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Sunshine Co.

Sunshine Co.

Design Brief

The name of my company is Sunshine Co. and with this company I am going to show happiness and creativity through fashion. I want people who are creative to be brave and bold and show off that they are who they are. The inspiration came from a personal aspect because I have a family who are creative but don’t show it off like I do and I just want people who are scared to not be scared of society and just be who you want to be. The fashion will be targeted for women and men from ages 18-30. My competitors will be anyone in retail who sells product of the same field and who are also very colorful in there selection. The social cause that my company is going to be supporting is and this website has the money they receive go to kids and schools so more can receive better education which is very important to me and so 15% of my income will go to that company. In 2000 Charles Best, a high school history teacher, wanted his students to read ‘Little house on the prairie’ and as he came to a realization of all the money that is being spent to books, art supplies and more was very expensive so he created this website for people in the area to donate now the website can help and school all over America.

Women’s jumpsuit Made of 100% organic materials

Sunset Shirt (Men’s) Made of 100% organic materials

Women’s Sunset shirt Made of 100% organic materials

Men sweatshirts Made of 100% organic materials

Dress Made of 100% organic materials


Leather backpack/bag Made of 100% organic materials

Hat Made of 100% organic materials

“When you can’t find the sunshine, Be the Sunshine.”

Sunshine Co.

Sunshine Co.  
Sunshine Co.