of the building is currently leased. West side of building is very nicely finished inside with knotty hickory wood cabinets, 4

418 S Sunshine Blvd 3 & 2 $744,876 Property is at NW corner across from the entrance to the industrial park where United Gypsum plant will be. All utilities are on/in Sunshine as well as Date & Penn streets. Excellent location for business that could complement the massive growth that is slated for Eloy. New Dollar General Store is to the north of property. Property is less than 1/2 mile from I-10. Sunshine Blvd had major improvements completed to bring up to MAG stds.

All information accurate as of publishing date (12-5-2012) Some properties may no longer be available for sale or lease. Various brokers and/ or sales agents of Coldwell Banker Rox Realty may be principals in listings.


insurance rox!

accident, they will pay up to $1000 for the veterinary bills. If the unthinkable happens and your four legged family member dies, the same benefit applies.

By Lisa J. Atkinson

Where There’s a Need...


EED generates creativity. Do you ever wonder who invented toilet paper? It’s a wondrous thing. Some people might say it’s a stretch to include insurance in the category of wondrous things. In reality, it depends on your perspective. If you own property anywhere along the upper East Coast, you’re thankful you mailed off that last payment. It was a surprise to me, though not a surprising fact, that Benjamin Franklin was instrumental in establishing the first mutual fire insurance company in the U.S. Besides claiming the titles of scientist, inventor, statesman and author, he was also a firefighter. Homes in Philadelphia in the 1870s were made of wood. Meals were cooked on an open hearth. Once a fire started, it often spread to other homes, since they were built close together. After witnessing the resulting devastation, Mr. Franklin determined that there was a need − homeowners should have some way to rebuild their residence after a fire loss.

Winter 2013

Today, all of our basic needs can be insured. We have a myriad of choices to protect our homes, vehicles, businesses, health and life. However, the needs of the American public are forever evolving. With a little research, I found a few examples that are a little over the top... A person can insure against the loss of a money making body part (think booty here), taste buds (famous food critic) and even... alien abduction. While I’m sure you find this fascinating, it’s good to know a few facts that show our insurance is working for those of us with “normal“ lives. Who knew that our love affair with cats and dogs would move some auto insurance carriers, such as Progressive, to offer coverage when we’re on the road with our pets? If your auto policy includes collision on at least one vehicle and a pet is injured in an

Does your homeowner’s or renter’s policy insure you against identity theft? This is another modern threat where insurance providers saw a need and offered some peace of mind. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Arizona ranked fourth in identity theft complaints in 2011. The coverage varies from policy to policy, but most provide a monetary reimbursement for the time and money you expend to straighten out the mess this crime leaves behind. Are there any perks you can take advantage of? Some companies reward folks who have maturity on their side. The Hartford AARP plan is one example. Auto-Owners Insurance gives hefty discounts if you live in a gated community or have a monitored alarm system. Safeco will forgive certain “mishaps” if you’re willing to plug a device into your car so they can determine what a good driver you really are. In the end, what all of us need is a knowledgeable, caring insurance agent. If your current agent doesn’t quite fill the bill, why not create your own movement... into the welcoming doors of ROX Insurance?

Winter 2013 | 35 Continuation from Pg. 13

I began my career in insurance in 1997, when I moved from West Virginia to Arizona. I started out at the payment desk and it makes me smile when I think about how patient the customers were with that young country girl, struggling with unfamiliar Hispanic names. Since then, I have worked in every area of the insurance office. I’ve gained an insight of what fits the circumstances for each special customer. As the Office Manager, I’m a problem solver. That’s one of the things I enjoy most…that moment when everything comes together and I know that I’ve done the best I can to protect a client’s home, auto or life.

Lizbeth Storer When I’m not at home being the best mother and wife I can possibly be, I spend my day as a customer service representative. I am the smile that greets you when you walk in the Rox lobby. The best reward of my job is when I make my customers return that smile.

Irene Rayrao I was born in Casa Grande and grew up in Eloy. As the 4th child of five, going shopping in Casa Grande was a big deal back then. Casa Grande has changed and grown over the years, but has maintained that small town atmosphere. I’d like to think I have contributed in a small way by assisting new and existing Arizona residents with their insurance needs. Most of my clients are local to Casa Grande and the surrounding areas. However, we can also service anywhere in the state of Arizona, whether those needs are permanent or temporary (for the winter visitors). I am a veteran. I served in the United States Marine Corps for four years. Semper Fi! I have been in the insurance industry for about 12 years and with Casa Grande Insurance Agency for five. I look forward to meeting and assisting you at our new location on Kortsen Rd.

Rosie Rodriguez

Photo credit: Casa Grande Historical Society

Lisa J. Atkinson

I’m the youngest child of six and I was born in Los Angeles, CA. I moved to Casa Grande five years ago, so I could be close to my family and give my kids a better future. I have a passion for helping people. I have worked in customer service for over 14 years and I feel fortunate to be a part of the Casa Grande/Rox Insurance Agency. Whether you’re a current client or someone looking for a positive insurance experience, I would love to meet you.

Cindy Garcia Do you own a business? Are you thinking about opening a business? I am a Native to Arizona who takes a great deal of pride in providing my clients with the customer service they deserve at the best possible pricing. I have over 25 years of insurance experience and look forward to working with business owners and individuals to find insurance solutions for their every day needs. No matter what your business insurance necessities are, I can help you find a solution. Please give me a call to discuss a comprehensive review of your insurance.

Pam Sanders Being originally from Casa Grande, I know a few things about the area. I have been fortunate to travel Europe, Canada, Hawaii and the Western states, so I have a lot of adventure in me. I started my insurance career in 1994 in personal lines in Flagstaff and soon realized commercial insurance was what I wanted to do! I moved back to Casa Grande and obtained my insurance license in 1996. While serving as a Commercial Lines customer service account manager, I received my CISR, Certified Insurance Service Representative designation in 1998. I’ve had the honor of working with several influential Producers in both Casa Grande and Mesa. Being a Producer has always been my Dream, now it’s my turn to take care of you directly.

Retiring from the Legislature in 1970, she accepted an appointment by the Governor to pilot the State Nursing Home Ombudsman program. Blodie had many other interests…she was an accomplished bridge player; she enjoyed sewing, knitting, cooking, furniture, gardening and reading. In the late 1990’s I was privileged to list the home on Olive Avenue which Earl and Blodie built in 1941. It retained most of the original features and was warm and charming. The Thodes had commissioned an Austrian artisan to stay with them and carve desert cactus and flowers into the fireplace mantel and some custom furniture. Blodie was exceedingly gracious. My sister, Mary Sue Beers, recalls as a teenager attending a 4-H function at the State Capitol, being introduced by Blodie “as the daughter of one of my best friends”. Many old friends have wonderful “Blodie stories” which are a tribute to her fine character. She had such a generous, kind spirit which she spent her life putting into action. Blodie died on September 3, 2003, in Tucson at the age of 94. Blodie was but one of many women who left their stamp on Casa Grande. It is with admiration and gratitude that I share them with you.


Winter 2013 By Doug Morrow

Happy Valley Distributors –


An Insurance Story - Part III

n our previous two articles, we discussed in some detail a fictional local company in Casa Grande that had purchased commercial insurance, and that had a few years later incurred a very serious fire loss. The settlement received from the insurance company was not even close to covering the claim, even though on the surface – before the fire – it appeared to the owners as though they had bought and paid for a good insurance policy. In the insurance business we often compare the purchase of insurance to the purchase of groceries. It’s all about the motivation, experience and training of the shopper. While grocery stores make a big effort to stock all the nutritious food anyone could ever need, in the end they can only sell the customer what the customer actually wants to buy. If you hired someone to do your grocery shopping, and your ‘shopper’ decided to stock up on cupcakes and soda, the grocery store would cheerfully sell them just that. Conversely, the store would be just as happy if the ‘shopper’ left the store with a grocery cart full of vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products.

The important thing – obviously – is to make sure that your ‘shopper’ is both capable of doing the shopping AND making good decisions for you.

This same principle applies to purchasing commercial insurance coverage. Your broker needs to have the training and experience to know to ask you the right questions. Your broker needs to truly understand everything possible about your location, business operations, cash flows and future goals. Your broker also needs to be familiar with the various types of insurance available to protect you from the risks that your business faces; and how to further customize these policies to fit your needs perfectly. For instance:

Building Insurance:

Quite aside from the obvious, including construction details, replacement cost, type of occupancy and operations, the broker must seek to understand future suitability of the premises for the business operations conducted there. In the event of loss, the municipality may have new bylaws regarding type of occupancy and construction; new fire protection guidelines; even revised setback from the roadway; all of which must be complied with in any reconstruction plan. The insurance program must respond to all of these exposures.


Most businesses acquire property slowly over time; a desk here, shelving there, a new computer for the new receptionist, etc. A key indicator is the replacement value that a business owner often will assign to this type of property. Nice

round numbers are an indication that not much thought has been given to the impact of having to replace all contents at the same time after a loss. Good brokers break contents down into categories – office furniture, shop equipment, tools and equipment, computers, etc. - and challenge the business owner to think hard about realistic values for each category.


Many businesses have slow periods and busy periods, when inventory levels are low or high respectively. Business owners tend to give their broker an average number as the required limit of insurance, meaning that inventory may be underinsured at the busiest times of the year; and which are also the most likely time for losses to occur!

Good brokers suggest insuring to maximum possible inventory levels, with a monthly reporting provision and annual adjustment to ensure that full value is insured at all times, while the premiums charged reflect actual exposures over the policy term.

Winter 2013 | 37

Business Interruption:

Continuation from Pg. 15

Key to the business owners’ understanding of this coverage is that it is forward looking. This is a very important concept. Consider that a loss may occur on the last day of the insurance policy – almost a year away – and that settlement will be based on the annual period after the loss – up to almost two years away from policy inception.

The good broker will work with the business owner to look a full two years into the future, understand the cash flows and profit perspectives, and arrange the required limits of insurance. Liability Insurance:

As brokers, we are often asked by our clients how much liability insurance to purchase. While there is no clear answer, a good process to follow is to purchase as much as the business can reasonably afford. Business owners should challenge their broker to provide alternative quotations for higher limits in order to make an informed decision. I often suggest to clients that if an additional $1 million was only $10 per year they would always buy it, but if it was $10,000 they likely would not. Always gets a smile! So, finding out the real number is a good idea; the resulting discussion and decision is a good annual process. A review of the business owner’s contracts is also a good idea. From lease agreements to customer contracts, these will all have insurance requirements. The business owner must always be in compliance with these contracts. There are also some annual processes that good brokers both advocate and facilitate on behalf of their clients. These include:


For the majority of commercial insurance policies, annual applications are required by the insurance company. These are designed to ask questions about current operations, assets, volumes, etc. Make sure that you, as the business owner, participate in the completion of these with your broker. If the broker completes them alone, your input is not realized; likewise, if the business owner completes them without review by the broker, particular information needing further action can be missed.

By doing so, Walton encourages the growth of industry and jobs in its investment regions. In Pinal, Walton is preparing three large Industrial Parks along both Interstate 10 and the Union Pacific Railroad: Sunshine Industrial Park in Eloy, Red Rock Business Park in unincorporated Pinal County, and the Toltec Business Park in Eloy.

All of

these industrial parks could serve as future employment centers in Pinal County.


In these difficult financial times, building values are uncertain to say the least. But there is one constant. It always costs more to build new than to buy old. Insurance limits using market or real estate values are not sufficient to rebuild commercial properties today.

Good brokers recommend having an independent replacement cost appraisal performed every two or three years by a qualified appraiser for each building to be insured. Insurance limits should reflect this appraised value, NOT the current real estate value. In some cases, the insurance company will agree to provide better coverage and lower premiums if the building has been recently appraised. And appraisals are very reasonable.


Especially for Business Interruption, these should be completed by the business owner’s accountant. A good broker can always tell when the worksheet has been completed with good care and forethought; the result will be a very specific number, not a nice round number indicative of a ‘guess’. To conclude, if you are a business owner in Casa Grande (or anywhere actually!) and the topics outlined in this series of articles are new, surprising or of serious concern to you……………… challenge your professional insurance broker to include these items – and others - in your annual review. It is always far easier to do this work before a serious loss than afterwards!

Walton recently acquired the vacant land surrounding the Casa Grande Promenade. Referred to as Casa Grande Commons, Walton’s vision for this Property is a mixed use, master planned community with a focus on commercial, office and varying intensities of residential housing products.


also has land in Eloy, Casa Grande, Coolidge, and in unincorporated Pinal County near Maricopa.

“We believe in the fundamentals of Pinal County and believe the future of the region is bright. We want to be a partner in creating something special in the region for many years to come,” said Mr. Terrill. The Walton Group is a multinational group of real estate investment and development companies




Scottsdale, Arizona.



travel rox!

Vacation time is too precious not to enjoy every minute.

Winter 2013

Welcome Aboard! F By Peggye Eck

irst, let me thank Mr Rock Earle and Mr Brett Eisele for allowing Roxanne and me to be a part of this great company, the ROX GROUP. The people we’ve encountered in these first few months have been warm and generous, and welcomed us from day one. Now... Let’s Travel! Looking for a fun place to take the kids? Hawaii tops my favorites list. There is no end of things to do, and especially in the Spring and Fall months, we can find you some great deals! What little one wouldn’t enjoy Disney in Hawaii? Or the Maui Ocean Center, full of great sea life specimens?

When you’ve dreamed of visiting a place forever—every moment there should be perfect. And touring or river cruising with the Globus family of brands makes sure of it. We’ll find the perfect hotels in the heart of the destinations, give you VIP access to the must-see attractions, arrange all your transportation, and even provide a local Tour Guide to make sure everything goes smoothly. Your only task is to relax and enjoy.

Been there, done that? How about Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean? While the Sandals properties are strictly for adult couples, Beaches is totally geared for kids of all ages. They can interact with all their Sesame Street faves, spend time at the water park, beach activities, and the X-Box Play Lounge and Scratch DJ Academy! And the best part? IT’S ALL-INCLUSIVE! Eat, drink and play 24-7, no extra cost to you!! Now, let’s go in a different direction. Instead of encouraging you to visit a wonderful location around the world, I’m afraid I must tell you NOT to do that. I do want to tell you where, Egypt, and why you probably shouldn’t go there now. Visiting the Land of the Pharaohs was a dream for me since I was a child. Several years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to go with a group of other travel agents on what is called a Familiarization (or “Fam”) trip. My husband, being the very over-protective person that he is, said “No way! You’re not going!” Me, being me, said “Oh, yes I am!!!” And I did!! It was the most wonderful experience I could ever have imagined. I walked around the Sphinx, I climbed inside a pyramid, I rode a camel, I cruised the Nile River! We spent time at Abu Simbel, at Luxor, and in the Valley of the Kings where we climbed into a burial chamber. The museums were incredible, the people were warm, friendly, and they were so happy we came to Egypt.

Unfortunately, there had been unrest in the country a couple of years before, and as we drove through the streets of Cairo, we saw soldiers on every corner, and we even had an undercover police agent on our bus every day. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable (they have to pass numerous college courses and be licensed by the government), so with all of that, we felt very safe, and the experience was a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true for me. Would I go back? In a heartbeat! But not right now. Nor would I recommend it to you, my friends and clients. It makes me so sad to see the country I fell in love with in such turmoil as it is today. My wish is that the people of Egypt can get back to the glory that once was, and keep all the precious antiquities safe, as they have for thousands of years. My dream is to return and see it all over again. Sadly, a Nile River cruise is not on the agenda, but have you seen and heard about river cruises in Europe? If you love to cruise, and would like something a bit different, then maybe river cruising is for you! There are many options in many countries on many rivers! River ships are smaller and more intimate, but very luxurious and well-appointed. The exciting part is you can see ports you may not see on a big ship, or even a land tour. In most towns, the dock is near the city center, and all the attractions are walking distance from the ship. If my little tidbits today have peaked your interest, please stop by our Kortsen office and visit. We’ll be very happy to help you plan that dream trip!

Bon Voyage!

Winter 2013 | 39 By Bill Doughty



id you ever get to your destination and find your bags, or your traveling partner’s bags are lost? It happened to

Jo Anne and me. Jo Anne’s showed up 9 days later, the last night on a river cruise. Mine was delivered after we departed the ship and were in Prague, some 10-1/2 days late, on the night before flying home. Not to have a repeat, we now exchange one complete outfit including underwear and socks. One outfit is placed in the other’s check-in suitcase; we each carry a complete change of clothes in our carry-on bag. So, if one bag is lost, one of us has three outfits to wear until our baggage catches up with us. If both of our bags are lost, we at least have a second set of clothes to wear or we get a chance to purchase another outfit. HAPPY TRAVELING!

Bill and Jo Anne Doughty

INDEPENDENT 55+ LIVING COMMUNITY 1& 2 Bedroom Townhomes • All Single Level Units Small Pets Welcome • Beautiful Clubhouse and Grounds Hair Salon • Pool & Fitness Center

(520) 836-6555 •

1771 E. McMurray Blvd. Casa Grande, AZ 85122 Affordable Apartment Homes from $400 to $815* *Income Limits may apply


Winter 2013



t’s bad enough to go through one of Arizona’s summers, where temperatures are above 110 degrees for days, but one ponders where to go this summer. Instead of making arrangements for another hot city, why not give thought to a colder climate, like the Annual Winter Festival in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan? Jo Anne and I did and we loved every cold minute while we were there. A thumb nail sketch on Sapporo indicates that it is Japan’s fourth largest city and is located in the central part of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. It was officially established in 1869, and at that time the island of Hokkaido was inhabited by aborigines known as the Ainu people. Since 1869, Sapporo has grown to a major city of 1 -2 million people. Sapporo is known worldwide for its snow festival, which is the biggest in Japan. The history of the festival dates back to 1950 when the first festival consisted of seven sculptures which were built by local citizens and high school children. Today it boasts more than 300 sculptures, some as large as 130 feet long and 80 feet high; and unlike the first festival, this is an international event with contestants coming from all points of the compass to compete. Sounds great! Wait a minute. Weather cold enough to keep ice sculptures formed means heavier clothing, boots, sweaters, ear muffs or hats

Hokkaido, Japan that cover the ears. Living here in Arizona, most of our “winter clothing” was of the sweater variety with each of us having a lightweight jacket as our cold weather outerwear. No problem. This is a onetime trip and the clothing could be bought at Salvation Army or Goodwill outlets. When we arrived in Sapporo, there was snow, snow, snow, everywhere. Bill has not seen this much snow since his military tour in Alaska; Jo Anne has not seen this much snow in her whole life. Its cold, it’s wet, and it’s beautiful. The bus ride from Haneda International Airport was amazing We thought the ride to

Submitted by: Bill & Jo Anne Doughty

the hotel would be a slow trip because of the blowing snow (mini blizzard) and packed ice on the road. Wow, were we wrong! The bus moved along at 45 miles per hour as if it was a sunny day with dry roads. Jumping ahead, we found that ice and snow was a very small hindrance to the local population. We saw one car being pushed out of a snow bank; and few wheels spinning. We thought back to when we lived in Maryland; an inch of snow would almost bring a city to a standstill. We arrive at our hotel about 90 minutes later and enjoyed the fantastic scenery along the way. It’s been a long time since we were part of a winter landscape, and we took in every minute of it. Since we arrived at the Keio Plaza Hotel about two hours before checking in, we took advantage of the hotel changing rooms for skiers, and added a heavier coat. We were there to sightsee and not ski, we decided to walk around the immediate vicinity. The hotel was a very modern hotel, well situated for walking to various sights. It was seven blocks to Odori Park, the main snow festival area in one direction, and about four blocks from Hokkaido University in the opposite direction. It stopped snowing and the sun came out. Just the right weather for a brisk walk. Walk. Did I say walk? Slipping and sliding were more like it. It seems that the people of

Winter 2013 | 41 being done on many of the sculptures was amazing. For ice buildings, they made small bricks from snow and water in forms; when the bricks were formed ice, they were added to the building, much like brick and mortar. The structures built by the Japanese SelfDefense Force were exact in every detail from the columns to the various statues. It was a real pleasure watching them work, each soldier had a particular picture of the part he was working on, and he would stop every so often, view the picture, and continue with the carving and shaping the ice and snow. All of the carvers and sculptures spent the better part of the day and evening working on their entry, some of them working in shifts. Don’t know how they do it; we were cold just watching them.

Sapporo have this quaint little thing about not clearing the ice and snow from the sidewalks and streets, ice sometimes six inches thick, and snow three feet deep with a narrow little path winding through it for walking. We thought it neat that in front of department stores and hotels were heated sidewalks. We were not deterred until we stepped into a snow bank and got a shoe full of snow. We skittered back to the hotel to check in and get our boots out of our suitcases.

Dressed for the arctic (down filled coats, snow boots, thermal underwear, Jo Anne in thermal ski pants), we went back out on the street again. Time to sightsee. Since this was a short day (it being after two PM, the sun sets at five, and we were up since two AM), we would limit ourselves to walking around the Odori Park, the main festival area for the snow sculptures. We walked a circuit around the park and were amazed at what the people were doing with snow, ice, and ingenuity. Some of the sculptures were amateurish while others were fantastic, especially the 1/3 size replicas. There were castles, animals, cartoon characters, and buildings. One huge scene must have been thirty to forty feet high

“Sapporo is known worldwide for its snow festival, which is the biggest in Japan.” and almost a hundred feet long. In addition, there was depth to the sculptures. We were under the impression that these scenes were almost two dimensional, being built up against a backdrop or some type of form. No, these were scale models and some of them were thirty feet deep. Can you imagine the amount of snow and work that would go into building these large structures? We did notice that the larger sculptures were being built by the Japanese Self-defense Force. It seemed that each soldier had his little design to do, and he did it well. After making one complete loop of the park, we decided to come back the next morning to start taking pictures. We were cold; temperature was -5 Celsius, the wind was blowing, and wet snow was starting to fall. The next day we took our time at each sculpture and paid more attention to how the sculpture was being built. The basic tool was the common shovel for the heavy work and some sort of a scraper or small shovel for the fine work. For super detail small chisels were used. Buckets seem to be the main device on most of the sculptures. The amount of detail that was

We took a short lunch break and enjoyed a meal of spiced “soba” noodles and Sapporo beer. We visited the park again after dark when contestants would add electricity to their sculptures. While walking back to the hotel we strolled through Sapporo’s underground shopping arcade quite a place and very modern. I guess when you are hurting for above ground space, the next best thing is to go underground. I believe most cities in Japan have some sort of underground mall.

On this last evening, our group was going to the Sapporo Beer Garden for free food and beer. But, we decided to go back to the sculptures in the Odori Park for some photos and video of the completed sculptures sans scaffolding and the contestants doing last minute work on their art. The entries were quite impressive and it would be hard to be a judge for this snow festival. Since it was getting cold and windy we said goodbye to Odori Park and took the long way back to the hotel. Our feet were cold and sore from walking but the beauty of the scenery, snow, and old and modern structures were breathtaking. TO BE CONTINUED!


have you seen?

By Peg & Roxanne



loha, everyone! Let’s visit Hawaii, the island of O’ahu, to be exact. Oh, you’ve been there, done that? Or your friends have told you there’s not a lot to do there, just Waikiki Beach and the Arizona Memorial? Let us help change that to “There is SO MUCH to do on O’ahu”!! Sure, Waikiki Beach is world famous, and super busy, but there are actually over 100 public beaches on the island for you to explore. From snorkeling at famous Hanauma Bay, to Lanikai Beach on the East side, to the surfing beaches of the North Shore, there is no end to water fun on O’ahu! You can take surf lessons, jump on the newest craze – standup paddleboard lessons, try your hand at ocean kayaking or swim with dolphins at Sea Life Park, or in the wild. If you’re really adventurous…………..try a Shark Dive!! Not a big water person? There are plenty of land-locked options! For example, did you know the state of Hawaii has the only 2 Royal Palaces in the United States? One is Hulihee Palace, on the Big Island. The other is Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu! Take a guided tour of this beautiful, historic site, then check out all the different historic churches and museums in the area. Also nearby are Aloha Tower Marketplace, Chinatown, and Restaurant Row. Instead of the traditional luau, why not spend the day at the Polynesian Cultural Center on the north side of the island? The setting of the Center is the South Pacific 100 years ago, laid out in villages, representing the islands of Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, the Marquesas, and New Zealand. Throughout the day, you will see pageants, musical performances, exhibits of local customs, the South Pacific way of life. In the evening, you will enjoy the wonderful food and music of a traditional luau. A day to remember, surely! So, you ask “what else is there to do”? How about some shopping for the ladies? The main street of Waikiki, Kalakaua Ave, is nick-

Winter 2013

named “The Rodeo Drive of the Pacific” for a reason! Add in the International Marketplace, the largest Outdoor Mall in the US (Ala Moana Shopping Center), the Maui Divers Factory, Hilo Hattie’s Factory…………a shopper’s paradise! (Oh, and don’t forget about the Swap Meet at Aloha Stadium 3 days a week!!) And my personal favorite………..the ABC Store!! The 5 & Dime of the islands!! Restaurants and nitelife? There is no end to the fabulous choices! From the revolving dining experience of “Top of Waikiki” to the local food truck experience, Vegas-style shows to traditional Hawaiian concerts at the Kapi’olani Bandshell, O’ahu has it all! For all you outdoor adventure guys (and gals, too!!), the choices are endless! Try hiking (up Diamond Head or Koko Head Crater), biking, hang-gliding, climbing up into the rainforest to a beautiful waterfall, take polo lessons, play golf on a world-class course, ……You name it, O’ahu has it! You can even take a sea-plane tour of the island! If you like lighthouses, there are a number of them in the state, and 4 on O’ahu alone. Most can be toured, or at the least, viewed from the road. Can’t forget about the kiddies! Sure, they love the water, but they can also see animals at the zoo, visit the Honolulu Aquarium, have a blast at Sea Life Park, or Wet & Wild Water Park. Kuoloa Ranch offers ATV rides and horseback rides for all ages. There is even a train ride thru historic “Ewa Plantations” on the west side of the island. So, if you’re looking for a fabulous setting for a dream wedding, or a romantic honeymoon….perhaps a fun, exciting family vacation or just a great BFF getaway………….don’t hesitate! Book O’ahu now, with the experts at Temptation Travel Rox!! Mahalo.

Peggye and Roxanne Eck


Winter 2013 | 43

for your special day...let me help make it perfect

roxanne eck destination / wedding specialist





Winter 2013 the truth according to wilson b dedman

By Wilson B. Dedman

TO B.A. OR NOT TO B.A...? Correct me if I am wrong, but I suspect that many Arizonans frequently dream about going to Europe. And that is where the trouble starts - that is, there are few easy ways to get there from here. My first thirteen or so times across the pond, in coach of course, bring back memories of such travails: fighting rush hour traffic to get to Sky Harbor at the crack of dawn; navigating several hellish connections somewhere between Arizona and New York; being forcefed dinner at 3pm (my time); finally leaving the east coast on a 6 hour trans-Atlantic flight into which it is impossible to cram cocktails, dinner, sleep, brekkie, and cleanup, and therefore sleeping nary a wink; then being disgorged from the brutal international air transport torture system onto some dirty foreign kerb at someone else’s aforesaid crack of dawn, halfway around the world. This unpleasantry is based on the greedy capitalist airlines’ need to get the aircraft back into the air westbound, but leaves one with the impression that the convenience and ease of Europeans traveling to the States is more important than ours going in the other direction. As it stands, a westbound flight to North America from Europe can be boarded almost anywhere before noon with the passenger at rest and happy in his jammies, almost anywhere in the contiguous 48, by bedtime. Ain’t that special? Yes, of course, that’s nice. But for us, the eastbound trip is the stressful one, and typically, just when we need a hot shower and clean bed, the occupants of those beds aren’t even awake. Generally, it’s another ten hours before we can have our hotel room to clean up, catch some winks and adjust to the time change. Homeward, who cares? You know you’re gonna get there eventually, and into your own bed [see previous paragraph]. All of which is true, except for that one little bit of salvation in the skies: BRITISH AIRWAYS! Over the years, there have been scant few nonstop flights from Phoenix to Europe... something about hot summer temperatures,

h e a v y planes, and anemic demand. KLM talked about one for awhile, Lufthansa flew a brand-new A340 direct to Frankfurt, which I myself flew on, and LTU even ran an old MD11 into Dusseldorf, of which I also availed myself. Those are gone now, but it doesn’t matter the dream flight to end the nightmares has been here now for years: British Airways’ nonstop into its gleaming, new Terminal 5 at Heathrow. The nonstop part is great, to be sure, but so is the aircraft - a 747-400 - with sixteen business class, full-recline sleeper seats in that wonderfully private upper deck. Yes, that is my favorite roost in the sky. But whether you fly in business class or steerage, the convenience of this flight cannot be over-appreciated: You have all day the day of departure to attend to your stuff; no worries about missing your early morning alarm or getting stuck in rush hour traffic - your ride to the airport occurs long after everyone is at

home making macaroni and cheese and yelling at the kids. Your pre-flight cocktails in the lounge are imbibed at - guess when? - cocktail hour!!!! Dinner is served at - get this - dinner time! After the last drop of port is down the hatch and you are now actually sleepy - imagine! it’s bed time! Everything is just when it needs to be. But what really ices the cake, so to speak, is the timing at the other end: by the time you land, exit immigration and collect your bags, grab a cab and arrive at your lodgements, it is checkin time at your hotel. A shower, a room service cheeseburger, some beeb, lights-out and you’re ready to go first thing in the morning to wherever your real destination may be. Sure, it costs a little more, but the TRUTH IS: eighty bucks extra (or whatever) is nothing compared to the karmic savings. Take my word for it - I very rarely lie about sacred religious principles like airlines, flights, and flight schedules. For more information on BA’s nonstop flight from Phoenix to London Heathrow, contact ROX TRAVEL at 520-836-8517.

casa grande alliance

Winter 2013 | 45

By Cindy Schaider

There is a new dealer in town


hen we think about drug abuse, and drug abusers, we get an image in our mind of a seedy-looking individual in an even seedier part of town, disheveled and desperate, using illegal drugs. We presume those drugs were purchased using crumpled up bills exchanged with some low-life guy, both of them making furtive glances right, then left, watching for the cops. Make no mistake, that is indeed one component of drug abuse. But, there is a new dealer in town. And it could be you.

Prescription drug misuse is on the rise in our nation, and in Pinal County. It has risen to the 4th drug of choice among our young people, preceded by alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana (in that order). In fact, based on the 2012 Arizona Youth Survey, youth in Pinal County had higher rates of prescription drug misuse compared to their peers across the state.

We cannot, however, look only to youth as mis-users of prescription medicine. Many adults are using, misusing, and hoarding prescription medicines – especially prescription pain medicines. Here are some startling facts, provided by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission: •

61.3% of all the pills prescribed in Pinal County last year were pain relievers, and over half were either oxycodone or hydrocodone.

Enough doses of prescription pain relievers were prescribed in 2011 to medicate every Pinal County adult around-the-clock for two weeks.

20.8% of all pills prescribed were benzodiazapines: medicines like Valium and Xanax that are used to reduce anxiety.

Pain-relievers and anxiety medicines are potentially addicting. If we take the sheer number of pain-relievers and ‘anxiety’ drugs that are in Pinal County (82% of all pills), and couple it with our common household practices, we create enormous opportunity for prescription drug misuse. Most of us do not take all of the medicine prescribed to us. If it is a pain medication, we take 4 or 5 pills, until the crisis is past, and then supplement with over-the-counter medicine like Tylenol or aspirin. We then save the rest of the prescription medicine, “just in case we need it later”. In truth, most of us have a mini-pharmacy of our own located under our bathroom sink, in the vanity cabinet, or the kitchen cabinet! Now, along comes a curious youth, or a substance abusing family member, or maybe a friend of a family member who wants to make a little money. They know about our personal ‘pharmacies’ and they take advantage of us by stealing some of our pills. They either sell or trade the pills, and they wind up in the hands of our youth. In 2010, nearly 93% of Pinal County youth obtained the prescription drugs they misused from everyday sources, such as friends, family, or their own household. So who is this new dealer in town? It could be you! So it is up to each of us to do whatever we can to keep these dangerous medicines out of circulation. Here is how: •

When you are in need of a prescription pain reliever, you can ask your doctor to not give you synthetic opiates. There are other pain reliever choices that are much less addictive.

Clean out your medicine cabinet and remove any medicines that you are not taking regularly. Do not flush them down the toilet; take them to your local police station for disposal. Call 520-836-5022 for medication drop-off box locations, or go to

Safely store your remaining medicines out of reach of not only children, but visitors.


who in the world

Winter 2013

By Brett Eisele

Who in the world is: Scott Elliott?


f you ever have occasion to be hiking in Box Canyon or climbing in the Superstitions and all of a sudden you realize you are lost or stranded the odds are Scott Elliott, pilot for the air wing of the Pinal County Sheriff’s department, will be a first responder for your rescue. If you are driving West on Interstate 8 and notice a helicopter flying over low and slow with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department insignia on it the odds are they have spotted drug runners or someone lost in the desert. Night or day, it does not matter its most likely Scott Elliott. I had occasion to sit and talk with Lieutenant Elliott recently to discuss how it all began. In June of 2002 Scott and I were training at the Casa Grande Municipal Airport for our private pilots certificates and I remember the day he soloed in a Cessna 172. I was standing on the infield of the airport with Scott’s instructor observing and I must say he aced it! That was the only training Scott would receive in fixed wing aircraft because his dream had always been to master rotorcraft or helicopters. Two years and close to 200 hours later Scott obtained a CFI, certified flight instructor, certificate in helicopters. He trained through a program offered at Gateway Airport in Mesa which was intense training in both classroom and airborne. No weekend training here, all day most every day. The instrument portion of the training was for the most part flown at night. Can you imagine flying around the mountains in Pinal County at night in a helicopter?(More on that later). The average time it takes to master all the ratings through CFI is 200 hours. It took Scott only 172. After school Scott was a part time CFI for Phoenix Helicopters at Falcon Field in Northeast Mesa. Part time because remember, he is a Lieutenant on the payroll as a special ops commander with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department. With Scott’s certifications the Sheriff’s Department could now take advantage of the asset when needed and for awhile the department rented a ship from Phoenix Helicopters for Scott to fly missions anywhere in the County. At the beginning all missions were pre-planned and not spur of the moment or emergency. It should be noted here normally the State of Arizona or more specifically the Department of Public Safety has 5 helicopters on call to help other law enforcement agencies when the call goes out. Because of current budget restraints today only one is on call 24 hours a day and the remaining 4 work basically 9 to 5. This leaves a large gap in the system. Because of this Sheriff Paul Babeu started working with Scott, the sheriff’s office grant writer and the availability of RICO funds to create an air wing for the department. RICO funds are created by selling items confiscated from crimes committed; anything from cash to Lear jets and are shared by the departments involved with the “bust” if you will. In December of 2011 a 1990 MD-500 E Model helicopter was found in Texas and all that was needed was for Scott to attend school at the helicopter’s manufacturing plant in Mesa to become turbine rated because a jet or “turbine” engine is used to power the craft. Once the

course was completed operations commenced in January of 2012. Everything changed at that point. In the past an arrest where 500 pounds of marijuana was confiscated used to be a really big deal. Today its thousands of pounds and at times on a daily basis, however, the majority of time spent in the air is for search and rescue and task force business. Scott says the crowning achievement at the beginning of the program was seizing 3 “quads”

hauling a sizable load of marijuana during the first days he flew. The second instance was when search & rescue called Scott for help because a climber was stranded in the Superstition Mountains. What made this search and rescue interesting? It was conducted at night. Scott, always continuing his education, had recently completed FLI (forward looking infrared) and night vision training. While flying with the night vision goggles he noticed a spark off to his right. The stranded climber had a lighter and was clicking it and the spark lit up like a Christmas tree! The end result being Scott directed rescue personnel to the stranded climber who was eventually rescued without mishap. An important fact to all this is the asset is supported by grants or RICO funds, not tax payer money. The funds currently generated allow the helicopter to fly 12 to 15 hours a week. Demand is there if funding was available, but the department currently turns down requests. To quote Scott: “We are proud of the fact we have been able to create this program without taxpayer money. We were continually told it couldn’t be done, but we did it”. He credits the Airborne Law Enforcement Association and the Mesa Police Department Aviation Unit for their help in creating the program. I asked what was in the future for the unit. Scott smiled and said he is scheduled for retirement in 4 years. He hopes the program will grow into a regional air unit helping all law enforcement agencies in Pinal County and plans to take part in the training of new pilots because remember, after he retires as a Lieutenant with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department, he will just be a CFI for helicopters.

By Jim Rhodes, Director - Small Business Development Center at Central Arizona College

Winter 2013 | 47

New Venture Starts at Arizona Foundation for the Handicapped in Casa Grande


rizona Foundation for the Handicapped (AFH) Casa Grande Center Director, Tracy Muller, is uniquely qualified to assist adults supported by AFH to participate in the local economy. She has a big heart and an inborn sensitivity for the welfare of adults with developmentally disabilities. She backs that up with good business sense and an MBA from the Eller School at the University of Arizona. The manufacture of consumer goods is only one of the business activities she manages. Her team is also able to provide a variety of business services to local firms. AFH is a community partner of the Central Arizona College Small Business Development Center (CAC SBDC). The CAC SBDC through its Director, Jim Rhodes, works with various community partners to ensure community buy-in for business development in Pinal County.

A while back Rhodes mentioned that he was challenged to find time to shop for greeting cards for his 19 children and grandchildren. Muller suggested having custom cards printed ahead of time. She also mentioned having an artist “Tabby” who could design the cards. And so a new venture was born. The first order was for 150 Christmas greeting cards. The AFH vocational facilities provide sheltered employment and community based vocational training in order to place clients in jobs in the community. Training is provided through work experience from private industry jobs subcontracted to the foundation. Other work includes assembly, disassembly and salvage, collating, labeling, folding, and stapling, stuffing and sealing, bulk mailing preparation, and packaging. Clients learn how to increase production rates, use tools and machines, work safely, follow directions and supervision, interact with coworkers and supervisors and develop positive work attitudes and habits.

AFH Artist, “Tabby,” and AFH Center Director, Tracy Muller, present a copy of a custom designed Christmas greeting to CAC Small Business Development Center Director, Jim Rhodes.

decreased as the individual worker becomes more comfortable on the job. The employer may also elect to hire the individual directly into competitive employment without support services. Muller is working with executives at the upcoming Phoenix Mart to develop opportunities that could have an international focus. Her research shows a strong demand for Southwest themed products in Japan and Germany. In addition, there may be other contract opportunities with business contacts made through this endeavor.

Muller says the program is all about independence with independent living and financial independence being very important. Through individual development, clients learn the skills necessary to live successfully in the community with others. Attention is placed on communication skills, independent mobility and interpersonal relationships. Clients are taught how to AFH assists clients in locating employment access and use other services and facilities in private industry. Supervision is gradually available to them within their community.

A presence at the Phoenix Mart will tell the world that Casa Grande cares. It will provide an opportunity to show how we can enable the great majority of our citizens to participate in the American dream. We will showcase not only our products, but the process by which we include people with developmental disabilities in our economy. Muller says she is always open to new ventures for her clients. Her business world is characterized by an individual or organization needing something that her group can provide. She is looking down the road at incorporating art into her training and orientation process. She would like to be part of the broader arts appreciation effort in Pinal County. She is already uniquely organized and equipped to market and distribute art products and individual creations. Tracy Muller may be reached at the Casa Grande Center for the Arizona Foundation for the Handicapped at 520-836-7666 or


the rox report

By Staff


Winter 2013

Casa Grande Regional Medical Center

Your Community Partner in Healthcare


ew cars are not a very large part of my life, mainly because car dealers scare the &^#$*%$ out of me, probably a lot like you. I just know I’m gonna get screwed, so I avoid the pain. Consequently, I have fallen into the habit of buying a brand-new white Suburban every ten years, whether I need it or not. Last time around, I was living out in the country, near Coolidge, and I figured I would keep my business local, at a dealer who lived in, worked in, and was an active part of the community. Seemed to me a guy like that in a small town would more accountable and therefore more likely to treat me fairly. So, knowing I wanted/needed a Suburban, and having heard stories of Mr. Garrett and how he treated his customers, one day in 2002 I strode into Garrett Motors in Coolidge, and soon walked out with a gleaming, new white Suburban. No hassle, no haggle, short and sweet. Over the subsequent several years, I had pleasant experiences with the dealership when it came to servicing my new truck, so when my daughter reached the age of car-ness, we walked in again to see Mr. Garrett, and walked out with a used car that she drove happily for years. That Suburban has been a wonderful truck, racking up 173,000 miles and I still use it for dirty jobs. But life moves on, and so does automotive technology, and anyway, it was time - ten years had gone by. Mr. Garrett has passed on to a better place now, and the dealership has been taken over by Mr. Garrett’s son Jim Garrett. Recently he and Mike Minter helped me with a sedan, which I just recently traded in on the latest new Suburban. Both transactions were effortless and pleasant, and I was treated like the VIP I want to be! I could go on and on and on, but I won’t; suffice to say if you do business with Garrett Motors, you will be pleased.

Bringing our community the following services: ♦ 187 Inpatient Beds ♦ Central Arizona Breast Center ♦ Coumadin Clinic ♦ Desert Reflections Imaging Center ♦ Emergency Care 24 hours/day ♦ GI Lab & Endoscopy Suite ♦ Interventional Cardiology ♦ Laboratory (Full-Service) ♦ Medical Imaging/Radiology ♦ Obstetrics ♦ Occupational Therapy ♦ Orthopedic Services ♦ Outpatient and Inpatient Surgery ♦ Physical & Speech Therapy ♦ Sleep Lab ♦ Urgent Care Daily from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. ♦ Wound Care with Hyperbarics ♦ And Much More!

1800 E. Florence Blvd., Casa Grande, AZ 85122 Phone: (520) 381-6300, Fax: (520) 381-6435 Visit us at: Partnering with our community to provide exceptional service. Advanced Technology ♦ All Private Rooms ♦ Low Infection Rate

Named “Best of Heart” 2012, a Top 100 Arizona Company, and one of Arizona’s 40 Most Admired Companies by BestCompaniesAZ and AZ Business Magazine

Winter 2013 | 49 By Karen Kerr-Osman

CGRMC Your Community Hospital This has been a year of celebrations for Casa Grande Regional, as they have achieved some incredible statewide recognition. In February 2012, CGRMC was selected as one of the Top 100 Companies in Arizona by BestCompaniesAZ. Even better, they were designated as “Best of Heart” in the first ten companies to be announced. This award was followed later in the summer with an additional award from Arizona Business Magazine naming the facility as one of Arizona’s 40 Most Admired Companies. They also received the Community Value Five Star Award, which acknowledges hospitals that are financially viable, reinvest in their facility, maintain a low cost structure, have reasonable charges and provide high quality care to patients.

More importantly, CGRMC continues to be a fully accredited hospital with DNV Healthcare. This accreditation recognizes the important quality and safety measures that are at work in the hospital, assuring patients that this facility is held to and reaching the highest standards required of healthcare organizations. It is also an indicator that CGRMC embraces the concept of continuous improvement, demonstrating that when issues arise they are committed to finding solutions in a thorough and timely manner because patient safety is their top priority. Quality is a critical component in healthcare and Casa Grande Regional takes this very seriously. They recently mounted an aggressive campaign to improve their HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Health Systems) scores, which are nationally recorded statistics. They made significant

improvements, raising their scores in nine of the ten areas, with the overall score increasing 10.6 points or 20%.

CGRMC also reports “Core Measures” to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These Core measures track a variety of evidence based, scientifically researched standards of care which have been shown to result in improved clinical outcomes for patients. They are currently responsible for 73 reportable indicators. One measure that has received special focus is “Catheter Related Infections.” Studies show that removing a catheter within 48 hours after surgery significantly decreases infection rates. By implementing a specific process to address this, CGRMC decreased their catheter related infection rate to .1%. They have also reduced their Post-Operative Pneumonia rate to .2% and catheter related blood stream infection rate to 0%. Infection rates are directly related to hand washing. The national average for hand washing compliance in healthcare settings has been 40 to 50%, which activated a national campaign. CGRMC has an organizational wide hand washing program with 94.25% compliance. This helps them maintain a low infection rate at .5%, well below the national average of 2.5%.

While quality is paramount to health, customer service and patient satisfaction are also critical for hospitals. CGRMC continues to focus on these areas as well. Patient Satisfaction has risen to above 90% hospital wide. Individual departments continue to work to improve customer service in unique and meaningful ways based on customer surveys. One example of this is the addition of the “Patient Select Menu.” One important aspect of any hospital stay is the meal service. This program allows patients to choose what they would like to eat from a menu. As a result, patients are eating better which leads to quicker recoveries. Each tray is personally delivered by one of five Nutrition Representatives, who have received high patient satisfaction scores at 94.48%, as well as numerous positive patient comments through the employee “WOW” program. As a “Community Partner in Healthcare,” CGRMC continues to engage with its community in multiple ways that improve the healthcare resources available locally. This community based, non-profit hospital provides the community with high quality healthcare options, saving community members from long distance travel to obtain critical medical services.


Winter 2013 By Kirsten Jeffers

By Kathey Kasper, DVM

Pets and Dental Care

In A Pear Tree –

Where Treasures Are Created


ental and oral health is very important for your pet; afterall who wants to run around with bad breath all the time? Oral ulcers, chronic pain and weight loss can also result from neglecting your pets’ teeth. Poor oral health can make kidney, heart, liver, and intestinal disease worse. So… get out your toothbrushes, dental diets and chews and keep those mouths clean! We recommend brushing your pets’ teeth daily with a dog & cat toothpaste! This toothpaste works in a different way than human toothpaste and does not cause problems if swallowed. Dental diets such as “Purina DH” and “Science diet t/d” can also help to prevent tartar build-up; they can be given as treats or as a regular maintenance diet. A veterinarian must give a prescription for these diets. Dental chews such as raw-hides and bones can also help prevent tartar. Once tartar has built up on your pets’ teeth it cannot be removed with brushing, treats or chews.Dental tartar or calculus is actually bacteria piled on top of more bacteria. It must be removed with a professional dental cleaning. A dental prophylaxis does require anesthesia. Anesthesia free dentistry has become a recent fad but is ineffective at best and may make the problem worse. It is impossible to clean under the gum line and on the back tooth surface where most infection hides. It is also impossible to perform a high-speed polish which is necessary to smooth microabrasions on the tooth where tartar will accumulate in the future. Preanesthetic laboratory work is recommended prior to the procedure to ensure the safest anesthesia possible. A professional dental cleaning will include tartar removal from EVERY surface of the tooth and under the gum-line. The teeth will be scaled with an ultrasonic scaler and polished with a high speed polisher. All tooth surfaces will be assessed and a complete oral examination will be performed. Finally a fluoride treatment will be applied. Brushing should not recommence for 2 weeks after the procedure. Brushing, dental diets, dental treats, and chews will continue to be important in preventing tartar. Join us during the month of February in celebrating DENTAL HEALTH! Receive a FREE oral exam for your pet, 20% off all dental procedures, a FREE heartworm test and month of Frontline when a procedure is performed. Call us today with questions or to make an appointment. 520-836-2166

Animal Medical Center of Casa Grande PLLC 3151 N. Piper #107 520-836-2166 Kathey Kasper, DVM


here is no greater gift than that which is hand-made and heart-felt. It is on this principle that In a Pear Tree was founded in December, 2010. Starting with just two crafters, In a Pear Tree has grown to include nearly 60 artists, primarily from the Casa Grande area. Located in the heart of the historic downtown arts district, this humble local artisan boutique has blossomed. In a time of economic difficulty, beauty has flourished and prospered. Whether a delicately created piece of jewelry, a fun and funky mixedmedia collage, a painting that rivals any live scene, or a photo of a once-in-a-lifetime moment, the artists of In a Pear Tree provide a unique array of beauty, functionality, and creativity. In a world of mass-production and generic lack of lasting quality, the men, women, and children represented exemplify quality, passion, and true talent. Classes in all media and levels of ability provide a fun and comfortable opportunity for artists-in-the-making. Age is no barrier; ability is never questioned, experience comes with doing! So many artists never take the risk of getting their work “out there”, and for a variety of reasons. Some believe their work simply isn’t good enough. Others can’t see themselves as artists. Yet others let the lack of experience and business sense prevent them from ever taking chances. Still others who know they have creativity in their soul just need a little “nudge” to pick up a brush, pencil, pen, or lump of clay. For each and every one of them, all they really need is someone to say, “You can do it!” The touch of a personal gift of art speaks to the soul. The exuberance that comes from that “I made that!” moment is a feeling of empowerment that seems lacking in so much of our world any more, and fosters a curious drive to create even more. And the satisfaction that comes from supporting one’s own townsfolk is a proud and gratifying experience. So take the time, take a stroll through an extravaganza of fabulous imagination, inspiration, and ingenuity. You might just be surprised by the creativity that is sparked inside of you! Stop by 412 North Florence Street in Downtown Casa Grande and let your inner artisan free. 520-252-9530

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