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shirt by Topman jeans by Urban Outfitters shoes by Vans

SAMUEL SKINNER Samuel James Skinner, born and bred in Kent, Bexleyheath, is a 20 year old student in Advertising. With an interest in fashion, he likes to dress in a style that involves comfort. I asked where he chose to shop first and he responded with, “it’s pretty scattered really, depends where I’m shopping. If I went to Westfields I’d head to Urban Outfitters or Fred Perry, although Topman never disappoints me.” When I asked why he chose to study advertising he tells me that he truthfully felt pressured to go to University, so chose something that best suited his attributes. “I chose it because I felt it would suit me most.” Coming from the outskirts of London, do you enjoy living in the middle of it all? I do. Honestly wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It never bores me. Alongside your studies, do you have a part time job? Yeah I work at Waitrose, in my second year there now, and I’ve just got myself a second job at a local pub as added weekend work. I don’t like them no, but I’m a student living in Hampstead now. Have to pay my bills! Of all the shoes you’ve ever owned, do you have a pair you’d want to keep forever? I actually don’t have a favourite pair, I have a tendency to get really excited about some, will buy them and end up only wearing them once, before I’m on to the next. My vans are really comfortable but I do have a thing for brown shoes. How interested in fashion are you? I did use to be really interested in it, but more recently I find myself dressing quite plain and simple. Dressing fashionably has become more of an effort. So I choose items that are easy but still on trend, like roll up jeans and knitted jumpers. I do like choosing my coats carefully though, mainly end up buying them from Ben Sherman. Do you have a style icon? No actually, no one inspires the way I dress. I just choose what I like and feel suits me. What artists do you enjoy listening to? Any particular styles? I listen to a lot of Kraftwerk and Youth Lagoon, ‘Cannonball’ is probably my favourite of theirs. But no, I don’t listen to a certain style all the time, my tastes are varied. What’s the most recent item of clothing you spent your pay check on? I think it was my New Balance trainers, I got really excited about them, but like I said before, I actually think I ‘ve only worn them once or twice. Oh, and I did keep a couple tops from this shoot.

coat vintage scarf by Gap jumper by Topman hat by Topman

jumper by Topman shirt by Gap shirt (in back) by Uniqlo

hat by River Island denim jacket by G-star Raw jumper by River Island shirt by Topman trousers by Topman bag by FCUK socks models own shoes by Puma Suede headphones by Urban Outfitters

t-shirt by River Island, Holloway trousers by Topman socks models own trainers by New Balance

t-shirt jumper by Topman jeans by Uniqlo socks models own

jumper by Topman shirt by Topman


t-shirt by Topman trousers by Gap socks models own bag by Sativa

CHARLIE FORD Charlie is a born and bred Northern lad, now living in London after moving from Manchester. Current-

ly in his final year at University, he studies dance and is strongly opinionated on both music and fashion. “I prefer to shop in places which aren’t chains, perhaps specialist. However, I never underestimate a bargain on the high street.” Charlie began dancing when he was 16, telling me his teacher realised what he was doing was another form of art. ‘She taught me to channel emotion and express it with discipline.” What made you decide to come to London for your studies? It just so happened that the most suitable University was here for me, and I feel I have not exhausted London enough yet. Where do you hope to see yourself in the future? To move to the south of France and drink coffee. What would be your favourite item of clothing to date? My favourite would either be my Clarks brown desert boots, my red wool jumper or my blue oxford shirt. The classic essentials of a mans wardrobe. I can vouch for the desert boots, he’d never stop talking about them, or buying them in various shades. Ok, just your shoes, and apart from the Desert boots, what pair of shoes would you never forget? My weaver Moccasins, made in Portugal. Have you a style icon or any other form of inspirational figure? No, I don’t really have a style icon, but if I had to say someone it would be either Devendra Banhart or my elder brother. In your photos we see that you like to do a bit of portrait drawing. How long have you been doing this? Can you see yourself selling the work? Oh I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and I do hope one day I’ll be able to sell them, but right now its not the most important thing to me. Finally, what genre of music is your taste and who do you listen to on the regular? I’m always listening to Northern Soul, Blues and Jazz. As a band, it has to be the Rolling Stones. They absorb every path of life and music, utilising it. Although, I still believe to this day that no one has a voice quite like Otis Redding.

jacket by Uniqlo shirt by Topman jeans by Gap

shoes by Clarks

shirt by Topman jeans by Gap shoes by Adidas Gazelle

jumper by Topman shirt by Topman shoes (on bed) by Clarks

coat by Gap shirt by Topman jeans by Gap socks models own shoes by Clarks

cardigan by Uniqlo shirt by Uniqlo jeans by Gap socks models own shoes by Clarks

hat by River Island acket a US Army Surplus black jacket by H&M t-shirt by Long Clothing


LEE RUSSEL Lee Russel is your typical student. When asked what he enjoyed the most about University, his response was, ‘Erm probably nights out with all the people I know at uni! When everyone is out together its the best!’

A keen Illustrator from Gravesend in Kent, Lee prefers to shop in Topman and H&M for ‘basics’, whilst ‘for smart things I love Zara and I like to go to Camden in the vintage shops to get myself jackets.’ I asked him what he considered to be his favourite pair of shoes both from his past and present, and he responded with his blue suede Vans, only bought a couple of weeks back. ‘I love them’, he laughs. I sat Lee down and asked him a few quick questions about himself: When did you gain an interest in playing the drums? I always wanted to since my sister had a boyfrined in a band who used to play drums! I finally managed to get myself a set when i was 18 and have been playing ever since! What music do you like to listen to and why? I like to listen to a lot of the anticon labels music when I’m drawing! Its made up of strange hip hop acts which use a lot of weird sounds in their mixes and very cleverly wrriten lyrics which always find their way into inspiring scenes in my head that I draw! Where’s the best place in London for a night out? Hmm black heart in camden for a cheeky pint. Do you have a part time job? If so, where and do you enjoy it? I work at a teahouse called yumchaa, its a pretty cool job because all the people that work there are creative and the company is pretty cool! The cafes are awesome spaces to spend time in and we do amazing food! Also getting to see a ton of famous people helps to keep it intresting! What do you hope to be doing once you graduate from University? Throwing together huge solo shows in galleries and selling my art work. Do you have a style icon? I dont think i have a style icon to be honest, but Rene Almanza and Herbert Baglione are my two most inspiring artists whose work has really lead me to be what im doing now.

t-shirt by Fred Perry jeans by Topman socks models own

shirt by Topman jeans by Topman bag by Barbour

t-shirt by Topman jeans by Topman socks models own

t-shirt by Topman jeans by Topman

army print jacket by River Island t-shirt by Puma X Pro Collection jeans by Topman

shirt by Topman jeans by Topman trainers by Nike

hat by River Island acket a US Army Surplus black jacket by H&M t-shirt by Long Clothing jeans by Topman trainers by Nike hat by River Island

hat by River Island acket a US Army Surplus black jacket by H&M t-shirt by Long Clothing jeans by Topman trainers by Nike

hat by River Island shirt by Zara coat vintage jeans by Topman shoes by Vans gloves models own

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