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WSIB & Me Are you affected? Do you know your rights

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The annual offsite design festival that takes over the city.

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Astone Home Furniture Canadian-made custom furnishings.


The Canadian Decorators’ Association (“CDECA”) is a professional not-for-profit Association representing both Student and Accredited decorators and designers, and Affiliate businesses across Canada. Our goal is to foster the growth of the decorating industry in Canada; provide advocacy respecting policy matters; promote a positive image of the industry through proactive activities and events; and offer value to Members through upgrading of skills and knowledge. CDECA is the most influential Association representing decorators in Canada.

Since 1994


Welcome Members Chair’s Message, monthly update from CDECA’s Chair.


Vision Board Industry News: WSIB and Me. How does the new legislation affect your business?


Decor Trends Astone Home Furnishings made in Canada custom furnishings.


CDECA News Chapter & Member News What your local chapter has been up to.


Design Dispatch IDS + TODO. We report on what we saw at this year’s events.


Red Borders IDEAS NEWSLETTER February 2014

This newsletter is written and edited by staff at CDECA National office. To include your content, or comment on any material included in this issue, please contact Karina Waluk at

New IDEAS Launched! CDECA is proud to launch a new newsletter format just for you! The IDEAS Newsletter is your source for Industry news, local Chapter events and information and the latest design trends from our affiliates. If you are interested in writing for the newsletter or have a great new tip that you would like to share please send it to info@ For all advertising inquires please contact Karina Waluk at CDECA National office at 416-231-6202 or

WELCOME MEMBERS! Monthly update from the National Chair of CDECA. Read to learn more about what CDECA is doing for you! Dear Members,

Nominations are open until the end of December in each year. Do you

I wish to wish you all a Happy 20th

know of an accredited member or

Anniversary! Yes, this year, CDECA™

student member that has contributed

celebrates its 20th anniversary. During

significantly to CDECA™ as an organiza-

this time, CDECA™ has grown from a

tion or to the decorating industry? If

small organization to one that has five

so, please nominate them! As you are

Chapters with well over 400 members

aware, the success of CDECA™ depends

across Canada. We are looking forward

on its volunteers!

to CDECA™’s continuing development in the future. This is only possible with

The Board of Directors has also ap-

the support of its members. Thank

proved a 10-year Membership Recogni-

you! If you wish to learn about the

tion Pin to celebrate those long-term

history of CDECA™, please look at the

members of CDECA™. These mem-

video that was produced for CDECA™’s

bers will be recognized annually at

15th anniversary, which is located here,


in the Members Only section of the CDECA™ website.

The 2014 Decorating and Design Competition closed on January 21, 2014.

I am pleased to announce the intro-

We received one hundred and three

duction of CDECA™’s “Volunteer of the

entries for the Competition and all cat-

Year” Award, which was approved by

egories were represented! I am look-

the Board of Directors at its January

ing forward to learning of the results

meeting. This Award is open for all

of the competition and celebrating

accredited and student members of

the winners at the Awards Gala held in

CDECA™. The first Award will be given

conjunction with CDECA™’s 2014 AGM.

at CDECA™’s 2015 AGM. Any member can nominate an individual. The Nomi-


nation forms are located here in the Members Only section of the CDECA™ website.

Pamela Harrod, Chair, CDECA™

CHAIR, CDECA Pamela Harrod

WSIB & Me: Are You Compliant with Bill 119? Last year new legislation came into effect that put greater risk and responsibility on decorators hiring contractors. As of January 2014 anyone found non-compliant could face heavy fines and criminal charges.

Image courtesy of :


n January 1st, 2013 new legislation came into effect in Ontario that requires companies and individuals involved in home renovations and construction to pay Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) premiums. One year later, many decorators are still unsure if they are covered under these new laws, but with heavy fines coming into effect this year – do you know your rights and responsibilities?

 ill 119 came into effect in B Ontario as of January 1, 2013. The maximum fine for noncompliance is $100,000.

Bill 119 affects all independent operators, sole proprietors, some partners in a partnership, and some executive officers who work in construction. In some cases, home owners who hire contractors to work on their private residence will need the mandatory coverage. The majority of Interior Decorators and Interior Designers fall under the category of sole proprietors, and the work they perform falls under class G of the act.

In addition to registering for the mandatory WSIB coverage, decorators are also required to obtain WSIB clearance certificates from the trades people they hire. Failure to obtain these certificates will put decorators in the vulnerable position of potentially being held liable if any worker becomes injured on the job. There are a few exceptions to the new rules, and working within the “home renovator” category can exempt a decorator from mandatory coverage. For example, being hired and paid by the homeowner directly, in addition to not hiring or paying any of the trades people directly on a residential project may exempt you from the act. However, each project is unique and it’s best to contact a legal professional or the WSIB to understand your legal responsibilities. While this type of legislation is new in Ontario, many provinces have had similar laws in place for years now. For example, the

province of British Columbia requires Interior Decorators and Interior Designers to obtain coverage under WorkSafeBC. It’s considered good practice to consult your provincial authority to obtain information on your province’s requirements. Bill 119 has been in effect for over a year now, and as of January 2014 fines will be levied against those found non-compliant. Despite the governments efforts to raise awareness through an informative website, many people in the industry aren’t

aware of their responsibilities, or the aren’t sure if they are compliant. A quick way to check if you’re potentially at risk is to consult the WSIB Bill 119 website’s penal-

ties and fine’s chart: The chart will help you determine if you are compliant by answering “yes” or “no”

questions. There are many great resources to learn more about Bill 119, consulting the website will help you self-asses your need for coverage, and quickly get registered. To learn about the full scope of the new legislation you can view the informative video featured to the left of this column, or the WSIB online presentation featured below. Both offer an overview of the new act, and will provide you with more resources and tools.

Click on either image to be taken to the online video or presentation to learn more about Bill 119.

If you still aren’t sure

Liability & Insurance

Protect your business and yourself by knowing your legal responsilities. Being WSIB compliant is just one of the ways you can protect yourself. Obtaining the right level of business insurance and seeking legal assistance with contract development and business advice will give you complete coverage.

Did you know that CDECA offers it’s members a discount for Business Insurance for Decorators and Designers? The insurance available through your membership covers Professional Liability, Commercial General Liability, as well as Group Health Benfits and Personal Insurance for your home or auto.

To learn about your CDECA Insurance Program contact Kristin Raponi at LMS PROLink Ltd: Phone: 800-663-6828 x 7703

about your responsibilities under Bill 119 or have specific questions about an upcoming project you can contact the WSIB directly at 1-800-387-0750. In addition to becoming WSIB compliant, consider seeking professional legal advice to ensure that you

have covered all of your bases. Too often small business owners don’t take the time to think about

Email: kristinr@LMS.CA

rectly, drafting legal contracts, and tax advice are just some of the things a legal professional can as-

In the same way that you wouldn’t want your client to DIY a major home renovation, you shouldn’t attempt to manage the legal aspects of your business alone.

the legal aspect of their business until it’s too late. Setting up your business cor-

sist with. Being an Interior Decorator can be overwhelming; in

between client management, sales, accounting, and project management there is a lot to juggle. Try taking some time every month, perhaps when you review your accounting to make sure you have all of the paperwork for your projects. In the long run it will pay off, and protect

Are you compliant in your Province? Contact your Provincial Workers’ Compensation Board



British Columbia



For all other Provinces:

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Introducing Astone Home Furnishings Your one stop shop for all things “custom.” Custom. Curated. Artisanal. The 4000 sq. ft. showroom in Vaughan, Ontario features a collection of

For over three decades, the Astone brothers, Enzo and Frank have been making design-conscious artisanal furniture. Their mission is to preserve the workmanship of their Italian heritage, but make the furniture right here in Canada. After having designed furnishings for restaurants, hotels and casinos for many years, the Astoné brothers decided to address the niche market of custom furniture for the discerning home owner. What sets Astoné apart is that they are 100% custom. They have a framing factory where they produce all the frames and woodwork required for their furniture, and an upholstery shop upholstering to each clients’ exact require-

ments. As a result, Astone Home Studio brings decorators, designers, and their clients, exceptional workmanship and customization to exacting standards and design sense. Astoné Home Studio guarantees satisfaction, if you don’t find something you like in their showroom, bring a drawing or a sketch, or allow their in-house designer to help you create your vision. The 4000 sq. ft showroom boasts a significant sample library for you and your clients’ to choose from, a beautiful collection of furniture, each and every piece customizable to your vision, and, coming soon, an area dedicated to our decorators and designers to host their clients, discuss options and conduct

Article written by: Sukaina Ebrahim, Interior Designer + Sales at Astone Home For more information, please contact:


GTA West

An Evening of Florals + Elections On the evening of Tuesday January 14th, members gathered at Sheridan Nurseries in south Mississauga. We elected new directors of CDECA GTA West Chapter, shared what’s working well with our favourite trades and suppliers and educated the staff of Sheridan Nurseries on our work. The evening ended on

a high note as we were all given a lovely kalanchoe flowering houseplant to take home. Next meeting: Thursday February 13th 6:30pm Exotic Woods 5229 Harvester Rd Burlington, ON


Bathroom Trends @ Kitchen and Bathroom Galleries CDECA Affiliate Kitchen and Bathroom Galleries hosted an informative seminar discussion about such topics as: bath trends, conversions of tubs to showers, pros and cons of freestanding tubs, the difference between shower valve systems, wall-hung toilets and vanities, using infinity drains, tub materi-

als and more. This was a fantastic, informative and interactive session. Thank you to Alina at KB Galleries for everything! If you missed the session, please be sure to visit the showroom : Kitchen and Bathroom Galleries 7855 Keele St. Unit 1A (immediately north of Highway 7 on east side)


Welcome New Board Members The National Chapter Board has elected a new board for it’s Chapter. The board regretfully had to say goodbye this year to several of their longstanding Chapter Board Members. On behalf of the entire chapter, we’d like to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Thank you to Michele Ballinger, Rosemary Valeriani, Marilyn Benn, and Tam Prud’homme. Their years of work and dedication are greatly appreciated!

IDS TORONTO The Interior Design Show is the biggest design show in Canada. Each year IDS takes place over 3.5 days at the end of January. The biggest, boldest designs and products get showcased during the show, and we were there to tell you all about it!

 Taste of IDS 14: Bright colours and nature A themes were well represented at this years show. What’s your spirit animal?

The past and future collided at the 2014 IDS Show. Futuristic metals and sleek designs were set against handcrafted wooden interiors. Traditional methods of production were used to create novel home accessories in bright almost neon colours. Sustainability continues to be a consideration in the production of new furnishings. Many of the furniture showcased at the show was sourced from local trees that municipal governments would have otherwise disposed of. Reusing and upcycling materials was a

major theme in the new designs of both small scale artisans and major retailers.

A new boldness with colour replaced traditional neutral tones; bright, vivid colours were found

everywhere. No longer just pops of colour either, instead entire palettes of colours were used in everything from furnishings to finishings. Architectural elements in furniture, lighting and fixtures could be seen in many of the vendor booths. Simple and geometric shapes that are ergonomic yet elegant are fast becoming the new standard. As always, CDECA had a booth at the show that was organized, setup and run by volunteer members. A special thank you goes out to Mary Dancey, Director of Shows & Events for managing all aspects of the booth.

CDECA was there! Volunteer members organized, setup and ran the CDECA booth during the show.





TODO FESTIVAL CDECA participated in the fourth annual Toronto Design Offisite Festival. The festival aims to foster public exposure and understanding of the principals of design. Here is CDECA Member’s Andrea Santos and Kelly Margani’s installation “Reciprocity.”

It’s a battle. A battle between high gloss and wood; shiny and tarnished; glamour and industrial. Which side do you believe wins? Interior Decorator’s Kelly Margani (Kelly Margani Interiors) and Andrea Santos (I Was Here Designs) had an exhibition that may challenge how you see objects working together to create balance. You think that old metal cabinet won’t work in your sleek sophisticated bedroom, but you may be wrong. As accredited Interior Decorators with CDECA (The Canadian Decorators’ Association), we are able to turn your space in to the stuff dreams are made from. Your dreams. Working with Metropolis Living on Dundas, in the Junction area, Kelly and Andrea were able to show how similar objects can work in very different spaces,

Staging, text, and images by: Andrea Santos and Kelly Margani of CDECA Toronto

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS Sara Nadeau of Ottawa the right professional to satisfaction as judged has been awarded “Best execute their vision,” said by our community of Of Houzz” by Houzz, Liza Hausman, vice presi- homeowners and dethe leading platform for dent of community for sign enthusiasts who home remodeling and Houzz. “We’re delighted are actively remodeldesign. Sara Nadeau to recognize Sara Nadeau ing and decorating Design which focuses among our “Best Of” pro- their homes.” on space planning, fessionals for customer and kitchen and bath remodels was chosen by the more than 16 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz community. “Houzz provides homeowners with the most comprehensive view of home building, remodeling and design profesSara Nadeau as featured on her website. sionals, empowering Photo by David Callan them to find and hire

With Houzz, homeowners can identify not only the top-rated professionals like Sara Nadeau, but also those whose work matches their own aspirations for their home. Homeowners can also evaluate professionals by contacting them directly on the Houzz platform, asking questions about their work and reviewing their responses to questions from others in the Houzz community. Follow Sara Nadeau Design on Houzz

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CDECA I.D.E.A.S Newsletter - February 2014  

CDECA IDEAS Newsletter Written and Published by Karina Waluk, CDECA National Office

CDECA I.D.E.A.S Newsletter - February 2014  

CDECA IDEAS Newsletter Written and Published by Karina Waluk, CDECA National Office