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Karina Halim

Interior Design portfolio

Table of Contents satoe living senior thesis project

portico high end accessories store - rdi competition

focused resource lab saddleback college learning center

UCSD encinitas infusion center group project with katie higaki

sephora Pop up retaiil - Pave design competition

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Satoe Living Senior assisted living prototype csulb senior thesis project


objective: The design objective of this project is to create an inspiring assisted senior living prototype with an enjoyable environment that brings the residents, family, staff members, and community together.


satoe living Concept ANGKLUNG The image of the bamboo instruments on the left, is an image of the Indonesian traditional instrument angklung. This instrument varies in structure and size depending on their function (melody or accompaniment) as shown on the image. Although, each angklung has its own tone, together they create beautiful music. Much like the seniors who live here. It is also a simple instrument to play, which is why a lot of seniors enjoy playing it. To achieve the objective, the underlying concept behind the design is “harmony in the diversity”. The seniors come from different backgrounds and have their own story, but they are going to live together in harmony in this new community. This is also why the place is called “satoe” which in Indonesian means one. It represents the country’s national motto which is “Unity in Diversity”.

Continuing on with the design process, I explored the structure and form of the instrument and its different sizes. To create the idea of harmony in diversity I also explored weaving of different structures, scale, repetition, and rhythm.


4 1






8 7 9

1st floor plan area legend: 1. Concierge 2. Lounge Area 3. Restaurant / Dining Hall 4. Outdoor Dining 5. Kitchen


1st floor rcp rcp Legend:

6. Theatre 7. Mechanical Room 8. Function Hall 9. Patio 10. Storage

satoe living





6 3

1 4

9 5

2nd floor plan area legend: 1. Concierge 2. Game Room 3. Waiting Area 4. Weigh In 5. Doctor’s Office & Exam Room

2nd floor rcp rcp Legend:

6. Counselor’s Office 7. Pastor’s Office 8. Chapel 9. Gym & Physical Therapy Room 10. Storage


1st floor rough model


2nd floor rough model

satoe living

1st floor final model

2nd floor final model

design detail

structure detail

staircase detail



exploded views



satoe living

overall section

The section above shows the overall design that carries throughout the space. The sections and details on the left show the stairs and entrance area of each floor. Each floor is color coded using the furniture to create familiarity and help the seniors indicate which floor they are on. The detailed sections of the stairs show how the design of the vertical structure along with the steps and baluster of the stairs form the structure / shape of an angklung.





Dark Tigerwood Bamboo Floor

Light Tigerwood Bamboo Floor

Cortina Grande Vinyl Tile


Light Bamboo

Medium Bamboo

Green Fabric


Aqua Fabric

Blue Fabric

Cortina Grande Vinyl Tile

Teak Wood

Magenta Fabric

Pink Fabric

Color Essence Vinyl Tile


Orange Fabric

Color Essence Vinyl Tile

Dark Orange

Yellow Fabric

satoe living Furnitures & lighting fixtures



entrance & Lounge area

restaurant & entrance

1st floor perspective

1st floor perspective

satoe living

2nd floor concierge


2nd floor perspective

2nd floor perspective


Portico High end accessories store RDI international Student competition

Inspiration Images


portico Por-ti-co [pawr- ti-koh] 1. a covered entrance to a building; porch origin: “collonade, arcade, gallery” from porta “gate” The word portico was chosen for this project because This High-End Accessories Retail Store is a tool for society to enter into the upper class world. By providing the current trends and presenting classic styles our store becomes an “entry” for the customers to experience the high end life. Having Toronto, Canada as a location and the middle to upper class target market, inspired the concept of a gallery. Where one of a kind, unique, fine art pieces and sculptures are displayed in where they become the vocal point and are valued highly in an exhibit. Likewise, our customers are unique individuals, that are often fashion icons who are living on the spotlight. To present this concept, display cases and spotlights are used to present the items like museum pieces. The use of open and closed areas are also imitated in this store as in certain gallery exhibitions. In addition, often there is a sculpture which acts as the vocal point in a gallery. in this space, the vocal point is the spiral glass stairs which wraps around a extravagant chandelier. To enhance the unique shopping experience, this store provides a V.I.P. access for those with priveleges. The V.I.P. Room has a seperate entrance and with this access, our salesperson would bring the customers the selection of items they wish to see. This store focuses on providing excellent service to the customers where each customer will be helped by a salesperson stationed in the information area. The three design solution for the brand strategy revolves around catering to the customers needs. First, is to integrate the technology with the customer’s experience in the store by having interactive screens all throughout the store. This reflect today’s lifestyle and trend and attract younger customers. Second, is by displaying the items like museum pieces, it reflects the upper class status that these customers also have. Third, is to present the current trends to help these customers be in style this season.


Area Legend: 12

1st floor:


1. Show Windows 2. Information Center 3. Handbags 4. Small Accessories 5. Wallets 6. Eyewear

9 9



7 13

11 5





2nd floor:

6 6 4 2

4 5





1st floor plan


7. Fragrances 8. Fine Jewelry & Watches 9. Lounge Area 10. Women’s Restroom 11. Stock Room 12. Receiving


2nd floor plan

1. Cigar Lounge 2. V.I.P. Room 3. Men’s Outerwear 4. Furs 5. Women’s Outerwear 6. Fitting Rooms 7. Luggage

8. Briefcase 9. Watches 10. Men’s Accessories 11. Fragrances 12. Men’s Restroom 13. Stock Room

portico RCP Legend: 10’ - 0” A. F. F. 12’ - 0” A. F. F. 13’ - 6” A. F. F. 14’ - 0” A. F. F. Recessed Downlight Recessed Adjustable Downlight Suspended Pendant Light Track Lighting

1st floor rcp

2nd floor rcp


The concept behind the facade of this store shows the simplicity of a gallery. How the gallery is a simple composition of space with specific adjustments to enhance the items displayed. The black high gloss vertical panels are used to enable passerbys to catch a glimpse of what is behind the panels. Just enough to attract them to come inside and walk through the shopping experience on their own. The show windows show the beauty of Toronto’s skyline and the classiness of it. The black and white composition represents the elegance that could be seen in the city and how the items are accents of color to enhance the high end experience.

storefront elevations



eyewear elevation

fur elevation

watches & luggages elevation

interior elevations




White Textured Wall

Black High Gloss Panels

Clear Glass

Frosted Glass

Brushed Metal

Tufted Wall Panels

Laminate Wood Flooring

Honed Limestone


View from entrance 1st floor perspective



handbag area & point of service

eyewear & interactive display

1st floor perspective

1st floor perspective


view from the stairs

outerwear and accessories

2nd floor perspective

2nd floor perspective


Focused Resource Lab saddle back college’s learning resource center

Inspiration Images



The focused subject of the Focus Resource Lab of Saddleback’s Learning Resource Center is Environmental Studies. This is an interdisciplinary program that presents the human effect in the natural environment. Using this subject as the focus, the inspiration of this project came from a greenhouse, which is one way humans interact with nature by cultivating plants under controlled conditions. Similar to the plants, the design would control the ambience and function of the library to create a specific environment for the different needs of the Environmental Studies students. To present this idea, the design elements focuses on the combination of curvalinear and rectalinear shapes, directing sunlight into the space, and zoning to create specific environments for the students. The contrast and use of both curvalinear and rectalinear shapes shows a more rigid side of man-made inventions are compared to nature’s organic forms. The importance of the sun in nature is also applied in this design by maximizing sunlight into the space. This also creates a fresh study environment. The use of fun pops of colors are also used to create a fun environment which will help ease the monotony of studying for the students.


Area Legend: 1. Reception Area 2. Information / Check out 3. Research Library 4. Computer Commons 5. Computer Lab 6. Conference Room 7. Director’s Office 8. Staff Office 1 9. Staff Office 2 10. Workstations 11. Staff Lounge 12. Small Study Room 13. Medium Study Room 14. Large Study Room 15. Men’s Restroom 16. Women’s Restroom

floor plan


frl rCP Legend: 18’ - 0” A. F. F. 16’ - 8” A. F. F. 15’ - 0” A. F. F. 12’ - 0” A. F. F. 10’ - 0” A. F. F. Recessed Downlight Pendant Wall Sconce 2’ x 2’ Troffer Track Lighting Suspended Linear Light

reflected ceiling plan


Section 1

section 2


frl Materials & Color swatches:

Ambient Carpet Tile

Heavy Metal Carpet Tile

Ivory Carpet

Ceramic Tile

Woodgrain Laminate Ceiling

Woodgrain Laminate

Woodgrain Laminate

White Laminate


Color Swatch: Beige

Color Swatch: Yellow

Color Swatch: Lime Green

Color Swatch: Green

Color Swatch: Blue

Furniture & Lighting selection:




Waiting Area & Information counter


Research library

Computer commons & Check out counter


Infusion Center UCSD Encinitas infusion center

Inspiration Images & ideation sketches


infusion center

Understanding the patient needs, our focus is to design an infusion center which provides support, balance and strength in a positive, playful, and lively environment. In order for the patients to start the healing process they need emotional support from their family, friends, nurses and other patients at the center. The support they receive will make them feel balanced and strong. These three ideas are seen in cantilevers. Like the image on the center, a cantilever has support, balance, and strength in the core of the structure. Using this as our concept, we present the idea of cantilevers in our space. Also, we used fun design elements such as the stacking of the oval panels and the use of pops of fresh colors to create a fresh environment for the patients.


Furniture selection:



floor plan


infusion center reflected ceiling plan Legend: 10’ - 0” A. F. F. 9’ - 6” A. F. F. 9’ - 0” A. F. F. 8’ - 11” A. F. F. 8’ - 0” A. F. F. Recessed Downlight Recessed Adjustable Downlight Wall Sconce Small Pendant Suspended Ring Pendant Track Lighting

reflected Ceiling Plan


Section 1

Section 2


infusion center

Lobby , reception, donor wall

Colors & Finishes:

BioBase Tile Warm Gray

BioBase Tile Atmosphere

High Density Ceramic Tile

Woodgrain Laminate

Etched Glass

Green Swatch

Blue Swatch


Patient entry


nurse stations & open infusion bays

infusion center

semi - private infusion bays

private infusion bays


Sephora Pop up retaiil - Pave design competition

Inspiration Images

The design of this pop-up retail store emerged from the combination of the pop up experience and sephora’s retail concept. Sephora’s slogan as “the beauty authority” states their unique goal to provide beauty service and products for their customers. Sephora targets women around the college and working age group who finds importance in time efficiency. Therefore, they need a quick go-to place where they can stop by and buy their essentials and dash to their next appointment. Also, they often find the need to change their make up from a day make up to a more night, eventful make up. On the other hand, the pop up experience, creates a scene where a building could be installed and disassembled quickly in a temporary location. It transforms a space from completely nothing to a standing retail store. Combining both ideas, the concept of beauty transformation becomes the idea behind the design of this store. During the day, the space is opened and its main purpose is to sell products. However, at night, the store transforms into a closed space which will become the main attraction which not only sells make up but also emphasizes on the beauty studio where customers can transform their make up to where they’re heading to next for a night out. Technology is also integrated throughout the store with the installation of touch screen monitors that provides tutorials and services to assist customers in selecting the product they need. The closed space, will look interesting from the outside and attract passersby to check out our store. Using both beauty and transformation as a concept, the pop up retail store is designed to present sephora’s beauty products and services in a transformed setting during day and night.


sephora Kit of Parts: 1

1. Ceiling 2. Column 3. Floor 4. Long Wall Panel (320” W x 144” H) 5. Short Wall Panel (48”- 62” w x 144” H)

4 2

5 3


After the panels are arranged in the right order, they will be locked together. The panels are white in the front and black in the back to create the transformation effect at night.

basic structure of assembly







6 9




Key Areas: 1. Beauty Studio 2. Interaction Area 3. Check Out 4. Beauty Tools 5. Fragrances 6. Nail Studio 7. Sephora Collection 8. Best Seller Products 9. Other Featured Brands

Day Time - Floor Plan Lighting Key: Track Lighting

light fixture: Lightolier Alcyon HID 20W CMH BT5 PGJ5 - Step Spot

Night Time - Floor & Lighting Plan



Day Time - Exterior Perspective

Night Time - Exterior Perspective


Black Plastic

White Plastic

Black Laminate White Laminate Red Laminate

PVC Wall Panel

Vinyl Floor



sephora collection display & check out counter

interactive section, fragrance & make up displays

Day time - interior perspectives

Day time - interior perspectives


make up displays & check out counter

make up displays & beauty studio

night time - interior perspectives

night time - interior perspectives


Karina Halim's Interior Design Portfolio  
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