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Spring 2013

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Spring 2013


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Deny time, and "there" becomes "here". -Wilson B Dedman


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letter from the editor By Roxy Rox, ROX SpokesToon

NEW FEATURES - always the most fun part of my job - who doesn’t like new?! The ROX Interview - speaking of go-to features, you of course remember a certain men’s magazine in which the interview was the primary feature, right? Well, now we have one too - check out a very interesting conversation we had recently with outgoing Pinal County Supervisor David Snider.

Spring 2013 |


GROW YOUR BUSINESS Connie Rush, Designated Broker

Casa Grande Dispatch Page - wherein we reprise a few of our favorite stories from the previous quarter - thanks to Donovan Kramer Jr. of Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc. Just Askin’! Oh, great - now we have two curmudgeons hangin’ around the media factory down at ROX - Eisele and Dedman, what a pair. Check it out! NOW FEATURES Notice anything funny this issue? Right: no YQA. YQA is our lead article in every issue, very popular and informative and loved by readers, but with the splash of our big new feature the rox interview, there wasn’t space! Watch for the return of YQA next issue with some really timely area development information. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Kudos (and thanks) to the institutions participating in our ever-growing reportage of economic development news, including the City of Casa Grande (Richard Wilkie), Central Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation (Jim Dinkle), Pinal County (Tim Kanavel), Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce and Casa Grande Main Street. REAL ESTATE ROX! Colleen Gunderson talks about careers in real estate and how Coldwell Banker ROX can help. INSURANCE ROX! Lisa Atkinson and the staff at ROX Insurance have several fun really - new stories about the very most boring subject in the universe - insurance! TRAVEL ROX! Speaking of fun new stories, how about Cuba? Or down-home adventures right here in Arizona? And Part 2 of the Bill & Joanne Doughty’s story about their trip to Sapporo in the snow. And lots of other informative and fun features, as usual. Happy reading!

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rox talk


there is only today, of course. And yet, even if only the present is real and the future is made-up, there is a serious macroeconomic disconnect between today and tomorrow.


elcome to the future. Hope you like it, ‘cuz it’s here. Now. And you helped create it.

(Overheard in the halls of the media factory here at rox: “Congress - creating unintelligible answers to insoluble problems, one sequester at a time. Nothing can be said about our politics that has not already been said about hemorrhoids. Spoiled grapes is to wine as Congress is to intelligence. Sequester THIS!”) I like it. Talking about the future is hard to do, because there really is no future -

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Nevertheless, today is real, so let’s get down to business. Here at ROX, we aren’t even questioning why the stock market indices approach all-time highs; we’re not smart enough to reconcile exceedingly whacko domestic economic fundamentals with our reasonable (and growing) prosperity, so we’ll just drink the “now” kool-aid and live for the moment, heedless of the very real danger lurking in the “imaginary” future. Seriously, this is the fourth cycle I personally have been a party to; the first two hurt but I enjoyed the last one immensely and the “up” part of it stood me in good stead. I now believe that we find ourselves exceedingly well-situated to share anew in the Golden Corridor winnings this time around also. Net in-migration to Arizona is up and climbing, aiding in what looks to us like a robust housing recovery, which will

d rate


Spring 2013 cascade financially into everything we are and do: real estate, insurance and travel. But whatever you are into, be it healthcare, retail, entertainment, media, technology, the web, whatever - you will likely share in the gains. Just please be as scared of the future of this country as we are and don’t miss out the “ups” this time. Thank you. BTW - is there anybody out there? I’m feeling kinda lonely … never hear a word from anyone, so I just assume I am always 100% right (ha ha - correct, too!), or no one bothers to read ROX TALK. So I’m gonna ape our good friend and ROX COO Brett Eisele and buy your love … the first reader to tell me I am right at ceo@roxco. com gets a $10 Frys gas card.

from the top

We have a winner/winners! (More on that later.)


s I write this ROX Group has just wrapped up a very successful gathering at the Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce Home, Health and Garden Show. Temptation Travel ROX, Casa Grande/Rox Insurance, Coldwell Banker Rox Realty and Rox Media all had booths set up at the affair. The turnout was more than we expected and a good time was had by all! One “problem” stands out for me and that was most of the time when the ROX folks tried to hand out our one year anniversary publication many of you said thanks, but I already have one. I’ll welcome a “problem” like that most always. What it means is the distribution arm of ROX Media is apparently doing the job or should I say Abe is doing his job very well... Roxanne Eck in our travel department is hard at work completing courses from the Princess and Disney cruise lines. I have found these are not sissy courses and involve a great deal of studying to know the product or you don’t receive the designation or the recognition the line offers. For Princess, Rox is going for the Commodore level which sets you apart from most as it is the highest level obtainable. Of course her mentor is her Mother Peg who has over 30 years in the business of cruising. Now is the time to call for information on all the places in the world you can go because some of the cruise lines are making deals! 520-836-8517. Casa Grande/Rox Insurance is settled into the new building on Kortsen Road and is well into their routine. Rosie and Lizbeth have completed the required courses to take the State exam to become licensed for the sale of insurance. Lisa, our manager, is always trying to make it easier or better for everyone who stops in at the insurance office and to have two more employees licensed helps to accomplish that goal. Oh and sometimes they have a bowl full of candy on the front counter... Coldwell Banker Rox Realty’s first float entry in the Electric Light Parade last December was a hit! The playhouse, almost entirely built by our agents, was the actual float and as mentioned last issue was to be given away via a drawing. Ms. Yzmira Ysaguirre won the playhouse for her daughter Ayva Andujo. Think Ayva had a nice Christmas? To enter the drawing you had to donate at least 2 cans of food and let me tell you there were a lot of cans to be hauled to the Casa Grande Food Bank. Thank you to everyone involved with the process including those who donated food. A win-win situation for the community, indeed. By the way, we sell real estate! 520-423-8250... ROX Media...what can I say? We had no idea our little magazine would be so well received by you! I also had no idea how much work it takes to put out the product. Many of the articles written were from people who received no compensation and just wanted to help. A little side story on one of our contributors has to do with Dr. Kathey Kasper from the Animal Medical Center out at the Casa Grande Airpark. One day I waltzed into her business and asked the receptionist if the Dr. would be willing to write an article on pet care? As you might have read there has been an article in every edition of cgrox and as a result I thought it would be nice if I went over to meet the new Vet in town and

Spring 2013 |


introduce myself. Was I in for a surprise! Dr. Kasper’s maiden name was Larimore and she and my daughter were friends back in high school. I remember her when she was just a kid! My daughter thought I was a bit lame for not knowing that... This will be the last issue before the winter visitors head home and we want you to be safe and come back next October. While at home remember you can read the summer and fall editions of cgrox on the web. Go to and flip through the pages of all our issues. Finally, remember the “typo caper” from last issue? Our first winner was Annie Randall who, with her husband, winter here from Northern California. Annie found a mistake on page 18 paragraph 4. See if you can find it. Annie received her Fry’s gift card amongst much fanfare at the ROX Group offices. Until next time as I always say, thank you to everyone in the ROX family because you are the reason this all works!

Brett Eisele, ROX Group


Spring 2013

Spring 2013 |



10 James Dinkle, Executive Director, Central Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation (CAREDF)

Aviation Taking Pinal County to New Heights.


ome of the most important economic engines that drive Pinal County are its general aviation airports. Regional and local airports at Ak- Chin/Maricopa (ARC), Casa Grande (CGZ), Coolidge (PO8), Eloy, (E60) Pinal Airpark (MZJ) and San Manuel (E77) are utilized for self-piloted business flights, corporate travel, charters, flight instruction, cargo, agricultural support, aviation tests, agricultural support, manufacturing and distribution, storage and skydiving. The FAA estimates that general aviation contributes $76.5 billion to the national economy annually. We clearly share in that economic impact in our general aviation airports that are located throughout Pinal County. For example, Eloy’s airport annually has $8.7 million in economic activity and a payroll of $2.7 million supporting 135 employees. There are 2,952 general aviation airports in the United States compared to 378 “primary airports,” which include Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX), Tucson International (TUS), Los Angeles International (LAX), New York’s John F. Kennedy International (JFK), Chicago’s O’Hare International (ORD), etc. Pinal County’s easy access to the major carriers at PHX puts us at the gateway to international commerce with daily flights aboard the major US carriers, as well as Aeromexico, Air Canada and British Airways to 20 non-stop international destinations, including Canada, Costa Rica, England and Mexico.

Spring 2013 We must continue to support, promote and to advocate for our local and regional airports. There has been a decline in active pilots during the past 30 years from 827,000 in 1981 to 594,000 by 2009. The decline in the number of students receiving flight training during this period correlates with the number of active pilots. What better career training might there be for a young person than to enter the field of aviation? That training might just begin for a young person or a person seeking a career change at Central Arizona College. To grow aviation in Pinal County, CAREDF is attending two of the world’s best expos for general aviation and networking at both events to meet businesses perhaps interested in relocating or expanding to our region. First, we will work the 39th Annual “Sun ‘n Fun” International Airshow and Expo in Lakeland, Florida, on April 13 and 14. Next, we will have representatives at the 2013 AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, from July 29 thru August 4. Oshkosh is considered “the world’s greatest aviation celebration.” The focus in Oshkosh this year will be electric-powered aircraft and innovations that are fueling the growth of that segment. Grow your business in Pinal County with help from our general aviation airports and remember the words of entrepreneur and businessman Ted Turner, “To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane.”

Spring 2013 | 11

By Tim Kanavel Pinal County Economic Development Manager

Pinal County Economic Development News 2013 is promising to be a great year for Pinal County. Several large company project announcements, new housing and commercial building starts along with a new focus on the Union Pacific Red Rock Project and creating a transportation and logistics economic engine along Interstate 10 near the Pinal Air Park sets the stage for what could be the best year in economic development in the county for the past several years. Recent announcements by the City of Casa Grande and the Central Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation (CAREDF) outlining two new dairy related companies locating to the city is very exciting. Promises of many new, good paying fulltime jobs and huge capital investments in land, buildings and equipment is creating quite a positive buzz in the County. CAREDF and the City of Casa Grande also announced that they were involved in assisting 3 local companies obtain nearly $500,000 in economic development grants from the Arizona Commerce Authority’s (ACA) Rural Development Grants program - mostly to help with major infrastructure or building improvements.

The Pinal County Development Services Department reports that housing and commercial building permits have increased dramatically over this same time last year and certainly from previous years. Total dollar valuation of those permits nearly doubled from 2011. In December 2012, the University of Arizona, the new owners of the Biosphere 2 facility in Oracle, announced the addition of their new Landscaping Evolution Observatory (LEO), an $8 million scientific program to the facility. This program will study how our changing climate patterns affect the many types of landforms on earth over a period of many decades. The San Carlos Apache tribe has announced that they will begin construction of a new casino in Pinal County to be located on tribal land along Rt. 77 near the community of Dudleyville on the far east side of the county. This would be quite an economic engine for that portion of Pinal County creating many new jobs and ancillary businesses in support. The County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday, February 27, unanimously passed a new Resolution of Support for the Union Pacific Red Rock Project calling on the

Governor’s Office to direct the State Land Department to set in motion within 6 months the process to auction the land needed for the construction of this rail classification facility. The site would be approximately 950 acres in size, employ between 250 and 300 fulltime well paid employees and have a capital investment of nearly $300 million making it one of the largest rural projects in the history of the State. Negotiations are now underway at the state level to finalize the auction hopefully this year. Lastly, both Congressional representatives Paul Gosar and Ann Kirkpatrick are teaming up to push through the federal legislation needed to finalize the Resolution Copper Mine in Superior. This mutli-billion dollar mine would then become the largest copper mine in the United States. It would employ the latest robotics technology and hire nearly 1000 employees to operate. A tremendous amount of assistance has been given by many people at all levels in the county in order to make the above listed projects move forward. The county wishes to thank the many state and federal legislators, city, county and state officials and especially the residents of Pinal County that have offered their invaluable support and time.


community news

By Helen Neuharth, President/CEO Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce

More then JUST A Chamber of Commerce


was recently honored at the Chamber’s Annual Dinner for my 20-plus years of service to the Chamber and Casa Grande. I was deeply honored and pleasantly surprised! I have been asked “Why are you still here?” I’ll tell you why - I have a passion for this community and believe in the goals and purposes of the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce. I would hope that each of you is as passionate and happy in your employment in the same way.

Spring 2013

Many individuals think the Chamber only provides maps and tourism information, which is part of the service that the Chamber provides the community. However, the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce is much more than a tourism-information office. The Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce promotes Casa Grande, encourages consumers to buy locally, is heavily involved in workforce development, economic development, business retention and expansion, and provides informational resources and community information to businesses and individuals. We are here to support and promote the economic wellbeing of Casa Grande and our business members. If you are a long-time resident or business owner in Casa Grande, new to Casa Grande or thinking of relocating to Casa Grande, please consider the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce your resource. I always say “we may not have the answers but we certainly will assist each individual to resources that may assist him or her”. We always strive to provide the most professional customer service to each and every visitor or caller …which reminds me about the story my mother used to tell me about the ‘little girl who had a little curl right in the middle

of her forehead; and when she was good she was very, very good and when she was bad, she was horrible!”. Okay, I may not have the exact quote but sometimes this is how we think about customer service. Sometimes it is very; very good and sometimes it is horrible! Customer service is the “key” to everything we do. Even if you are not currently in business, you are providing customer service at home, to your friends and even when YOU are the customer. If you have a positive attitude and convey those words or actions to another person, more than likely, they will mirror your attitude and actions. So, the next time you are in line at a store, driving your vehicle, at a meeting or talking with your friends or family – remember to treat that person or persons the way that you would like to be treated. The Chamber office is open Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. You can access the Casa Grande Community Calendar, area information, a listing of Chamber-member businesses, job opportunities, customer discounts and more on the Chamber’s website: or call the Chamber at (520) 836-2125.

for your special day...let me help make it perfect

roxanne eck destination / wedding specialist




Spring 2013 | 13

BY Rina Rien, Director Casa Grande Main Street

“What makes a community?”


wonderful thing happened downtown this week. A group of residents from the Palm Creek community joined Main Street for our first “Day Out Downtown” in 2013. They were welcomed with flourish by our Farmers Market, downtown merchants and restaurants, which planned their daily specials around our special guests.

Three of our most dedicated volunteers, Marge Jantz, Gloria Smith and Marlyn Gallagher, decked out in costume and character, shared wonderful stories of the people and places that make our Historic Downtown so unique. One of our Palm Creek visitors was so impressed, she went home and brought her husband back for the afternoon tour. As they wrapped in front of the historic Paramount Theatre, the couple was treated to a rumble seat ride by Roger Brush in his beautifully restored 1920’s convertible. To my pleasant surprise, I ran into them again last night at a free classical guitar concert again at the Paramount Theatre. Within 24 hours we are on a first name basis and they will be greeted like family on their next visit. What makes a thriving community? Most of us think of our neighborhoods, places of worship or organizations we participate in when we define community. In downtown Casa Grande, a unique sense of community is alive and well and thriving. Our merchants take a sincere interest in serving their customers and supporting each other. Stopping by a shop downtown often means having a meaningful conversation with the owner beyond selecting your purchase. Sharing stories about family, history and life in general gives you a sense you’ve entered a different time, when people slowed down and took the time to actually get to know each other. As Main Street moves into 2013, our goal is to further that sense of community by expanding our events calendar to include intimate venues

Casa Grande Main Street 110 West Second Street Casa Grande (520) 836-8744

for learning and exploring what makes our historic downtown and its people so interesting. The community patio is open! Join us for our Storyteller’s evenings on the second Thursday of each month. Dick Powell received rave reviews as our inaugural storyteller in February. On March 14th, our featured speaker will be Jim Olson, who just opened the Western Trading Post located on historic Florence Street in January. Jim is a fixture downtown as well as being a published writer and our favorite cowboy poet. Check out his website at for a sneak preview.

Stay tuned for opportunities to explore the historic downtown on walking tours, patio jam sessions and other downtown community-inspired events. Details will be available on our website at Just click on our Facebook link to stay connected and “like” our page for impromptu announcements. Main Street is privileged to be the new downtown host for our home-grown comedy troupe, Improv 185. You’ll here lots of laughs emanating from our patio the first Saturday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Performances are brought to you by the Blackbox Foundation, a locally established non-profit promoting community theatre. Improv185 features both teen and adult performers serving up familyfriendly entertainment. Don’t forget every Tuesday, 9-1, our Casa Grande Farmers Market is the place for

fresh produce, arts and crafts located at the intersection of Third and Florence Streets. The tradition of Art in the Alley will continue every first Tuesday of the month through June, 2013. Art in the Alley will go on hiatus for the summer and return with an authentic Oktoberfest celebration in October, 2013. Casa Grande Main Street is a non-profit organization designed to improve all aspects of the downtown experience. Strengthening public participation and making downtown a fun place to visit are as critical to Main Street’s future as drawing new business, rehabilitating structures and expanding parking options.


Spring 2013

Spring 2013 | 15

HEY, I’M JUST ASKIN’ Whose bright idea was it to commence a major construction project at our airport just three weeks prior to our premier event, the 55th annual Cactus Fly-in? It couldn’t wait for three weeks?


dear casa grande

Dear Casa Grande: As natives of Colorado we never had any intentions of having a second home. For the past 25 years we would pass by Casa Grande on our way to and from Mexico, occasional stops at the Outlet Mall was all the knowledge we had of this area. With our son and his family moving here 6 years ago we were suddenly frequent visitors. Not only have we fallen in love with the community, we became homeowners. The perks that Casa Grande offer include a “small” town feel with good shopping, good restaurants and great weather that allows outdoor living 12 months out of the year and most importantly, the friendships we have formed in Casa Grande. In a very short period of time we feel that we “belong” and have a vested interest in this community. If you are new to this area, plan on lots of company!!! We never realized that we were so popular and had so many friends and relatives that wanted to spend time with us here in Az. FAC (Friday afternoon club) followed us from Colorado to CG, a weekly opportunity to catch up with friends and their lives. Life is good in Casa Grande, enjoy!

Cheryl Schlagel

Spring 2013 | 17


Spring 2013

the rox interview O

utgoing Pinal County Supervisor David Snider may have a unique world view as his father was a professor of Journalism at the American University in Beirut, where he attended college. While in Beirut, Snider worked as a sub-editor and English language expert at a local newspaper where sometimes things got lost in translation, so to speak. Situational perspective that would help later on in life was gained in situations like when he explained the Watergate break-in to his fellow employees and after a lengthy explanation their response was “so what’s the big deal?”. After earning a BA, Snider returned to the U.S. and attended Wayne State University, graduating with his Masters degree before arriving in Arizona to work for the City of Mesa in 1973.

Snider has always been an avid reader, and considers himself a renaissance man as well as an observer of the human condition, believing it is “important to know how to find the answers”. He currently resides in Casa Grande, where he remains “very comfortable”.

In 1977 David Snider was into his fourth year of employment with the public library system there when he received a phone call from his friend Henry Weiss, at that time the City of Casa Grande library director. Henry had recently accepted a job to head the Palm Springs, California library department and was calling to let Snider know there would be an opening for Henry’s position and he should apply for it. After his friend’s urging to apply for the job with Casa Grande he did and subsequently Snider was hired.

When Snider arrived in Casa Grande in July of 1977 there were less than 10,000 people living in the city, Jimmie Kerr was Mayor and John Holmes was the City Manager. The library was in a building just East of Peart Park (now the Dorothy Powell Center) and Snider’s thought was “this place is a diamond in the rough”. Wanting to appear “on his game” at his new job Snider would regularly visit city manager Holmes’s office to discuss various operational subjects. One day after another of these meetings the City Manager finally told him “Snider, we hired you to manage and run the library, so go do it!” and that is exactly what he did.

For the next twenty-six years David Snider was the director of operations for the City of Casa Grande Public Library system, and although he occasionally sought to change his venue by applying for jobs in California, he never left Arizona, and never regretted that. During his tenure there, he worked under four City Managers and five Mayors, and twice as acting interim City Manager before entering politics, a period he recalls as generally one of personal and professional fulfillment ... and the rest, as they say, is history.

cgrox recently sat down with him to reminisce about his years spent as a lifelong public servant, and particularly his role in the development of Casa Grande and Pinal County.


An odd recollection was that the first “fax” machine in City government was at the library, which meant city staffers started walking over to the library to both receive and send information through this amazing new machine! When asked what was the crowning moment while at the library Snider said it was the new library project to be housed in the old City Hall on East 4th Street. Snider says this was a total renovation and redevelopment he was honored to head right down to choosing tables, chairs and artwork with the help of the Friends of the Library.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Over the years, Snider was asked to serve on numerous Federal, State, County and local boards and commissions. One had to do with a sculpture to be placed at the convergence of Florence blvd., 2nd Street and Pinal Avenue across from The Holiday Inn, currently known as Erdman Plaza. At that time Florence Blvd. and 2nd Street were State highways and permission to place the sculpture had to be granted by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). It was his first collaboration with ADOT on that type of project and as a result of that success you now see artwork Statewide on ADOT right-of-ways and yet Snider again credits community members for getting the job done. Other accomplishments include election to the executive committee of the American Library Association, chairing a delegation to the White House conference on libraries, being chosen as one of 63 library information specialists through the People to People program to go to China and help set up their new library system (1985), and if all this was not enough he was approached to run for election to the Casa Grande Elementary School Board in 1991. Involvement with water issues began in 1980 with the City of Mesa purchase of its so-called water farm in Pinal County, concerns over which led to appointment as the primary City staff person on the Pinal County Government Alliance, and his subsequent appointment to the Groundwater Users Advisory Council. Through these involvements, a picture emerges of Snider as becoming a “go-to guy” for City interests, one he credits to his advancing professionalism, and which he believes sowed the seeds for his looming political success.

A START INTO POLITICS Accepting the challenge, Snider won election to the School Board and served 3 terms during the expansion years of the district, enjoying his years with Superintendent Frank Davidson, whom he calls “fantastic”. Now barely into politics, Snider was about to launch his second career, in the business of governing. His friendship with local political heavyweight Jimmie Kerr continued, and in late 2002 then-Supervisor Kerr was also thinking it was time to move on and expressed a strong opinion for Snider to run for his position, so in 2003, when folks started talking about new library technologies, he thought it was time to move on . He says he “understood the applications and benefits of all the new systems coming on board but the underlying technology started to pass him by”, and it was time for someone younger to take over. Snider and Kerr had formed a strong relationship over the years of Kerr’s civic involvement, and Kerr’s endorsement did nothing to dispel the public perception of Snider as a “made man” for the Supervisor’s seat being vacated by Kerr. So by the time Snider walked out of the library on his last day he knew he was going to throw his hat in the ring for the Supervisor slot. Elected in November of 2004 Snider began his new job at the County in January of 2005. When asked today, with the benefit of hindsight, about the workings of politics he reflects: “In my lexicon politics is the art of getting your environment to do what you want it to do”, and “Interpersonal relationships only become politics when ballots are cast”. Well said. Continued on Pg. 37

like a true politician!


The big issues with the County at the beginning of Mr. Snider’s term were the need for a regionally coordinated economic development policy and the impacts of exploding growth, and the problems looming from the actions of County Manager Stan Griffis, which Snider says were a surprise - “something no one expected”.

AStan Griffis When Stan Griffis came on the scene around 1990, the County had little credit and less credibility, and although always controversial, Griffis’ credentials were well-received. The scandal started to unfold when then-Sheriff Chris Vasquez “noticed something funny happening with the Posse budget”. Former Maricopa County attorney Rick Romley was brought in and given “carte blanche, no sacred cows” and Griffis ended up serving 3½ years in State prison in Florence for various felonies involving improprieties with taxpayer monies including using sheriff’s posse money to buy personal guns.

ADevelopment Services To deal with explosive growth, a Comprehensive Land Use Plan, aided by the involvement of the Morrison Institute, was implemented, one which Snider thinks is excellent. He was also supportive of creation of a one-stop shop for developers, and introducing a policy of “pay to expedite” which benefitted both the County as well as private development interests. But Snider is most proud of the fact that most services provided were outsourced on third-party contracts so that when the cycle reversed and growth contracted, the County was not on the hook for huge fixed expenses: “ I am pleased that lots of development issues were handled by contract with outside firms, making shrinkage palatable when the economy subsided, yet kept in place mission-critical services for when growth resumed” - which, presumably is now!

AGrowth/Impact Fees At the start of Snider’s tenure as a Supervisor, Pinal County had no method to offset the expense of expanding the infrastructure to meet the growth spurt the County was experiencing although most cities in Arizona already had a fee structure in place as well as plans for managing the overwhelming growth. Snider had experience with both Continues Pg. 41


Spring 2013

Come On In… with sandy


hope you are enjoying the “Come On In” little glimpse into the homes of some of our friends and clients. This issue Grant and Shelley Miller have invited us to share their Villago home. In 2007 they purchased the home along with two other couples who are family members. They are all from Canada and decided it was time to have a warm weather escape.

For years we have chuckled about our first meeting. They called and asked to see one of my listings so I met them there. They arrived in three separate cars… six adults… two children and a darling little puppy. When I asked who would be purchasing the home, they responded “all of us”. Well in my experience, it’s difficult enough to get

a husband and wife to agree upon a home. My immediate thought was that it would be impossible to get six adults to agree upon selecting a home. But, they were all very nice and after chatting for awhile, we decided to go up to Villago and look at some of the spec homes. After viewing a few houses, I left them and asked them to call me if they had any questions or wanted to look at any other properties. Three hours later they called and said they wanted to write an offer on the Key West property in Villago! Can you imagine – they made a decision to purchase a home in less than three hours! I certainly misjudged that situation. After purchasing the home they immediately installed a beautiful, heated pool, fire pit, outdoor kitchen and landscaped the sunny backyard. As you can see in the photo, it turned out spectacularly.

One of the family members is a trained interior designer so she spearheaded the selection of paint, new furniture and accessories and the spec home was quickly transformed into a comfortable, roomy retreat. All the members of the family and their guests have enjoyed the home during the past several years. In the winter when it’s snowing in Alberta, Shelley and Grant often bring their teen age boys and their friends down to Casa Grande to enjoy some sunshine. And, of course, being Canadian, they always manage to attend a hockey game while in Arizona. Thanks very much, Shelley and Grant, for inviting us in to your lovely home. We look forward to seeing you here in Casa Grande for many more years.


real estate rox!

Spring 2013

By Colleen Gunderson

Considering a Career Change?


Consider this…..

ales Associates who are successful in real estate tend to have some commonalities. They are people pleasers! They desire to help people; and what more noble cause than homeownership, or help into renting or leasing a home. They do not view themselves as “sales” people, but tend to approach the job like a teacher does, helping to educate clients through the various stages of buying and selling homes. They assist in making sense of market conditions, trends, and other factors that impact sales prices. Sounds simple, but it is not! The Arizona Department of Real Estate requires a new licensee to attend 90 hours of pre-licensing education and it cannot be taken remote via the internet as a self paced course. There are a number of schools throughout the state, but as a licensed instructor for the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business I tend to be biased! The school operates from two locations; Scottsdale and Gilbert. The instructors are industry experts and the school has a high success ratio for passing the state exam - a very an important factor when deciding where to go. You can view their class schedule online at for details on up and coming courses. Coldwell Banker Rox Realty offers a no obligation scholarship to new students who wish to attend Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, which essentially is a discount on the course to become a licensed real estate sales associate. You may request the form by emailing me at callcolleen@coldwellbanker. com. There is no obligation or agreements necessary to receive this discount. Once you have taken the course, passed both the school and state exam AND completed your fingerprint screening (typically taking 6-9 weeks for entire processes) you can then select or interview for an employing broker. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of career counseling opportunities for new licensees. Trust your instincts and determine if you are a good fit by asking to sit in on a business meeting, drop by the office and see if you “feel” any energy and how you are greeted.

Some agents report that they called in as buyers to see what the client experience was or how long it took for the broker to return their call. These are all valid things to consider when making a choice. There are a number of well thought out questions a new agent should ask a potential broker before committing to a brokerage. Again, you can email me at callcolleen@ and we will send you a complimentary flyer that details 10 Important Questions for Interviewing when you are preparing to sign on with a firm. Here are some of the characteristics that top producing Sales Associates share: X People like them, trust them, and they are not focused on what’s in it for them, but rather what’s in it for the consumer. X Emotional resilience and ability to recover from small obstacles. X Problem solving skills, creative thinking so that there is more than one solution. X Socially appropriate, friendly with everyone, and not judgmental X Understands basic contact management, and uses the latest tools

and information to make their clients experience more valuable X A healthy level of competitiveness balanced with the same amount of self motivation. X Ethical conduct and behavior at all times. The National Association of Realtors has performed much research and like other sales fields finds 20% of the people do 80% of the business. Coldwell Banker Rox Realty can provide valuable resources through our career counseling sessions. During these sessions, we explore your likes, dislikes and offer to provide a DISC test for further details of your best “style”. These exercises are designed to help you determine if real estate is a good option for you. For information about a career in real estate, call 520-423-8250 and ask for Colleen Gunderson.

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Each office is independently owned and operated.

O Canada, Eh?!

Spring 2013 | 23

By Daniel Mace, CPA Manager, Henry & Horne, LLP



anadians owning homes in Pinal County has been a growing trend in the past several years. As the housing market changes, we have noticed that there are now a lot more Canadians selling their investment houses. While the purchasing of the real property was pretty straight forward, many Canadians are unaware of the implications that come along with selling or renting out their vacation homes. As with any disposition of an investment property, there are potential tax consequences. These consequences are much different for foreign investors than they are for U.S. Residents. Sales by non-residents often come with additional IRS withholding requirements. There are many factors that affect withholding requirements, some of which are beyond the control of the seller of the property. In general, there is a 10% withholding of the gross sales price of the property. This withholding requirement will often times result in a withholding amount much greater than the tax consequences of the disposition. Luckily, with a good understanding of the withholding requirements, the withholding requirement can be reduced, or even eliminated. The withholding burden is actually on the purchaser of the property (usually fulfilled by the title company in Arizona transactions), not the seller, so who is buying your home is the first thing to consider in the transaction. If the purchaser of your property is going to use the home as a primary residence for at least 50% of the number of days that the property is to be used during each of the first two 12-month periods following the date of sale, and the purchase price is not more than $300,000, then the 10% withholding obligation does not apply. Unfortunately, as the seller of the property, you cannot always sell your home to someone that is going to be using the house as a primary residence. The second way to reduce the withholding obligation is to file some paperwork with the IRS to obtain a withholding certificate. As the seller, you have to provide the IRS with support that your gain on the property will be less than the required withholding. This method requires some upfront work that you must get done prior to the closing of the sale. Since this reduction of the withholding required IRS approval,

there will be a waiting period before you will know if the IRS agrees with your gain calculations on the reduced withholding, so you will still have the 10% withheld by the title company until your reduced withholding application is approved by the IRS. Regardless of the amount that was withheld on your transaction, you will still have a tax reporting requirement on the transaction. You will have to file a non-resident income tax form by April 15th of the year following the disposition. If you had withholding on the transaction, you will be able to claim the withhold amount against the actual tax owed on the transaction. If you had not withholding, you will have to pay “Uncle Sam� when you file the tax return. Please remember that these issues have been discussed on a very broad nature, and your individual circumstances will likely be different. Please be sure to discuss your transaction with your tax advisor before you close on the transaction as it is much easier to plan ahead then to suffer the consequences of a poorly planned transaction.


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Allyson Sarauer From my own life experiences and strong family values, I take great pride in dedication, honesty and being devoted to all I am involved with. With a strong background in general Contracting, Development, accounting, Investing and a great deal of hard work, I am able to ensure my clients transactions go smoothly and become profitable investments. “My client’s success is my success”.

Annalisa Tapia

As a native to Casa Grande, I have the knowledge of the community to assist buyers and sellers in their real estate needs. But more importantly, I love Casa Grande and enjoy sharing my home town. My goal is to make your real estate transaction smooth from start to finish and an experience you will enjoy whether you are buying or selling your home.

Bea Lueck

There is nothing more rewarding than a successful closing and making new friends along the way. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced investor, real estate transactions can be stressful. My goal is to make your experience as pleasant and stress free as possible. Put my experience and area knowledge to work for you!

Sierra Howard My name is Sierra Howard and I am the Property Manager for Coldwell Banker Rox Realty! I have been managing properties in Pinal County since 2008 and strongly believe in the Central Arizona Market. Call us today to RENT/LEASE your property.

Connie Rush

Designated Broker

My objective is simple: to assist my clients in making the best decisions regarding their real estate needs. Sound knowledge, open communication, keen negotiation skills and extensive marketing expertise allow me to achieve the best possible results for my clients.

Jim Beck

Associate Broker.

First licensed in 1989 in North Dakota and moved to Casa Grande 8 years ago.  My years of experience and training help me with a wide range of buyers and sellers.

Dave Streicher Arizona REALTOR® since 1999. Born Iowa farm boy and general contractor at age 21 building custom homes.  Providing my clients with the knowledge of a home builder and the Midwest qualities of Hardworking, Honest and Caring service to my clients.   My mission is to provide the finest real estate service, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and an unwavering commitment to client care.    To earn the loyalty and trust of Home Buyers and Home Sellers who will become lifelong clients and valued friends.    To place my clients interest before my own, and I will never lose sight of that trust and responsibility bestowed upon me by each and every client.

David R. Schlagel

Your residential and commercial investment specialist. I have an extensive construction background and years of experience in real estate investing. From rentals to long term gains, real estate investing is a constantly evolving business requiring an agent up to date with the current market trends. I am here to help you meet your real estate investment goals.

Dawn M. Zimbelman

If you›d like to purchase a home, call me... first! If you are interested in selling your home, I can help you too… I've worked for Coldwell Banker for the last few years and love every day better than the day before. My clients are my most important asset. I’ve obtained my CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) designation to assist customers that need special help selling their homes. I am currently working on my ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative).

Elaine Canary Service, Honesty, and Integrity are the qualities I rely on to shape my business. When you are ready to buy or sell your next property, please allow me the opportunity to serve you. I'm Happy to Help!!

Joyce South My Signature is Service! An Arizona resident since 1960, I have lived in the greater Casa Grande area since 1986. Before embarking on a career in real estate, I was responsible for Livestock and Wool Marketing at Southfork Ranch in Coolidge Arizona. Prior to that, I was Marketing Director and Loan Supervisor for Republic Airlines Federal Credit Union in Phoenix, AZ. With my previous experience in marketing, sales and financing, I feel I can build strong, lifelong relationships with one satisfied client at a time.

Linda Pixler

Robin Armenta

Spring 2013 | 25

Associate Broker

The home buying and selling process can be intimidating. Linda takes care to listen and provide personal service relying on her over 35 years of real estate experience to skillfully and effectively negotiate for her clients. Demanding and determined to ensure that her clients are satisfied with the transaction. “I want to over indulge my clients, long-term client loyalty and referrals are what I strive for and are big part of my business.”

Georgia Schaeffer Associate Broker

Casa Grande is my home…I was born, raised, live and shop here. Providing exceptional service and attention to details beyond the standard level of service is my goal…for all my clients.  Since 1985, I have worked diligently to establish a reputation as an effective, discrete negotiator.  I value honesty and integrity…my reputation depends on it.

Cynthia Perry Whether you are relocating, buying or selling real estate for personal or investment purposes, my objective is to help you close the transaction with ease. I will always strive to negotiate the best deal possible, deliver honesty, professionalism, fairness and punctuality. I focus on client satisfaction. My business is about service and I am not happy until you are happy.

Charlie Weaver

Arizona resident since 1963 with 41 of those years here in Casa Grande and the surrounding area. I’ve had my license since 1987 and I’ve been and Escrow Officer for 5+ years.  I enjoy working with people and can offer expertise with construction of custom homes.  I love to sell new construction - resale homes and raw land. t

Pam Behrens

I have 24 years of experience in various Real Estate industries, which has helped me develop a strong sense of attention to detail. I take pride in the my job and I thoroughly enjoy the marketing aspect of listing properties that get you results.

Sandy Wascher

Purchasing or selling real estate can be a daunting task. I look forward to guiding you through the process of selecting a perfect new home or selling your current home. I have over 18 years of experience working with first-time buyers, seasoned buyers, investors and international buyers. Give me a call—I look forward to working with you.

Sit back and relax! Let me do the work for you. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you will have my personal service and commitment to ensure a smooth transaction. Let me help you find your perfect home!

Kay Kerby & Sarah Campbell

Your favorite Mother-Daughter REALTORS® Hi, We are Kay Kerby and Sarah Campbell, Your favorite MotherDaughter REALTORS®! It is my passion to find your perfect home, it is my mother’s passion that each and every transaction is handled professionally, honestly and to be as enjoyable and smooth as possible. Let our passions fulfill your dreams.

Gretchen Slaughter

I worked in the Escrow industry for 7 years and have valuable knowledge of the real estate purchase transaction. This experience helps me guide clients through a smooth and informed transaction from start to finish. With the title company, I also specialized in property research, which is extremely beneficial when listing property or helping buyers find the property that best suits their needs.

Cathy Taylor,


Associate Broker I have lived in Casa Grande for 27 years and been in real estate since moving to the area. I enjoy the challenges of the business from start to finish. If you are relocating to or from the area, let me assist you with your real estate needs. I am a Certified Residential Specialist who enjoys the job and gives honest, attentive service which leads to success for us both.

Sue Pittullo

CDPE, CNE, Associate Broker I have been in the real estate business since 1977, selling real estate in Colorado for 3yrs, then in Pinal County for 34 years. . I am dedicated to my profession, a hard working agent with honesty and integrity as my top priority.

Ken Hsu Serves clients in Casa Grande and Metro Phoenix. Speaks Mandarin.

Sherry Balentine “Service you can count on! I am committed to honesty, integrity and always have my client’s best interests in mind. Communication, follow-through and attention to detail are key when it comes to you, my client.  My personal joy is seeing you acquire the home of your dreams.  I am CDPE certified (Certified Distressed Property Expert) and stay updated on current market trends.”

rox realty 1919 N Trekell Rd . Casa Grande 520-423-8250 Each office is independently owned and operated.


classified ads RESIDENTIAL FOR SALE Arizona City

rox realty 1919 N. Trekell Rd. Casa Grande

(520) 423-8250

Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. Connie Rush, Designated Broker All information accurate as of publishing date (03-6-13) Some properties may no longer be available for sale or lease. Various brokers and/ or sales agents of Coldwell Banker Rox Realty may be principals in listings.

8815 W AVENIDA DE AMIGOS CIR #215 $69,900 Perfectly located with a deck looking over the 18th green of the Arizona City Golf Course and the mountain beyond. This 2 bedroom 2 bath condo is fully furnished (linens and kitchen utensils included) with washer, dryer and refrigerator. Community features heated pool and spa, golf course, restaurant and bar, golf pro shop and rec. room. This is the perfect place to spend the winter months away from snow and freezing weather.

8860 W SAN LAZARO DR $74,900 Lender Owned, Freshly painted, new carpet, move in ready, this house has two master bedrooms with full baths, plus a hall bath and two other bedrooms all on one level. Vaulted ceilings in the living room, tile floors in the traffic areas. Corner lot, no fencing.

14262 S AVALON RD $79,500 This 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home is move in ready and offers nice features such as: rear yard exit from Master Bedroom, large closets, kitchen island, breakfast nook, RV gate and a rear block fence, just to name a few.

10737 W CAROUSEL DR $80,000 Traditional sale. Nice starter home with spacious eat in kitchen and island, large great room with neutral paint and carpet, raised panel doors, North/South exposure, block fence.

8815 W AVENIDA DE AMIGOS CIR #119 $92,000 Beautifully maintained, this single story condo is near the Arizona City golf course! 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths in 876 square feet. Lovely Saltillo colored

Spring 2013 ceramic tile in entry, living room, kitchen & dining area, & bathrooms, as well as on the covered patio. The kitchen, dining area & living room look out onto the beautiful common area with just a short walk to the community pool. All appliances convey. Master bedroom suite has a full bath. The full hall bath has a stacking washer & dryer. This home is all electric & energy efficient with ceiling fans. The covered patio has a view of the community pool, golf course & grassy green which is maintained by the H.O.A. The double garage has an electric opener. Sold furnished makes this the perfect 2nd home!

8342 W TERESITA DR $109,000 SPACIOUS GREATROOM LAYOUT is found in this LOVELY 3 bedroom 2 bath home which features CUSTOM PAINT and ACCENTED walls throughout! Vaulted ceilings, plant shelves and large windows make this home feel open and airy. Eat in kitchen features oak cabinets, upgraded appliances, pantry & a corner breakfast bar for extra seating. Situated on a pool size lot with low maintenance desert landscaping, an oversized rear covered patio, block fence, RV-gate, and close to the AZ CITY GOLF COURSE. This home will satisfy the needs of the most discerning buyer.

15137 S MOON VALLEY RD A $119,900 Enjoy all the charm of a Vintage Territorial Home with none of the hassle. This twin home features a very spacious great room with a gas fireplace, media center and some architectural delights including a skylight.There are tile floors throughout the home in the color of Saltillo. The kitchen has all the appliances plus a prep sink, two disposals,and abundant warm pine cabinets. Each bedroom has a private bath and a powder room is provided for guests. The bonus room and both the bedrooms have glass doors to the patio. This is a golf course lot and the views are marvelous The garage is oversized and features a utility sink, electric opener and pedestrian door

14794 S RORY CALHOUN DR 7 $299,000 Quality built custom home located on #13th hole AZ City Golf Course. Split floor plan on 1/4th acre lot. Very open floor plan w/15ft vaulted ceilings in great room. Coffered ceilings in formal

living room, 10ft ceilings t/o remainder of home. Two-toned paint on interior. Stonework on exterior. Walk-in closets in all bedrooms, custom walnut cabinets in kitchen. Upgraded faucets and hardware t/o. Recessed lighting in GR, drop-downs to breakfast bar. Separate garden tub, shower, dual sinks in master bath with travertine surrounds. Two pantries, two ovens, granite counters w/travertine backsplash in kitchen. 2-10’ RV gates with full hookup (50amp/ sewer). Full length covered patio w/roll down shades. The list goes on…


225 W SILVER REEF RD $43,500 Already Leased. New 1 year lease. This opportunity ready and just waiting for you. 3 Bedroom 2 baths fenced back yard. New water heater.

739 E BRENDA DR $61,000 Very immaculate 3bd/2ba townhouse. Large living room, family room off kitchen with bedrooms split. Sky lights in almost all the rooms makes this bright and cheery. Small backyard is nicely landscaped, with side storage and entrance to back 2-car carport. Property adjacent to a common area with walkway and BBQ. Extremely nice age restricted adult community.

750 E LAUREL DR $63,000 Wow! Bring your clothes, dishes, and toothbrush. Very nice and well cared for home in a 55 plus community. Lots of upgrades, tile in wet areas, split floor plan, electric fireplace in family room. Tastefully decorated, all appliances and furniture convey at ‘’no value’’. Large covered screened in patio with ceiling fan, small work area w/workbench. Citrus trees (ruby red grapefruit & tangerine) and grass in the back. 2-car carport, 1 vehicle slab and storage room. Great central location. HOA pays water, front yard landscaping. New foam roof with 10 year warranty. No rentals allowed

Spring 2013 | 27

728 E LAUREL DR $67,900 Estate Sale. Home is move in ready. This large, clean 3 bedroom 2 bath townhouse is in a quiet neighborhood. Home is in an age restricted subdivision and has a community pool. Covered parking for 2 cars in rear of home, with a storage shed and fenced small backyard that is easy to maintain. Formal living room/dining room, along with eat-in kitchen with bright atrium. Clean stove and newly furbished dishwasher. The large Arizona room is perfect for entertaining. No rentals are allowed in this community.

1328 E 9th PL 86,000 Perfect home for the retired couple, winter visitor, or starter home. Home has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and den, eatin kitchen, covered patio. Approx. 1250 sq ft. This home could be your little Doll House! Close to shopping, schools and medical facilities.

629 W JAHNS CT $124,900 This TRADITIONAL sale is waiting for you! Spacious floor plan features 3bd/2ba plus a den/office that could be a 4th bedroom. Formal living and dining room plus great room kitchenbreakfast-family room. Add new paint, carpet, tile, fans and fixtures and this move-in read house is ready to call home. Need more enticement? How about a landscaped backyard complete with saltwater swimming pool to sweeten the deal! All this lovely home needs is you - what are you waiting for?

1115 N GILBERT AVE $125,000 Charm & character in this 2600sf historic Evergreen beauty! Spanish influenced Saltillo tile flooring. Formal living & dining rooms, new slate counters & integrated sink in the galley kitchen. A large bonus/ family room has a slab patio. Hall bath has tiled counter & tub surround with talavera sink & new fixtures. 2nd & 3rd bedrooms have stained concrete floors. Master suite has a huge walk-thru closet, separate exit & double sinks. Washer & dryer included. Extended covered patio has new sun shades & room for your outdoor kitchen. This oversized yard has irrigation! A new storage shed holds the riding mower. Huge shade trees & 2 gazebos (& a secret garden) create a summer haven. Room for your RV & No HOA.

1178 E CORDOVA AVE $89,685 A wonderful 4bd/2ba home with separate living room and family room with fireplace. Private backyard pool.

1214 E BARCELONA AVE $113,911 Wonderful, spacious 2135sf home in desirable Rancho Grande. This beauty has been lovingly renovated and is awaiting new owners. Home features 4 large bedrooms and 2 baths. Formal living with with large family room open to the kitchen and the den. New paint and carpet throughout as well as all new lighting and fans. Gorgeous kitchen with granite slab counter tops and new appliances. Baths feature tile tub surrounds and updated fixtures. Also included is a huge air-conditioned Arizona room. The backyard has a large patio area and storage shed. Don’t miss out on the chance to see this lovely home.

1642 E SAN XAVIER DR $126,500 Beautiful home that is a traditional sale with the original owner. This home has custom paint throughout, desert landscaping both front and back with timed watering system for easy maintenance. You can sit out on your covered patio or grab some sun on the area in the back where there are beautiful pavers and enjoy oranges and lemons off your trees. The home is on a large lot with north/south exposure. Ready for you to move in and call it home.

1044 N DESERT WILLOW ST $129,000 Move right in!! This comfortable home

with separate living/dining room, family room with fireplace and kitchen with walk-through pantry and adjacent laundry room is available immediately. there are two bedrooms, two baths and a roomy office with French doors. A two car garage with built-in storage. Your family will enjoy the beautiful Pebbletec pool in the summer. The home is very spacious, bright and open.

565 W PALO VERDE ST $131,000 Not your typical short sale, this beauty has been lovingly upgraded & maintained. New laminate flooring in the entry hall, formal living & dining room. All rooms are oversized for your large gatherings! Tiled floor & counter tops in the kitchen & breakfast room. New cabinet doors in the kitchen & all baths. An oversized pantry/laundry room off the kitchen for easy access. Upgraded carpet in the family room which has a half bath adjacent. Upstairs is a huge loft big enough for your pool table. The roomy master suite features double doors, a massive walk-in closet, double sinks in the bath & a garden tub. All the bedrooms are large & have walk-in closets & ceiling fans. The backyard has is professionally landscaped with curbing & features a Presidential pool & lots of room for entertaining.

2076 N PINE PL $134,000 Original owner - traditional sale with quick response. Pride of ownership shows on this 3bd/2ba plus den. Vaulted ceilings with ceiling fans, fresh paint and clean carpets. 2’’ blinds on windows. Low maintenance landscaping in front, gravel in back. Sale includes balance of transferable home warranty - approximately 11 months.

238 W RIO DR $146,000 This very attractive home is a perfect starter home or second home for winter visitors. Located on a corner lot--feels open and larger than the sq. footage. Master bedroom and bath split from the other two bedrooms. Open kitchen and dining area and great room. The home is available immediately--not a short sale or foreclosure property.

1251 E MANOR DR $149,900 Beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in desirable Smoketree. This lovely home is move-in ready. Featuring wood laminate

flooring, newer paint and soaring, vaulted ceilings. Large formal living area leads to a spacious family room and open kitchen. Secondary bedrooms are very good sized with large closets. Main bathroom is spacious with a tub and shower as well as double sinks. The master bedroom has plenty of space for your furniture. Master bath has separate tub and shower a big walk in closet and double sinks. The garage is extra spacious with room for 2 cars as well as a good sized work area. And don’t forget that this centrally located area has no HOA so bring your toys.

207 E BISNAGA ST $150,000 2.5 ac horse property in town. Urban Ranch zoning. Nice older 3 BR home with plenty of land.

1000 N OLIVE AVE $154,900 This 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home has so much character. The home features a living room and formal dining with an eat-in area off of the spacious kitchen. It also has an enclosed Arizona Room that leads to a bomb shelter. Plantation shutters, tile in all the right places, ceiling fans, new doors and fresh interior paint make this home a great find. The large corner lot and mature trees are a plus for this centrally located home.

250 S SAN MARINO LOOP $155,000 Location, location, location! Beautiful home in the Mission Royale Family Subdivision on a corner lot right across the street from the 5 acre water park that is in the community! Three bedrooms and a den with double entry doors, 9 ft ceilings, extra insulation, beautiful wrap-around covered patio in back with separate exit from Master Bedroom. Refrigerator, washer and dryer are included. Just ready for you to call home!

105 W TAHITI DR $159,900 Sit on the front porch and enjoy the view of the park just across the street. This livable Taylor Morrison home has three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen with breakfast area in the front bay windows and the great room opens to the back patio. Generous master bedroom and bath and large closet and two other bedroom and hall bath. Laundry room and two car garage. Very popular floor plan--just the right size.


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1698 E ELAINE CT $159,900 Bright & colorful, this Tamaron short sale is a beauty! The open concept floor plan has ceramic tile, 9 foot ceilings, 8 foot doors & ceiling fans throughout. A den/ office as you enter opens to the private front patio. The kitchen features granite counters, a breakfast bar & all appliances. A gas fireplace in the great room. The master is split & has a separate sitting room with a separate jetted tub & shower, double sinks & a separate exit. A sparkling, heated salt water pool has a waterfall and self-cleaning pop-ups. Plumbed for a water softener & central vac, at the end of a cul-de-sac, this home is a dream!

1590 E MELROSE DR $160,000 Beautiful and new! This home is loaded with upgrades...18’’ ceramic tile except in the bedrooms which have lovely neutral carpet, 9’ flat ceilings with ceiling fans throughout, neutral paint, a great room with large dining area, granite counters & backsplashes, 42’’ walnut cabinets, all black appliances, top of the line washer & dryer included. Incredibly energy efficient with a Solar array. A bay window in the master suite which also has comfort height cabinets. Quiet living, perfect primary or secondary residence.

1894 N RENFORD LN $162,900 Great single level home with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Large living/dining room. Open kitchen/ family room is great for entertaining. Kitchen has granite countertops, ample cabinets and storage, pantry, electric smooth-top range and built-in microwave. Gas stub next to patio for natural gas grill. Great property on larger lot and available for a quick close.

1556 E LAUREL DR $165,000 This spacious 1,700 square foot beauty stands above the rest! So many thoughtful upgrades including lovely, neutral 20’’ ceramic tile, upgraded carpet, custom paint & 4’’ plantation shutters. The formal living room has dramatic vaulted ceiling & bay window.

The formal dining room is perfect for entertaining & has a coffered ceiling. 42’’ raised panel upper oak cabinets, Corian counters, white appliances, a pantry & breakfast bar in the kitchen plus a breakfast room with a bay window & separate exit to the south patio .Ceiling fans throughout. Master suite has custom closet organizers, mirrored doors, his ‘n her double sink vanities & upgraded fixtures. Both bedrooms have bay windows. Custom security screens, sun screens & ceiling fans throughout. Owner/agent.

916 N PICACHO ST $175,000 Gracious 2783sf 3bd/2ba ranch style home in the heart of historic Casa Grande! This beauty has been refurbished with new carpeting, some interior paint, upgraded electrical, new plumbing & ready for move in! A large formal living room, family room with fireplace, dining or den and a vintage kitchen with breakfast room, this home has something for everyone. The master has a separate sitting room with fireplace & enormous walk-in closet! 3’’ plantation shutters throughout! The backyard is gorgeous! A covered patio & built-in BBQ make this the perfect place to entertain! A pull through driveway leads to an RV gate & room to park the largest RV! Centrally located, lovingly maintained by the original owner, this home will capture your heart! Best yet...No HOA!

2056 N ENSENADA LN $185,000 Immaculate 5 bedroom/3 bath home with vaulted ceilings, soft water loop, large bedroom and bath on first floor. The kitchen features an island, stove, built-in microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. Large back yard has synthetic grass for low maintenance. Sun screens on all the windows. Beautiful custom paint throughout. This home is ready for you to move in and begin making memories.

22844 W SHERBUNDY DR $190,000 Gracious, 4bd/2.5ba custom ranch-style home close to Casa Grande. Comfortably livable with a large formal living room,a spacious great room,9’ ceilings, 16’’ ceramic tile with detailed inlays, upgraded carpet, a neutral color scheme, & beautiful views.The roomy kitchen is perfect with maple cabinets, stainless appliances, an island & pantry. The master suite has a separate exit,double sinks, jetted garden tub,separate shower & walk-in closet. Three roomy bedrooms are close to the full hall bath. The laundry room is big. Extended covered patio has pavers next

Spring 2013 to the green, grassy backyard. The 3 car garage has electric opener & storage space.2’’ x 6’’ construction & ceiling fans. Plenty of room for your horse, horse trailer & RV. A shared well & established garden with ribbon irrigation

1241 E MELROSE LOOP $194,900 Remarkable home in the desirable Smoketree subdivision. Move in ready is an understatement, this home is truly turnkey. 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, vaulted ceiling and all the upgrades one would expect in a home of this caliber. Kitchen is large and open for easy entertaining and includes all appliances. Living and dining areas are filled with large windows looking out into the fully landscaped back yard and patio. Large master bedroom has a wonderful walking closet and huge master bath. Master bath has all of the upgrades with separate tub and shower and dual sinks. Don’t forget about the RV Gate and huge concrete RV pad. See this wonderful home today before it is gone.

102 E LAUREL CIR $189,900 Great home with a Spanish flavor on a huge corner lot. Split floor plan 3 bedrooms plus a den. Wonderful open porch area as you enter this home. Gas two-way fireplace separates living area. Large Master bedroom with doors leading to the backyard master bath features a oversized shower and double sinks. Home sits on a larger corner lot (just under 15,000 ft). Fenced swimming pool area. Lots of storage in the garage. Plenty of room for all your toys and NO HOA.

1585 E PRICKLY PEAR PL $189,900 This spacious 4 bedroom 3 full baths features a formal dining/living room, family room, eat-in kitchen and loft. The lower level has a bedroom and full bath nearby. The remaining 3 bedrooms are upstairs with the large loft area. The breeze way between the dining and kitchen has an extra counter and cabinets near the pantry. The kitchen has a built in desk area along with a large pantry. Fresh new interior paint and carpet are a bonus. The back yard features a covered patio with extra cement slab leading to the play pool.

2084 N SWEETWATER DR $209,000 This well maintained, immaculate home is situated on the water and offers tremendous views of the lake. Interior paint and carpet look almost new. Third bedroom could be a den or office. The low maintenance Trex deck awaits the lucky new owners for their pleasure.

146 W TAHITI DR $225, 000 PRICE REDUCED $20,000. Owners are eager to sell. Check it out! This spacious Taylor Morrison home has plenty of room for the entire family. One bedroom & full bath downstairs and four bedrooms and two full baths upstairs. Also upstairs is an open family room/loft and the laundry. The kitchen has granite countertops, a gas range and the refrigerator is included. Tile and carpet flooring in excellent condition. Lots of storage space in the 3 car tandem garage.

1205 E MCMURRAY BLVD $239,500 A rare jewel in the heart of Casa Grande! Estate sale of original owners on two acre corner lot! Loads of potential, property can be split. Front circular drive with desert landscaping. Lovely home has new carpet,paint inside & out,all new hot & cold water lines, & room for family & friends! 3 roomy bedrooms plus a huge family room with fireplace, a large office & bonus room! Corian counter tops, all appliances & large pantry. Inside laundry is big, storage room in garage, workshop out back, metal storage shed AND a tack room!

1518 E DESERT BREEZE DR $249,900 ‘’WOW’’ Former Model Home with all the furniture and Decorations. Just under 3700 sq. ft. with all the model upgrades. Window shutters, upgrade designer style cabinets, granite countertops,18’’ floor tile, one bedroom downstairs ,three car garage, water softener, three bedrooms upstairs with two full baths. Close to mall and Fry’s Super Center with easy access to I-10. Don’t miss see this Elegant Home with all the pictures and furniture including poster bed.

Fall 2012 | 29

6776 N OVERFIELD RD $280,000 Beautiful 1.25 acre lot with new custom spec home! Open concept design with 9 foot ceilings & 8 foot windows. Lovely Alder cabinets, 5’’ baseboards, doors & moldings. Granite countertops & backsplaces in kitchen, baths & window sills. Stainless steel appliances. Tile in all but the bedrooms & office. Whole house vacuum system & pre-wired for phone & security system. Baths have comfort height vanities & tile surrounds. Master suite is split with separate exit & bath has jetted tub. Covered patio is extended & has ceiling fans. A large laundry room has a sink. 3 car garage is extended & overheight. 2 RV gates & room for horses! Sunrises, sunsets, mountain views & room to ride!

396 E SEVEN SEAS DR $285,000 This home is lovely! From the minute you open the front door you will be more than pleased! The 10’ ceilings and 8’ doors make this large home seem even more spacious. The kitchen is absolutely marvelous with warm dark maple cabinets, stainless appliances, a gas cook top, wall oven and microwave, granite counter tops, island and a very inviting breakfast room. The secluded Master suite features a huge walk-in closet, a large Master bedroom and sumptuous bath with jetted tub, tile counters, private water closet, dual sinks and a separate shower. The family room is right off the kitchen and comes complete with a large screen TV and handsome pool table. In addition to the 3 bedrooms, there is an office. The formal living/dining has a marvelous view of the patio, pool, and putting green.

2419 N SANDSTONE PL $343,500 Step into this custom home and feel the beauty of this well maintained 4bd,2ba 2159sf home. The home features a split floor plan with a formal and elegant living/dining room with coffer ceilings, open great room and eat in kitchen. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances, double oven stove and over sized island. The hard wood floors throughout the home are a plus to this already beautiful home. The master bedroom features a walk in closet, double separate sinks in the bath, large step in shower and an exercise room. The culde-sac lot is just short of 1/2 acre and is one of the biggest in the neighborhood. The low maintenance back yard has a extended covered patio with lights & fans for outside entertaining. The backyard has a large RV pad and hook ups.

3019 N SPRING LN $395,000 One of the nicest homes in Casa Grande, a former Fulton Model home, with 4,100 sq. ft. of gorgeous living. 2 bds up with 2 full baths and a powder room, breath taking kitchen with 42’’cabinets,GE Profile appliances, center island, hard surface counter, wood shutters throughout the house, finished basement with 2bd, a full bath, game room, landscaped back yard with view lot.

1227 E CLEARVIEW DR $399,900 A custom beauty in Clearview Ranch! Entry is through the oversized leaded-glass front door into the foyer with travertine tile & 12 foot flat ceilings. The formal living/dining room looks onto the covered patio, lush backyard & salt water pool. The kitchen has hard wood floors, granite counters, white cabinets with 42’’ uppers, an island & walk-in pantry. Cozy up to the great room fireplace. The master suite is split with a separate exit,spa-like bath & two huge walk-ins. The 2nd upstairs bedroom is adjacent to a full hall bath. A roomy office has a wall of builtins. A grand stairway with oak railing leads down to the basement which is complete with two bedrooms, game room & full bath. A matching guest house is secluded with a 3/4 bath for guests. Relax in the gorgeous backyard & feel like royalty!

12249 N CHINOOK DR $415,000 Seclusion at its finest with breathtaking views in all directions from the beautiful territorial home with a full basement, plus a gorgeous pool and patio area all nestled on 2 acres. 3 bedrooms up including the master, great room spacious kitchen with large breakfast bar, granite counters and hickory cabinets. 2,000sf basement has 2 bedrooms, full bath, game room, workout or craft room, outside entrance to backyard and pool. Property needs some TLC and is priced accordingly.


4707 W LEMON AVE $79,900 Pristine, that is the only way to describe this home. This home is as clean as the

day it was built. This one owner beauty features 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and a nice sized loft. Open concept kitchen with all appliances included. Large living area opens to the fully landscaped yard. Both of the good sized bedrooms are upstairs, along with a large loft area that could be a third bedroom. The master bedroom is spacious with plenty of room for all of your furniture. The master bath is spotless and roomy with a tub and shower. This home can also be purchased fully furnished.

1208 W WILSON AVE $107,900 This 4 bedroom 2 bath home has a nice open floor plan with a spacious living room. New interior paint and carpet make this home fresh and bright. The kitchen opens up to the eat-in area and has plenty of cabinet space. There is a covered patio and the back yard is an open slate just waiting for your imagination.

2275 W CENTRAL AVE $108,900 This lovely 4 bedroom, 2 bath home has a open great room feel to it. Fresh new paint and tile throughout the home make this home a great find. The master bedroom features plant shelving and a garden tub. The low maintenance backyard is filled with rock and has a covered patio.

1498 W ROOSEVELT AVE $121,900 This spacious home features 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, living room, eat-in kitchen and a large loft. The home sits on a large lot with a blank canvas for a back yard waiting for your landscaping designs. There is fresh new paint and carpet throughout the home. Welcoming neighborhood, close to all amenities.

1714 W CENTRAL AVE $130,900 This spacious home features a living room that opens up to the eat-in kitchen. There is one bedroom and a full bath on

the lower level with the other 3 bedrooms upstairs with a large loft. The back yard features a sparking pool for those hot summer days. There is fresh interior paint and carpet throughout the home. The home is directly across the street from a common area and close to all amenities.


4045 N VALLEY RD $34,900 Lender owned, 3bd/2ba 1274sf home. Property is missing HVAC unit, plumbing fixtures, flooring, missing all appliances needs work but has tons of potential. Great room with open kitchen and very large backyard. Double carport with storage. Needs a cash buyer. Seller makes no warranties, strictly an “AS IS” sale.

1113 N FAIRWAY DR $129,900 Come and enjoy the golf course and mountain views from your covered back patio!! This home features 2 Bedrooms, a Den, 1 3/4 Bathrooms, Master Bath has oversized shower, huge laundry/utility room, 2 Car garage. The privacy of a gated community with full access to all amenities including the heated pool, spa, exercise equipment, NOT an age restricted community.

1321 N FAIRWAY DR $151,900 HUGE PRICE REDUCTION!!!Golf Course View home is loaded with upgrades, Granite Counters, upgraded appliance package. 2 Bedroom/2 Bath plus a den! Bathrooms tastefully tiled,vessel sinks in both baths, large walk in closets in both bedrooms. This quiet gated community has a heated pool, spa, exercise room and community Kitchen. Just move right in and enjoy the beautiful sunrise on your back patio. Come and enjoy peaceful living at a very affordable price. A full price offer will include a one year home warranty for your buyer!!!

5430 N SCOTTSDALE RD $359,000 This beautiful, gently used 2BR Turn-Key home with den is located in the active adult community of Robson Ranch and situated on a walking trail lot with golf course and mountain views. The home comes fully furnished including upgraded designer furniture, black appliances and washer &


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dryer. Enter through the keyless entry into this professionally designed and decorated home with granite counters, upgraded tile and carpeting in all the right places. Covered patio, 4’ extended garage with golf cart garage and front and rear watering systems are added positive features that will delight this home’s new family. Community amenities abound with a world class golf course, 3 swimming pools, SPA, exercise facility, restaurant and much, much more.

and a large covered porch. There are also two huge vehicle storing structures on the property (30’x50 ‘) and (30’x 40’) one is over height for RV’s. Another building contains 2 carports, 1 garage and a workshop. Behind the 1bd/1ba guest house, there is a laundry room and an office. All of this and several pastures are surrounded by sturdy pipe fencing with chain link. There is 40 ft. round pen and feed shelter in the pasture.


6704 E PINE WAY $84,900 This 2 story home features 4 bedrooms with 3 full baths, a formal dining/living room and family room off of the eatin kitchen area. The backyard is nicely landscaped with rock and concrete.

5686 E LUSH VISTA VW $89,900 This 3 bedroom 2 bath home has an open living room that extends into the eat-in kitchen area. The kitchen features a dishwasher, stove and microwave plus kitchen island. The master has double sinks and a garden tub. The backyard is a clean slate waiting for your imagination. New interior paint throughout the home.

6541 E HAVEN AVE $99,900 This cozy 3 bedroom 2 bath home has fresh neutral interior paint and new carpet throughout the home. The eat-in kitchen features a new dishwasher and range. The back yard has rock landscape and a great view to the community golf course.

8848 N PALO VERDE RD $299,000 Now this is Arizona Dreaming! This listing includes 5 parcels totaling 8.3 acres. Whatever your hobbies, there is room do it or store it on this immaculate property. In addition to the absolutely charming 2bd/1ba country home, there is a 1369sq ft. M.D. Barnmaster custom built barn with 3 stalls, 3 paddocks, tack room, closet

4533 N CORONADO DR $399,900 Incredible vistas & Superstition Mtn views from this very private home on the 2nd fairway. Gracious Spanish styling throughout this Paramount plan! Well thought upgrades include elegant Italian marble tile, cherry hardwood floors, ceramic tile, upgraded carpet, crown molding,10’ ceilings,8’ doors & windows & 4’’ plantation shutters, dramatic rock wall & million dollar view of the 2nd fairway. The gourmet kitchen has 42’’ staggered cherry cabinets with pull-outs, granite countertops & backsplashes, stainless steel appliances with gas cooktop, double wall ovens, pantry & breakfast bar. The breakfast room a bay window. The split master has a bay window & luxurious bath with a sep. garden tub & shower. The charming casita has 10’ ceilings, plantation shutters & full bath. This is a dream come true!


36593 W MONTSERRAT ST $101,900 This 3 bedroom 2 bath open floor plan features freshly painted interior walls, new carpet, new doors and new appliances (dishwasher, range and microwave). This is a great find for that first time home buyer or cozy place for someone that wants to downsize.

42798 W SAMUEL DR $119,900 This spacious home has plenty of room for everyone or for many activities. The first floor features a foyer, living, dining very pretty kitchen, bedroom and full bath. The second floor has 3 more bedrooms and two more baths, laundry room plus a huge family room. The master suite features a large walk-in closet and a big bath with double sinks. The pie shape cul-de-sac lot provides a very large back yard.

Spring 2013

2055sf, 3bd/2ba doublewide with room addition. Patio, deck, awesome workshop, private well, and horse facilities – all on 3.3 fully fenced acres.

19619 N TOYA ST $129,900 What a wonderful single level home situated on a corner lot in a cul-de-sac. The home features 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, separate living/dining and family rooms. Vaulted ceilings throughout the home, blinds, ceiling fans and tastefully painted rooms. The master includes double sinks, separate shower and tub with a walk-in closet. The backyard is professionally landscaped, covered extended patio and features a sparkling pool for your enjoyment.

51466 W JULIE LN 135,000 NOT SHORT SALE! Large family home on 3.3 acre lot with trees and open area for your horses, RV, and toys! Vaulted ceilings throughout, huge eat-in kitchen, family room with wood burning fireplace, 4 bedrooms plus a den. Formal dining, master bedroom/bath with double sinks, separate shower and soaking tub. Centrally located in Thunderbird Farms, close to several riding and roping arenas, wash for trail riding and close to restaurant and bar. Enjoy the beautiful mountain views. Large parcels like this are becoming difficult to find, come take a look at this one today!

48595 W HUISATCH RD $159,900 Jewel in the Desert! Gorgeous mountain views combined with a newly remodeled home create this one of a kind property you will be proud to call HOME. Spacious and well appointed 5bd/3ba homes features vaulted ceilings, plantation shutters, upgraded laminate flooring, custom entertainment center with surround sound. In the kitchen upgraded Thomasville cabinets with selfclosing doors, LG stainless appliances, black granite counters. Master suite has separate tub/shower, dual sinks. Outside = WOW! Covered RV Barn with full hookup and 50amp service. Large workshop with garage door. Electric/solar front entry gate with intercom. Horse set-up with 6’ no climb fencing around perimeter. Custom concrete paths, paver patios, courtyard, 2.5 landscaped acres. Did I mention the view?

45648 W MORNING VIEW LN $167,900 Looking for a spacious home, this is the one for you! This home features 5 bedrooms and 3 full baths. The lower level features a formal living room and separate dining room, family room, eat in kitchen, laundry and one bedroom with a full bath nearby. Upstairs has the remaining 4 bedrooms to include the master and a large loft area. The master bath has double sinks with a separate garden tub and shower. The back patio is extended and partially covered, the yard has rock landscape but is spacious enough to add a pool or your landscaping desires.

41593 W SOMERSET DR $184,900 This spacious 3 bedroom 2.5 half bath features a den downstairs, living room with a great room feeling, eat-in kitchen and loft. The master bedroom features double sinks, separate shower and tub with a large walk-in closet. The laundry is upstairs along with all the bedrooms. You have a wonderful view from the loft of the lake and community park. New carpet and interior paint make this home move in ready.

RESIDENTIAL FOR RENT All Areas 8131 N SANDY LN ARIZONA CITY $450 Very nice four plex clean and ready to move in. 2bd/2ba 2401 N AMARILLO ST #4 CASA GRANDE $475 **1st month FREE with 13 months lease! ** Just renovated 1bd/1ba unit in Rancho Grande. Fresh paint and new tile floor throughout. New range/oven/microwave, and new blinds. Bright and clean, move in ready! 2401 N AMARILLO ST #1 CASA GRANDE $500 ** 1st month FREE with 13 months lease! ** 2bd/1ba cute unit in Rancho Grande has just become available! Nice size front room and dining area. Come and see before it’s gone! 15588 S YAVA RD ARIZONA CITY $525 Very nice and clean two bedroom one bath duplex with all appliances. Fenced.

52869 W CANDLELIGHT RD $162,000 Fantastic property! Extra large

4643 W JUNIPER AVE COOLIDGE $750 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom Home w Loft in Martin Valley. This two story home in Landmark Ranch features all the

Fall 2012 | 31 kitchen appliances and guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs.

1422 N FAIRWAY DR ELOY $825 Spacious 2bd/2ba home plus den located in the Village at Grande Valley. Gated golf course community. 2127 N SWEETWATER DR CASA GRANDE $890 Very Nice Santa Fe Style home. 3bd/2ba. Lake community, close to golf course 1485 E NATASHA DR CASA GRANDE $999 Centrally located rental, featuring 4 bedrooms, 2.5bath, formal living/dining plus great room with den. Backyard is landscaped with low maintenance rock. Move in ready with fresh paint and blinds. Next to greenbelt-park area. 1378 E KINGMAN PL CASA GRANDE $1000 4 bed 3 bath home with a loft and a 2 car garage. 1 bed and bath downstairs. Nice landscaped backyard. 132 W RIO DR CASA GRANDE $1100 This great 4 Bedroom home offers many great features. Laundry is upstairs, includes washer/dryer. Master has separate Shower and Tub and dual sinks, walk-in closet. Wired for surround sound. Built in desk/ computer station area upstairs. 627 E DIAMOND DR CASA GRANDE $1125 What an opportunity! Lease this gorgeous 4 bedroom 3 bath home in desirable McCartney Ranch. The back yard is landscaped and there are no neighbors to the rear or the West side. The kitchen and baths are nicely upgraded. There is a 3 car tandem garage.

LOTS FOR SALE All Areas ELOY LOTS $3,000 - $6,000 What a great price for vacant land, some with utilities. Sizes range from 3,920sf to 15,246sf. 8294 W CORONADO DR ARIZONA CITY $6,000 Great investment possibility for home site in Arizona City just minutes from Public Golf courses. Large 12,615sf lot. Adjoining lot also available. 00 W CACTUS WREN CASA GRANDE $6,000 Close to Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort, utilities close by this undeveloped subdivision only minutes west of downtown Casa Grande. Lot size 6970sf RIO RICO LOTS $7,800 – 10,700 Half acre to 1.47 acre lots available with breathtaking views. Undisturbed native vegetation. 10625 N LITTLE OAK DR 20 & 21 CASA GRANDE $15,000 An affordable corner perfect for a manufactured home. (80’ x 105’, this is two 40’ x 80’ lots as required by Pinal County to make up one lot for one home site.) This lot is easily accessible to I-10 and shopping, schools & amenities!

745 S ORLANDO ST 9 FLORENCE $16,500 Great location to build your new home. Close to elementary school. Paved street. Lot size is 65’ wide on Orlando and 125’deep. Utilities at road. 406 W LINCOLN AVE 13 COOLIDGE $17,500 Hurry before it is gone!! NICE CORNER LOT. Ready for you to build on or for your Mobile Home. NO HOA! BUYER WILL CONSIDER ALL REASIONABLE CASH OFFERS. 00000 W CASA MIA RD A CASA GRANDE $17,900 Property is lender owned, is being sold as-is. 8.02 acres raw desert. 000 W AIRES DR 006 ELOY $19,900 Great Views in all directions along with gorgeous sunrise and sunsets. 10 acres. Plenty of room for toys, horses, etc. You can either build your dream home or install a manufactured home. Water is near. 14254 S COUNTRY CLUB WAY 917 ARIZONA CITY $20,000 Huge price reduction!!! Home builder’s dream...Great investment opportunity for homesite in upscale section of town just minutes from public Golf Courses. 943 E KORTSEN RD CASA GRANDE $20,000 Tierra Palmas Townhomes is a prestigious, beautifully maintained gated community conveniently located in the heart of Casa Grande. Custom design your own unique home and enjoy the ambiance of this special community. There are only three lots still available. 32800 W LULU JANE DR 76 MARICOPA $22,500 3.3 ACRES, CASA GRANDE CITY WATER, SEPTIC IN BUT NOT WARRANTIED, DAMAGED MANUFACTURED HOME IS NOT LIVABLE PRICE FOR THE LAND ONLY. 15951 S HILO CIR 357 ARIZONA CITY $22,500 What a wonderful place to built a home. With over 8,000 sq,ft on a cul de sac lot and across the street from the Lake in Arizona City,this property is conveniently located near the I-08 and I-10 intersection and halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. There is a golf course just a few blocks away. 33970 W LOMA AVE 69 STANFIELD $25,000 This 3.3 acres of vacant land is in Santa Rosa Ranches, a community of site built a manufactured home on the property so utilities are at the property. XXXX E DAVIS PASS 80H ELOY $25,000 Very nice 2 .5 ac residential lot among other homes. Existing shared well in place and electric to property. Level and ready for your home to be built. Surveyed into 2 parcels but still taxed as one. 2492 S COLORADO DR 32 CASA GRANDE $30,000 Great Potential. This area has already been subdivided and is waiting for you to build your dream home. You can build a custom home or install your manufactured home. The electrical is close to the property line. Seller has four other lots in the area. They are ready to make a deal!!!

2522 S SKOUSEN RD 44 CASA GRANDE $30,000 Great Potential. This area has already been subdivided and is waiting for you to build your dream home. You can build a custom home or install your manufactured home. The electrical is close to the property line. Seller has four other lots in the area. They are ready to make a deal!! 7125 N OVERFIELD RD D & C COOLIDGE $34,900 4.81 acre parcel. Mountain or valley light views. Great for home sites or possible commercial or ingress/egress for property to the East (also for sale MLS #4791447. Utilities nearby. 8500 N HAZELDINE RD PARCEL A CASA GRANDE $39,000 1.25 acre parcel. Great views in all directions - horses welcome, AZ Water on property, electric available, seller will carry with $5,000 down 101XX N BURRIS RD 89 CASA GRANDE $45,900 Affordable custom home lot on one acre in Desert Vista. Incredible sunrises and sunsets with room to ride. Conveniently located with easy access to I-10, but close to Casa Grande amenties. Seller may carry 11571 W MOUNTAIN SHADOWS DR 32 CASA GRANDE $55,000 1 acre parcel. Great views of the East side of Casa Grande Mountain and the valley. Utilities on property. Custom home as neighbors. Lots of Saguaro Cacti & quail on the property & in the area. XXXX S SERRANO DR 5P MARANA $60,000 Ten acres of pristine Sonoran desert available. Acreage borders State Land on the north and can be split. Lush natural vegetation includes giant native saguaros, ocotillas, barrel cactus, cholla, mesquite and palo verde trees, chaparral, to name just a few. An old abandoned house is on the property. Mountain views in every direction, this property has several potential home sites. It is incredibly quiet with world famous Arizona sunrises and sunsets. A horse lover’s dream, this peaceful and private property is remote but accessible with endless room to ride on open range. XXX N BEL AIR RD PARCEL 3 CASA GRANDE $65,000 Have you been waiting to build your home in the pristine desert with views of fabulous sunsets,city lights and close by mountains. Here is your opportunity! This 2 acre lot is located in a most desirable area North of Casa Grande. The land is enhanced by nature with native desert vegetation. 11906 W SWEET ACACIA DR 0 CASA GRANDE $77,500 Great custom home lot with views in all directions. Custom homes to the north, east & south. Natural Sonoran Desert waiting for you to build your dream home. Electric, water and phone are on Sweet Acacia. 12093 W BLACKHAWK RD 92 CASA GRANDE $79,000 Val Vista Estates 1.23 acres. Beautiful mountain and city light views from this homesite. Build your dream home and enjoy the privacy and serenity of this subdivision.

0 E SUNSCAPE WAY F COOLIDGE $80,000 6.15 acres in wonderful central location. Just 10 minutes to major shopping 00000 N HENNESS RD 0 CASA GRANDE $86,900 Gorgeous mountain views from this 5.05 acre parcel with water, electric and phone to property line. Easy access from Val Vista, corner lot, close to I-10 interchange, 10 minutes to the Promenade Mall and Hospital, adjacent to state land with lots for room to explore. 12760 W SACATON LN 30 CASA GRANDE $89,000 Val Vista Estates, 1.7 acre lot. Build your dream home on this large cul-de-sac lot. Beautiful views in a quiet peaceful community. 8290 N CALLE HERMOSA CIR 16 CASA GRANDE $92,500 Las Montanas, 2.03 acre lot. Build your new home on this scenic, beautiful lot and enjoy the peace and calm of this prestigious community. 9408 W PASEO CALLADO -- 94 CASA GRANDE $124,500 Las Montanas, 1.25 acre lot. Absolutely stunning, close-up mountain views on this buildable lot. Beautiful, prestigious homes with lots of privacy. 0000000 PINAL -- 5 CASA GRANDE $125,000 1.75 acre parcel. Prime commercial land located close to the intersection of I-10 and Pinal. Priced low for a fast sale. Utilities are close and the visibility from I-10 is outstanding. 19998 W SWEET ACACIA DR 19 TO 25 CASA GRANDE $125,000 Energy efficiant custom home subdivision with 6 lots remaining, lots from 1.25 to 1.34 AC. Horses are allowed as well as storage for boats, travel trailers, motor homes and work shops. Seller reserves the right to build the home and will factor in the price of the lot w/the home bring your own plans or the seller can help you with them. All the home in the subdivision were built by Foothills West Inc. Custom homes since 1989. This is a family community that has views of city lights and mountain views 0 W ARIES RD 0 ELOY $129,900 40 amazing acres, bordering private airstrip, and high end homes. This is the perfect site for your home surrounded by fantastic views and fresh air. Located in the area of Silver Bell Estates just 20 minutes from town. Dedicated access and power and water at the property. Bring your horses or just enjoy the incredible mountain views. 421 W OCOTILLO ST 5 CASA GRANDE $130,000 Pinal Ave frontage (HWY 387) ALTA Survey available. 7 lots total, buy all or part. Complete site plan available for 8,000 sq ft building, parking and retention basins. 207 N COLORADO ST 1 CASA GRANDE $135,000 Urban Ranch in town close to everything. Large lots for toys/horses or just room. All utilities are at the lot line, custom home lots developer is custom home builder - concrete wall around subdivision, paved streets & curbs all ready in place. 3 other lots are available.

32 11717 W CALGARY DR 004D CASA GRANDE $150,000 15 acres. Great views of mountains and City lights. Great property that has electric & water on the property. Build your custom home and have room to play or property can be divided. 2950 E MOPAR DR 19M CASA GRANDE $150,000 Beautiful 5 acres of affordable residential property. Unlimited opportunities allow this parcel to be split into 1.25 acres pieces. Build your dream home, bring your critters, enjoy the sunrises & sunsets with room to ride! Close to I-10 000 W BARTLETT RD 23E CASA GRANDE $161,000 Beautiful 14 AC Parcel of Land just North of McCartney Road with easement just east of the Conference Center on McCartney. Recorded easement for ingress and egress is from McCartney Road but no road exists. Acreage is up next to the Mountain and offers potential for one home or several with views of city lights but country living. 801 N PINAL PKWY AVE 0 FLORENCE $182,454 Car wash site! Next to McDonalds, all utilities, C1 zoning, includes permit ready plans for car wash. Various principals in the subject property are licensed real estate brokers/agents. 2491 S HIDDEN VALLEY RD 0 MARICOPA $233,400 11 acres, Beautiful views of lush natural Sonoran desert that has not been disturbed. BLM land borders the West. State land to the south. Septic, electric, phone and water on parcel. Property is zoned Suburban Homestead

11592 N FANTAIL TRL 0 CASA GRANDE $255,000 Very nice High Desert property with great views of Sacaton Peak to the NE and city lights to the South. Very quiet with custom homes on all sides. Paved road to property with utilities at th lot line. All parcels are 2+ acres in this area. 1860 N PINAL AVE 19,20,21,22 CASA GRANDE $275,000 268 feet of street frontage on Pinal Avenue and four lots totaling almost an acre with great potential for Commercial opportunity! Zoned B-2, water, electric & sewer are to the lot line. Ready for development! 0 S PEART RD 0 CASA GRANDE $280,000 Petite retail corner between Lowes and Home Depot just off major retail corridor, with permit-ready plans for 7,600 sf retail center.

Spring 2013 0 W AUTUMNWOOD DR 007E CASA GRANDE $296,500 26.93 acres. Great custom home location with mountain views and city lights at night. Electric, water and phone are available. Many custom homes in the area.

2892 E MOPAR DR 0 CASA GRANDE $330,000 Beautiful land within the city limits of Casa Grande, near Robson Ranch. Five separate parcels make up the 21.92 acres of horse property. With utilities close by, these parcels may be split into 1.25 acre pieces. Incredible mountain views and city lights with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Room to ride! Two parcels have septics on them, one parcel has phone to the property line, one parcel has electric to property line & one parcel has water to the property line Seller is motivated and may carry with right offer!

00 N TREKELL RD 0 CASA GRANDE $409,185 1.04 ac pad, approx 400’ south of the SE corner of Trekell and Kortsen Rd. Various principals in the subject property are licensed real estate brokers/agents. 0000 S ELEVEN MILE CORNER R COR 00000 ELOY $410,000 40 Acres with CAP water, currently in Alfalfa, cement ditches, Domestic well with storage tank. Land was laser leveled last year and new crops planted. Currently getting 9 cuttings a year with average 1 ton per acre. Close to Eloy airport. 7000 E HWY 287 -- 0 COOLIDGE $500,000 Listing includes 3 parcels with total acreage of 13.88 ac. Two wells on north parcel, one hasnever had a pump installed. HWY frontage of 620 feet with dedicated ingress/egress on E & W ends. Wire fencing on 3 sides. Owner may carry with 30% down. 0 W PETERS RD 0 CASA GRANDE $540,000 60 acres, with water on property. 1700 S ARIZONA BLVD 1 COOLIDGE $583,704 C-3 zoning w/good frontage. 2.59 acres. All utilities are either on the property or on the W side of AZ Blvd. Owner may carry 0 N TREKELL RD 0 CASA GRANDE $711,084 Prime Corner! SE corner of Trekell and Kortsen Rd. 1.36 AC pad


418 S SUNSHINE BLVD 3 & 2 ELOY $744,876 Property is at NW corner across from the entrance to the industrial park where United Gypsum plant will be. All utilities are on/in Sunshine as well as Date & Penn streets. Excellent location for business that could compliment the massive growth that is slated for Eloy. 2106 E FLORENCE BLVD 0 CASA GRANDE $1,052,409 1.51 acres. Great corner property. Perfect for fast food or other high visibility uses. 500 S VAIL RD S 036B ELOY $1,112,100 Farm is currently leased. 134.8 acres Utilities on property. 0 W PETERS AND NALL RD 0 CASA GRANDE $1,645,600 29.92 acres. Large parcels with heavy industrial zoning and irrigation rights. Halfway between Casa Grande and Maricopa. Others may be available. 0 E SUNSCAPE WAY 2 COOLIDGE $1,734,250 49.55 Acres. Great central location between Casa Grande, Coolidge & Eloy. Just a few minutes to major shopping mall & freeway access. Utilities are available.

9144 N. CORDONIZ LN. CG    $399,000 Country living at its finest! This Certified “GREEN” modern design home on 2 acres is nestled in the high desert and features breathtaking views from the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Open kitchen with huge breakfast bar brings the family together. Unique construction and design make this an energy efficient home. Horse corrals plus a 25’x30’ detached garage. Ceiling is R40, walls are R30. Constructed with insulated panels, energy efficient roof, the highest electric bill was August - $179. There is a cistern to catch rainwater for plants. Additional information is available about the construction. House was designed by Rick McLain with REPP Design and Construction. Located close to CAC, I-10 and 10 minutes to hospital and Promenade Mall, this is a must see for the person looking for peace and quiet.

0 W HWY 84 -- 0 CASA GRANDE $3,184,236 58.48 acres. Great Potential! Directly across from the Francisco Grande Resort. Wonderful possibilities. Proposed medical office space and commercial zoning. I-10 TOLTEC RD 0 ELOY $4,784,850 24.41 acres. Fantastic commercial property with off ramp at I-10 and Toltec Rd. Rare opportunity to join with major national users at I-10 interchange halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. One fast food pad and one convenience store pad are available quickly balance could be for additional food service, hospitality or other. 0 N TREKELL RD 0 CASA GRANDE $5,183,640 17 acres. Prime Corner! SE corner of Trekell and Kortsen Rd. preliminarily planned for all sorts of neighborhood uses- buy the whole thing or pick your pad - Seller will consider splitting for one quality user, see MLS 4673440, 4673441 for separate listings for pads. 00 W WOODRUFF RD 10 CASA GRANDE $7,734,375 Approx 343.75 acres of beautiful, unique, mountainside property. Ready for PRIME residential lots.

22961 S JAMESTOWN $211,900 Has the time arrived for you to stage your own Old West Showdown? This property is the previous site of the Jamestown re-enactments complete with Western facades and additional buildings in the front with approximately 70ft of covered porch complete the pioneer town feeling. But there is much more here than the village, there are 40 Acres with a 3260 sq ft home, private well, pole barn, horse rack and gorgeous view of the Sawtooth Mountains.  The home features a great kitchen with two bay windows, two pantries and  40” cabinets overlooking a second large patio area with a view of the fire pit area just waiting for you to enjoy beautiful sunrises, spectacular sunsets and those breathtaking mountain views. This home has a split floor plan with a large dining room, 3 bedrooms plus an office/den and 2.5 baths. The wide open spaces allows for many pleasant hours for riding a horse or taking a walk.  

Spring 2013 | 33

PROPERTIES rox realty

Luxury Properties 165 E CORNERSTONE CIR Casa Grande


DETAILS DETAILS DETAIL -Top location Cornerstone at Coyote Ranch gated entry . Stunning grounds with outdoor fireplace, pool w/waterfall, spa, custom BBQ. extraordinary kitchen with Subzero appliances, 42” cabinets w/crown molding, granite counters, warming drawer, wall ovens, also a 2nd butlers kitchen, 4 fireplaces, 4 baths, 3 bedrooms plus office, 2 master suites with setting areas and fireplaces.  Bright open living space that overlooks the pool and lush green landscape.  Very clean, well maintained, move in condition. Oversized 4 car garage and so much more.

12249 N CHINOOK DR $415,000 Seclusion is just one of several special things about this property. Also included is a spectacular 360 degree         view.  This beautiful Territorial style home with  a total of apx 4,800 sq ft  features a full basement, pool and patio area all nestled on 2 acres. The main level has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a spacious master bedroom, great room with gas fireplace, large open kitchen with an ample breakfast bar complete with granite counters and hickory cabinets.  The basement is apx. 2,000 sq ft with 2 bedrooms, a full bath and a  family/ game room with a gas fireplace, workout room, huge craft room or shop and an outside entrance to the huge open patio area, pool, and covered patios. This home could use some TLC but is priced accordingly. 

11409 N BRAIDWOOD TRL Casa Grande

14227 N RIVER RIDGE RD Coolidge 9298 N LINNET DR CASA GRANDE $350,000 This is a very special home. The main house, guest house and garage are all straw bale construction. The main house consists of one bedroom, one bath and a huge greenroom.  The guest house also has one bedroom, and one bath. This is all placed on 2.38 acres including a sparkling self cleaning pool. The acreage is completely fenced with a 6’ block wall. Tongue and grove ceilings are featured in both structures. The walls of all structures are approximately 3 feet thick with an approximate R-60 valuation. There are many antique features in the home including but not limited to a 1917 Servant bath tub, interior doors from 1919 with original hardware and working transoms and the garage has carriage house hardware from 1900.


Southwestern contemporary mountainside beauty on 2.5 acres surveys the Casa Grande Valley. Incredible views of the city lights & mountains in every direction! A private, screened entry leads to the magnificent, custom -crafted knotty alder front door. Dramatic 12’-18’ ceilings have exposed vegas. The formal living/dining room has a Venetian plastered fireplace. Lovely niches are located to showcase your art. Ceramic tile floors throughout. Exits from every room to private outdoor patios. The gourmet kitchen is amazing...with granite counters & cherry cabinets, huge island, copper farm & prep sinks, wrap-around breakfast bar, an elevated dishwasher, walk-in pantry, 6 burner Wolfe gas range & Bosch double ovens, utility pantry & dining area. The spacious resort-style master suite features custom mesquite vanities, a free standing jetted garden tub & walk-thru shower with etched glass windows for a view, his ‘n her water closets & a large walk-in closet with built-ins. Guest will sleep in Ronald Reagan’s former bed frame which will remain in the 3rd bedroom! Incredible views from the 20’ x 26’ Ramada has an outdoor kitchen & overlooks the fenced pool! The 3 car extended, over height garage has 220 & a walking deck over the garage. All you could imagine in your dream home & more!


Absolutely fit for royalty! This elegant home has everything. With 5,000 square feet placed on 4.3 acres with five bedrooms, four baths, including private guest quarters, formal living and dining overlooking the large private lake with rock water fall and a spectacular panoramic view of the mountains beyond, this home is designed for fabulous living and outrageous entertaining. The master suite is truly over the top. The bedroom features a sitting area, his and her huge walk in closets and a second laundryroom. The bath has a double entry marble shower with two shower heads plus spray jets, a marble clad Jacuzzi tub and his and her private water closets. The kitchen is desiged for a chef with all commercial grade stainless steel appliances, rich, warm cabinets, granite counter tops and a breakfast bar for eight. The entire acerage is landscaped and the 24' x 44' heated pool and spa are fenced. Multiple covered patios make outdoor living most enjoyable. There is garage parking for five vehicles.


Spring 2013

By Kay Kerby

Living In A Straw Bale Home in The Arizona Desert is Really Cool...Literally!


he walls of a straw bale built home provide superior insulation from the summer heat while earthen plasters maintain an even temperature in the interior. Using nature’s materials to fend off the heat and protect from the cold is not a new idea. Straw, grass, reed and other members of the Triticum family have been used as building materials for centuries. Straw houses have been built on the plains of Africa since the stone age, but it was not until the mechanical hay baler was invented in the late 1850’s that using straw bale as a permanent building material became possible. In 1904, Nebraska pioneers found very few trees from which to build a home and the local soil was not suitable for sod houses. An alternative was to build a straw bale structure for shelter from the frigid Nebraska winters and hot summers. These homes were unprotected by stucco or plaster and it has been rumored that some homes were eaten by the livestock. At this point builders began

plastering their bale structures. If stucco was available, it was used to coat the exterior of the home. If not, mud was applied to seal the bales from cows and the elements. Since the 2000’s, straw bale construction has been revived worldwide by those who are seriously concerned with the environment and the cost of heating and cooling a home. Most construction consists of stacking rows of bales on a footing or foundation with a moisture barrier between the bales and their support. Typically, bales created on a farm with bailing machines are used. Recently, high dense compressed bales called “straw blocks” have been employed because these dense bales increase the loads that may be supported. After the bales are stacked, poultry mesh is attached to both the interior and exterior walls, and then an application of stucco or plaster is applied to seal the straw. The bales then provide the structural support for the building, Another form of bale building can have a structural frame of timber with the bales

serving as insulation. This skeletal framework allows for the erection of the roof before the raising of the bales which protects the bales during construction. A combination of framing and load bearing techniques may also be used. The R-value of a straw bale home can range from R-40 to R-60+. In comparison, 2” x 6” traditional framed walls are normally rated at R-19. Reduced heating and cooling costs are very compelling reasons to build a home of straw. Straw bale construction is not limited to private family homes. There are many large structures made of straw including a fivestar lodge in South Africa constructed from 10,000 straw bales. A homeowner in New Mexico built a straw bale landscape wall around her home to provide relief from the noise of the adjoining busy street. She is, once again, able to enjoy the soothing sounds of her garden. There are several straw bale structures in the Greater Casa Grande Valley including the

Spring 2013 | 35 By Georgia Schaeffer



Rebecca Dallis

omen of courage and character and from all walks of life have left deep roots in our community. Women of Native American, Hispanic, Chinese, Anglo and African American descent faced adversity with fortitude, spirit, determination and dedication. They made tangible impacts on Casa Grande. After laws started appearing on legislative books in the late 1800’s, Indian as well as Mexican children were excluded from some of Arizona’s small rural schools segregating them from Anglo students. Following the Civil War, as African Americans began moving west, laws banishing them from the schoolroom were created. By 1921, Arizona was one of the strictest states banning Blacks from White classrooms. This was the atmosphere that African American Rebecca Huey Dallis encountered when she came to teach in Arizona in 1929. Casa Grande was one of the earliest towns in Arizona to hire an African American teacher. Rebecca Dallis made her mark even before the years of institutionalized nationwide segregation. Born in Connersville, Indiana in 1896, Mrs. Dallis had a brother, Virgil, and a half-sister, Harriett. She received her Tennessee State Department of Education Elementary Teaching Certificate from Swift Memorial College in Rogersville, Tennessee on May 23, 1924. While attending Swift, she met William Curtis Dallis. They married December 23, 1923. The young teachers moved to Phoenix in 1929. Dorothy Nolan Senior Center in Florence, a 2,700 square foot private residence northwest of Casa Grande built by Dolly and Rudy Echeverria and one on Linnet north of Casa Grande which is currently for sale. Many of these homes are built with a very charming tradition….. a small section of the interior wall is left unplastered. This opening on the surface reveals the straw walls and a frame is used to create a window. It is referred to as a truth window. Straw bale homes can be truly attractive; the gentle earth tones of the outer finishes, the thick walls, the graceful elegant curves, soft rounded comers and delightfully deep window seats appear to have a calming effect on all.

She taught school in the predominantly Black community of Mobile, Arizona, about 30 miles southwest of Phoenix. Two railroad cars served as the segregated school houses. He ran the Dallis Funeral Home in Phoenix.

Our nation was in the throes of the Great Depression. Casa Grande was also struggling with taking responsibility for huge delinquent sewer and paving bonds, and all the Casa Grande teachers were given a 40 percent cut in pay because citizens were not paying their taxes. School enrollment was increasing, so a one-room separate “colored school” was built and opened in 1933 at the far southwest corner of the White South School (now Ocotillo), “as required by the laws of the state”. In 1935, Mrs. Dallis earned her Master of Arts in Education from the University of Arizona, a difficult and unusual accomplishment in those days. She earned her Master’s Degree when many women did not even attend college, much less high school. In 1939, the couple moved to Casa Grande where she began teaching in that one-room Southside Colored Grammar School. Between fifty and seventy students were crowded into the small schoolhouse each year which had no cooler and only a coal-oil heater in the winter. Mrs. Dallis earned about one-third less than her Anglo counterparts. She was allocated tattered textbooks – many with missing pages – and worn-down chalk from the White school. Her students were not allowed to ride school buses with White children and were not allowed on the playground when White children were at recess. She was resourceful, however, having older children tutor younger ones outside under a tree to escape the heat and reduce the noise in the cramped classroom. She taught home economics and cooking in her own kitchen. Having no access to science equipment or a library, she often held classes on the screened front porch of her home. Continues Pg. 49


insurance rox!

By Lisa J. Atkinson

Love Those Toys


ahhh…the freshness of spring! Here in southern Arizona, the season catapults us into a flurry of activity. Beautiful days encourage getting up close and personal with nature. The guys, (and a few gals), are out in the garage wiping the cobwebs off the boat seats. Others are shining up their motorcycle. And don’t forget those ATVs. A second group smell spring in the air and start dreaming about that new toy they’re determined to own before the season is over. Adventure awaits! But wait…not so fast…hold on there. What about insurance? Did you cancel the coverage when you put your boat in storage? How much will that motorcycle insurance empty out your pockets? Do you even need to insure your ATV? Of course, Arizona dictates who does and does not need to meet legal requirements in order to operate their pleasure vehicle. In the event that Arizona says you must carry

liability insurance to satisfy the law, take a moment to make sure that’s all you need. For instance, if you own an older model motorcycle, you may decide you can save some pennies by just carrying the minimum required amount of insurance. But let me ask you a question – Which of these two scenarios is more probable? A: You’re enjoying an invigorating ride on your motorcycle when, BAM!, you rear end a car. You’re okay, but you owe them a new bumper and the driver has whiplash or B: You’re making a legal left hand turn at a fourway intersection and an oncoming car runs the stop light and broad sides you. Your bike is destroyed and you have grave injuries. If you guessed the correct answer: B., what does your minimum required coverage, penny pinching liability only policy do for you? Nada. Zip. Zilch! You are at the mercy of the at-fault driver’s insurance choices. What if he also decided to save some money and only has the required 15/30/10 liability? Since $15,000 is the maximum you can collect for injuries, you won’t even have enough money to pay for the ride to the hospital in the medivac helicopter. The only other obligation the atfault party has is to pay for the damage to your bike. That will be the actual cash value, but no more than $10,000.

Spring 2013 This same dismal story can apply to you dare devil’s out there on dirt bikes and ATVs. If you have no insurance or minimum insurance, you will find yourself in the same life changing predicament. Now, for those of you who enjoy boating… Picture this – the wind is in your hair, the sun is in your eyes, and, oh my, you totally miss the dark shadow of rock under the surface of the water. Now your $8,000 boat has a $3,000 hole in it. Or worse, your responsible teenage son has a few irresponsible friends and horseplay results in injury. You will only need to blink one time before the parents of that boy file a claim against your boat liability. How you sleep after an event like this is greatly determined by the power of your insurance policy. In short, pinching pennies is advantageous in many situations. Make those times count. You will, however, want to weigh your decisions against some of those, “it couldn’t happen to me” situations and make wise choices. At ROX Insurance, we have a selection of companies, such as Progressive, Foremost and Victoria, who cater to you fun loving people. Let us help you find a policy that combines good sense, wise choices and let the good times roll!

It’s Not Just a Toy. It’s a way of life – your life. It’s your escape from the rest of the world. It’s your passion. Protecting it is ours.

Let us customize a boat, motorcycle or RV policy that’s just right for you. Call today for a free personalized insurance quote.

ROX Insurance CG, LLC 442 W KORTSEN RD #101 CASA GRANDE, AZ 85122 520-836-7660 Underwritten by Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and its affiliates, Mayfield Village, OH. Available in most states and situations. ©2008 Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. 05A00360.5 (01/08)

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Lisa J. Atkinson

Cindy Garcia

Rosie Rodriguez

Lizbeth Storer

Irene Rayrao


Spring 2013

By Irene Rayrao



nfortunately, disaster can strike at any time. No one is immune to the threat of losing his or her home due to any number of possible hazards. But a recent survey found that most homeowners are seriously underinsured. Marshall & Swift/Boekh, a leading insurance data services company, found that 66 percent of homeowners had inadequate coverage by an average of 18 percent. That works out to $36,000 for a typical $200,000 home. While few people would willingly choose a policy with a $36,000 deductible, that is the net result of being underinsured by that much on what may well be their most valuable asset.

these and other factors of your home into consideration, including the total square footage to determine the home’s replacement cost. This is the amount you should insure your house for; this is sometimes referred to as “Coverage A” in your homeowner’s policy.

Market Value vs. Replacement Cost

X Detached garage

The market value of what your home would sell for today is very different from the amount of replacement cost coverage to properly insure the rebuilding of a home. Market value takes into consideration the land value, depreciation and other nearby market factors while the replacement cost simply reflects the cost to rebuild a home. These can be very different numbers. For example, you can have a home that is worth $400,000 in one neighborhood while an identical home across town could have a market value of half that much, even assuming they were built on lots of equal size. But actually replacing those homes - rebuilding them in place using similar construction methods and materials - would essentially cost the same for both. Rebuilding costs can be higher or lower than market values, since factors like land value and depreciation don’t affect rebuilding. Sitting down with your agent to review the features of your home is very important, as homes with features such as crown molding, hardwood floors and tile cost more to rebuild. Other factors that are weighed are the quality of kitchens and bathrooms; for example, custom or luxury kitchens can add significantly to the rebuilding costs. Your agent will take

Separate Structures Separate structures, sometimes referred to as “other structures” or “Coverage B”, refers to any structure that is on your property, but not attached to your main house. Examples of separate structures include:

X Block wall or fence X Garden shed X Detached in-law unit X Retaining walls X Swimming pool X Outdoor kitchen Most homeowner policies automatically include separate structures insurance (Coverage B) that equals 10% of the amount of insurance on the main house (Coverage A). If the number and value of separate structures are significant, such as a detached living quarters or many others beyond one item listed above, a separate valuation should be done for each to determine if extra coverage is needed. If you have just have a normal size fence and nothing more, you will probably be fine with the 10% figure. But in either case, this should be brought up when discussing replacement costs with your agent.

amount of personal property in your home, this should be adequate. However, if you have a lot of personal property or you have higher value items, then you may want to discuss an additional amount of coverage with your agent. Items such as jewelry, guns, coins, computers, business and high risk property typically have policy sub-limits, some of which may be $1,000 or less. A homeowner’s policy has many options to increase these personal property coverage amounts.

Know The Value Before a Catastrophe Knowing the value is part of good financial planning and risk management. What you are doing is protecting what you have as well as the investment in your home. Shortchanging yourself only create problems when a claim occurs. The worst thing you can do is deal with value after a claim, because at that point, it is too late. That is why it’s best to address this now and let insurance serve its purpose and allow you to smoothly proceed with your life after a claim occurs. Important tip: be sure to take a detailed home inventory before any disaster strikes. Take photographs and record serial numbers where applicable, particularly on high value personal property. Consider storing this information offsite, perhaps in a safety deposit box, where these important records are not vulnerable to the same disaster that befalls your home and property. Please call me for a comprehensive review of your current coverage.

Contents Coverage Your homeowner’s policy will automatically include personal property coverage, which is a separate item sometimes known as “Coverage C” that can equal 50% to 75% of the Coverage A amount. If you have a typical

Irene Rayrao 520-836-7660

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Co mme rc i a l Sales and Leasing Ag en t s

299 W CENTRAL AVENUE STE AVE COOLIDGE $282,500 Very nice red brick office building arched windows on the outside, with glass block wall on both sides of the front door. The east side of the building is currently leased. West side of building is very nicely finished inside with knotty hickory wood cabinets, 4 inch wood shutters, upgraded carpet, earth tone ceramic tile baths and vinyl in kitchen/copy room. Nice reception area and three other work spaces in the back. High ceilings. Back of building has a 6ft chain link fence with a drive gate for storage or additional parking. Sidewalks on N and W side of building.

3150 N PIPER AVE B-117 CASA GRANDE $350,000 1. Approx. 1,600sf built out with four offices, reception area, conference room and bathroom 2. Warehouse of approx. 1,600sf insulated, cooled, w/fire sprinkler system, 12’ roll-up door, personnel door; 1,000sf outside gated yard 3. Brokers Rock Earle and Kirk McCarville are principals in property 4. Located on Casa Grande’s most heavily traveled north/south corridor 5. Close to I-10 6. Light Industrial zoning (City of Casa Grande) 7. Attractive block construction 8. Major street frontage/signage 9. Adjacent to Casa Grande Municipal Airport 10. Taxiway access (from associated hangars) 11. For Sale/lease/lease-option

Rock Earle - associate broker Brett Eisele - associate broker, GRI Bea Lueck Charlie Weaver David Grangaard

David Schlagel Keith LaVoo Ray Christian Timothy "TJ" Lipson

510 S ARIZONA BLVD COOLIDGE $318,000 Currently used as bike repair shop and Propane Gas Sale. Station has 2 upright fuel tanks 6,000 gal. ea. One is E85 tank and other reg. gas tank. Long time service station, old tanks have been removed by the state and a clear report available for ADEQ. Dump Station on property.

rox realty 1919 N Trekell Rd Casa Grande 520-423-8250

Each office is independently owned and operated" Connie Rush, Designated Broker

40 By Cindy Garcia


Spring 2013 previously purchased was probably adequate at the time, but remember: your business has changed since then and so has your liability exposure. What was suitable for your needs last year may no longer be sufficient if your company has grown and expanded. The larger your growth, the more you become exposed to potential, increased, and significant liability. Property Insurance: Business property evaluations go up and down as commercial real estate values fluctuate. You could now be paying too little or too much for the necessary coverage. The same applies to your equipment, machinery, and your inventory. Adding or subtracting in these three areas, while factoring in appreciation or depreciation, can dramatically affect not only the premiums you pay, but also your overall property insurance coverage in the event of a significant loss such as a fire or natural disaster. Workers’ Compensation: The premium you pay is largely dependent on the roles of each and every employee from the shop floor to your managerial staff. If the roles of your personnel have changed relative to how your business has grown, shrunk, or evolved, then you need to re-evaluate these changes relative to the premium rate you pay for each worker. The premium cost changes or differences can be substantial.


very business goes through different cycles of profit and loss. This means that your risks and potential exposures are being similarly affected. At the same time, commercial insurance coverage is also continually evolving and changing. Nothing in either your business or the insurance industry remains static. This is why you should re-evaluate your insurance coverage at least once a year. A regular insurance audit will help you plug any coverage holes that might severely impact your bottom-line should an unexpected loss occur. Ask yourself: How much risk are we prepared to accept for our business? Essentially, anything that you are not prepared to take on needs to be covered by suitable insurance coverage. To measure the amount of risk in evaluating the insurance needs of your company, there are a number of key areas you need to examine in conjunction with a knowledgeable insurance agent. The primary areas you should re-evaluate annually are: General Liability: How much liability protection does your company currently require? The amount of coverage you had

Business Interruption Insurance: You might have enough insurance to get your business re-built and your equipment replaced in the event of a disaster, but did you also factor in your business operating expenses? Many companies neglect that part of the equation and fail to develop a disaster recovery plan. Even if your company has a plan, what about the vendors that are key to the survival of your business? Your own business might be fine, but in some other part of the state or country, a key manufacturer or supplier could get nailed. Did you know that you could extend your coverage to cover this circumstance too? Summary: To safeguard your business from potential risk, an annual insurance audit is a must. You may discover that changes in your business may have exposed you to new risks. Likewise, insurance premiums are a significant expense, and you might find that you are paying too much or covering exposures that are no longer relevant. I would appreciate the opportunity to review your commercial policy.

Cindy Garcia 520-836-7660

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Cont. from Pg. 18

implementing Impact Fees, to the chagrin of the development community, yet probably vital to the fiscal stability of the County and well-being of its newly-arrived residents.

ATransportation Planning With growth, transportation issues move to the forefront, and in 2006 a regional transportation summit was held that included representatives from the cities, ADOT, Indian Nations, Union Pacific railroad and others. The topic was where does everyone want transportation to go? The planning began for new North/South and East/West arteries to help distribute both commerce and traffic flow throughout the County.

AAir Quality Another hot topic was air quality. Pinal County is primarily an agricultural County and with that comes dust and airborne particulates. The governing agencies in Washington and at times on the State level tend to forget that fact when we continually exceed the maximum particulate levels mandated.

AEconomic Development When Snider entered office the County had a somewhat remote attitude towards economic development and the supervisors had a budget of only $2,000 each to promote economic development for their respective districts.

Snider helped refocus the County’s outlook to a more regional point of view, and in 2006 the County stepped up to the plate and made the decision to join Central Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation, with an initial stake of $100,000. The Mayors of the Cities in the region were all on the board of directors, but the County had no representation, so Snider became the representative for Pinal County. In 2009 the new board (Snider, Rios, Martyn) hired Timothy Kanavel, and with a regional focus the County began its own Economic Development efforts [see Pinal County Economic Development column this issue]. An early spinoff was transportation planning progress, including Interstate 11 route planning, which he considers of paramount importance.

AUnion Pacific Expansion In 2007 the Pinal Rail Corridor accord was formed which included representatives from Casa Grande, Maricopa and Eloy among others and the Union Pacific Railroad. The Union Pacific was in the process of double-tracking their Southern division and certain problems had to be addressed. More specifically, grade crossings and how to make them safer now there were two mainline tracks instead of one. In 2008 an agreement

was signed with the railroad and the Union Pacific immediately put up $3,000,000 to be split with the cities to begin the engineering for the upgrading of the crossings. When asked, Mr. Snider said the biggest frustration for him as a supervisor was the proposed Union Pacific classification yard or “hump” yard at Picacho. The project involved some State land which brought the State government into the mix. After back and forth negotiations and some frustration the railroad decided to move on to another project in New Mexico where their government was more receptive. Pinal County owns the Pinal Airpark which is able to accommodate jets as large as 747s and the idea was to possibly bring in air freight traffic from Pacific Rim countries, truck goods the short trip North to the classification yard and distribute freight throughout the country via the railroad. A win/win for everyone, but at the time Snider left office the project had not come to fruition and the economic loss alone was in the millions not to mention the trickle down effect.

TO THE FUTURE Snider’s great frustration with items left undone are the negotiations to open the Pinal Airpark facility in Marana to more development, as he believes the economic consequences would have been huge. In the same area as the as-yet-unconsummated Union Pacific switching yard, for which the primary obstacle is the Arizona State Land Department; Snider acknowledges the challenges in dealing with that agency are big, but the payoff would be giant. The other big game-changers for Pinal are the proposed Phoenix Mart on the east edge of Casa Grande, and the Resolution Copper proposal in the eastern part of the County. Snider is proud that during his terms in office “we took Pinal County to the next level”, although there are lots of things yet to do in our part of the “Sun Corridor”: •

Build a sustainable economic base, create and sustain a sense of place that puts us with a place at the table as equals with Phoenix and Tucson Build the political will and private sector agreement on a longer range, more beneficial vision of Pinal County and an outwardfacing united front Even up the North-south power balance in Pinal County, as the south has become politically less active.

When asked about ascendant leaders he says “There are none - the environment has changed”, and he believes that the newly emergent trend of political partnership best illustrated by the successful Paul Babeu/Lando Voyles candidacy, he says it is “A dangerous trend, fraught with danger”. In a thinly-veiled reference to a certain Pinal political tyro, he says “political ambition is always an interesting thing to watch ... the challenge is walking the line between realizing that ambition and serving the people who got you there”. Mr. Snider says his career was a “great ride” and he would not change a thing! He considers himself currently on sabbatical, wants to travel more and maybe do some consulting, and believes the friends he has made, the contacts and the overall process of his thirty+ years of service were well worth the effort.


travel rox!

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BY Bill and Jo Anne Doughty

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SAPPORO, japan Historical Village, Science Center


s promised in our first travel article about the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, we would like to share the other sites we visited that week. Although we were a part of a group who went there to ski, we took off on our own to sightsee. In between walks through the Snow Festival area at Odori Park, we decided to take a train and visit the Historical Village of Hokkaido, and the Sapporo Science Center. Riding the train is an experience in itself, although we learned to love public transportation while in Asia. We just walked to the station from our hotel. We were heading to a little town called ShinSapporo to first visit the Historical Village. We identified the subway line we wanted, determined the cost, bought a ticket from a kiosk, and went to the track. However, when we arrived at our stop in Shin-Sapporo we had a problem. There were no ticket takers as in other stations! It took us a while to figure out that we were to insert our ticket at the turnstile and walk to the other end. If there was something wrong with the ticket, it would be rejected, and the exit would be blocked. On no, it happened to us. We had to find the gate attendant; he would indicate the problem which usually is that

we owe more money on the ticket. However, here in Sapporo they did not have gate attendants, only automated tellers. We found the machine, figured out what to do, put in our ticket, and pushed the button. Great, it worked, but wait, we heard a voice speaking Japanese! We could not understand what

the machine wanted, and there was no one around to help. We had visions about being trapped like the guy in the Kingston Trio song who was stuck on the MTA because he did not have the nickel to pay the fare increase. Hold on, someone was nearing: a station master to our rescue. He let us out after we paid the extra fare, even gave us a bus ticket, and told us where to catch the bus to the Village. We still had a problem, though. After walking about four flights of stairs and a quarter mile, we found the bus stops--all thirteen of them. We had to go back down to find the bus number from the station master. At that point two young men who spoke English (a Japanese and an American) took us by the hand and put us on the bus to Kaitaku-no-mura and the Historical Village. We found someone is always willing to help an American. The living history Village of Hokkaido covered a fairly large area and is located in Nopporo Forest Park in the suburbs of Sapporo (about 10 minute ride from Shin-Sapporo train station). It was opened to the public in 1983. The Village preserved old structures and transmitted a picture of the pioneer’s life in early Hokkaido The buildings are actual buildings that have been moved from their original locations in Continues Pg. 46


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by Kyna Perry, Product Development Manager


olitical relations between the United States and Cuba have been strained since Fidel Castro took power in 1959. In 1962, an economic embargo against Cuba further isolated the island from the United States by cutting off almost all trade, including a travel ban for non-Cuban Americans.In 2008, Castro transferred power to his brother RaĂşl and subsequent, nascent reforms in Cuba have led to some easing of travel restrictions on the U.S. side.

In 2009, President Obama loosened some of the controls on travel that had been tightened in 2004 by President George W. Bush. The 2009 changes allowed Cuban Americans unlimited travel and financial remittances to any Cuban citizen who is not a government official or member of the Communist Party. With increased contact between Cuban Americans and the Cuban people, as well as provisions to allow American telecommunications companies to operate in Cuba, the Obama Administration hopes to affect political change in Cuba from the ground up. In 2011, travel restrictions were loosened a bit more for non-Cuban Americans traveling to Cuba for educational or religious reasons. However, travel to Cuba remains highly regulated and those who break the rules may be subject to heavy fines. Happily, with some awareness

and diligence, many American travelers can visit Cuba today in full compliance with current restrictions. Most travelers can qualify under a General License, meaning, as long as they meet the specified requirements, they may travel to Cuba without submitting a formal application. For the average traveler, either the educational or the religious category is the way to go. In each case, individuals or groups travel under the auspices of a recognized institution and will need documentation to that effect. Once you ensure qualification for yourself as a traveler, you must enlist a licensed agency to make your travel arrangements. The key here is to work with a Travel Service Provider (T.S.P.); that is a company which is licensed to make travel arrangements and, most importantly, to conduct financial transactions with Cuba. There are a number of companies offering People to People travel programs to Cuba. It is important to understand that these companies hold a license to travel but they do not hold a license to receive and distribute the funds for that travel. If such a company asks that you send payments directly

to them, you should question their compliance with the law. Despite the hurdles, now is really the time to go to Cuba. The end of the trade embargo is not imminent, but it is likely on the not-too-distant horizon. The ageing of the Communist regime means Cuba is facing significant political change in the coming decades. Small private industry is already building momentum in the wake of the economic reforms of recent years. When the wall finally does fall, one can only hope that Cuba will maintain its strong, authentic, cultural character while taking advantage of the economic opportunities of normalized trade with the U.S. With restrictions easing, Cuba’s half-century of isolation from the U.S. and forbidden, rogue quality are enough to pique the curiosity of potential visitors, but beyond the mystique and audacity, Cuba is a beautiful, engaging place with a complex history, dynamic culture and proud, resourceful people.The rest of the world has been enjoying Cuba as a vacation destination for decades. Tourism development is a priority in Cuba and one of the country’s

Spring 2013 | 45 fought alongside Castro in the 1950s. How the passing of that generation may affect Cuba is the subject of much speculation. If you have even a passing interest in modern history this is fascinating stuff. The best way to take in Cuba’s 500 year history is to wander the streets of its cities. The term “open-air museum” really applies here, especially in Old Havana, Trinidad de Cuba, Cienfuegos and Camaguey, all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. While Spanish colonists grew rich off the fruits of Cuba, namely sugar cane, tobacco and slaves,they kept themselves in grand style. What remains is a feast of uniquely Cuban adaptations of Neoclassical, Spanish Colonial and Baroque architecture, as well as more recent styles of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Midcentury Modern.

most important industries. There is a range of good hotels, some quite deluxe, touring vehicles are modern and safe, roads are good and the tour guides are exceptional.One sign of budding economic reform is the proliferation of paladares - small restaurants licensed to serve foreign visitors in private homes. They are popping up all over Havana and Trinidad de Cuba and offer a chance to connect with locals in their private spaces. Cuba’s revolutionary history is marked at pivotal sites across the country, beginning with the first attempts at independence from Spain in the late 19th century. Monuments to the 1959 revolution and its heroes are grand in the Soviet style; and however you may feel about the politics behind them, their power is stirring. Anti-imperialist propaganda and pro-Revolution slogans loom on faded billboards and crumbling walls. The Revolution is present and still playing out, but many of today’s leaders are in their 80s, having

Some buildings in the forefront, those lining plazas and in other prominent positions, have been beautifully restored, but many more are crumbling. Communism may have saved Cuba’s historical character from rampant commercial development, but old buildings need upkeep, and economic isolation seems to have pushed building maintenance to the bottom of the priority list. If you’re just passing through, the decrepit elegance is intriguing, even romantic. Savor that impression for a moment, and then realize that people live in these buildings and there’s no romance in a rotting roof and disintegrating pipes. Until recently, citizens of Castro’s Cuba were not allowed to buy or sell property. Since the early 60s extended families had no choice but to live together in homes passed down from previous generations, not necessarily a bad thing, but potentially very crowded. Repairs were difficult to impossible because of the tight government hold on building materials and permits. In November 2011, a new law came into effect that allows the trade of real estate. Since then, the government has introduced programs which aim to stimulate construction, with

plentiful materials and grants available for new construction or to repair dilapidated homes. Despite widespread decay, Cuban cities are immaculate, even the rubble is swept into neat piles. Average Cubans struggle to make ends meet on less than $20 a month but you wouldn’t guess it. The public face, at least, is smart and pulled-together, if a bit weary. Incomes are supplemented and shortages relieved by a vigorous black market economy, which picks up where subsidized staples end and brings some “luxury” items within reach. Remittances from Cuban American relatives help some, but for most, survival depends on strong community cooperation and the enterprising spirit that seems native to the Cuban people. Visitors to Cuba trade with the Convertible Cuban Peso (C.U.C.), officially accepted only within the tourism sector. U.S. dollars are not accepted. The U.S.D.-C.U.C. exchange rate is 1:1, with a 10% change fee. Cuban salaries and pensions are paid in the Cuban Peso, worth 1/24thof the C.U.C. Jobs in the tourist industry are prized for their access to C.U.C.s and it is not uncommon to find highly educated professionals driving cabs and waiting tables, where they can earn more in daily tips than their official monthly salary. C.U.C.s go a long way in the informal economy, so when in Cuba, tip well and tip often. Perhaps it’s the music that fortifies Cubans against hard times. It is one thing of which there is no shortage. Music is highly valued in Cuban culture, as are the arts in general. Music education is mandatory in primary and secondary schools and extra-curricular music education is free for children between 8 and 18.African beats, Spanish strings and jazzy horns meet in various combinations to fill bars and restaurants. Quartets, quintets, trios and duos serenade busy pedestrian streets and drowsy parks. For a visitor, the steady accompaniment is like swimming in the national soul.While touring the history and observing the current reality, you’re wrapped in the interpretations of those who are living it. After dark, you can practice salsa and rumba at throbbing night clubs, where the dancing often spills out into the streets, or rest your feet at a jazz bar with a cigar and three fingers of rum. If you’re considering a trip to Cuba, by all means, pursue that thought. The first step is to ask your travel agent to put you in touch with a licensed Travel Service Provider to Cuba. A T.S.P. will connect you with a group departure or arrange a custom trip for you or your organization and ensure that your trip operates according to United States law. The embargo is enforced by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (O.F.A.C.) and the agency publishes detailed guidelines on their web site http:// Programs/Documents/cuba_tr_app.pdf


have you seen?

By Peg & Roxanne

The Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort in Casa Grande was originally built for the San Francisco Giants baseball team as their spring training facility in 1959. It now hosts Grande World Sports Complex, and a worldclass golf course. A few miles down the road is the National Park at Picacho Peak. Picacho Peak was actually a Civil War battlefield (camels and all!), and now is a lovely camping and hiking spot. Oh, and did I mention… it’s a dead volcano??



o, we’re not being dense, just curious. If you are reading this, you most likely live in Arizona or have at least visited. But… have you really seen it? Explored our beautiful state, in depth? Sure, there is the Grand Canyon, one of the wonders of the world. You would be amazed at how many Arizonans (even those born here!!) have never made the trip to see this magnificent natural work of Mother Nature. Take the historic Grand Canyon Railway for a fun experience. Better yet, get wet and wild while rafting down the Colorado River! Not a water fan - take a mule ride down into the canyon instead!

On the way to the Grand Canyon is another awesome natural wonder… the Red Rocks of Sedona! Great place to shop and eat, but the hiking and climbing are what draw most visitors to the area. Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Bell Rock, take a drive thru Oak Creek Canyon up to the lookout with vistas of the entire area.

Before you reach Sedona, stop and take some time at Montezuma’s Castle, an ancient Native American ruin that consists of dwellings cut into the rocks. Have lunch at the Cliff Castle casino and hotel, or pop over to Prescott and check out the famous Whiskey Row for shopping and great food! For a fun and different vacation, rent a houseboat on Lake Powell, take a drive into Monument valley, or the Petrified Forest and

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Tucson and points south is a busy place for sightseeing. Besides the beautiful, historic “Old Pueblo” itself, just outside the city you will find Old Tucson Movie Studios, and nearby, the Sonoran Desert Museum. In that area also, the San Javier del Bac Mission, founded by Father Kino as a Catholic church in 1692. The mission still holds services every week, and you can tour the buildings and grounds at no cost.

the Painted Desert. Outside Flagstaff you’ll find Meteor Crater, the result of a 150-ftdiameter space rock colliding with Earth at 26,000mph! Also, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is well worth a look. Don’t forget skiing in the winter at Snowbowl, just north of Flagstaff! Wow! That’s just the tip of the iceberg in Northern AZ. And there’s still 2/3rds of the state to see; Out of Africa Wild Life Park, near Camp Verde; the Wild Life World Zoo and Aquarium; the Phoenix Zoo; museums galore (heard of the MIM?**) Any type of sporting event you could ask for, concerts, fairs, (the Renaissance Fair!), holiday celebrations……… too many things to mention here. Did you know that the Pinal County Courthouse in Florence is the oldest (1891) public building still in use in the state? Take a tour, it’s well worth a look.

Downtown Tucson is chock full of restaurants, shopping of all kinds (check out the 4th Ave shops), museums, the campus of University of Arizona to mention just a few. The Tucson Museum of Art is in the Historic district, plenty of buildings from the early days of the city, as well. The Pima Air and Space Museum is a must! It houses old military planes as well as the Aviation hall of fame, among many other attractions. South of Tucson, check out Tubac, a state historic park, and now an artist community. It’s on the way to Nogales, the famous border town. Going East out of Tucson, you’ll find the Biosphere 2, Mt Lemmon ski resort, Colossal Cave, Kartchner Caverns, the Wild West town of Tombstone and the breathtaking scenery of the Chiricahua Mountains! The Chiricahuas were the home of the Apache Indians where Cochise and Geronimo ruled for many years. Truly the wild, Wild West! There are so many more wonderful sights in this great state, I couldn’t begin to name them all. When you are ready to explore Arizona, come see us and we will help you make it happen! (** MIM is the Musical Instrument Museum!)

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Cont. from Pg. 43

SAPPORO, japan

of the caretakers, Jo Anne and I were the only individuals there that morning for one lone photographer. Even though there was a least four feet of snow on the ground, the caretakers kept all of the sidewalks passable and easy to walk. We took our time visiting each site and thoroughly enjoyed our visit there. In the park the banks of snow along the foresty lanes were pristine white, free of automobile pollution.

various parts of Hokkaido to the village. They displayed life in early times. Within the area there were 60 typical structures from the period mid-19th century to early 20th century and are located within four sections representing a town, a fishing village, a farm village and a mountain village. And just about every building had some sort of inside displays. Many of them had mannequins that were extremely realistic. In addition, according to the brochure we received, were horse drawn trolleys in the summer and a sleigh in the winter to provide transportation along the main street for visitors to the park (they must have been on a rest day when we were there). We spent the better part of the morning going from one building to another and viewed the entire inside displays. With the exception

We headed back to the bus for Shin Sapporo. The Sapporo Science Museum was located just outside the train station and consisted of three floors. The first floor represented the universe and had a planetarium which we did not visit because of the shortage of time. The second floor was filled with various types of electronic equipment as well as exhibits of high technology in the fields of telecommunications and computers.

Most of the exhibits were hands-on, but the instructions were in Japanese. We quickly passed through the third floor. Bill managed to get the robots to work but had to quit when they started to ask questions in Japanese. Arriving back in Sapporo, we walked through the Hokkaido University grounds near our hotel, along a long road bordered with the tallest poplars we’ve ever seen. The buildings were very modern; we stopped at the student union for something warm to drink. Upon returning to our hotel it began to rain and snow; we were prepared with our heavy coats and boots. In the evening we visited the Snow Festival again in Odori Park to photograph the added lighting and night scenes, thus endng the last day before departure. A different way to celebrate Winter- visiting a snow area was invigorating with fresh clean air, snow, warm clothes, and a fireplace waiting at the hotel.


Spring 2013 the truth according to wilson b dedman

By Wilson B. Dedman

WINE? ... NOT! A wine round-trip from sot to snob and back.


hen I was young, I thought drinking was manly. Once I became a man, I drank, yet somehow inebriation did not make me a Man.

A s I looked around at the world, I saw attractive people involved with wine - either consuming it like normal people, or being consumed by it - that is to say, either winos or connoisseurs, I suppose. One man’s connoisseur is another man’s snob, and I imagined I could be, after countless sips snobbily swirled, the former. So I started down the road to oeno-snobdom, believing that with enough hard work, I too would have the wisdom (or at least the knowledge), to write erudite (or at least snobby) articles on matters of towering import such as the subtlest hints of fermented wallaby urine with intense undertones of putrefying cacao dregs. Besotted by such misbelief I visited the appellations, read the magazines, did the tastings: I went, I studied, I drank ... and believed I was accumulating a cellarful of that particular wisdom. At first I would diligently soak the labels off favorite quaffs, pretending I was keeping score, expecting that one day my wine knowledge would, as expertise so often does, lurch upward from my shadow into the wine-world in all its blazing glory, and that world would recognize its newest oeno-genius. Funny thing then that, in the midst of all of it, I would tire of the quest, preferring quite often to leave the bodega with six €2 bottles in hand for a blind tasting beauty pageant in search of the best twoEuro Chuck, as it were. My immense satisfaction - almost elation - in finding several in every tranche that drank as a major-label $15 bottle (or better) from my local supermarket belied my stated goal of connoisseurshipness. This quirk drew ridicule from the cognoscenti amongst me, of course, and should have been my first clue that my quest was doomed. But no. I continued on my path as best I could, half-hearted as it was. Later on, when my grasp caught up with my reach, came the $140 bottle of single vintage 1843 old-growth shiraz (only 4 acres left!) in Barrossa Valley; the incandescantly incestuous little Swiss (Valais) reds that they so disingenuously keep locked in the basement, for themselves only; the Rubenesque-yet-delicate Bacharach red paired perfectly with venison in the castle high over the Rhine; the freeflowing, sexy, wet and wild little Hungarian GruVs, at any price point desired ... must I continue? Okay, then ... the pigpen carmenere on the steam train in South America ... oh, that dirty lusty carmenere … One day amidst all the oeno-frenzy I realized I would rather drink wine than taste it. For the obvious reasons, of course, but more than that too: please, God, just let me taste something DIFFERENT this time. Not necessarily better or great or even good - just different. So on the aforementioned train in the Colchagua Valley in Chile, an emergent New World wine region, the usual suspects, white and red, were well-presented, and we pretended, to care, yada, yada, yada. But then, a magic elixir of deep, dark crimson was poured, instantly

filling the proximate heavens with a rich, earthy, fulsome aroma not at all unlike a barnyard in summer. “Smells like dirt!” I thought, excitedly … “... now we’re getting somewhere!”. Then a proper sip no, can’t stop - a GULP ... “Tastes like s**t!!!!” … I am sooo in heaven. I wanted different, got it, and somehow the getting made me realize that I did not care a whit about “good” or “great”. Me, myself, I and my life are all about different, not great. That’s it. But my other exemplary quality is an insistence on doing everything in the most efficient way possible - I like to think of it as effectiveness. Okay, yes - it’s laziness. And once a seeker of different reaches the pinnacle of barnyard-poop-tasting red wine on a steam train in some banana republic, where leads the path from there? Yes, I learned about the fascinating story of the stowaway carmenere grape, that came from the old world hidden in a shipment of merlot or somesuch, only to be betrayed when its vineyard-mates all died of a phylloxera outbreak. Yes, I looked for and bought every bottle of carmenere I could find, tasting, tasting, always testing for that wild stable flavor - or something else, different, or new. Among other delusive quests. And eventually I came full circle, yearning once again for those lovely lineups of two-buck lasses in my contests, not just for the sheer economy of it, but rather fully the surprise. And although I suppose the surprise is why the real experts do it too, I suspect theirs is not the same surprise as mine: they seek the beauty queen in all her finery and excess, as if there is any lack of those; I desire the beautiful and thrifty wife who also multiplies my herds. Or is it fields? OK, vineyards.

Spring 2013 | 49 Cont. from Pg. 35

Discovering that some students needed an understanding of Spanish, she ordered a correspondence course and learned the language along with them. Over the years, Mrs. Dallis took post-graduate courses in Administration at Arizona State College and the University of Southern California with a focus on methods of teaching students with special needs. Due to the continual growth in Casa Grande’s Black population, a new East School (now Palo Verde) was built in 1952. Rebecca Dallis’ talents were recognized and she was named Head Teacher, however, it was not until 1960 that the School Board named her Principal, the job she had performed for the previous eight years. At the age of 65, she was given a mandatory and official retirement. Mrs. Dallis continued to teach in Stanfield, alongside her husband. She also served for years on the Casa Grande Public Library Board, taught piano, playing at weddings and funerals, continued to work with children, especially with “slow learners” and developmentally disabled children, making a difference in the lives of children who needed her most. Rebecca Huey Dallis died in 1971. In 1990, the Southside Colored Grammar School building was moved to the grounds of the Casa Grande Valley Historical Society. It was renamed in her honor, and has recently undergone renovations. For a short few months in 19571958, that school house was my third grade classroom.

INDEPENDENT 55+ LIVING COMMUNITY 1& 2 Bedroom Townhomes • All Single Level Units Small Pets Welcome • Beautiful Clubhouse and Grounds Hair Salon • Pool & Fitness Center

(520) 836-6555 •

1771 E. McMurray Blvd. Casa Grande, AZ 85122 Affordable Apartment Homes from $397 to $815* *Income Limits may apply

Identified as one of 10 Arizona women who “made a difference”, Rebecca Dallis inspired scores of youngsters at a time in history when not all children received equal educational opportunities under the law. She was honored in the 1980’s by the Arizona Historical Society as an Arizona Community Builder and Woman of Distinction. Rebecca Huey Dallis was truly a distinguished woman of courage and character. Georgia F. Schaeffer is a Realtor and Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Rox Realty and a native of Casa Grande. Credits: Casa Grande Dispatch, Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail, & Casa Grande Valley Historical Society & Museum.


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Bingham Equipment, 815 W Gila Bend Hwy Books, 204 N Florence St Boost Mobile, 1275 E Florence Bosa Donuts, 1659 E Florence Botas Silverado, 1148 E Florence Brake Masters, 1649 E Florence Bright Beginnings, 420 W Cottonwood Brighton Collision, 3114 N Lear Brownie’s, 2876 N Pinal (Village Center) CAC, Overfield Rd CAC, CG Mercado Suite 7 Cancer Treatment Service, 1876 E Sabin Dr Suite 10 Carleton Quilts, 404 N Florence St Casa Grande Postal UPS, 1385 E Florence Cedar’s Heart Center, 1968 N Peart Center Family Medicine, 301 E Cottonwood CG Animal Hospital, 1645 N Pinal CG Breast Center, 1828 E Florence Suite 128 CG Chamber of Commerce, 575 N Marshall CG Chiropractor, 201 N Florence St CG Clinic, 665 Salk CG Coin and Jewelry, 1295 E Florence CG Consignment, 315 N Florence St, Suite A CG Counseling Service, 635 E Cottonwood CG Dentist, 1654 N Trekell CG Family Dentistry, 1375 E Florence CG Family Physicians Services, 1760 E Florence Suite 260 CG Holistic Wellness Center, 711 E Cottonwood CG Internet Office, 106 W 2nd St CG Jewelry & Pawn, 1326 N Pinal CG Main Street, 110 W 2nd St CG Nails, 1133 E Florence CG Orthopedics, 1923 N Trekell CG Outpatient Physicians, Bldg A 1828 E Florence Suite 102 CG Pediatrics, 1760 E Florence Suite 220 CG Regional Med Center, Mission Royale CG Regional Med Center, 1800 E Florence CG Regional Med Center (Volunteer services), 1800 E Florence CG RV Resort, Pinal & Rodeo (East) lounge CG RV Sales, 5944 N Pinal CG Surgeons Bldg A, 1828 E Florence Suite 110 CG Vision Center, 653 E Cottonwood CGRMC Urgent Care, 1676 E Mc Murray/ Arizola Chase Bank, Promenade Chase Bank, 1201 E Florence Cherry Nails, 1275 E Florence Child Family Resources, 1729 N Trekell

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chili’s Restaurant, 1532 E Florence Chirohealth, 511 E Florence City of CG Main bldg, 510 E Florence City of CG, Finance bldg b, 510 E Florence City Public Works, 0000 N Lear Clip Joint/ Vanity Fair, 1531 N Pinal Coldstone Creamery, 1664 E Florence Comet Cleaners, 1115 E Florence Comfort Inn, Promenade Compass Bank, 1101 E Florence Cookie Jar, 100 W 2nd St Cooper Reuter Law, 221 Florence St/ W 2nd st Corazon, 900 E Florence Cost Cutter’s Hair, 1775 E Florence Cottonwood Medical, CG Mercado Suite 1 Cox Communications, 122 W Cottonwood Coxon’s, 99 N Sacaton St. Creative Café, 1420 N Trekell Creative Labor, 1420 N Trekell Curbside Café, 820 W Cottonwood Cypress Point, 1771 E Mc Murray Dago’s Wireless, 111 E Florence Suite 3 Dave’s Collision, 850 W Cottonwood David White Golf Club, Kortsen & Thornton (North) Dawson Chiropractic Center, 404 E 6th St Denny’s, Promenade breakroom Dermatology Specialists, 1890 E Florence Suite 4 DES, 401 N Marshall Desert Hand Therapy, 1876 E Sabin Dr Desert Oasis Chiropractic, 139 W Cottonwood Desert Reflections Center, 1828 E Florence Suite 102 Desert Sky Dental, 1550 E Florence Dick/Mitchell Dentists, 721 N Marshall Diduro Chiro, 400 W 2nd St Discount Brake and Lube, 1278 E Florence Discount Tire, 1572 E Florence DM Family Dentistry, 1968 N Peart Dorothy Powell Center, 405 E 6th St Doug’s Laptop, 1201 N Pinal Dr Bonnenberger, 1821 N Trekell Dr Liu Podriatrist, 177 W Cottonwood East Valley Pediatrics, 1760 E Florence Suite 100 Ed Whitehead’s Tires, 3rd & Maricopa Eden Jewelers, 1664 E Florence Empire Dental, 1677 E Florence Enterprise Rent a Car, 1148 E Florence Enticare, 1968 N Peart Epifini Landscaping, 3066 N Lear

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ERB Chiropractic, 550 E Cottonwood Essence of Nails Salon, breakroom Eva’s Mexican Food, Pinal & Kortsen Express Paint Signs, 623 E Florence Extreme Nutrition, 703 N Marshall Fagerburg Wheel Alignment, 208 E 3rd St Fairways Community, Kortsen & Thornton (North) Fast Auto Loans, 103 E Florence Fiesta Grande RV resort, 1511 E Florence First American Credit Union, Hwy 84 First Things First, 1515 E Florence Fitzgibbons Law, N Trekell & Cottonwood Foot and Ankle Center, 1515 E Florence Suite 105 Foothills Bank, 1301 N Pinal Francisco Grande Hotel Lobby, 973 Hwy 84 Frank’s Barber Shop, 1148 E Florence Fred’s Nuts & Bolts, 310 W 10th suite 1 Fresnius Med Center, 695 E Cottonwood Fry’s Market, 2876 N Pinal (Villago Center) Gallery 203, 203 W 2nd St Get A Sign, 213 N Sacaton St Giddens Tires, 1390 E Florence Glenn Jones Auto (2 bldgs), 1930 N Pinal Grace Buffett, 1677 E Florence Grant Walton DDS, 1187 E Cottonwood Great Clips, 2876 N Pinal (Villago Center) Great Clips, 1325 E Florence Great Clips 104, Promenade Great Clips Suite 105 (Safeway), 1637 N Trekell Great Western Bank, ??? W 2nd St Great Western Bank, 1300 E Florence Green Orchid Salon, 139 W Cottonwood Green’s N Things (beauty salon), 2150 N Pinal Hair Affair, 509 E Florence Hair Lounge, 110 E Florence Hanger Pros, 1515 E Florence Suite 107 Hankel & Carpenter Dental, 1895 N Trekell Harmony Hospice, 201 E Cottonwood Hastings and Hastings, 1325 E Florence Healthy Garden Hypo, 973 E Cottonwood Helping Associates, 1100 E Racine Pl Helping Associates, 1901 N Trekell Helping Associates, 1929 N Trekell Henry & Horne LLP, N Trekell & Cottonwood Henry Brown Chevy (2 bldgs), 1991 N Pinal Heritage Motors, 1405 N Pinal Heritage Motors, 1131 E Florence Hertz, 1348 E Florence High Grade Rentals, 508 E Cottonwood Holiday Inn, 777 N Pinal Holiday Inn Express, 805 N Cacheris Ct DR Horton, Cottonwood Ranch Hospice Campus, 1675 Monument Plaza Impressions Dental moving, Pinal & Kortsen 1677 Florence In Touch Center Healing Arts, 121 E Florence Industrial Hose Repair, 1784 N Pinal Internal Medicine, 1657 Monument Plaza International Minute Press, 703 N Walnut Jake’s I Know a Guy, 815 Hwy 84 JC Penny’s Sephora, breakrooom Jenkins Orthopedics, 1891 N Trekell Jeremy Cull DDS, 1876 E Sabin Dr Jiffy Lube, 304 E Florence Jiffy Lube, 1495 E Florence JoAnn Fabrics Breakroom, 1325 E Florence Joe Hayes CPA, 139 W Cottonwood Jones Furniture, 709 E Florence K&S Sports, 816 Hwy 84 Kat’s Meow Salon, 111 E Florence Kelly Nails, 973 E Cottonwood Kid Pediatric Dentistry, 907 E Cottonwood Klascee Kutz & Nails, 900 E Florence Kosmetikos Salon, 305 W 3rd Koyote Kutz Grooming, 1115 E Florence LA Fitness, 2024 E Florence Lab Corp, 1760 E Florence Suite 140

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Larson Law Office, 177 W Cottonwood Legacy Suites, E Florence Leisure Valley RV, Pinal & Val Vista Leslie’s Pool (Safeway), 1637 N Trekell Lessor’s Bus Machines, 302 E Cottonwood Little Barrel Antiques, 509 E Florence Lucky Chinese, 1334 E Florence Macayo’s, 1564 E Florence Mahoney Group, N Trekell & Cottonwood Main Stay Suites, Henness betw Flo & Mcmurray Mane Beauty, 424 N Florence St Mary Kortsen Office, 207 N Florence St back of bldg Matthew/Smiley Law Firm, 1895 N Trekell Mattress Store, 1355 E Florence McHaney Family Dentistry, 1821 N Trekell McMashers, 1375 E Florence Merle Norman Beauty & Spa, 402 N Florence St Merle’s Auto, 1485 E Florence Mi Amigo Ricardo (RACK), 821 E Florence (Brett 200) Michele Emig, 421 E Cottonwood Mid State Refrigeration, 15166 W Jimmy Kerr Blvd Middletown Auto, 129 Wilson St Mike’s Barber Shop, 116 E Florence Millenium Physicians, 1811 E Mc Murray Mission Royale Sales Office, 1876 E Sabin Suite 6 Molar Magic, 1864 E Florence Moore’s Golf Carts, 10215 N Pinal Motoland, 14596 W Jimmy Kerr Blvd Motorsport Hobbies, 1637 N Trekell N &D Designs, 840 W Cottonwood Nails and Spa, 1325 E Florence Nails Shop, 2876 N Pinal (Villago Center) Nanny’s Daycare, 306 E Cottonwood National Vitamin, 884 Hwy 84 Nationwide Vision, 1775 E Florence Nature’s Nook, 15548 W Jimmy Kerr Blvd New Horizon Women’s Care, 1187 E Cottonwood Norris RV, 872 Hwy 84 Norris RV Sales, 5670 N Pinal Nova Home Loan, 711 E Cottonwood Nutrition 4 Life, 1275 E Florence NY Nails, 102 E Florence Oasis Home Health, 26000 W Gila Bend Hwy 84 Oasis Medical, 1667 Monument Plaza Oasis Pavillion, Pinal & Rodeo (East #161) Occupational Health, 177 W Cottonwood Ochoa’s Restaurant, 512 E Cottonwood Officemax, 1348 E Florence Old Town Custom Framing, 719 N Center One Main Financial, 1375 E Florence One Physical Therapy, CG Mercado Pain Clinic, 820 W Cottonwood Suite E Palm Creek Activities office, Henness betw Flo & Mcmurray Pep Boys Breakroom, 930 E Florence Pet Club, 1348 E Florence Pet Smart, Promenade Pinal County Fed Credit Union, 1000 E Florence Pinnacle Health Center, 1968 N Peart Pioneer Sand, 10255 N Pinal Pittsburgh Paints, 1275 E Florence Premier Auto Center, 1648 N Pinal Premier Cardiovascular, 803 Salk Bldg A Premier Cardiovascular, 803 Salk Bldg B Pro Tec Mobile Comm, 1611 N Pinal Pro Vitamins, 1649 E Florence Professional Eye Care, 545 S Peart Progressive Pain Mgmt, 301 E Cottonwood Prome Smiles / Every Kids Dentist, Promenade Promenade Mall Office, Promenade Purcell’s Tires, 1275 E Florence Quality Dry Cleaning, 2876 N Pinal (Villago Center) Queen Bee Nails & Spa, 1664 E Florence RC Towing, 509 W Cottonwood Rico Donuts (mag rack), 613 E Florence

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Right Way Health Care, 1864 E Florence Room Store, 1325 E Florence Round Trip Bike Shop, 1148 E Florence ROX Insurance, 442 W Kortsen Rd, Suite 101 ROX Travel, 442 W Kortsen Rd, Suite 101 RTA Homecare, 1275 E Florence Security Title, 1175 E Cottonwood Selex Nail Spa 105, Promenade Shawna”s Top Notch, 307 N Florence St Shear Gossip, 114 E 4th St Small Animal Clinic, 615 S Peart Sommers Jewelers, 503 E Florence Sonora Quest Labs, 1860 E Salk Sonora Weight Loss, 1927 N Trekell Soslowski Law, 1729 N Trekell Soundpoint Audiology, 1108 N Pinal Southern AZ Legal Aid, 766 N Park Southwest Education Center, CG Mercado Suite 13 Southwest Eye Center, CG Mercado Suite 1 Southwest Women’s Health, 1829 E Mc Murray Sparkle Auto, 1635 E Florence Sprint, 1550 E Florence St Mark’s Animal Hospital, 1150 E Florence Staples, Promenade Starbucks, 1485 E Florence (Breakroom only) Stephanie’s Pooch Parlor, 110 N Sacaton St Studio 3, 1891 N Trekell Suds Pet Grooming (Safeway), 1637 N Trekell Summit Rehab, 1821 N Trekell Sun Life Family Health Center, 865 N Arizola Sun Life Women’s Center, 1856 E Florence Sunwest RV across from MASH, ??? W Cottonwood Super 8 Motel, 2066 E Florence Super Cuts, 1664 E Florence Sutton Law, 100 E Florence SW Ambulance Office, 313 W 2nd St SW Physical Therapy Rehab, 1760 E Florence Suite 150 The Big House Café, 104 E 4th St The Garnet, Behind City Hall The Hair Tree, 106 E 2nd St The Hearing Center, 1106 N Pinal The RV Store, 1530 N Pinal The Sign Shop, 715 N Center The Surgery Center, 1760-2 E Florence Thompson Loch & Key, 210 E 4th St. Three G’s Flowers, 200 E Florence Tom’s BBQ, 139 W Cottonwood Tomar Pain Center, 1821 N Trekell Top Nails & Spa, 1677 E Florence Suite 10 Touch of Class Beauty/ Nails, 404 E 6th St Tri City Bridal, 509 E Florence Tropical Tan, 139 W Cottonwood Turning Point Beauty College, CG Mercado Suite 11 Turtle Bay Café, 414 N Marshall Ulta Beauty Salon, Promenade United Way Of Pinal County, 402 E 10th St / CG St UPS Store, 2876 N Pinal (Villago Center) UPS Store, 1664 E Florence Urgent Care, 1677 E Florence Suite 7 Val Vista RV, Pinal & Val Vista (East) Vantage West Bank, 2008 E Florence Vascular Surgery, CG Mercado Suite 5 Verizon Wireless, 1325 E Florence Victoria’s Beauty Salon, CG Mercado Suite 5-7 Villago Dentist, 2876 N Pinal (Villago Center) VIP Nails, 1637 N Trekell Warehouse Furniture, 817 E Florence Wash n Roll/ Oil Depot, 1274 E Florence Water and Ice, 1115 E Florence Wells Fargo, Promenade Wells Fargo, 1280 E Florence West Dermatology, 1729 N Trekell Western Bank of AZ, 1412 E Florence Western Skies Dialysis, Arizola & Mc Murray Yakety Yak, 118 E Florence Yarn Shop, 517 E Florence

the rox report

52 By Staff

What ROX and What SUX

Spring 2013

Casa Grande Regional Medical Center

The United StatesPostal Service vs. the Hallmark and UPS Stores.


irst of all halting Saturday delivery to save a couple of billion dollars is a stellar idea, but mark my words, it probably won’t happen. The US Postal Service is basically broke, but the Unions will not let Saturday delivery go. You’ll see. I continually receive bad service from the post office from people who have tenure and can’t be let go because of bad attitudes or bad service. Case in point, the postal worker who delivers mail to our area has been on the job for quite some time, but can’t seem to deliver mail to the mailbox it is addressed to. Our neighborhood has a number of boxes bunched together on Overfield Road and all have the house number clearly marked on the box. So, why do I keep receiving my neighbor’s mail? It’s really not hard you know. Match the letter to the mailbox. Plus, we have to mail our letters in town because of a rash of mail theft the past couple of years. This was discussed with the then postmaster and he said he would be right out to survey the problem. I even offered to donate land in front of my property to erect a modern day mail center, but nobody called with a follow-up. I wrote a letter to the Postmaster General in Washington I was so upset. What happened? The new local postmaster called and said “it wasn’t his fault because he wasn’t there then”. He also said he would be out that afternoon to survey the situation and would get back to me. Yup, you guessed it, nobody showed or called. Enter the Hallmark or the UPS store. No lines, friendly people and you can lease a mailbox for your mail. On the way to or from work you stop in and pick up your mail or buy stamps and visit with the owners sort of like the old days. Mailing packages is very simple as well and again you don’t have to wait in line. From time to time we mail this magazine to people around the Country and use the “media mail” rate. I can’t find the rate at the kiosk in the post office lobby and won’t stand in line anymore because I can go to the Hallmark or UPS store and be done in a couple of minutes. Now I understand neither outlet can or will deliver mail to your home, but with emails and social media I would say it lessens the dependence. Finally, Google the U.S. Post Office budget and see how much goes to retirement. Kind of reminds me of the debacle with the City of San Diego. Will it ever stop?

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Spring 2013 | 53 By Karen Kerr-Osman



s a “Community Partner in Healthcare” it is critical to Casa Grande Regional Medical Center (CGRMC) that the community has access to high quality care locally. Most recently, CGRMC has done this by partnering with Mayo Clinic to bring a Telestroke program to the Emergency Department. Through this partnership, when a patient presents in the Emergency Room with stroke symptoms, a Mayo Vascular Neurologist can be consulted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assess the patient. This is done through a robot with a built-in camera that can communicate with both the medical staff on site and with the patient through real time internet-based audio-visual consultation. Launched in the fall of 2012, this program has had excellent results that have allowed community members to stay in their community hospital instead of being transferred out of town. This is a much needed service that is making a difference in people’s lives. Similarly, in October 2009, CGRMC recognized the need for an interventional cardiology program that would allow patients experiencing heart attacks to be treated locally in order to decrease the damage to their heart muscle. Prior to that time, patients were transferred by helicopter or ambulance to Phoenix. These transfers lost valuable time for the patients, as the gold standard for restoring blood to the coronary artery is 90 minutes. CGRMC is proud to report that on average blood is restored to the heart in less than 75 minutes from the time a patient enters the hospital doors to the time that the balloon/stent is deployed in the affected blocked artery. CGRMC has completed over 140 of these emergency procedures since the program’s inception, saving lives and heart muscle for these patients. Quality is a critical component in healthcare and Casa Grande Regional takes this very seriously. They recently mounted an aggressive campaign to improve their HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Health Systems) scores, which are nationally recorded statistics. They made significant improvements, raising their scores in nine of the ten areas, with the overall score increasing 10.6 points or 20%. CGRMC also reports “Core Measures” to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These Core measures track a variety of evidence based, scientifically researched standards of care which have been shown

to result in improved clinical outcomes for patients. One measure that has received special focus is “Catheter Related Infections.” Studies show that removing a catheter within 48 hours after surgery significantly decreases infection rates. By implementing a specific process to address this, CGRMC decreased their catheter related infection rate to .1%. They have also reduced their Post-Operative Pneumonia rate to .2% and catheter related blood stream infection rate to 0%. Infection rates are directly related to hand washing. The national average for hand washing compliance in healthcare settings has been 40 to 50%, which activated a national campaign. CGRMC has an organizational wide hand washing program with 94.25% compliance. This helps them maintain a low infection rate at .5%, well below the national average of 2.5%. While quality is paramount to health, customer service and patient satisfaction are also critical for hospitals. CGRMC continues to focus on these areas as well. Patient Satisfaction has risen to above 90% hospital wide. In addition, the facility received the Community Value Five Star Award in 2012, which acknowledges hospitals that are financially viable, reinvest in their facility, maintain a low cost structure, have reasonable charges and provide high quality care to patients. Last year, the hospital

was also selected as one of the Top 100 Companies in Arizona by BestCompaniesAZ and designated as “Best of Heart” in the first ten companies to be announced. Arizona Business Magazine also named the facility as one of Arizona’s 40 Most Admired Companies. CGRMC continues to be a fully accredited hospital with DNV Healthcare. This accreditation recognizes the important quality and safety measures that are at work in the hospital, assuring patients that this facility is held to and reaching the highest standards required of healthcare organizations. It is also an indicator that CGRMC embraces the concept of continuous improvement, demonstrating that when issues arise they are committed to finding solutions in a thorough and timely manner because patient safety is their top priority.


casa grande alliance

By Breanna Boland, Prevention Specialist

Everyone Does It

Spring 2013

Traveling With Your Pet


ore and more pet owners are finding ways to travel with their pets. There are an increasing number of pet friendly hotels, destinations, and even restaurants. So how can you bring your pet along and make sure everyone stays comfortable and healthy? Here are some simple guidelines to follow but remember nothing replaces the knowledge you have of your individual pet and some good ol’ common sense.


any students in our local high schools feel pressure to drink or use drugs to fit in. When asking teens about their perception of peer alcohol and drug use their immediate response is “everyone does it”. In the world of teenagers this perception, along with the desire to be accepted among their peers, is one of the driving forces of youth substance misuse and abuse. Peer pressure can persuade a student to participate in risky behaviors they wouldn’t typically indulge in. Unbeknownst to our local teens, the perception that everyone drinks or uses drugs is wrong! Three Casa Grande SADD chapters have embraced the idea that not all of their peers are making unhealthy choices and they are spreading the word on their high school campuses. SADD members are raising awareness in a fun and creative way called Most of US. The campaign is funded by United Way of Pinal County. Most of Us is a social norms campaign that takes information perceived by many to be “the norm” and flips it. Accurate information is presented in order to dispel unhealthy myths and perceptions. An example is that teens tell us they believe 90-100% of their peers drink alcohol…this is not true. Only 31% of Casa Grande teens report using alcohol in 2012. That means MOST teens are choosing not to booze! The SADD members have created posters, morning announcement messages at school, and social media messages conveying the accurate statistics. All of their messaging is based on verified data from local student surveys. The Casa Grande Alliance, a communitybased drug prevention agency, is working with the students to access the data and apply it to their project. The misperceptions are well entrenched. Some teens don’t believe the data is correct and others are truly surprised by the information. One teen girl responded to the information by stating “my perception of Casa Grande is completely wrong”. Don’t be confused by this message. Substance use is still a major health concern affecting youth in our community. One youth who uses is one too many! For more information about the Most of Us campaign or questions about substance misuse and abuse contact the Casa Grande Alliance at 520-836-5022 or visit their website at

Safety comes first: A pet carrier helps an animal to feel safe and secure while traveling in a vehicle. Seat-belt harnesses and vehicle “cage” attachments are also available. Which-ever you choose make sure your pet cannot interrupt you while you drive. Make anxiety and nausea a thing of the past: Does your pet have motion sickness or anxiety? Ask your veterinarian what you can do! There are many natural, over the counter, and prescription medications to alleviate these symptoms. Pit stop! When stopping for a potty break, do not allow your pet to sniff in areas commonly used by other animals. Disease and parasite contamination is more likely in those areas. Leavin’ on a jet-plane (part one)… Are you taking your pet with you in an airplane? All airlines require your pet be in a carrier. And QUIET! If your pet has never been in a carrier, purchase one several weeks before your day of travel and slowly build up their confidence. Encourage them to feel safe and secure; never use their carrier as a punishment. Leavin’ on a jet-plane (part two)… In-country plane rides require a Health Certificate within 10 days of travel. The pet must have a current Rabies vaccine for this certificate. Out-of-country travel often requires a more extensive Health Certificate. Visit the USDA website and do your research. The veterinary office can help but it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure everything is in order. Most importantly, make arrangements well in advance so there aren’t any hang-ups. When you go in for your veterinary appointment, bring all necessary paperwork with you. There is no replacement for health: Do you know what diseases are present in the area you and your pet are traveling to? Ask your veterinarian; other precautions may be necessary. For example, you may need to place flea and tick product on your pet if traveling to the coast. Heartworm prevention is always recommended but is a must if traveling to the south. Lyme’s disease vaccine or Leptospirosis vaccine can also be a great adjunct for certain areas or parts of the country.

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