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Karina Chivikova Recent Works


Library Pure Field Caveman Drawing Starting as a pure field, the project is an articulation of area of inhabitation and a study of the dialectic of the structural versus non structural elements; the empty grid occupation through elemental articulation. The physical model is used as a tool of pure tectonic terms. The caveman drawings with and without relation to the grid question the idea of notation.

Analysis of caveman drawings with and wthout relation to the grid over the field.

2 Analysis of Marina City Bertrand Goldberg, Chicago, 1968.

3 Currently working on: Puerto Rico Analysis + Hybrid Housing The project starts with analyzing the history of territory/space ownership of the Puerto Rico island. The map drawing shows how the island has been temporary occupied during Spanish American War and how the contemporary tourism temporary occupies territories of Puerto Rico.

The proposal consists of a constellation of units built on top of existing fabric as an addition. The units will provide an additional space which can be used as a hotel unit owned by the permanent residents of the property it is becoming a part of.

The structures will be raised 12’ above grade level and provide a water harvesting roof with a water collecting container, which will bring water to the existing structures using gravity. The elevated units will serve as shelters if the area is flooded.

The analysis of Cite de Refuge by Le Corbusier, Paris, 1933. Spring 2018

4 IN ONE PIECE : Other projects and models in one


Corner study model.

Fall 2016

Torus Rotation darwing. Descriptive Geometry.

Fall 2016

Darwing of a hammer in action. Dgital Modeling.

Spring 2015

Urban infills, Savannah.

Fall 2015

Waterfront, Savannah.

Fall 2015

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Recent Works  
Recent Works