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The sage never says everything he thinks, but always thinks everything he says.- Aristoteles




Avatar sequels for 2016 The most successful movie of all time will have 3 more appearances in the movie theater and they will be released after 2016 and with one year of difference. The director James Cameron said “The second, third and fourth film all go into production simultaneously; they’re  essentially  all  in  preproduction now because we are designing creatures, settings and characters that span all three films. And we should be finished with all three scripts within the next, I  would  say,  six  weeks” "There's always pressure, whether it's a new film or whether it's a sequel, to entertain and amaze an audience," he said. "I've felt that pressure my entire career, so there's nothing new there. The biggest pressure I feel right now is cutting out things I love to get the film down to a length that is affordable. There hasn't been a problem finding new and wonderful things to include in the movie." James wrote the screen play for  “Avatar”  by  himself  but   his collaborating with Josh Friedman, rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver and Shane Salerno on the sequel scripts.

Sexual Education Background: Teen and young people are a priority worldwide. The current generation is the largest ever recorded in the history of mankind. The conditions while making decisions about their sexuality, items and services that they have do as well as education and development opportunities available, have a significant effect on their quality of life and population trends of the next decades. Sexuality as a dimension of the human being: Sexuality is a constitutive dimension of the human being, which is built and lived throughout life, from birth. It is much more than sex or genitals; is the construction we make of ourselves as male or female, along our development process. It is a condition inherent to all human beings, and it is a right whose enjoyment should be ensured by all societies. The rights and sexual and reproductive health of adolescents: "The rights , sexual and reproductive health of adolescents were placed on the international agenda since the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994 " (Palacios , nd , para. 2). The resulting Action Plan recognizes and advocates for countries of the world to give appropriate and specific responses to the needs of adolescents and youths in the dimensions of sexuality and reproduction, approaching them from the perspective of human , sexual and reproductive rights responses and not only from the risk or disease. The principles of sexual and reproductive rights and human rights are the dignity, freedom and equality, resulting in the possibility that each person defines and builds their individual and sexual identity and ways of living sexuality autonomously, from the recognition of their own rights and those of others around Programs implemented: To prevent the increase of the stats UNFPA promotes actions to prevent teenage pregnancy, STIs and HIV / AIDS, from different angles: Contribute to strengthening the capacity of national and state institutions and civil society organizations to operate comprehensive SRH services, high quality and friendly to adolescents and youth. Supports teacher training initiatives in the field of sexuality education so that they ensures that reproductive rights are included and adolescent SRH in national programs and translated into policies and actions.

Sex education in schools: The training and professionalization of teachers is a central action in the process of Integral Reform of Basic Education and strategic direction of the educational policy for 2007-2012, is one of its objectives to review and strengthen systems of continuing education and improvement professional in-service teachers and the adequacy of training systems.

The Continuing Education Program for Primary School Teachers in the subject of Civics and Ethics, the study of sexuality is incorporated as line formations were the knowledge of children and adolescents is the main topic. The need to create opportunities for teachers to strengthen their knowledge about the social and moral development of their students is emphasized. In this framework, sexuality is studied as part of ethical reflection and its relationship with development in childhood and adolescence, in addition to prevention and risk factors as outlined in the curriculum. Hygiene standards: Throughout history it has been shown that in many villages, sex education has been banned, bad and improper. Talking about sex is still for many people, awake in young teens wake thoughts and ideas they believe in silence and not to mention sexual matters will cease the problems. It is a curious habit of some families to worry too much to avoid by all means possible deal with themes of love. Love exists in all periods of life, there is love in the home, in school, in society; human relations without love would be unbearable.

It should be noted that puberty and adolescence are consistent periods of normal development and also the physical and functional changes, maturation of the sexual organs is presented. Sexual maturity allows society to show themselves in very special and different way from the behavior observed in children and adults form. Adolescent physical changes help you to assert and be aware of sex. It is when people of the opposite sex are identified and the attraction of the opposite sex are manifested and intensifies. Avoiding sexual education can cause disorders and abnormalities that shall be promptly directed to adolescents and youth, providing accurate readings; organizing them conferences, seminars, talks to project family concern and have the opportunity to pass on the hygienic values need to know and understand the process of sexual maturation is natural, normal and healthy. The people in charge should have a broad respect for the feelings of the young and honestly expressed without lies and prejudices, as lost and hidden things can only create curiosity and malice. Inclination of friendship, love and understanding between people of the same sex you acquire a vigorous appearance seen in teenage relationships, which must be addressed with the subtlety required for both sexes. A well- oriented education, these relationships should lead to mutual protection goals to promote the spirit of fellowship for more human society.

Levels of education is to generalize the " co-education " as a means to enable coexistence in a healthy environment among mentally healthy people , without malice share common tasks, together determine duties in the classroom and develop a spirit of cooperation the training and gives them enough strength to prevent and eliminate feelings of selfishness and abuse the opposite sex. Teen pregnancy: The graph shown above the rate of adolescent fertility 15 shows to 19 in Baja California, with the graph compares the rate that had in 1994 was 89.1 and in the last census was in 2010 with a 59.99 index in 2009 was the year that was minimized but stats increase again next year. WHO defines adolescence as the "period of life in which the individual acquires reproductive capacity passes psychological patterns from childhood to adulthood and independence strengthens the socio - economic" and sets its limits between 10 and 20 years.

It is regarded as a period of life free of health problems but, from the point of view of reproductive health care, the teenager is in many ways a special case. In many countries, adolescents come to represent 20 to 25% of its population. In 1980 the world had 856 million adolescents and it is estimated that in 2000 will reach 1.1 million. The sexual activity of adolescents is increasing worldwide, increasing the incidence of births to women under 20 years It should be noted that not all pregnant minors dare to stand up to his family and to a neighborhood accustomed to criticism, gossip and signaling Mexican society. Usually these are feelings of guilt, among other reasons, which have pushed girls and women to resort to abortion and other alternatives equally troubling.

Literary criticism Twilight By: Stephanie Meyer Twilight it’s  a  novel  that  was  released  on  2005  being  the  first  book  of  a  saga  of  3   more  named  New  Moon,  Eclipse,  and  Breaking  Dawn,  this  first  novel  it’s  a  book  about  a   teen named Bella Swan who has a pretty normal life until he moves with her dad in a small town and she meets Edward, a vampire, who is more older than her and has a strange family. In this book Bella starts to tell her story of how her life changed and how she fell in love with Edward, the popularity of this book was huge since the beginning and with the release of the movie it went even bigger, the books is written in a very simple way, people say  that  it’s  a  book  for  non-readers, that means that most of the people that read this  novels  are  people  that  don’t  usually  read  books,  teenagers are the ones that read this novel most of the time. While reading the book you can found phrases that are confusing, the author usually  leaves  ideas  at  half,  like  “Bella  was  making  a  sandwich.”  And  then  she  starts   talking about a trip she took years ago, but  she  leaves  everything  undone  so  that’s  a   bad point for the books, the saga receives a lot of bad criticism not only because of the way is written but also because it has a very bad story. The story says that a 17 year old teen falls in love with a 100 year  old  vampire,  that’s  wrong,  very  wrong,  she  lives  in  denial   and just doing everything to be with Edward which makes the novel a very boring thing, the movie was a big thing only because of the looks of the actors which created 2 teams, team Edward and team Jacob leaving Bella alone with her bad actuation. The book is a little bit too big for the story, she just keeps talking about Edward all the way through the book and how she can’t  be  with  him,  she  doesn’t  has  confident  and  she  relies  on  the   crazy vampire for everything, she also puts in danger all her family and friends just to be one of the vampires. We can see big difference in the story of the movie and the original novel like the scenes in which Bella and her father are in a diner, most of the movie they go there but in the book Bella is the one making meals, there are also many lines that they add to the characters and scenes that are really unnecessary. This books is bad just as the movie, the story is very boring and not credible , just teens can find this good because of the guys that appear but most of the things that happen  in  the  book  are  not  real  and  it  is  very  bad  written,  it’s  very  long  and  not   interesting at all.

News Companies are taking people on a free trip to space United Arab Emirates are taking a luck person who could win a round trip to space, the company Aabar Investment with the government gave the announcement this Sunday of a competition in which anyone could win this fabulous trip in the spaceship named Virgin Galactic when the suborbital trips start to go out of earth. UAE are a federation and they are wishing to have their own space industry to increase their economy, the details of the competition are not yet established but apparently most  of  the  immigrants  don’t  meet  the  requirements  necessary  for  the   competition which makes this to be more of an internal competition and not a worldwide thing. The offer for the free trip is a way to give back all what the government has given to the company, at least that was what the general  director  of  the  company  said,  “without   Aabar  investments  this  program  wouldn’t have come this far”,  since  the  flight  is  commercial   the seat will be among the other wealthy customers that did buy their tickets. This company has space tourism and nearly 700 people have already paid $25000  for  a  ticket  to  ride  Virgin  Galactic’s  commercial spaceship, they have some negative critics because some are afraid that a Titanic-like scenario might become real if they launch the flight to soon even when they have been 10 years in the making of the project. The company is very confident of the spaceship and they assure that they will be ready to take out in a few months, but they do agree that the process is slow because of the degree of prudence and conservatism that is required due to the inherent dangers of space travel, the place where they will launch is not yet decided but they do have a base on New Mexico which might possibly be the place they will use on the trip, and the 3 day preparation the passengers need to receive. The  people  that  in  fact  got  a  ticket  say  that  it’s  just  like  scheduling a flight to L.A. ,indeed for them it must be like that, if they have 25k to spend on a ticket, the flight will not orbit the earth, they will be more like a roller coaster so this flight is not meant for everyone that has those 25k to spent , and If they plan to cancel their flight they might think  it  twice  because  the  policies  are  very  strict  with  the  return  policies,  it’s  important  to   add, there is an insurance for the trip, safety first.

Survey Fast food This survey has the purpose of knowing what the people have to say about fast food . The questions displayed on the survey are: How often did you eat fast food? a) 1-2 times a week b) 3-5 times a week c) More than 5 times a week d) none What meal are you most likely to eat at a fast-food restaurant? a) Hamburger b) Fries c) Salad d) Taco e) Sandwich f) Chicken g) other What is your favorite fast-food restaurant? a) Mc Donald’s b) In-n-out c) Taco Bell d) Jack in the box e) Burger king f) Carls Jr g) other Do you think fast food is getting healthier? a) Yes b) It has gotten a little bit better c) It’s not that good d) No Why do you eat at fast food restaurants? a) Time b) Money c) Location d) I like it e) Other

How often did you eat fast food?


20% 5% 55% 20%





What meal are you most likely to eat at a fast-food restaurant?

People 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 A







What is your favorite fast-food restaurant?


A 15%

F 15% B 25%

E 10% D 15%

C 10%

Do you think fast food is getting healthier?

People 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 A


C People


Why do you eat at fast food restaurants? A





0% 22% 33%




9 AUGUST a day to remember This year we will celebrate 70 years since the atom bomb hits Nagasaki. So we bring you back all details about this tragical event. 1944: Atom bomb hits Nagasaki American forces have dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki - the second such attack on Japan in three days. The bomb was dropped by parachute from an American B29 Bomber at 1102 local time. It exploded about 1,625 ft (500m) above the ground and is believed to have completely destroyed the city, which is situated on the western side of the Japanese island of Kyushu. About 30% of Nagasaki, including almost all the industrial district was destroyed by the bomb and nearly 74,000 were killed and a similar number injured. The bomb, nick-named "Fat Man" in a reference to Winston Churchill, measured just under 3.5m (11ft 4in) in length, had the power of 22 kilotons of TNT and weighed 4,050kg (9,000lbs). The attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the first time atomic bombs had been used in warfare. Residents of both cities are still suffering the physical and mental consequences of radiation to this day.

How I Met Your Mother Finale With 9 seasons and almost 10 years in air, this TV series definitely will always be one of my favorites although the finale was nothing like I expected. The story is narrated by Ted the main character telling his kids how he met their mother and it starts when he was young living with his friends and the experiences and problems they had. The whole series was mainly comedy and sometimes with a little drama, was a perfect combination that make you love the show, the characters and feel like you were with them, but the finale was pure drama with  an  ending  that  changed  everything  but  that  doesn’t  mean  it  was  a  bad   one,  I  invite  you  to  watch  this  show  I’m  sure  you  will  like  it.

How to Clean White Shoes Cleaning white shoes is very difficult; we all have that pair of dirty shoes, so we would like to teach you how to clean your white shoes in 8 easy steps. 1. Use a soft cloth to remove obvious dirt and dust from the surface of the shoe.

2. Remove the laces.

3. Rinse the shoes with warm water. Do this on the inside and outside of the shoes. 4. Prepare a solution of warm water and a 'natural soap'. Common soaps for cleaning shoes include sand soap, dish washing liquid and hand soap.

5. Use a soft brush and scrub every part of the shoe with the soap mixture. Do not scrub too hard or you could damage the surface of the leather.

6. Repeat step number 3

7. Stuff your shoes with paper towels. The paper will absorb the water and make the drying process go faster. Replace the paper when it gets water logged. Do not use newspaper as the black ink can run and ruin your shoes. Stuffing your shoes with paper also helps them hold their shape as they dry.

8. Allow your shoes to dip dry.

How to play paintball in 5 steps. Paintball is one of the most popular sports nowadays. It involves a lot of tactics and strategy, so if you want to get into this interesting sport, we will teach you how to play paintball in 5 steps. 1-Guns

gloves, because it really hurts when you get hit in the knuckle or palm. The rest such as vests and pants are extras. 3- Mobility Keep yourself behind cover, and move quickly. Also, when you are on the field, make sure that you are not in a position that can be targeted easily. If you are sniping, brush and thick woods are ideal for your role.

First you need a gun to play for example the A5, g4 is recommended for beginners, but if you feel that you can use a better gun should buy a etek, dye or luxe, these last ones being the most expensive. 2-Safety gear

What is really needed is only an official paintball mask, helmet and

4 -In addition to navigating the field, communication is necessary. Communication is key when playing on teams of any number. However, Using hand signals and gestures are the best way to operate.

5-Rules: This step is the most important because you can’t play a game without knowing the rules. If you got a hit you must leave the game. You always need to use a safety gear. Your gun must be on 300/psi

How to play soccer.

Playing soccer is complicated; with the advent of the world cup, you will want to play soccer so we will teach you how to play soccer, explaining the essential skills. Step 1 Learn how to dribble. Dribbling is controlling the ball while you are running also learn to dribble at different speeds. You can dribble with the inside of your shoe, and even with the outside

Step 2 Learn how to pass. Passing is all about putting the ball exactly where you want it. If your teammate is running, always kick the ball ahead of them so that they can run to the ball.

Step 3 Know how to shoot. If you're really close to the goal and all you need is accuracy, you can shoot using the sweet spot of the inside of your shoe, like a pass, but usually, you're going to be farther away and will need power. Step 4 Learn how to defend also learn how to anticipate the dribble from the opponent, Keeping your eye on the ball is the better thing you can do as a defender so   the   enemy   can’t   pass   you   and   score   a   goal. Step 5 Practice taking corner kicks and free kicks. You want to be able to send corner kicks right in the middle of the penalty area, usually up in the air so that a teammate can head the ball in.

Personal)Expirience) ) ) )

) In) my) fourth) semester) of) school) I) had) to) move) alone) in) a) house)which)is)in)a)very)noisy)area),)but)I)got)used)to)it).)For)a)few) days)it)was)great)to)be)alone,)without)anyone)bothering)me),)doing) whatever) I) wanted,) but) I) got) a) moment) of) despair) at) not) being) able) to) talk) to) someone) or) have) a) person,) because) the) family) supports)only)when)they)want)to)be)benefited).)Although)I)was)sad,) but)i)need)to)resisted)and)survived,)made)my)own)food,)cleaned)my) clothes,)cleaned)the)house),)that's)what)I)did))with)my)life)besides) school)stuff).)I)felt)weird)after)a)while,)not)talking)to)anyone)in)the) house)and)just)doing)things)to)take)care)of)something).)After)some) time)I)founded)a)girl)who)told)me)to)be)quiet)and)I)got)curious)to) know)her.)We)went)to)eat)some)days)and)began)a)friendship)that) after)some)discussions))problmes)we)became)a)happy)couple.)I)do) not))feel)alone)anymore,)I)felt)that)I)can)count)on)someone)if)I)need) anything).)We)need)someone)in)our)lifes)to)be)happy,)someone)that) can)be)helping)us,)talking)to)us,)because)we)needed,)it)is)not)cool)to) be) alone,) talk) to) your) family,) to) your) parents,) auncle,) son,) etc.) Because)sometime)we)will)not)be)able)to)talk)to)them,)not)in)this) life.) It) is) important) to) be) united) to) our) family) because) it) is) the) moste) important) thing) in) our) life.) My) expirience) in) this) history) is) that)I)understand)that)the)only)persons)that)will)help)us,)are)our) parents)and)one)partner)of)life.!! ! ! ! !

Nostalgia! ! Can! you! remember! how! happy! you! were! with! your! Atari,! or! your! Supernintendo?! Since! 1972! Atari! appears! with! a! new! technology.!Lots!of!kids!want! them! beacau! se! the! fun! was! so!big!that!the!only!they!want! them! to! do! was! play! Atari,! also! when! Nintendo! came! to! our! country! more! kids! and! some! teenagers! want! it! to! play,! the! graphics! were! so! amazing,! the! colors! were! so! bright,! this! make! nintendo! biger! and! biger,! even! with! the! main! character! Mario! Bros.! This! character! was! the! detonate!to!became!the!most! powerful! company! of! videogames.! We! can! remember! the! greatest! hits! like! Zelda,! Super! Metroid,! Final! Fantasy,! Super! Mario! World,! Street! Fighter,! Yoshi! !!!

Island,! Super! Mario! Kart,! Donkey! Kong,! Starfox! and! Megaman,! this! are! the! main! games! that! make! Nintendo! big,! and! to! us! very! happy,! i! can!remember!me!infront!the! t.v! with! some! chips,! cocaP cola,! in! my! bed! playing! Donkey! Kong! Country,! Megaman! or! Super! Mario.! If! you!can!remember!also!were! the!Power!Rangers,!that!they! were! very! famouse! in! there! time,!they!do!games!of!it,!that! we! play! in! some! time! of! our! lifes.! Later! they! released! the! Nintendo! 64,! the! perfect! console! that! make! a! lot! of! people!be!impressed,!because! the! graphics! were! more! cool! that! the! past! console,! but! it! starts! to! be! comp! tetitions! with! other! consoles,! X! Box! and! Play! Station! that! make! even!happier!to!families,!kids,! teens!and!adults.!

Top!5!Best!Games!Apps! ! !

1.P!Clash!of!Clans! ! Clash!of!Clans!is!completely!free!to!play,!however!some!game! items!can!also!be!purchased!for!real!money.!If!you!don't!want! to!use!this!feature,!please!disable!inPapp!purchases!in!your! device's!settings.!Also,!under!our!Terms!of!Service!and! Privacy!Policy,!you!must!be!at!least!13!years!of!age!to!play!or! download!Clash!of!Clans.! ! Over!1.5!Million!5!Star!Reviews! ! Clash! of! Clans! is! an! addictive! mixture! of! strategic! planning! and! competitive! fastPpaced! combats.! Raise! an! army! of! Barbarians,! War! Wizards,! Dragons! and! other! mighty! fighters.! Join! a! clan!of!players!and!rise!through!the! ranks,! or! create! your! own! Clan! to! contest! ownership! of! the! Realm.! Driving! back! the! goblins! is! just! the! first! step! P! your! quest! isn't! over! until! your! clan! reigns! supreme! over! all! others!!! !

2.P2048! ! The! 2048! Mobile! app! is! a! fun,! addictive!and! a! very! simple! puzzle!game.!Join!the!numbers!and!get!to!the!2048!tile!!! ! HOW!TO!PLAY:!! Swipe!(Up,!! Down,!Left,!Right)!to!move!the!tiles.!When!two!tiles!with!the! same!number!touch,!they!merge!into!one.!When!2048!tile!is! created,!the!player!wins!!! ! FEATURES:!! P!Share!score!with!your!Facebook!friends!! P!Leaderboard!! P!Smooth!gameplay!! P!Nice!animations!! ! Have!fun!!! ! 3.P! What’s! the! Difference?! ~! spot! the! differences! &! hidden! objects!in!this!photo!puzzle!hunt!! ! The! ultimate! Spot! the! Difference! game! reinvented! by! the! makers! of! What's! the! Pic?!Games!!! ! Fun!for!all!ages!!Exclusively!for!iOS!! ! Hunt! your! way! through! hundreds! of! high! quality!photos,!including!celebrities,!pop!culture,!and!more!!! !!

4.P!Flappybird! ! Is!it!THE!END!for!Flappy!Bird?!Check!out!this!parody!of!the!all!time!#1! game!! ! How!to!Play:! 1.!Tap!to!close!the!pipes!together!and!smash!the!flying!birds! 2.!Get!the!highest!score!! 3.!Share!with!friends! ! Smash!the!flappy!birds!today!!! !

! ! ! ! ! 5.P!Doodle!Jump!Race! ! A!tad!tired!of!jumping,!our!tireless!hero!Doodle!the!Doodler!grabs!his! favorite!jetpack!and!joins!a!semiPillegal!jetpack!drag!race!through!the! treacherous!canyons!of!Doodlandia!with!one!single!objective!P!WIN!! ! Dominate! the! global! and! friends! leaderboards! by! winning! as! many! races! as! you! possibly! can! in! this! addictive! realPtime! fourPperson! multiplayer!game.! ! Simple!and!addictive!gameplay:!touch!the!screen!to!go!up,!avoid! obstacles.!!


Interview with a nutriologist 1. What is your name? Sandra Samaniego 2. What did you study? Nutrition. 3. What is your job? Take list of the diets of the patients assigned to me. 4. Where did you study your career? Monterrey Nutrition School 5. Why you chose this career? It is interesting to me with a lot of information to use for personal use. 6. Do you enjoy your work? Yes I do. 7. How many years you have working as a nutriologist? 10 years. 8. Does your work have take you to other places? No. 9. Do you get tired with your work? No not really. 10. What do you consider the most interesting part of your work? Inform patients about good habits of alimentation. 11. Do you  consider  the  regular  people’s  diet  is  wrong? A lot of times diet of people it’s based on the market so we have to put more attention in what are we consuming. 12. How does a healthy diet should be? Consuming all groups of food and more fruits and vegetables. 13. What benefits has a healthy diet? It can prevent a lot of sickness. 14. Exercise is essential to be healthy? Yes it is. 15. What do you recommend to the reader of this interview? Put more attention in what we eat and live a healthy life.

Scientists Find  an  ‘Earth  Twin The  planet,  known  as  Kepler  186f,  named  after  NASA’s  Kepler planetfinding mission, which detected it, has a diameter of 8,700 miles, 10 percent  wider  than  Earth,  and  its  orbit  lies  within  the  “Goldilocks   zone”  of  its  star,  Kepler  186  — not too hot, not too cold, where temperatures could allow for liquid water to flow at the surface, making it potentially hospitable for life. Elisa  V.  Quintana  of  the  SETI  Institute  and  NASA’s  Ames  Research   Center in Mountain View, Calif., said at a news conference on Thursday. It has the right size and is at the right distance to have properties similar to our home planet. With its smaller size, Kepler 186f is more likely to have an Earth-like rocky  surface,  another  step  in  astronomers’  quest  for  what  might  be   called Earth 2.0. The gravity on Kepler 186f, too, is likely to be roughly the same as Earth’s.  “You  could  far  more  easily  imagine  someone  being  able  to  go   there and walk around on the surface But speculation about the planet will remain speculation for a long time, if not forever. The Kepler measurements indicated only the size of Kepler 186f. It is too far away for astronomers to discern its mass, much less whether it has an atmosphere and oceans or if it teems with living creatures.

What is soccer? It is the world’s  most  popular  sport,  a game played between two teams of eleven players in a rectangular field with a goal at each end. The object of the game is to score by using any part of the body (besides the arms and hands) to get the football into the opposing goal. The goalkeepers are the only players allowed to touch the ball with their hands or arms while it is in play but it is restricted to the called penalty area, just in front of the goal. Why is soccer the best sport? Because it involves all the human feelings, like mental, spiritual and physical. You must trust your friends or whoever you play with, because trust means all. Since it is a sport of 11 eleven per team, It’s not an individual sport. Play in team and you will defeat the opponent team. That is something that all the coaches and players know. These little things make the soccer to be a very interesting sport. There are so many types of kick in the game like: kick off, Corner Kick, indirect free kick, direct kick, and penalty kick. These ones make the sport more interesting and give an extra emotion, like the penalty. Soccer has extra time and penalty, not at all matches just when are finals, so this is one more idea why is soccer the best sport. The high level of competition makes the soccer the most famous sport, there are some examples of the best teams on soccer: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, among others which mostly play in Europe, participating on the most famous tournament like UEFA, Europe  league,  and  their  own  country  of  origin’s  league. So in conclusion, it is important to know I love soccer because it involves a lot of human feelings and skills, it involves team effort. Also, it is the most popular sport, because of many things, like the high level of competition, values involved, friendship, mental tactics, etc.


Age: Height: Nationality : Position: Foot: Market value: Player's agent:

29 1,85 Portugal Striker - Left Wing both 100.000.000 € Gestifute

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, (born 5 February 1985), known as Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and captains the Portugal national team. He became the most expensive footballer in history when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009 in a transfer worth £80 million. Ronaldo's contract with Real Madrid, under the terms  of  which  he  is  paid  €21 million per year. Ronaldo became Manchester United's first-ever Portuguese player when he signed for  €15 million (£12.24 million) after the 2002–03 season. He scored ten goals in all competitions, and fans voted him to his first FIFPro Special Young Player of the Year award in 2005. On 11 June, Manchester United accepted an unconditional offer of £80 million from Real Madrid for Ronaldo. When Ronaldo had eventually completed his transfer to Real, he expressed his gratitude towards Ferguson for helping him develop as a player, saying, "He's been my father in sport, one of the most important factors and most influential in my career. Real Madrid 2009-2014 Ronaldo made his Madrid debut on 21 July in a 1–0 win over Shamrock Rovers. His first goal came a week later with a penalty in Madrid's 4–2 win over LDU Quito.

On 13 January 2014, Ronaldo won the 2013 FIFA Ballon d'Or, beating Lionel Messi, who had won the prize the previous four years, and Franck Ribéry. Ronaldo was called up for Euro 2004,[scoring his first international goal in a 2–1 group stage loss to eventual champions Greece and scoring again in a 2–1 semifinal win over the Netherlands Ronaldo also represented Portugal at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Ronaldo was the second-highest scorer in the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification in the European zone with seven goals,[ and scored his first World Cup goal against Iran (2-0) with a penalty kick in Portugal's second match in the group stage.

Achievements with his team.

Club Manchester United • Premier League : 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09 • FA Cup : 2003–04; Runner-up : 2004–05, 2006–07 • Football League Cup : 2005–06, 2008–09 • FA Community Shield : 2007 • UEFA Champions League : 2007–08; Runner-up : 2008–09 • FIFA Club World Cup : 2008 Real Madrid • La Liga (1): 2011–12 • Copa del Rey (2): 2010–11, 2013–14; Runner-up (1): 2012–13 Supercopa de España (1): 2012; Runner up (1): 2011 Individual. FIFPro Young Player Fan Award : 2005, 2006 PFA Premier League Team of the Year : 2005–06, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09 PFA Young Player of the Year : 2006–07 Ballon d'Or : 2008 FIFA Ballon d'Or : 2013

CARTOONS Courage the Cowardly Dog was a The most memorable and enjoyable cartoons in the childhood and early teen years. Every kid saw every episode of the first season and wanted to be like Ash, who wanted to be the worlds greatest Pokemon trainer, capture all the Pokemon and win Pokemon tournaments.

show about scary monsters that look like could be straight of some old horror movie. The show revolves around a walking pink dog, that lives in a small wooden in the middle of nowhere surrounded. Every episode, some bizarre monster, like a giant bug in a suit, a red talking cat would come and either try to capture or disturbed courage’s  owners.

Animaniacs, three animals that looked like dogs crossed with a cat. They caused lots of trouble and would always annoy the people around town and the show relied heavily on sarcasm an used lots of humor.

Ed, Edd n Eddy a three neighborhood

Hey Arnold! Was a show that focused on an overage, football

boys who were around the same age and the same name with differents

shaped head boy named Arnold, who lived with his

nicknames; Ed was the dumb; Edd was

grandparents in an apartment in the city. His friends went to

the smart boy, the rational one who was

school that had humor thrown in, as well as having interesting

mostly serious and Eddy was the

and relatable plots, such as dealing with bullies.

outgoing con man who always tried to

Cow and Chicken focused on the life of an 11 year old chicken who used a lot of sarcasm and had a huge ego, along with his 7 years old sister. Some of the cartoons that were a part of our childhood years and we will not forget how we grew them.

scam the other kids for their money. Pinky and the Brain, Brain wanting to take over the world along with his dumb companion, Pinky. Every night two lab mice, a tall, skinny, laid back. Mouse named pinky and the fat headed, sarcastic, smart, evil genius type mouse named the Brain, try to finding different ways to take over the world.


LEGENDS Manchester United is one of the

Manchester United football

wealthiest and most widely

club is an English professional

supported football teams in the

football club, based in Old

world. On July 2011, the club in

Trafford, Premier League.

number one  in  Forbes  magazine’s  

Founded as Newton Heath

annual ranking  of  the  world’s  50  

LYR Football Club in 1878, the

most valuable sports teams, valued

club changed its name to

at $1.86 billion. Manchester united

Manchester United in 1902

have the greatest fan base in the

and moved to Old Trafford in

world but this was not always the

1910. The 1958 Munich air

case. In the early days before world

disaster claimed the lives of

war two, people in Manchester were

eight players.

neither man united fans nor man city fans as it was impossible to travel to

In 1968, under the

away games they would just go the

management of Matt Bosby,

home matches and because their

Manchester United wash the

was only one home match every two

first English football club to win

weeks fans would go to either of the

the European cup.

Manchester teams home matches.

The current manager, Sir. Alex

Today Manchester united remains

Ferguson, has won 37 major

the strongest football team in

honours since he took over in

England and the future looks

November 1986. Manchester United has won the most trophies in English Football, including a record 19 league titles, a record 11 FA cups, for league cups and 19 FA Community Shields. The club has also won three European Cups, one UEFA Cup Winners cup, one UEFA Super Cup, one international cup and one FIFA Club World Cup. In 1998-1999, the club  won  a  ‘’Treble’’  of  the  Premier   League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League, an unprecedented feat for an English Club.


Great Expectations The novel centers around a poor young man by the name of Pip, who is given the chance to make himself a gentleman by a mysterious benefactor. Great Expectations offers a fascinating view of the differences between classes during the Victorian era, as well as a great sense of comedy and pathos.

The novel opens in an exciting vein. Pip is a young orphan who lives with his sister and her husband -Joe. When he is still a young boy, news arrives that a man has escaped from the local prison. Then, one day when he is crossing the moors near his house, Pip comes across the convict in hiding- Magwitch. Upon threat of his life, Pip brings food and tools to Magwitch, until Magwitch is recaptured.

Pip continues to grow up, and one day is taken by an uncle to play at a rich woman’s house.  This woman is the fabulous Miss Haversham who had been hurt terribly when she had been left at the altar and, though she is an old woman, still wears a tatty old wedding dress. Pip almost meets a young girl who, though she kisses him, treats him with contempt. Pip, despite the girl's cold treatment of him, falls in love with her and desperately wants to be a man of means so that he might be worthy to marry her.

Then, Jaggers a lawyer arrives to tell him that a mysterious benefactor has offered to pay for Pip to be made into a gentleman. Pip goes to London, and soon is considered a man of great possibilities. Sincerely, is a great book, thought me to see things differently and really I recommend this book for all the teens because you can learn a lot of things in this history.

One of my favorite movies is "The Avengers" from Marvel. I like it because is like seeing a lot of superheroes movies, all in one. It is mostly about action,




superheroes (Hulk, Captain America,




Black Widow and Hawkeye) get together with the agents of




I remember when I was a little kid I used to pretend that my dad was superman because he really seemed like a very tough guy, but basically what i liked most about this awesome movie is that all the avengers became one at the end, they protect themselves and tried to save the world like most movies about super heroes. A good thing about this movie is that it keeps you very focused  about  what’s   going to happen next.

At the end, Iron Man and Capitan



friends and   that’s   a   very  

purpose: defeat Loki, Thor's

interesting part of the movie.

evil brother. Loki and Thor

I recommend this movie not

live in a galaxy called Asgard,

only because is another story

and Thor is the king of it. Full

about super heroes that at the

with envy, Loki wants to be

end they  won  the  fight  and  it’s  

the ruler of his own galaxy.

basically a good story, it

With that goal in mind, he

keeps you entertained and





Tesseract, a strange portal than can take you anywhere from




found this portal, he travels to Earth to become the king and accomplish



being the ruler of the world.


My favorite character is Black Widow, because is the only girl in the team, obviously she is really gorgeous, a very good fighter and smart. Also, I think that Iron Man is really awesome, his character in the movie is  very  funny  and  he’s   one of the smartest in the team too.

waiting for something more to happen along the film, but also




message that give us about friendship and commitment about things that really matter is a very powerful message. Also, because  it’s  a  movie  for   all ages and a movie that you can watch with your family or friends.

4 Cities to Visit in Europe If this summer you have intention of going out of the city, we help you to find the better places to visit in

Europe, giving you the popular attractions of the cities and some tips of what to do in those beautiful places. 1. Rome, Italy Ah, Roma! If you are a history nut and love the sunshine, this is the place to go! The Romans had a huge influence on modern civilization, and they should, seeing as their empire once






Popular Attractions: Vatican City, The Colosseum, etc Under the Radar: The Food, try everything Tips: Gelato! 2. Paris, France Through movies and pop culture, Paris has turned into a fairytale destination for many; the city of love. Though I have personally never been, friends that have visited say it is somewhere that you just need to visit. Between the history, fashion week, and food, there is something for everyone! Popular Attractions: The Sun Palace, The Eiffel

Tower Under the Radar: Pari Roller, roller skate around the city for 3 hours every Friday night! Tips: Keep a map of the Metro on you at all times

3. Barcelona, Spain Beautiful, sun drenched Spain offers a scenery, architecture, beaches, and a great nightlife.

Popular Attractions: The Beach Under the Radar: Open air markets are a must see Tips: Relax, and make sure the research hostels well. 4. London, United Kingdom To put it simply, London is like the New York City of Europe...sort of. Nothing can really be compared to London. It is a business and culture hub that has hosted the epic historical events, and was once the super power in Europe and the World. London is not one of those cities you can see in a weekend, I tried. You need at least a week to just scratch the surface of what is London. Retrace history, and don't forget the great night life, making it a great place for anyone to visit.

Popular Attractions: The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, Platform 9 3/4 Under the Radar: The open air street market under the London Eye Tips: the underground and trains are confusing, carry a map, but don't be afraid to get lost.

Indomitable Horse All knights helped the prince Batiatus to search the indomitable horse who was rumored by the people, a majestic foal that anyone who rides him will fall down. They passed by the meadows with the prince Batiatus in search of a decent horse, the animal that all Rome talked about.

Suddenly Batiatus gave the order to the mercenaries to capture every horse that was worthy for him. Having captured the best horses were transferred to the castle of Batiatus, they were marked and mounted bye the last colt all the knights saw the corpulent body and the mane that emphasized his big eyes.

When Batiatus mounted the indomitable colt he went down, again and again. He began to notice changes in his skin, when Batiatus saw the horse, the big indomitable colt was out of the castle running for his life. Batiatus saw how it vanished with the sunlight and he never saw him again. The morning was calm and clear. The horse ran with the herd in the pasture.

Five day passed, a strange man come thin dark and dirty in a coat splashed with something black. It was Batiatus, he looked angry with intention to kill him. The horse just saw Batiatus, the prince thought over and let it be free, but the people of Rome never Knew about him.

Indomitable Horse

The Point  

English magazine made by students

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