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All system parameters can be adjusted by using 4 buttons and an LCD placed on the card; Can be used with any command type up to 16 floors; Can be used at one speed, two speed and speed controlled lifts without any extra parts. System can be selected from the menu; 4. Can be used in-group operation up to two elevators. All panels in the group are same and no extra panel is needed; 5. Only two cables are needed for group communication; 6. Floor detection carried out by counter system. Only 3 magnetic switches for one speed and 4 for two speed systems including limit switches are used for any number of floors; 7. An error code with its explanation displayed on the LCD in case of an abnormal condition (e.g... H1:Door cannot be locked); 8. At normal condition the lift can be monitored by messages on the LCD (Waits for calls, high speed, low speed, inspection); 9. An alphanumeric character (L, P, E, F, H, b, o, 0, 1, 2, and 3 can label each floor...); 10. Seven Segment and signalization outputs are short-circuiting protected. In case of a short circuit, the related output is shut down until problem is removed and a message stating which output is in short-circuit is displayed on LCD (D segment short circuit); 11. Only 15 cables are enough for system to work by using serial car connection (FX_SERI) which reduces labor and cable costs; 12. No extra switch is needed at high speed lifts (1.6 m/sec) for early slow down; 13. Designed according to European Lift Standard EN-81. 1. 2. 3.


Eng. Reda Nashed

P. O. Box: 120 Faggala – Cairo 11523

Head Office : 225907639/22592942/01227434398 Cairo Emergency : 0114 4411344 Wadi Degla: 0127 900007 Nasr city Showroom : 01279004900 / 01279005900 North Coast : 0127 9005555 info @

Arl 200 specs  
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