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By Karina Alvarez 1

Skills to develop:  Understanding what to do with the text.  Using appropriate vocabulary.  Reading the text slowly in order to understand details.  Concentrating on the text. 

READING AND WRITI NG ACTIVI TY WHILE YOU READ VOCABULARY A Fill in the spaceswith the necessary adjectives to make this story fascinating for readers. You can add more than 2 adjectives.


Cinderella Long ago, in a Faraway 1. ______________Kingdom there lived a 2. ______ girl named Cinderella. Cinderella was 3. __________________.When Cinderella was very young, she had a 4. _______________life. Then, one day, her 5. ___________mother died. Soon after, Cinderella’s 6. _____________father married a 7. ________________woman who had two 8. ____________daughters of her own. Cinderella’s 9. _____________Stepmother and 10. ___________stepsisters were not 11. __________. The Stepmother gave her 12. ____________daughters, Lottie and Dottie, 13. __________ dressesand ______________toys. Shegave ______________Cinderella nothing. Then, sadly, Cinderella’s 14. _____________father died too, and Cinderella was left in the 15. ____________housewith her Stepmother, Lottie, and Dottie. Cinderella’s life was 16. ______________.The Stepmother made Cinderella a 17. ____________servant in her own home. Cinderella had to rise early every morning and spend each day cooking 18. ___________meals, scrubbing 19. ___________floors, washing 20. ___________dishes, and taking orders from Lottie and Dottie. The Stepmother even made Cinderella sleep in the 21. ______________kitchen corner, next to the 22. _______________fireplace, which was full

of 23. ____________ dust and cinders. That is why

she was called Cinderella. Cinderella’s 24. _________________clothes were tattered and her face was smudged with cinders, but she had a 25. __________________heart.

By Karina Alvarez 2

Cinderella Activity  
Cinderella Activity  

Reading and Writing Activity