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kph-N\w ^m. tXma-kv aq¿ I-cn-°w-]-≈n¬ kn-Fw-sF (1936˛2011) kv-a-cWnI 2012 Suvachanam Fr Thomas More Karikkampallil CMI (1936-2011) Souvenir 2012 FUn-‰¿: tXmakv aØmbn Icn-°w-]-≈n¬ Editor: Thomas Mathai Karikkampallil FUn-t‰m-dn-b¬ t_m¿Uv: AUz. {]Zo]v Iq´me s{]m^. sNdn-bm≥ Ae-Ivkm-≠¿ I√p-]p-c-°¬ AtUmƒ^v tkhy¿ I√q-°fw Editorial Board: Adv. Pradeep Koottala Prof. Cherian Alexader Kallupurakel Adolf Xavier Kallookalam ]_vfn-j¿: tPmk^v Ip©-dnb Ifo-bv°¬ {]kn-U‚ v, Ip-´-\m-Sv Im-Ø-en-Iv A-tkm-kntbj≥, B-e∏pg Publisher: Joseph Kuncheria Kaleeckal President, Kuttanad Catholic Association, Alappuzha Ih¿: emep sX∂-ticn, Im≥hm-kv Cover: Lalu Thennassery, Canvas A®Sn: hmWn {]nt‚-gvkv, Be-∏pg Printing: Vani Printers, Alappuzha


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Tremendous Support

„ Joseph Kuncheria Kaleeckal


t is with great satisfaction that I am writing this message. I took charge as President on 3rd July, 2010. Since then we have been passing through great difficulties. But we did not have much problem to face because Fr Thomas More Karikkampallil CMI was with us. Kuttanad Catholic Association (KCA) is a brain child of Fr Thomas More. He carefully directed us through the last twenty five years. When the Kuttanad Catholic Association was formed and since then Fr Thomas More had only one thought that to unite the families who migrated to Alappuzha from Kuttanad under one umbrella. He succeeded to a large extend in this direction. The families which were scattered through the length and breadth of Alappuzha are brought under this umbrella, ‘Kuttanad Catholic Association’. This is a great achievement of Fr Thomas More as far as we are concerned. But the work is not complete. It is an ongoing process. His support and direction was so tremendous that after his death we were in the dark. We were not sure whether this association will continue functioning or not. But he is directing us from Heaven and that we have a smooth sail now. Fr Thomas More was a priest of great ability. He was a great preacher, a great reformer and a man always thinking ahead of time. Kuttanad Integral Development Society (KIDS) is a typical example. At a time when the farmers were going through hard days, he had the vision that the present system of single crop is not suitable for Kuttanad. He advocated that it should be multiple crop farming like paddy and fish on alternate seasons. This way they will be benefited. He thought of it much before others started thinking about it. This reform is only one of the activities of KIDS. Another example is Kuttanad Catholic Association. Twenty six years ago he saw the difficulty encountered by families migrated to Alappuzha from Kuttanad. They lived in isolation and were not able to come to the main stream. To solve this problem and to maintain the cultural heritage of Kuttanad among the migrants he started this association. Another very important vision was his thinking of catholic youth movement. More than forty years ago, where the Catholic Church was not giving much thought to youth movement, he emphasized the importance of youth to be brought to the front. The Second Vatican Council had a great influence on him to think in this line. In consultation with the Church Authority he started the Catholic Youth Movement which at present is a strong pillar in the Kerala Catholic Church. He was a great preacher. He dedicated his life to preach the Gospel and he fully enjoyed it. You hardly find a catholic family in Kuttanad or in Alappuzha where he did not give a homily during a funeral. Even when he was getting sick, he kept this momentum. His association with non-Christians was also great. He was a good friend of his neighbors, understood their problems and tried to help them as far as he can. I had the opportunity to work closely with him. He never makes any comment as long as we move in the right direction. The moment we deviate from the right path, he warns us. He makes people to perform well. I had no


experience in the functioning of KCA when he asked me to take the responsibility as President. But he made me to perform well. This was his style. I learned a lot through my association with him during the last one year of his life. During this period I am fully convinced that he is a priest of the poor and the needy. I am grateful to him for giving me this opportunity to serve this small community. I am also grateful to the members who fully support me. . I am happy to inform you that we are releasing a Souvenir in honour of Late Fr Thomas More CMI during his first death anniversary functions. We decided it in the 2011 September Zonal meeting itself even though we started work on it only in January, 2012. We had tremendous support from the members for it. It is interesting to note that we got support from even outside KCA, including the Thekketthalackal Karikkampallil Kudumbayogam and Kuttanad Integral Development Society (KIDS). These enormous supports clearly show the respect and confidence Thomas More Achan enjoyed among the public of this area.

In January we formed the Souvenir Committee to discuss and decide how and where to start. After three successful meetings we achieved the goal and formed the Editorial Board of experts in this field headed by Mr Thomas Mathai Karikkampallil as the Editor. Other members were Adv. Pradeep Koottala, Prof. Cherian Alexander Kallupurakel and Mr Adolf Xavier Kallookkalam. I was asked to serve in the Board as the Publisher. The hard work and dedication of these four members, especially Mr Thomas Mathai Karikkampallil, is so great that I often wondered whether it was possible to make the Souvenir a reality without their services. I also salute other members of KCA who supported this effort through contributions and articles and all those who supported it Once again I remember Thomas More Achan with gratitude and pray that May his soul rest in peace. (Joseph Kuncheria Kaleeckal, serving as the President of Kuttanad Catholic Association, Alappuzha) X Mobile: +91 9446403712 X E-mail:


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Mr. E.J.Antony

Mr. Reji Varghese


Vice President

Mr. E.A.Antony

Mr. E.I.Kurian



Present address: Elamathayil House, Near S.B.H.S.S., Changanacherry-686101 Phone: 0481-2424595 Mob: 9447455826 Email: Website:

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Tele (Off) : 0477 2244734, 2242656, 2234734 Tele (Res) : 0477 2233064, 2235928, 2236059 E-mail : Web :,


G-sd hn-izm-k-Zm¿-Vy-ap-≠m-bn-cp∂ H-cp ssh-Zn-Is‚, P-\-ß-sf-°p-dn-®v G-sd I-cp-X-ep-≠m-bn-cp-∂ H-cp km-aq-ly-{]-h¿-ØI-s‚ km-aq-ly-Z¿-i-\-Øn-s‚ aq¿-Ø-cq-]-am-Wv ]-≈m-Øp-cp-Øn-bn-se Z¿-i-\-{Km-aw. Ip-´-\m-´n-se P-\-ß-fn¬ hen-sbm-cp hn-`m-Kw hn-I-k-\-Øn-s‚ Xmg-sØ X-´n-em-sW-∂p sN-dp-∏w ap-X¬ A-SpØ-dn-™n-cp∂ tXma-kv aq-d-®≥ A-h-cn-te-°p hn-Zy-bp-sSbpw hn-I-k-\-Øn-s‚bpw ip-Nn-Xz-Øn-s‚bpw sh-fn-®w ]-I-cm≥ B-{K-ln®p. H-cp-]t£, A-t±-lw B-{K-ln® co-Xn-bn¬ A-Xn-\p K-Xn-th-Kw ssI-h-cn-°m\m-bn-s√-¶nepw B B-i-b-sØ km-£m-Xv-Im-c-Øn-te-°p-≈ km¿-Y-Iam-b {]-bm-W-Øn-s‚ \n-e-bn-se-¶nepw Im-Wm≥ I-gn-bp-∂p. A-b¬-°q-´ßƒ, ssa-{Xo-`-h-\-߃, {]-Ir-Xn Po-h\w, Ir-jn, a’yw h-f¿Ø¬, kzm{i-b ]-≤-Xn-Iƒ Xp-S-ßn ]-e \-ho-\m-i-b-ßfpw A-t±-lw {]m-h¿-Øn-I-am°n. H-cp ]t£, ]n-∂o-Sp-h-∂ P-\-Io-bm-kq-{XWhpw Ip-Spw-_-{iobpw P-\-{iobp-sam-s° C-h-bn¬-\n-∂p ssN-X\yw kzo-I-cn-®n-´p-≠m-Ipw. A-°m-cyw A-hbp-sS D-]-⁄m-Xm°ƒ k-Ω-Xn®p-sIm-Sp-°n-s√-¶nepw Ip-´-\m-´n-se H-cp {]-tZi-Øv CØ-cw Nn-e kp-µ-c kz-]v-\-߃ X-fn¿-Øp-h-∂n-cp-∂p F∂ -Im-cyw B¿°pw X-≈n-°-f-bm-\m-In√. Ip-´-\m-Sn-s‚ k-a-{K-hn-I-k-\-hp-am-bn _-‘-s∏-´v At±lw cq-]-I-ev-]-\ sNbv-X {]-ÿm-\-am-Wv In-Uv-kv F-∂ Np-cp-°-t∏-cn¬ A-dn-b-s∏-Sp-∂ Ip-´-\m-Sv C‚-{K¬ sU-h-e-]v-sa-‚ v skm-ssk‰n. Ip-´-\m-Sp ]m-t°Ppw hnI-k-\ ]-≤-Xn-Ifp-sam-s° h-cp-∂-Xn-\p hf-sc ap-ºpX-s∂ Ip-´-\m-Sn-\p-th-≠n X-bm-dm°n-b \n-ch-[n ]-≤Xn-I-fp-sS ]n-∂n¬ tXm-a-kvaq-d®-s‚ hn-im-eam-b Im-gv-N-∏m-Sp-Ifpw Im-cy-£-a-X-bpsS I-c-ß-fpam-Wp-≠m-bn-cp∂-Xv. In-Uvknt\m-S-\p-_-‘n-®pX-s∂ \n-ch-[n {]-ÿm-\-ßfpw ]-≤-Xn-I-fpw A-t±-lw bm-Ym¿-Yy-am°n. H-cp ]-t£, CØ-cw B-i-b-ß-fp-sS Xn-c-Ø-≈-en¬ ]-e-Xn\pw th≠-{X {i-≤ In-´m-sX t]m-bn-´p-≠m-Ipw. F-∂m¬, A-Xy-[nIw Du¿Pw {]-kcn-°p-∂ H-cp A-]q¿-h hy-‡n-Xz-am-Wv C-h-bv-°p ]n-∂n¬ Im-Wm≥ I-gn-bpI. A-©p-h¿-jw sIm-≠p Ip-´-\m-´n-se kv-Iq-fp-I-fn¬ PmXn a-X t`-Z-sa-t\y hn-Zym¿-Yn-Iƒ-°p {]-tXy-I ]-cnioe-\w \-evIn-b ]-≤Xn-bm-bn-cp-∂p bp-h-{Kmw. ]mTy-hn-j-b-ß-fn¬ Ip-´n-Iƒ-°p {]-tXy-I ]-cn-io-e-\-Øn-\p kw-hn-[m-\-sam-cp°n. hn-t\m-Z˛]T-\-bm-{X-Iƒ C-Xn-s‚ `m-K-am-bn kw-L-Sn-∏n®p. C-hn-sS ]-cn-ioe-\w t\-Snb-h-cn¬ ]-ecpw C-∂p Po-hn-X-Øn-s‚ hnhn-[ ta-J-e-I-fn¬ {]-tim-`n-°p∂p. A-£-chpw `-£-Whpw ]-≤-Xn A©mw ¢m-kv h-sc-bp-≈ hn-Zym¿-Yn-Iƒ-°p-≈ km-£c-Xm ]-cn-]m-Sn-bm-bncp∂p. B-e∏p-g I-S-∏p-d-sØbpw Ip-´-\m-´n-se Nn-e Dƒ-\m-S≥ {Km-a-ß-fn-se-bpw \n-ch-[n hn-Zym¿-Yn-Iƒ-°v CXvv G-sd {]-tbmP-\w sN-bvXp. k¿-°m¿ Un-]n-C]n-sbm-s° sIm-≠p-h-cp-∂-Xn-\p-ap-ºpX-s∂ tXm-a-kvaq-d®s‚ a-kv-Xn-jv-I-Øn¬ hn-cn-™ B-i-b-am-bn-cp-∂p A-Xv. Ip-´-\m-Sn-s\-°p-dn-®pw AXn-t\m-Sp tN¿-∂p-In-S-°p-∂ Xo-c-{]-tZ-i-sØ-°p-dn®pw A-hn-sS Po-hn-°p-∂ ]m-hs∏-´ a-\p-jy-sc-°p-dn-®pw C-{X-tb-sd Xm-Xv-]-cy-sa-Sp-Ø-h¿ th-sd A-[n-I-ap-≠m-hn√. {]m-b-ta-dp-tºm-gpw a-\-kn¬ bp-hXzw \n-e-\n¿-Øm≥ tXm-a-kvaq-d®-\p I-gn-™p-sh-∂-Xm-Wp F-Sp-Øp ]-d-tb-≠ a-s‰m-cpkw-KXn. F-∂pw bp-hm°-sf H-∏w \n¿-Øm≥, A-h¿-°p {]-tNm-Z-\-ta-Im≥, A-t±l-Øn-\p I-gn-™Xv, At±lw F∂pw a-\-kn¬ bp-hm-bn-cp-∂Xp-sIm-≠m-sW-∂p Rm≥ I-cp-Xp-∂p. sh-fn-b-\m-Sv I-t∏-f-∏-≈n-bn¬ tXma-kv aq-d®-s‚ [ym-\-{]-kw-Kw tI-´-Xn-s‚ apg-°w F-s‚ a-\-kn¬ C-t∏mgp-ap≠v. L-\-Kw-`o-cam-b i–w F∂pw A-ß-s\X-s∂ \n∂p. X-s‚ ap-∂n-en-cn-°p-∂ t{im-Xm-°-fpsS ap-Jhpw a-\kpw hm-bn-®-dn-™v kp-hn-ti-jhpw km-aqln-I Nn-¥-Ifpw A-Xn-se Po-h-Xhpw ]-I¿-∂p-sIm-S-°p∂ hm-Kzn-emkw. F{Xtbm [ym-\-߃, bp-h-P-\-߃-°m-bn F{Xtbm Iym-ºpIƒ, sk-an-\m-dp-Iƒ. Po-hn-XØn-s‚ A-h-km-\-Im-eØv Z¿-i-\-]pc-Øv H-cp ]-cn-[nh-sc H-Xp-ßn°-gn-™p-Iq-Sp-tºmgpw B kz-c-Øn-s‚ apg-°w Ip-d-™n-cp-∂n√. Ip-´-\mSn-t\m-Sp-≈ Iqdpw Ip-d-™n√. tXm-a-kvaq-d®-s\ I-≠-dn-™ X-e-ap-d-Iƒ IS∂pt]m-Ipw. F-¶nepw Ip-´-\m-Sn-\p tXm-a-kv aq-d-®≥ \-evIn-b kw-`m-h-\-Iƒ B \m-Sns‚ N-cn-{X-Øn¬ am-bm-sX \n-ev-°pw. (sk¿Pn B‚Wn \m-ev-]-XmwIfw Zo]nI No^v \yqkv FUn-‰-dm-Wv.)



]n. ‰n. sNdnbm≥, ]me{X P\\w 15.10.1931

acWw 24.04.2009

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(tPm-k^v I´°bw Zo]n-I-bn¬ sU]yq´n FUn-‰-dm-bn-cp-∂p. ‘]m´ns‚ ]memgn’ XpS-ßnb {KŸ-ß-fpsS I¿Øm-hv.)



]n. sP. tPmk^v (thWmSv ]m∏®≥) ]pØ≥]pcbv°¬, XØw]ffn, Be∏pg P\\w 12.05.1921 acWw 04.11. 1998 k¥]vX IpSpw_mwK߃ :

`mcy en√n°p´n tPmk^v aI≥ ssjPp tPmk^v aIƒ tj¿en Nmt°m aIƒ joe kptcjv aIƒ ssje tPmWn aI≥ tPm¿Pv tPmk^v aI≥ tPmkv tPmk^v aI≥ tSmw tPmk^v


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(sjhenb¿ G{_lmw Ad- b v ° ¬ Fd- W m- I pfw alm-cm-Pmkv tImfPv ap≥ {]n≥kn-∏m-fm-Wv. ImØ-enIv Iu¨kn¬ Hm^v C¥ybpsS sshkv {]kn-U‚p-ambn-cp-∂n-´p-≠v.)



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]n. sP. tPmk^v amfnIbn¬, ]pØ≥]pc ]mekv hm¿Uv, Be∏pg P\\w 12˛01-˛1930 acWw 29˛08˛1993


FØn. Sm¿ sNømØ Ip≠pw Ipgnbpamb tdmUv. h√t∏mgpw D≈ _kv k¿hok.v AXpsIm≠v \S°phm≥ Xocpam\n®p. sN°nSn°mSp \n∂v H‰ hcºneqsS \S∂p aq∂p aSIƒ \o¥n°bdn Fkv. t__n Icn°w]≈nens‚ ho´n¬ FØnt®¿∂p. G{_lmw ssXtØm´Øns‚ H∏ambncp∂p bm{X. At±lw tIcf tIm¨{Kkv Aºe∏pg \ntbmPI aWv U ew {]knU‚pw Rm≥ \ntbmPI aWv U ew sk{I´dnbpambncp∂p. hnXpcbn¬ \n∂v sN°nSn°mSv ho´n¬ ÿncXmakØn\v Fkv. t__n h∂Xmbn Adn™mWv R߃ sN∂Xv. At±lw Xncph\¥]pcw Pn√bn¬ \n∂p≈ tIcfm tIm¨{Kkv kwÿm\ kanXn AwKambncp∂p. kwkmcn®psIm≠ncn°ptºmgmWv ^m. tXmakv aqdns‚ t^mt´m `nØnbn¬ h®ncn°p∂Xv I≠Xpw, A®s‚ ho´nemWv Ccn°p∂Xv F∂dn™Xpw. ^m. tXmakv aqdns‚ ktlmZc\mWv Fkv. t__n F∂dn™t∏mƒ A®\pambp≈ _‘w H∂pIqSn h¿≤n®p. ]nt∂bpw A®\pambn IqSpX¬ ASp°phm\p≈ kmlNcy߃ D≠mbn. Imebh\nIbv°p≈n¬ hnebw {]m]n® Ip´\m´nse {]K¤cmb c≠p t\Xm°fmbncp∂p ]n.Un.eq°pw°m sh´n®ndbpw. Ahcpambn tN¿∂v Hcp Znhkw Be∏pg IS∏pdØp≈ Im¿a¬ hn√bn¬ sN∂p. kabw cm{Xn F´paWnbmbn°mWpw. A®≥ Rßsf kzoIcn®v apIfnesØ \nebn¬ ]Sn™mdphiØp≈ apdnbn¬ sIm≠ncpØn. \\pØ Ipfn¿abp≈ IS¬°mt‰‰v Ccn°phm≥ \√ kpJw. thtdbpw \me©mfpIƒ D≠mbncp∂p. Rm\Xn¬ Hcp {][m\ IYm]m{Xw A√mbncp∂p. F∂mepw BtemN\m tbmKØn¬ ]s¶SpØp. Ip´\mSns‚ ka{Kamb ]ptcmKXn e£yam°nbp≈ Hcp kwLS\bmbncp∂p A∂sØ N¿®bpsS tI{µ_nµp. A∂p XpSßnb N¿® ]e Zn\ßfnepw XpS¿∂p. "InUvk'v F∂ kwLS\bpsS P∑tØmsS B N¿®Iƒ°v cq]hpw `mhhpw \¬IpIbpw sNbvXp. XpS¿∂p InUvkns‚ ssI\Icn bqWn‰v cq]hXvIcn®p. Rm\Xns‚ sk{I´dnbpambn. XpS¿∂pw {]h¿Øn°phm≥ km[ns®¶nepw Ahkm\w hsc \n≠p\n∂n√. hy‡n]camb Imcy߃ sIm≠v ÿew hn´pt]mtI≠nh∂p. ]t£ A®\pambn \√ hy‡n_‘hpw kvt\l_‘hpw ImØp kq£n°phm≥ Ign™Xv PohnXØnse A]q¿h \nanjßfmbn IcpXpIbmWv. Fs‚ hnhmlip{iqjbn¬ ]s¶SpØv kpµchpw lrZyhpambn a[pcn°p∂ aebmfØn¬ Biwkm {]kwKw \SØnbXv C∂sesb∂ t]mse kvacn°p∂p. kpµcnbmb aWnaebmdv kzOµambn HgpIn thº\m´v Imben¬ ]Xn°p∂Xpt]mse PohnXØn¬ Hcpan®p≈ \nßfpsS PohnXw [\yamIs´sb∂v Biwkn®Xpw Rmt\m¿°p∂p `mcyhoSv aWnaebmsW∂p Adn™psIm≠p Xs∂bmbncp∂v AXv. ssI\Icn tI{µoIcn®v Nmhd kmwkv°mcnI thZn Fs∂mcp kmwkv°mcnI kwLS\bv°v cq]w \¬Inbt∏mƒ AXns‚ D]tZjvSmhmbn Rm≥ kzoIcn®Xv ^m. tXmakv aqdns\bmbncp∂p. tPmkn tXmakv h≈h¥d {]knU‚pw Rm≥ sk{I´dnbpambn H≥]Xv t]cp≈ `cW kanXn `wKnbmbn A©p h¿jw {]h¿Øn®p. kmt¶XnI ImcWßfm¬ XpS¿{]h¿Ø\w \S∂n√. A®≥ F∂pw Irjnsb kvt\ln®ncp∂p, Irjn°mct\bpw. tfmlbn´ B icocØn\p≈n¬ Hcp Irjn°mc\p≠mbncp∂p. AXns‚ {]Xy£ sXfnhmWv At±lØns‚ B{ia ]cnkcw. Ft∏mgpw ]eXcw IrjnIfm¬ kº∂ambncp∂p AhnSw. Fs¥√mw \´p ]nSn∏n®v B `qansb ^e]pjvSam°p∂Xn\v {ian®p. F{XXcw ^ehr£ßƒ h®p]nSn∏n®p. \Ωƒ AXpI≠v amXrIbmt°≠XmWv. At±lw hmghnØpIƒ ]et∏mgpw F\n°v X∂n´p≠v. A®\nse Irjn°mcs‚ BibamWv Irjn cmPmhmb apcn°s‚ A¿[Imb {]Xna InUvkv Hm^okv ]cnkcØv ÿm]n°phm\p≠mb ImcWw. Imb¬ IpØn Nnd]nSn®v hbem°n apØpaWnIƒ sImbvsXSpØp I\Iw hnfbn°p∂ J\nbmbn am‰nb ImbepIfpsS Ncn{Xw cNn® Imb¬ cmPmhmb apcn°≥ G‰hpw BZchv A¿ln°p∂ Ip´\m´pImc\mWv , Irjn°mc\mWv F∂p≈ Xncn®dnhnemWv apcn°s‚ {]Xna ÿm]n°m≥ A®≥ apt∂m´p h∂Xv. A®s‚ Ahkm\\mfphsc F√m kwc`ßfnepw IqsS {]h¿Øn°phm≥ `mKyw kn≤n®psh∂Xv PohnXØnse henb t\´ambn IcpXp∂p. A®s‚ ]mh\kvacW°v apºn¬ {]Wmaw A¿∏n°p∂p. (t__n ]md°mS≥ AJne Ip´-\mSv s\¬-˛-\m-fn-tIc I¿jI s^U-td-j≥ {]kn-U‚m-Wv.)



F. kn. tPmk^v FSbmSn, hgnt®cn hm¿Uv, Be∏pg P\\w 01˛12˛1940 acWw 02˛11˛1982


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„^m. tXmakv am{ºm knFwsF vt\l[\\pw BZ¿i[oc\pw {Im¥Z¿inbpw I¿ΩIpie\pw \aps°√mh¿°pw {]nb¶c\pamb tXmakv aq¿ Icn°w]≈ne®≥ Ft∂bv°pambn hnS]d™n´p Hcp h¿jamIp∂psh∂v Nn¥n°phm\mIp∂n√. aqd®s‚ kpkv t achZ\hpw apgßp∂ kzchpw Nncn∏n°bpw Nn¥n∏n°pIbpw sNøp∂ Ia‚pIfpw a\kns‚ AIØfßfn¬ ]®sISmsX \n¬°p∂p. \n›bZm¿Vyhpw


XymKk∂≤Xbpw hnPb{]Xo£bpw ÿnc{]XnjvT t\Snbncp∂ B apJØv t\cnb timIOhn Z¿in®Xv Hcn°¬ am{Xw. Xncph√ ]pjv]Kncn Bip]{Xnbnse Xo{h]cnNcW hn`mKØnembncns°, Hcp ]t£



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ZnhwKX\mb dh: ^m. tXmakv aq¿ A®s‚ kvacWbv°v apºn¬ \{ainckvIcmbn

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Ousephen Akkarakalam 42

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dh: ^m. tXmakv aq¿ CMI bv°v BZcmRvPenIƒ

No.13, Muncipal Library Shopping Centre Opp. Boat Jetty, Alleppey- 688013 Tel: 0477-2253581, Telefax : 0477-2264386


]nXmhv ˛ h¿°n tXmakv, acWw 14˛06˛1984 amXmhv ˛ A∂Ω tXmakv, acWw 01˛12˛1995 k¥]vX aI≥ : Sn. aØmbn If∏pcbv°¬, F. hn. Sn. tImºu≠v, Be∏pg˛12 44

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tUm. ]n. tXmakv k°dnbmkv, MBBS

P\\w 30.01.1913, acWw 18.07.1998 Founder Member of KIDS & KCA | Former President of IMA, Alappuzha Branch

{Sokm tXmakv P\\w 27.08.1921, acWw 06.07.2010 ]Shp]pcbv°¬, Benticn hm¿Uv, Be∏pg

RßfpsS {]nbs∏´ tXmakv aq¿ A®\v BZcmRvPenIƒ

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Imen hf¿Ø¬ klmbw, Xø¬ sajo≥ \evI¬, Ip™p-߃°p t]mjImlmcw hnX-c-Ww apXembn F{Xsb{X kmaq-ly-cw-K-ß-fmWv At±lw hnIkn∏n®n´p≈Xv. {Kma {]tZißfnep≈ hnZym¿∞nIƒ°v ]T\ \nehmcw Db¿Øphm≥ kz¥w DØchmZnXzØn¬ A≤ym]Isc \nban®v AhcpsS Hgnhp kabßfn¬ t_m[\w sImSp°p∂ ]Xnhpw At±lØn\p≠mbncp∂p. k`mZ¿i\w At±lw ]q¿Wambn Dƒs°m≠ncp∂p F∂p≈Xp sIm≠mIpw Be-∏p-g˛Nß\mticn tdmUv AcpIn¬ knFwsF k`bv°p henb kmºØnI IS∏mSp≠m°msX Z¿i\]pcw cq]s∏SpØm≥ At±lØn\v Ign-™-Xv. knFwsF k`bpsS {]mcw`sØ°p-dn®pw AXns‚ hf¿®bv°v apX¬°q-´mb {]Xn`Isf°pdn®pap≈ ka{Khpw hy‡hpamb Ncn{Xw aqd®≥ {Kln®n´p≠v. Nº°pfw I√q¿°mSv ]≈nbn¬ t]mcq°c aev]m\®s‚ P∑iXm_vZn BtLmjn®t∏mƒ AXns‚ P\d¬ I¨ho\dmbn Icn°w]≈n¬ tXmakv aq¿ A®≥ \S-Ønb {]h¿Ø\w Cu {]kvXmh\bv°v B[n-Im-cnIX \¬Ip∂p. (^m.-tPm¿Pv Nme-ßmSn Be-∏pg ssIX-h\ hnaelrZb\mY tZhm-eb hnIm-cn-bm-Wv.)


dh: ^m. tXmakv aq¿ CMI bv°v BZcmRvPenIƒ

ROYAL SANITARY HOUSE M. M. Building, South of Stone Bridge, Alappuzha-11 Dealers in Supreme, Parryware, Sintex, Diamond and All kinds of Sanitory & Plumbing Materials Ph: 0477-2264147 (S), 2266766 (R)

CLASSIC GLASS DESIGNS Chathanadu, Alappuzha Ph : 0477 2253202 Glass Etching, Staining, Beveling, Polishing & All types of Glass Engineering Works


IS∂pt]mb hgn-Øm-c-Iƒ

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„^m. kndnbIv Xp≠nbn¬ knFwsF SXz sk‚ v Atemjykv kvIqfn¬ h®mWv tXmakv Icn-°w-]-≈n-ens\ I≠pap´nbXv. XΩn¬ kwkmcn®n´p≈Xmbn Hm¿Ωbn√. s]mXpsh a‰p≈-htcmSv kwkmc_‘Ønte¿s∏Sp∂ ImcyØn¬ As∂ms° Rm≥ ]pdtIm-´mbncp∂p. Rm≥ ]Ømw ¢mknepw At±lw ]Xns\m∂mw ¢mknepamWv ]Tn®ncp∂Xv. Rm≥ Xncph\¥]pcw sk‚ v tPmk^vkn¬ \n∂v hmßn Ggmw ¢mknemWv FSXz kv I qfn¬ tN¿∂Xv . ]pXp°cn F∂ {KmaØnembncp∂p Fs‚ hoSv . ]pXp°cn°mc≥ sNdnbm≥Ip™v amXrticn At±lØns‚ Iq´pImc\mbncp∂p. Aßs\bmWv tXmakv Icn°w]≈n-ens\ {i≤n°m-\nSbmbXv. Rm≥ am∂m\w sk‚ v Ft{^w-kn¬ 1954˛--¬ Fkv-F-kv-F¬kn°p tN¿∂p. AtX h¿jw Xs∂ knFwsF k`bnse k`m¿∞nbmbn (Aspirant) tXmakv Icn°w]≈n¬ am∂m\w sImth¥bn¬ tN¿∂ncp∂p. eØo≥, kpdnbm\n, Cw•ojv `mjIƒ ]Tn°pIbpw B[ymXvanI PohnXØn¬ ]cnioe\w B¿÷n°bpambncp∂p. ]nt‰s°m√amWv Rm≥ apdbv ° v knFwsF k`m¿∞nbmbn tN¿∂Xv. R߃ XΩn¬ Hcp h¿jsØ hyXymkw. At±lw Ft∏mgpw Hcp sIm√w apºn¬. At±lØns‚ Hcp A¶nƒ aØmbn®≥ Icn°w]-≈n¬ Xncph\¥]pcØv te_¿ IΩojWdmbncp∂p. RßfpsS Ab¬hmknbpw ASpØ IpSpw_ kplrØpambncp∂p At±lw. tXmakv aqd®s‚ AΩbpsS Bßfbmb \oenIm´v Ip´∏≥ Xncph\¥p]pcØp h®v RßfpsS ASpØ kplrØm-bncp∂p. At±lw B¿anbn¬ \n∂v dn´b¿ sNbvXtijw F≥kn-kn-bpsS Xeh\mbn tPmen sNøpIbmbncp∂p. tXmakv aqd®s‚ AΩbpsS BßfbmWv \oenIm´v Ip´∏≥ F∂Xv Rm≥ ]´w kzoIcn®v hfsc \mfpIƒ Ign™p am{XamWv a\knem°nbXv. \oenIm´p Ip´∏s‚ thsdmcp ktlmZcnsb-bmWv Fs‚ A∏s‚ A¶nfmb aÆw]≈n¬ tPmk^v hnhmlw sNbvXXv. skan\mcn PohnXImetØm sshZnI\mb tijtam R߃ XΩn¬ A{X ASp∏ap≠mbncp∂n√. sshZnI\mb tijw Rm≥ P¿a\nbn¬ t]mbn. ]{X{]h¿Ø\Øn¬ Fw.F FSpØv "Zo]nI' Zn\]{XØn¬ \yqkv FUn‰dmbn 1975--˛¬ tPmenbn¬ {]thin®p. B kabØv AhnsSØs∂ k¿°p-tej≥ amt\Pcmbn tXmakv aqd®≥ D≠mbncp∂p. knFwsF k`bnse ]mem, Nß\mticn hn`mK°m¿ XΩn¬ ISpØ kwL¿jw D≠mbXns\ØpS¿∂v "Zo]nI' ]mem hn`mKØn\mbn hn´psImSpt°≠nh∂p. At∏mƒ R߃ c≠p t]cpw "Zo]nI'bn¬ \n∂v ]Snbndßn. Rm≥ XmaknbmsX ho≠pw P¿a\nbnte°v D]cn]T\Øn\mbn t]mIpIbpw tXmakv aqd®≥ Nß\mticn-˛Ip´\mSv hn`mKØns‚ A\ntj[y t\Xmhmbn hcpIbpw sNbvXp. tIm´bw-, Xncph\¥]pcw t{]mhn≥kpIfpsS hn`P\-Øns‚ AhkcØnepw AXn\p tijw Xncph\¥]pcw t{]mhn≥kns‚ `cWØnepw ^m. tXmakv aq¿ Aev]a√mØ t\XrkvYm\w Ae¶cn®ncp∂p. A{]Jym]nXambn "InwKv ta°¿' kvYm\amWv At±lØn\p≠mbncp∂Xv. 1988˛¬ Ip´-\mSv C‚-t{K-‰Uv sUh-e-]vsa‚ v skmssk‰n (InUvkv) cq]oIcWhpambn _\v[s∏´mWv R߃ c≠pt]cpw ho≠pw H∂n®p hcp∂Xv. "InUvkn's‚ \nbamhen FgpXnbp≠m°nbXnepw cma-



In Loving Memory

Ip´-\m-´n¬ \n∂pw Be-∏p-gb - n¬ Xma-ka- m-°nb \Ωƒ Hmtcm-cp-Øt- cbpw I≠p-]n-Sn®v Hcp Iq´mbva krjvSn®v F√mhtcbpw Hmtcm- h¿jhpw ]e-X-hW Hcp-an-®p-Iq´n hnti-jß - ƒ ]¶n-Sm≥ X¬]-c-\mb _lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v BZ-cm-RvPe - n-Iƒ A¿∏n-°p-∂p.

K.T.MATHAI Advocate Born: 06.01.1925 Died: 15.12.2011 J

Karikkampallil, TRA 3, Madom Road, Thathampally P.O., Alappuzha-688013, Kerala, India Telephone: 0477 2253566 J

The righteous shall go to eternal life. Matthew 25:46

Sn. hn. B‚-Wn tXm´p-I-S-hn¬, Be-∏pg ˛6


Karikkampallil Family

_lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v BZcmRvPenIƒ

_lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v BZcmRvPenIƒ


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]oSn-tb-bv°¬ XØw-]-≈n, Be-∏pg˛13

Ih-e-bv°¬ XØw-]-≈n, Be-∏pg˛13


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_\v[w ]pe¿Ønbncp∂p. AkpJambn Ign™ sIm√w ]pjv]Kncn Bip]{Xnbnem°nbt∏mƒ AhnsSbp≈ Fs‚ Ikn≥ tUm. F{_lmw h¿Kokns\bpw Fs‚ A\¥nch≥ tUm. cmcn®s\bpw I≠v tXmakv aqd®s‚ NnIn¬kbv°p≈ F¿∏mSp sNøm≥ F\n°p km[n®p. Rm\pw tXhe°c A®\pw IqsS At±lsØ ImWm\mbn sFknbphn¬ Ibdn. At±lw tXhe°c A®t\mSp tNmZn®p ""\ΩpsS ao‰nwKv \S°ptam?'' (AhcpsS _m®nse A®≥amcpsS ktΩf\sØ°pdn®mWv tNmZn®Xv.) ]ns∂ At±lw ]d™Xv ""CXpt]mse F{X {]Xnk\v[nIfneqsS Rm≥ IS∂p-t]mbncn°p∂p.'' AkpJw amdn Xncns®Øpsa∂p≈ ip`m]vXn hnizmkw At∏mgpw At±lw ssIhn´ncp∂n√. tXmakv aqd®s‚ \ncymWtØmsS "InUvkn's‚ {]h¿Ø߃ \nebv°p∂ a´mbncp∂p. 25 h¿jsØ CSthfbv ° ptijw Rm≥ "InUv k n's‚ kmcYyw Gs¡Sp°pIbmWv . R߃ c≠p t]cpsSbpw kz]v\]≤Xnbmb "InUvkpw' -A\p_\v[ {]h¿Ø\ßfpw Ignbp∂ hn[w apt∂m´p sIm≠pt]mIphm≥ Rm≥ {ian°pw. At±lØn\p ]q¿Ønbm°m\mImsX t]mb kz]v\߃ ]cn]q¿WXbnseØn°m≥ F√mhcpsSbpw klIcWw {]Xo£n°p∂p. (^m.kndnbIv Xp≠nbn¬ knFwsF Be-∏pg ]p∂{] Im¿a¬ C‚¿\m-jW - ¬ kvIqƒ Ub-dI - vSdpw {]n≥kn∏m-fp-am-Wv.) 59


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tPmk^v Ip©-dnb (t_m_n-®≥), tdmk-Ω, sPdn≥,-tdmkv & tPmjv Ifobv-°¬, tImºu-≠v, Be-∏pg ˛ 12

P\\w : 21˛10˛1954 acWw 9˛11˛2001 k¥]vX IpSp-w_w-`¿Ømhv ˛ Nmt°m t- Pm-k^v a°ƒ ˛ _nPp tPmk-^v, PnPp tPmk-^v, _nµp t- Pm-k^v ]m´-Øn¬, XØw-]≈n Be∏p-g˛13

_lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v CMIbv°v

_lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v



tPmk^v AeIvkpw IpSpw-_hpw



XØw-]-≈n, Be-∏pg

hgn-t®cn, Be-∏pg ˛1

Ph: 0477-2262032 (Fax), 3250195 (O) Mob: 9995399099 60

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Died on 03-07-1963

Ifn-∏-d-ºn¬ IpSpw-_mwK߃

Friends On Earth Meet In Heaven By Sorrowing Family Members

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AwKo-Im-c-Øns‚ km£y]{Xw m. tXmakv aq¿ Icn-°w-]-≈n¬ knFw-sFbv°v A¥m-cm-jv{S-X-e-Øn¬ 2003-˛¬ e`n® "tP tUmbnkv s^bvsd' G¿s∏-Sp-Øn-bn-´p≈ tam¨.- tUm. Pm≥ Un.-F-^v.- ssls\ Ahm¿Uv k¿´n-^n-°-‰v. C¥y-bn¬ ^m. tXmakv aqdn\p am{X-amWv Cu Ahm¿Uv e`y-am-bn-´p-≈-Xv.


In Loving Memory of In Loving Memory of

Mathai Ouseph Born 19-1-1909 Died 07-07-2001

Mariamma Mathai Born 23-05-1911 Died 28-12-2009

Kallupurackal, Kandankary, Champakkulam ™

Inserted by : Son M. Baby Kallupurackal

JOSEPH MATHEW Died on 03.07.2007

THRESIAMMA JOSEPH Died on 20.03.1990

Mavelil House Alappuzha

65 64

Xømdm°n. {]kvXpX UbdIvSdnbn¬ 400˛Hmfw IpSpw_ßfpsS hniZamb hnhc߃ Dƒs∏SpØm≥ km[n®p. IqSmsX Ip´\m´nse a¨ad™ 21 {]apJ hy‡nIfptSbpw ]pWymflm°fptSbpw PohNcn{Xw t^mt´m klnXw {]kn≤s∏SpØm\pw km[n®p. Xo¿∞bm{XIfn¬ BZytØXv \nebv°te°mbn-cp-∂p. ]n∂oSv sImSpß√q¿, `cWßm\w, tN∂¶cn, Nº°pfw, ssI\Icn Nmhd `h≥, Xriq¿, ]p\eq¿, sX∑e, ]mecphn, Acphn{X, hmKa¨, Ip\Ωmhv, tIm´°mhv, Agnt°mSv kn.Fw.sF s]m¥n^n°¬ It∏f, A¶amen _knen°, Nme°pSn, hmg®m¬, AXnc∏≈n sh≈®m´w, IpSsh®q¿ ]≈n, IpacIw ]£n kt¶Xw, `cWßm\w sk‚ v A¬t^m≥km Xo¿∞mS\ tI{µw, Xncph\¥]pcw, I\ymIpamcn, tZhn°pfw, aq∂m¿, adbq¿ F∂nhnS߃ kµ¿in®p. bm{XIfnse√mw UbdIvS¿ tXmakv aqd®≥ F∂pw kPohambn ]s¶SpØncp∂p. Ct∏mƒ `mchmlnIsf c≠ph¿jtØbv°mWv sXcs™Sp°p∂Xv. tXmakv aqd®s‚ th¿]mSp hsc A®≥ Xs∂bmbncp∂p UbdIv S ¿. Z¿i\]pcØv tXmakv aqd®≥ ÿncambn XmakambXv apX¬ AhnsSbmWv˛bpsS F√m]cn]mSnIfpw \SØs∏Sp∂Xv. Z¿i-\-]p-cØv ÿm]nXamb hmgv Ø - s ∏´ tPm¨ 23˛mw am¿]m∏mbpsS \mat[bØnep≈ IΩyq- W n‰n lmfn- s ‚bpw Nm∏ens‚bpw \n¿ΩmWØn\ptijwAhnsS˛bpsS F√m ]cn]mSnIfpw \SØs∏Sp∂p. 2010˛¬ Xømdm°nb UbdIvSdnbn¬ Ip´\m´nse a¨ad™ 23 alXv hy‡nIfpsS PohNcn{Xw IqSn t^mt´m klnXw {]kn≤s∏SpØnbncp∂p. IpSpw_ßfn¬ \n∂pw \sΩ hn´v \nXyXbnte°v {]thin® 200-- ˛ ¬ ]cw AwKßfp≠v. Ah¿°v \nXyim¥n t\cp∂p. 2010˛12˛se {]knU‚ v tPmk^v Ip©dnb Ifo°¬ BWv . At±lw hfsc Du¿÷kzeXtbmsS Cu {]ÿm\sØ \bn®phcp∂p. tXmakv aqd®s‚ Imetijw sI. kn. F bpsS tim` aßpsa∂p [cn®hsc \ncmis∏SpØpamdv AXp am‰n∏dbm≥ X°hÆw tPmk^v Ip©-dnbbpsS {]h¿Ø\w ivfmL\obamWv. Dujvaf _‘ßfptSbpw Xo£vWXbp≈ kmaqly{]h¿Ø\Ønt‚bpw \√ amXrIIƒ kaqlØn\p ]I¿∂p \¬Inb \ΩpsS {]nbs∏´ tXmakv aqd®≥ 2011 sabv 20˛mw XobXn \sΩ hn´v \nXykΩm\Øn\v A¿l\mbn. aqd®s\ \ΩpsS {]m¿∞\Ifn¬ F∂pw Hm¿°mw. ( Imfmticn Be-∏pg Pn√ kl-I-cW _m¶v amt\-P-cm-bncp-∂p.)


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Bdns‚bpw Imbens‚bpw ISens‚bpw Xocßsf {]Wbn®v ; \∑ sNbvXv IS∂v t]mbn, im¥nbpsS XocaW™ hµyKptcm

tPm¨k¨ Snw_¿ & tkman¬ amt\P¿ ]n. F¬. ^nen∏v ]S∏≥am°o¬ ]h¿ lukv hm¿Uv, Be∏pg Mob : 9447159977

HfnaßmØXpw F∂pw Pohn°p∂ lrZbsØ Pzen∏n°p∂Xpw Nn¥n∏n°p∂Xpamb Ipsd A[nIw \√ Hm¿ΩIƒ kΩm\n®n´v BIkv a nIambn ssZhk∂n[nbnte°p bm{Xbmb tXmakv aq¿ A®\v \µnbptSbpw kvt\lØnt‚bpw Hcmbncw ]qs®≠pIƒ

{]Wmaw B‰mthen¬ IpSpw_mwK߃ _lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v BZcmRvPenIƒ


tPmWntPmkv & t{XkymΩ tPmWn aΩt‚Sw k\mX\w hm¿Uv, Be∏pg˛1


aÆmcp]dºn¬ IpSpw_mwK߃ Ahep°p∂p. ]n. H. Be∏pg ˛6

_lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v BZcmRvPenIƒ

Ip©dn®≥ s]m∂mSw]m°¬ P\\w 11˛10˛1924 ˛ acWw 04˛01˛2012

t{XkymΩ Ip©dnb (sXdΩ) P\\w 05˛06˛1929 acWw 02˛04˛1999

k¥]vX a°ƒ

kÆn Xmb¶cnbpw IpSpw_hpw amS]pcbv°¬ Ahep°p∂v ]n. H Be∏pg˛6 66

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„B‚Wn apf-¥m\w Xmakv aqd®≥ Fs∂ hnfn°p∂ Hcp t]cp≠.v "Irjn{`m¥≥'. Ip´\m´nse s\¬Irjn Iq∏p IpØnbncp∂ ImeØpw Rm≥ s\¬Irjnbn¬ k¥pjvS\mbncp∂XpsIm≠mbncn°pw Cu hnfnt∏cv F\n°v In´nbXv. tXmakv aqd-®≥ FSXz ]®˛sN°n-Sn-°mSv {Kma-Øn¬ s\¬∏m-S-߃°pw sXßn≥tXm-∏p-Iƒ°pw \Sphn-emWv P\n®p hf¿∂-Xv. aqd®s\ Ip™p\mfn¬ tPm¿÷vIp´n F∂m-bn-cp∂p hnfn-®n-cp-∂X - v. sNdp∏ImeØv


A®\v \√ kwkmctijnbn√mbncp∂p. Bbp¿thZ NnIn’bn¬ {]K¤\mb Hcp \m´psshZy\mbncp∂p NnIn’n®ncp∂Xv. aq∂p hbkv Ign™t∏mƒ ssZhIr]bm¬ \m°ns‚ sI´gn™p. A®s‚ `mjbn¬ ]d™m¬ ""]ns∂ Cu \mhpsIm≠v BcpsSbpw apJØp t\m°n Xs‚ a\km£n°v icnsb∂v tXm∂p∂Xv hnfn®p ]dbm≥ Xºpcm≥ Fs‚ \mhn\v i‡n X∂p.''


hm®m]dºn¬ IpSpw_tbmKw ]pfn¶p∂v, Be∏pg bqWn‰v

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_lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v BZcmRvPenIƒ

_lp. tXma v aq¿ A®\v BZcmRvPenIƒ

T. M. VARGHESE, LEELAMA JOSEPH Aneetha Varghese, Rose Mary Varghese Thevary House, Thathampally Alappuzha -13

_lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v BZcmRvPenIƒ

ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS We undertake Design & Construction of Buildings, Multi Storey Buildings, preparation of Estimates, Quantity Survey using modern technology. The field Survey works will also be conducted

T. M. MICHAEL, ROSAMMA MICHAEL Michael M. Thevary Nimmy Michael, Rose Mary Michael Thevary House, Thathampally P.O, Alappuzha - 13

Moses Antony

B. Sc. [Engg], FIE, FILV

Govt. Approved Valuer & Consulting Engineer Mob-9447483448 & 0477-2233448 Office: Sankar Memorial Building 1st Floor, Kidangamparambu Alappuzha - 688013


_lp. tXmakv aq¿ A®\v BZcmRvPenIƒ


kndnbIv Ipcy≥

Manghat House, Thathampally Alappuzha -13

h≈h¥d sP´ntdmUv, Be∏pg˛11

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A®s‚ {]mYanI hnZym`ymkhpw sslkvIqƒ hnZym`ymkhpw FSXzbnembncp∂p. FSXz sk‚ v Atemjykv sslkvIqfn¬ \n∂v 1954˛¬ Fkv.Fkv.F¬.kn ]mkmbn. DSs\ A®≥ knFwsF k`bn¬ tNcphm≥ Xocpam\saSpØp. 1954 Pqsse amkØn¬ kz¥w ]nXmhpsamØv ]®˛eq¿Zv amXm ]≈n°Shn¬ \n∂pw tdmbn F∂v t]cp≈ bm{Xmt_m´n¬ Ibdn Nß\mticn t_m´p sP´n-bn¬ FØn. AhnsS \n∂p sNØn∏pgbnep≈ knFwsF B{iaØn¬ FØn sshZnI]T\w Bcw`n®p. ]ptcmlnX\mbtijw At±lw ssIshbv°mØ Hcp thZnbpw C√mbncp∂p. At±lw Hcp P\Iob ]ptcmlnX\mbncp∂p. AXpsIm≠mWv Z¿i\]pcw hoSns‚ hmXp°¬ Cßns\ Ipdn®p h®Xv . "Cu tZhmebØn¬ B¿°pthWsa¶nepw h∂p {]m¿∞n°mw.' Fgp]XpIfn¬ tIcfØnse ImtØmen° bphP\߃°v A®≥ Hcp lcambncp∂p. Hmƒ C¥y _nj]vkv Iu¨kn¬ B¿®v_n-j]v am¿ tPmk^v ]∆-Øn-ens\ bphZo]vXnbpsS {]knU‚ v Bbpw aqd®s\ sk{I´dn Bbpw sXcs™SpØp. aqd®≥ bphm°sf kwLSn∏n°p∂Xn\pw bphXeapdbv°v t\Xr]mShw hf¿ØnsbSp°p∂Xn\pw th≠n ITn\m≤zm\w sNbvXp. At±lw Hcp thZ]WvUnX\mbncp∂p. ssZhimkv { X ]T\Øn\mbn ]e {]mhiyw hntZiØp t]mbncp∂p. ItØmen°m k`bnse \s√mcp [ym\Kpcp. hntZi cmPyßfnepw [ym\ {]kwKw \SØnbncp∂p. AtXmsS∏w IpSpw_ßfn¬ Fs¥¶nepw kmºØnI X¿°ßƒ D≠mIptºmƒ \s√mcp a≤yÿ\mbn At±lsØ £Wn°pambncp∂p. GXm≠ 30 h¿j°mew At±lw Be∏pg ]´WØn¬ \nd™p\n∂n cp∂p. tcmKØmepw kmºØnI XI¿®bmepw Ign™ncp∂h¿ At±lsØ kao]n°pambncp∂p. Ah¿°v th≠ a\xim¥n sImSp°p∂Xn\v A®s‚ ssZhIr] hfsc hepXmbncp∂p. At±lw Xs‚ P∑\mSmb Ip´\mSns‚ A`nhr≤n°pth≠n A£oWw {]h¿Øn®p. Ip´\m´nse I¿jIscbpw I¿jIsXmgnemfnIsfbpw At±lw H∂pt]mse kvt\ln®ncp∂p. ssZhØns‚ kz¥w \mSmb tIcfØns‚bpw {]tXyIn®v Ip´\mSns‚bpw A`nhr≤n°pth≠n "InUvkv' F∂ skmssk‰n°v cq]w \¬In. Ip´\m´nse ]cnÿnXn {]iv \ ßfn¬ th≠ ]T\w \SØn Ip´\m´nse F√m ]©mbØpIfnepw A®≥ ]Zbm{X \SØn P\Xsb t_m[-h-XvI-cn-®p. 2008˛¬ Imb¬cmPmhv apcn°≥ F∂ I¿jIs‚ Imcyw kwkmcat≤y Rm≥ A®s‚ Hm¿Ωbn¬s∏SpØn. DSs\ A®s‚ \mhn¬ \n∂pw h∂ A`n{]mbw Cßs\ Bbncp∂p. ""InUvkns‚ t\XrXzØn¬ apcn°s‚ Hm¿Ω \ne\n¿Øp∂Xn\pth≠n Hcp {]Xna \ap°v ÿm]n°Ww.'' GXm≠v Hcp amkw sIm≠v apcn°s‚ {]Xna \n¿Ωn®p Z¿i\]pcØv ÿm]n®p. 1974˛emWv apcn°≥ \ncymX\mbXv. h¿j-߃ Gsd Ign™n´pw I¿jI kwLS\Itfm a‰p kmaqlykwLS\Itfm cmjv{Sob]m¿´nItfm HcpsºSmØ Imcyw A®≥ hfsc Ipd™ kabw sIm≠v k^eam°n. Cßs\ Bbncp∂p A®s‚ PohnXssien. P∑\mSn\pth≠n kv X pXy¿lamb tkh\w A\pjv T n® Cu almflmhns\ \ap°v Hcn°epw hnkvacn°m\mIn√. At±lØns‚ Bflmhv C∂pw \sΩmsSm∏ap≠v. Ip´\m´n¬ \n∂v Be∏pg ]´WØn¬ Xmakam°nb Bbnc߃ At±lØns‚ ]mh\kvacWbv°v ap≥]n¬ F∂pw BZcmRvPen A¿∏n°pw. (B‚Wn apf-¥m\w ]p∂{] Im¿a¬ t]mfn-sS-Iv\n-°n¬ eIvN-d-dmbn-cp-∂p.)



In Loving Memory of our Beloved Mother

tPmk^v tPm¿Pv & FenbmΩ tPmk^v acWw 21˛08˛1948


tPm¿Pv tPmk^v & tPmkv tPm¿Pv acWw 12˛11˛1987


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Fw. sP. tPmk^v & _n_n tPmkv a\bØv, kohyq hm¿Uv, Be∏pg˛12

In Loving Memory of Late Rev. Fr. Thomas More CMI


Died on 29-09-1987


Karimpinkalayil Sea View Ward, Alappuzha-12

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Thayil House Bazar P.O, Alappuzha-12

Thevercad Jubily Road, Alappuzha -12

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Dr. E. K. Antony & Family Edayadi, Sea View Ward Alappuzha-12

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A. C. THOMAS & FAMILY Edayadi, Jubily Road, Alappuzha -12


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„tPmkv tP°_v If∏p-c-∏-dºv vt\l-k-º-∂\m-b Kpcp, a-\k-dn-bp-∂ kp-lrØv, -\∑-bn-te-°p \bn-°p-∂ h-gn-Im´n, B-izmkw tX-Sp-∂-h¿-°p km-¥z\ta-Im≥ h-c-ap-≈ Iu¨-kne¿, F-hn-sSbpw \o-Xn-bp-sS ]-£w tN¿-∂v {]-hm-N-I -[oc-X-tbm-sS {]-Xn-I-cn-°p-∂ a-\p-jy-kv-t\ln, B-g-Øn¬ ]Tn-®p am{Xw A`n-{]m-bw ]-d-bp-∂ A-km-am-\y ]m-fin-Xy-hpw D-d-® \n-e-]m-Sp-I-fp-ap-≈ A-XypPz-e hm-Kvan, A-\p-k-c-Wbpw {h-X-\n-jvT-bp-ap-≈ k-\ymkn, X-s‚ ssZhhnfn-tbm-Sp \q-dp-i-X-am-\w hn-izkv-XX ]p-e¿-Øn B-flo-b-X-bpsS \n-d-hn¬ Po-hn® ssh-ZnI≥, ]n-d-∂ \m-Sn-s\ B-g-Øn-e-dn-™p kv-t\-ln-®v A-Xn-s‚ -\∑-sb-∏-‰n H-cp-]mSp kz-]v-\߃ I≠- Zo¿-L-ho-£-W-ap-≈ kw-Lm-S-I≥... R-߃ bp-h-{Kmw Aw-K-߃-°v tXma-kv aq-d-®≥ C-sX√m-am-bn-cp-∂p. 1985 ap-X¬ 92 h-sc B-e-∏p-g- _o-®n-ep-≈ Im¿-a¬ hn√ tI-{µo-I-cn-®p -\S-∂ bp-h-{Kmw t\-Xr]-cn-io-e- ]-cn-]m-Sn-bn-eq-sS I-S∂p-t]m-bn-´p-≈-h¿°m¿°pw aq-d®-s\ a-d-°m-\m-Ip-sa-∂p tXm∂p∂n√. PmXn-tbm, a-X-tam, k-º-tØm, Ip-Spw-_- a-ln-atbm H∂pw ]-cn-K-Wn-°m-sX hnim-e Ip-´-\m-´n-se C-cp-]Xn¬]-cw ssl-kv-Iq-fp-I-fn¬- \n-∂m-bn sX-c-s™-Sp-Ø \m\q-tdm-fw hn-Zym¿-Yn-Isf, kz-¥w a-°-sf-sb-∂t]m-se bp-h-{Kmw ]-cn-io-e-\I-f-cn-bn¬ aq-d-®≥ ]-cn-]m-en-®p h-f¿-Øn. hn-I-k-\-Øn-\p bp-h-t\XrXzw F-∂ ap-{Zm-hm-Iy-ap-b¿-Øn ]T-\ ]-cn-ioe-\ ]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ \-SØn-b bp-h-{Km-an-\v P¿-a-\n-bn-se In≥-U¿ ankntbm F-∂ G-P≥-kn-bp-sS k-lm-b-ap-≠m-bn-cp-s∂-¶nepw F√m Im-cy-߃-°p-th-≠nbpw hn-b¿-s∏m-gp-°n-bn-cp∂Xp aq-d-®-\m-bn-cp-∂p. A-¥m-cm-jv{S bph-P\- h¿-jw ap-X¬ G-gp-h¿-j-tØ-°,v HmWw, {In-kv-akv, a-[y-th-\e-h-[n-°m-e-ß-fn-embn Hm-tcm- h¿-jhpw A≥-]-tXm-fw Iym-ºv Zn-\߃ aqd-®-t\m-sSm-∏w sN-e-h-gn-°m-\mbXv bp-h-{Kmw Aw-K-ß-fp-sS Po-hn-X-Øn-se A-hn-kv-a-cWo-b ap-lq¿-Ø-ß-fm-Wv. H-∂n-®p Xm-a-kn®v, H-∂n-®p ]Tn-®p I-fn®v, H-∂m-bn Nn-¥n-®v, H-Øn-cn kz-]v-\߃ I≠vv, H-∂n-®p-≠p-dßn-b B Zn-\ -cm-{X-ß-fn-se ]-cn-io-e-\-Øn-eq-sS HØncn \∑Iƒ bph{Kmw AwKßfnte°p aq-d-®≥ kw-h-ln∏n-®p. Hm-tcm-cp-Ø-scbpw t]-cp sNm√n-hn-fn®v, X-e-bn¬ ssI-h®v, I-hn-fn¬ X-temSn, am-tdm-Sp-tN¿Øv, s]m´n-®n-cn-®p Ip-i-em-t\z-j-W-߃ \-S-Øn, X-am-i-Iƒ ]d-™p ]-cn-`-h-߃ Xo¿-Ø aq-d®-\v bp-h-{Km-an-se Ip´n-I-sf-°p-dn-®v H-Øn-cn {]-Xo-£-I-fp-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. tXma-kv aq-d®-s‚ kz-cw H-cn-°epw A-[n-Im-c-Øns‚tXm im-k-\-bptStXm B-bn-cp-∂n√. h¿-j-߃ \o-≠ ]-cn-io-e- Im-e-L-´-Øn-\n-Sbn-tem, _o-®nepw Z¿-i-\-]pcØpw a-‰p ]-e-bn-S-Øp-sam-s°-bm-bn ]n∂oSp ]-eX-h-W \S-∂ H-Øp-tN-c-ep-Iƒ-°n-Sbntem, ]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ°n-Sbntem H∂pw, h√m-sX tIm-]n-°p-Itbm in-£n-°p-Itbm H-s° sN-øp-∂ H-cp U-b-d-Œ-dm-bn aq-d®-s\ Im-tW-≠n-h-∂n-t´-bn√. "hn√-∑m-sc' t]mepw \-b-]-c-am-bn C-S-s]-´v Ip-™m-Sp-I-sf-t∏m-se sa-cp-°n Xm-\p-t±in-°p-∂ h-gn-tb sIm-≠p-h-cm≥ aq-d-®-\p-≠m-bn-cp-∂ I-gn-hv A-km-am-\y-amWv. ]n-∂m-se Iq-Sn D-]-tZ-in-°p-I-sb-∂-X√, a-dn-®v D-]-tZ-iw B-h-iy-ap-≈h-sc A-Xn-\p ]-cp-h-s∏-Sp-Øn X-s‚ ap≥-]n¬ F-Øn-°p-∂-Xm-bn-cp-∂p A®-s‚ ssi-en. ^-en-X-Øn¬ s]m-Xn-™v A-®≥ \n¿-tZ-i-߃ \¬-Iptºmƒ a-[p-c-Øn¬ s]m-Xn-™p acp∂p \¬-Ip-∂Xp-t]m-se F√m-h-cpa-Xv Dƒ-s°m-≠n-cp-∂p. A®-s‚ t\m´-Ønepw i-–-Ønep-sam-s° A-km-[m-c-Wam-sbm-cp ssN-X-\yhpw B-⁄m-i-‡nbpw IpSn-sIm-≠n-cp-∂-Xn\m-em-IWw, B km-∂n[yw t]mepw Rß-sf h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw kzm-[o-\n-®n-cp∂p.



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KUNCHARIA & FAMILY Chavara, Sea View Ward Alappuzha -12

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CARMEL POLLUTION TESTING CENTRE Cullen Road, West of Dutch Square Sea View Ward, Alappuzha-688012

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Kavalackal Dutch Square, Alappuzha-12

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Advocate, High Court of Kerala Chingamtharayil, Vazhicherry Ward, Alappuzha-1

Thevercad, Beach Road, Alappuzha-12


hn-Zym-`ym-k-Ime-Øp R-ß-fn¬ ]-ecpw ]-s¶-Sp-Øn-´p-≈ a-‰p Iym-ºp-I-fn¬- \n-s∂m-s° Xn-I®pw hy-Xy-kvX-ambn, im-kv-{Xo-b-am-bn B-kq-{X-Ww sN-ø-s∏-´ G-‰hpw sa-®-s∏-´ ]-cn-io-e-\hpw ku-I-cy-ß-fp-am-Wv bp-h{Kmw Aw-K-߃-°m-bn aq-d-®≥ H-cp-°n-bXv. A-°m-Z-an-Iv \n-e-hm-c-ap-b¿-Øm-\-pX-Ip-∂ ¢m-kp-Ifpw k-aq-l-Ønse {it≤-b hy-‡n-Xz-ß-fp-am-bn kw-h-Zn-°m-\p-≈ A-h-k-c-ßfpw t\-Xr-]-cn-io-e-\-Øn-s‚ {]m-tbmKn-I ]mTßfp-sam-s° A-®-\hn-sS `w-Kn-bm-bn {I-ao-I-cn-®n-cp-∂p. bp-h-{Km-an-s‚ `m-K-am-bn \-S-Ø-s∏-´ hn-t\m-Z-bm-{X-Ifnepw ]T-\-bm-{X-I-fnepw _-lp-P-\_-‘nbmb s]m-Xp-]-cn-]m-Sn-I-fnep-sam-s° ]-cn-io-e-I-s‚bpw kw-Lm-S-Is‚bp-sam-s° tdm-fp-Iƒ ssI-Imcyw sN-bv-Xv Rß-sf \-bn-®n-cp∂-Xv aq-d-®-\m-bn-cp-∂p. bp-h-{Km-an\pw A-∏p-d-tØ-°p h-f¿-∂ hy-‡n-_-‘hpw B-fl-_-‘hp-amWp R-ß-fn¬ ]-e¿°pw A-®-\p-ambn D-≠m-bn-cp-∂Xv. kwe`yXbmbncp∂p A®\p≠mbncp∂ \√ KpWßfnsem∂v. B¿°pw GXmhiyØn\pw Ft∏mƒ thWsa¶nepw A®s\ kao]n°m\p≈ kzmX{¥yap≠mbncp∂p. \mSyßfpw PmUIfpan√msX Xpd∂ NncntbmsSbp≈ kzoIcWw. ]≈ns∏cp∂mfn\p hnfn®mepw IeymWØn\p £Wn®mepw a‰mhiy߃°p kao]n®mepw Xs‚ km∂n[yw B{Kln°p∂hsc NSßns‚ hep∏sam∂pw t\m°msX ]camh[n kt¥mjn∏n°p∂ kao]\ambncp∂p A®t‚Xv . Xs‚ alXzØn\√ adn®v _‘ßfpsS hf¿®bv ° mWv A®≥ {]m[m\yw Iev]n®ncp∂Xv. acn°p∂Xn\v Ipsd amk߃°papºp U¬lnbnse ]mew C≥^‚ v Pokkv ]≈nbn¬ Hcp [ym\thfbn¬, Ft∂mSv Gsd cq]kmZriyap≈ Fs‚ tPyjv T s\ bmZr›nIambn ImWm\nSbmb aqd®≥, ap≥]cnNbsam∂pan√mXncp∂n´pIqSn tPyjvTs‚ ho´nseØn BXnYyw kzoIcn°m\p≈ k∑\kpIm´pIbp≠mbn. A®s‚ emfnXyhpw km[mcW°mtcmSp XmZmflyw {]m]n°m\p≈ Ignhpw {it≤bamWv. kz¥w Xnc°pIfpw BtcmKyhpsams° AhKWn®v, km[yamIp∂nSsØms° HmSnsbØn Rßfn¬ ]ecpsSbpw hy‡n]camb kpJZpxJßfn¬ t]mepw ]¶ptNcm≥ {ian®ncp∂ aqd®s‚ kvt\lhpw Bflm¿∞Xbpw h¿Æ\Iƒ°XoXamWv. ]mhßfpsS ]£w tNcm\pw Ah¿°p i_v Z w \¬Im\pw {ian®ncp∂ A®s\, kaqlØnse A\oXnIfpw, hnthN\ßfpw, kzm¿∞-Xb - pw, A[nImcw ssIbmfp∂hcpsS ]nSn∏ptISpw, aqeytimjWhpw, \µntISpsams° Gsd thZ\n∏n°pIbpw Nnet∏msgms° \ncmicm°pIbpsams° sNbvXn´ps≠∂p tXm∂p∂p. Be-∏p-g-bn-tebpw Ip´-\m-´n-te-bp-sams° I¿j-I-tcmSpw sXmgn-em-fn-I-tfm-Sp-sams° Cgp-In-t®¿∂p Pohn®n-´p-≈ A®\v km[m-c-W-°m-cpsS PohnX {]mcm-_vZ-ßsf°pdn®v \√ t_m[y-ap-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. tPmen-sN-øp∂-h\p am\y-amb Iqen-°p- ]p-dsa km[y-amb klm-b-߃IqSn sNøm≥ {ian-®n-cp∂ BfmWv aqd-®≥. k`bp-ambn _‘-s∏´ sXmgn¬ thZn-I-fn¬ Nne-bn-S-Øv sXmgn-em-fn°p \oXn e`n-°p-∂n-s√∂ Bt£-]-apb¿∂t∏mƒ, hkvXp-X-Iƒ At\z-jn-®-dn-bm\pw \oXn-bpsS ]£w-tN¿∂p hmZn-°m\pw A®≥ aSnIm-´n-bn-√. kaqlw A`n-hr-≤n-s∏-S-W-sa-¶n¬ AXns‚ ASn-ÿm\ LS-I-amb IpSpw-_-ß-fpsS Pohn-X-\n-e-hmcw Db-c-


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RONY MA THEW MATHEW Kallupurackal, Vazhicherrry Ward, Alappuzha - 1

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JAMES ZACHARIA & Family Kanjooparambil Zacharia Bazar, Alappuzha - 1

23˛-05˛-2012˛¬ 46˛mw hnhml hm¿jnIw BtLmjn°p∂ thßmticnbn¬ Nm≠n®\pw tN®Ω°pw BiwkIƒ t\cp∂p.




In Loving Memory of

M. MATHEW KUTTY Died on 09-11-1993 By Sorrowing Family

Thayil House Stadium Ward, Alappuzha - 1

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PUNNOOSE K. & Family Purackal Stadium Ward, Alappuzha-1

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P. T. THOMAS Mappilassery - Paruthikkalam Vandanam P.O., Alappuzha

Vengasseril, Kaithavana Nagar Sanathanapuram P.O., Alappuzha -3 74

W-sa∂pw AXn-\m-hi - y-amb sXmgnepw thX-\hpw F√m-h¿°pw e`y-am-°W - s - a∂pw A®≥ B{K-ln-®n-cp∂p. IgnhXpw Btcbpw apdns∏SpØmsX D≈Imcyw hf®psI´n√msX Xpd∂p]dbp∂ coXnbmbncp∂p A®t‚Xv. AXmcpsS apJØpt\m°n ]dbm\pw A®\p aSnbp≠mbncp∂n√. kz¥w t_m[yßfn¬ N¶q‰tØmsS Dd®p \n¬°ptºmgpw A[nImcØn\p Iogvs∏SWsa∂ \njvTbp≠mbncp∂p aqd®\v. A[nImcsØ am\n°Wsa∂pw, am\pjnIaqey߃°p hneI¬∏n°Wsa∂pw, hn´phogv N Iƒ°p XømdmIWsa∂pw, kzm¿∞t\´ßtf°mfp]cn H∏ap≈hcpsS D∂a\Øn\mbn bXv\n°Wsa∂psams°bp≈ \√ aqey߃ X\n°p kzm[o\ap≈hcnte°p ]I¿∂p Iq´mbvam_‘sØ i‡ns∏SpØm≥ A®s\t∏mgpw {i≤n®ncp∂p. {]IrXntbmSnWßnbp≈ PohnXambncp∂p A®t‚Xv . 85- ˛ ¬ bph{Kmw Iymºn\mbn R߃ Be∏pgbnseØptºmƒ, Im¿a¬ hn√- b psS ap‰sØ ]©mcaWen¬ Xo¿Ø IpfØn¬, ]co£WmSnÿm\Øn¬ A®≥ Xntem∏nb a’y°p™pßsf hf¿Ønbncp∂p. A°mesØmcp Iymºns‚ kam]\ thfbn¬ A®≥ R߃s°√mh¿°pw Hmtcm hr£ssØ kΩm\n°pIbp≠mbn. F\n°∂p In´nbXv Hcp ]\n\o¿ NmºbmWv. Fs‚ IpSpw_w A∂p Xma-kn-®n-cp∂nSØp-\n∂pw Ct∏mgsØ ÿe-tØ°p amdn-b-t∏mƒ B Nmº-s®-Sn-tbbpw Rm≥ H∏w Iq´n. \nch[n sh≈s∏m°ßtfbpw a‰pw AXnPohn®v [mcmfw ImbvIfpambn C∂pw B Nmºacw hoSns‚ sXmSnbn¬ \nev°p≠v. Im¿a¬ hn√-bn¬ \n∂p Z¿i\]pctØ°p amdnb tijw A®≥ Xs‚ Im¿jnI ]co£W߃ IqSpX¬ hn]peam°n. A®s\ Fs‚ hnhmlØn\p £Wn°p∂Xn\mbn R߃ Z¿i\]pcsØØnbt∏mƒ sXßn≥ Nph´nencp∂p Icn°psh´n®p X∂mWv A®≥ kzoIcn®Xv. Im¿jnIhrØnbpsS alXzsØ°pdn®pw A¥kns\°pdn®pw A®\p \√ t_m[yap≠mbncp∂p. I¿jIsc BZcn°m\pw t{]m’mln∏n°m\psams° A®≥ {ian®ncp∂p. Imb¬ cmPmhv apcn°s‚ Hm¿abv°mbn Z¿i\]pcØp kvarXnaWvU]w ÿm]n®Xv aqd®s‚ t\XrXzØn¬ AXns‚ `mK-am-bn-´m-Wv. Ip´\mSns‚ Hmtcm ap°pw aqebpw A®\p ]cnNnXambncp∂p. hy‡n_‘ßfpw [mcmfap≠mbncp∂p. Ip´\m´nsehnsS sN∂mepw A®\p t]cpsNm√n hnfn°m≥ X°hn[w ]cnNbap≈ Bsc¶nepsams° ImWpambncp∂p. PePohkwc£W t_m[hXv°cW {]NmcWbm{X, tIm¿W¿ ao‰nwKpIƒ XpSßnb hnhn[ ]cn]mSnIfpambn ]eXhW A®s\m∏w Ip´\mSp apgph≥ Np‰n k©cn®t∏mƒ A®s‚ _‘ßfpsS hym]vXn R߃s°√mh¿°pw t_m[ys∏´XmWv. Ip´\mSns‚ hnIk\sØ°pdn®v A®\v Gsd kz]v\ßfpw hy‡amb ImgvN∏mSpIfpap≠mbncp∂p. Ct∏mƒ Fw.Fkv kzman\mY≥ IΩoj≥ hn`mh\w sNbvXn´p≈ ]e ]≤XnIfpsSbpw ]n∂nep≈ Bibßsf°pdn®v, h¿j߃°p aptºXs∂ bph{Kmw ¢mkpIfn¬ aqd®≥ ]cma¿in®ncp∂Xv Rmt\m¿°p∂p. 2011 G{]n¬ amkØn¬ sXt°°c sk‚ v tPm¨kv ]≈nbnse Xncp\mfns‚ XteZn\Ønse {][m\ {]Z£nWØn\v {]kwKn°m\mbn £Wn®ncp∂Xv aqd®s\bmbncp∂p. t\m´okn¬ aqd®s‚ t]cp I≠t∏mƒ kt¥mjambn. Xncp°¿Ωßfn¬ ]s¶Sp°p∂Xns\m∏w kIpSpw_w A®s\°≠p kwkmcn°pIIqSn sNømat√m F∂p IcpXnbmWv ]≈nbnseØnbXv. ]t£ aqd®≥ h∂n√. A®≥ kpJan√msX Bip]{XnbnemsW∂ hnhcw ]n∂oSmWdnbp∂Xv . B i_v Z w C\nsbmcn°epw tIƒ°m\mImØhn[w tcmKw ]nSnapdp°nsb∂ hnhcw At∏mgpw a\ nem°nbncp∂n√. sNØn∏pg XncplrZb tZhmebØn¬, Xncphkv{XßfWn™v, Imkbpw ]oemkbpw ssIIfnte¥n ]pjv]mewIrX\mbn kz¿Kbm{XbpsS `mKamb Ahkm\ bm{Xbb∏p kzoIcn°ms\mcpßn°nS°p∂ aqd®s\bmWv ]ns∂ Rm≥ ImWp∂Xv. Xs∂ hn-fn® \mY-s\-t∏mse Xs∂; hgn Adn-™n-cp-∂-h\pw hgntb \S-∂-h\pw hgn-tb-\-S-°m≥ Rß-sf-sb√mw ]Tn-∏n-®-h-\p-amb aqd®s‚ ]mh-\-kva-c-W-bv°p- ap≥]n¬ F√m bph{Kmw kplr-Øp-°-fp-sSbpw t]cn¬ BZ-cm-RvPen A¿∏n-°p-∂p. (tPmkv tP°_v If-∏p-c-∏-dºv "bph{Kmw' ]cn-]m-Sn-bn¬ ]q¿W-ambpw ]s¶-Sp-Øn-´p-≠v.)


Respectful Homage to Rev. Fr. Thomas More CMI

Ph : 0477- 2269070 Mob : 9447596548

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SUNIL JACOB, SHYNI JACOB, JACOB C. JACOB & KUNCHERIA JACOB Chakkalayil, Pazhveedu, Alappuzha -9 Mob : 9447035802



tPmk^v h¿Kokv, Pb-dmWn F¬k, tPm¿Pn≥ & tPm^n≥ sImgp∏°-fw, If¿tIm-Sv, Be-∏pg ˛3 samss_¬ : 9495163030

P rof: CHERIAN ALEXANDER & family Kallupurakel, Kalarcode Alappuzha-3

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VIVEK, VINEETH & VISHAKH Kallookalam, Sanathanapuram P.O., Alappuzha -3 Ph : 0477- 2268866, Mob : 9447466687


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( FSbmSn tIcfm tIm¨{Kkv kwÿm\ P\d¬ sk{I´dn, bp.Un.F^v Pn√m I¨ho\¿, sIt°ms^Uv sNb¿am≥ F∂o \neIfn¬ {]h¿Øn°p∂p. πmt‚j≥ tIm¿∏tdj≥ sNb¿am\mbncp∂p.)


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(kn.-A-c-hn-µm-£≥ Be-∏pg ap\n-kn-∏¬ Iu¨kn¬ t£a-Imcy Ãm≥UnwKv IΩn‰n sNb¿am-\m-Wv.)


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Struggles and Triumphs

„Prof. Cherian Alexander Kallupurakel


r Thomas More is no more. Yet, he lives through his enigmatic speeches, charismatic personality, spiritual and democratic ways of life he had left behind for us. He who grew up in the vast, varied and fascinating lands of Kuttanad was a noble soul and a noble soul never dies. Fr Thomas More was the founder director of Kuttanad Catholic Association (K.C.A). The aim of K.C.A is to foster friendship and solidarity among Kuttanad Catholics who have migrated to Alappuzha town and nearby places and live as models, upholding the Kuttanadan tradition and culture which is unique. Ever since its inception, Fr Thomas More rendered yeoman service to the K.C.A, till his demise. His ideals were lofty; his life simple. He could achieve much for the benefit of the society through his organizational abilities. His life was one of struggles and triumphs. By his oratorical skills and sense of dedication, he could alter the lives of many, for the better. He was never in an illusory world. Reality was his hallmark. A sage and an adamant person at the same time, he put into practice what he preached and preached only what he felt was achievable. Even his sarcasm was something unparalleled. He had many stories to tell. Actually, they were edifying tales. His tales inspired people. He was fearless and had immense faith in the wonders of sincere prayer. He believed in truth and ‘karma’. He could indulge in frank and intelligent conversation with one and all. His patience, his ability to understand people, his unwavering support for the cause of the downtrodden and needy, his sense of humour, his sincere smile and laughter helped lessen the gravity of any problem. He brought together people who felt rootless, alienated and removed from the mainstream. Knowing about one’s roots and heritage provides one with a feeling of ‘belonging’ and this is essential for one’s growth and happiness. This is exactly what Fr Thomas More had done for us, who, originally hail from Kuttanad. Born as the third son of Kariachan and Claramma of Karikkampallil Puthuchirackal family, ‘Georgekutty’ joined as a novice in the CMI order and was ordained priest in 1963 and thus became Fr Thomas More CMI. He served for some time as Provincial of St. Joseph’s Province, Mannanam and then went to Rome, for higher studies. After getting training in ‘Restructuring and reconstructing of Villages’, he returned to his native land. He fully made use of his God-given and acquired abilities and also intuitions for the betterment of people belonging to all sections, caste and creed. He later started the Kuttanad Integral Development Society (KIDS) at Kaithavana, Alappuzha. Fr Thomas More was also capable of analyzing the most mysterious theological problems, for the benefit of the common man. He was the most sought after preacher at retreats. For ceremonies and functions connected with the people of Kuttanad – whether it be baptism, matrimony or funeral - Fr Thomas More’s presence and speeches were inevitable and he readily obliged one and all. Fr Thomas More always fought for justice and equal rights. A widely travelled man, he had seen and understood the spirit of different cultures. But wherever he went and whatever he had seen, he had always within him the Kuttanadan culture and heritage. 104

Going down memory lane, one feels that Fr Thomas More was made of a different and stern metal. He could rebel against the boundaries that societies had prescribed. He fought for causes and emerged victorious. His path was often narrow and untraveled, cluttered with sharp rocks and choked with snow and slush. He felt a sharp sweetness in the air. He loved the chirping of birds and the sight of fish swimming in the pond at ‘Darshanapuram’. Nature always inspired him and made his thoughts travel farther. In another sense, Righteousness was his nature. Fr Thomas More worked ardently for the overall and integrated development of Kuttanad. But, the beneficiaries of his selfless service include people from all walks of life, all sectors, all castes and creeds. He conscientious people to have the qualities of the head and heart. He conveyed meetings of families at the Grama Panchayat levels. He started Thelopia International Foundation’s activities to promote fish farming. Sewing machines were given free of cost to the needy to find a means of livelihood. He did much to improve the transport, health, environmental, educational, house construction and tourism sectors. Fr Thomas More organized several leadership camps for students and youth and thus enabled them to be aware of the problems of the land and also to grab chances to be worthy citizens of the country. He made all endeavors to solve the problem of the shortage of drinking water in Kuttanad. Many bridges were completed. Thanks to the memorandum he had submitted to the concerned authorities. The ‘Chavara Gramam’ at Kainakary enabled people of that locality to come together and work for their prosperity. The Nutritional Programme ‘Mother and Child’ was a great success. Fr Thomas More also organized several medical camps. A free Tuition Programme namely ‘Food along with Letters’ was also organized under his leadership. Fr Thomas More blessed everyone and felt that every human being is valuable and useful. Fr Thomas More’s name will go deep in the annals of history as one who was a friend, philosopher and guide to anyone. He was spiritual and at the same time practical. He weaved unique designs to shape up many lives. People deposited their loyalties with him. He was never shaken. His mannerisms - the way he raised his eyebrows or burst into laughter or shook his head at a display of folly by anyone - were all special. To conclude, I quote the lines from the English Metaphysical poet, John Donne. “Of all the commentaries on the Scriptures, Good examples are the best”. Yes, Fr Thomas More was one of the best among God’s creations! (Prof. Cherian Alexander Kallupurakel, Retired faculty member of the Department of English, S.D. College, Alappuzha, now serves as Principal of Thaamath Academy at Ambalapuzha and is also a known Sports Commentator, both in English and Malayalam.)


Unconditional Love

„ George Thomas Kalacherry


distinctly remember his words “Vyavasthakalillatha Sneham (Unconditional Love)” which was an appropriate topic for a short homely during my marriage-qurbana. If Fr Thomas More is attending any social function, whatever be the nature of the occasion, we always assumed that we could listen to a short but thought provoking speech from this multifaceted, all whether emissary of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have heard many more times the fabulous ex tempo speeches of More achan at several occasions. Be it in coercing the police force to catch the “then notorious Sukumara kurup” or any other subject, Fr Thomas More

could speak at ease with rock solid content and clamour, which influenced people of all ages and all walks of life. I recall the way he has spoken on the public stage at the municipal ground in Alappuzha where people representatives and general public were gathered to protest on the inaction of the police in finding the assassin of Johnson, a medical


representative who fell on Sukumara kurup’s evil greed. When Thomas more achan began his words, municipal ground has witnessed the crowd turnout in multiple folds. His brave remarks are still echoing in my ears. He asked the big fat senior police officers to go one leave (as they were unable to chase criminals due to their big belly) and to entrust the case with young, honest and agile officers. There were many senior police officers present there and the area was full of police force. It requires tremendous courage to do such plain speaking in public, while it was widely believed that the culprit was protected by some ministers and senior police officers. Even in a casual conversation, we could always find a rare sense of content coated with fun. Like me, everyone whom I know cherish the moments shared with More achan. I used to frequent the beach Carmel Villa on my BSA cycle during KCA activities and the initial days of Kuttanad Catholic Association. More achan entrusted Siby Edayadi, myself and few others to bring out the first KCA Souvenir. Close to three decades, recalling the names of all those boys in that group is quite a difficult task. Apologising to anyone who have been omitted from this list, let me try to recall who are surfacing in my memory. They are Jose K Jose Kolath,, Ajith Edayadi, Ausu Edayadi, Joseph Antony Mammoottil, Tom Malayampuram, Suresh Joseph Manghat. All of us were behind this first time experience of making a book. Of course, More achan has helped us with all required directions in making the printing of the book successful. This experience has helped me on several occasions later in my life. I am very certain that there are several such initiatives by More achan helped many youngsters with exposure helping them in other spheres of life. More achan is not with us anymore. But the lasting impression of a pious priest who is also a social changer and an effective influence for a better life still remains. I have never understood the purpose and importance of creating a platform like KCA in Alappuzha town when it was initially formed by Fr Thomas More. I have faint memories of him creating this group in the eighties. I was a young boy and other than just the fun part of organising meetings and activities such as one trip to Kodungaloor, I never thought that he was meticulously creating a model society which has the goodness of the rich culture that we have inherited from the Kuttanadan villages and a new social fabric for us in the township that we inhabit. I have realised that he has brought together a society that is bound by the culture of our native villages. Although I have been living away from my Alappuzha, I am very fond of every aspect of my hometown and every chance I get to come home I try not to miss. During my such short sneaks to Alappuzha, several occasions I have visited KCA gatherings either in the CMI beach villa or the model village at Darshanapuram, Kaithavana. It is a pleasure to see the warmth of the group at all ages. I hope even though the patron of this group, our More achan has departed for his eternal life, this amazing platform he has nurtured for us will become a platform for generations to come. A person like More achan is one in a million and a gift by God. Scriptures talks to us on verses of God through prophets. In modern days, we still have God’s voice reaching us loudly through contemporary voices like More achan. We must try to take his initiatives further, so that like the one who has received ten thalants, we will make good profit from what we have received and delight our Lord Jesus Christ , as written in Luke 19:11-27. (George Thomas Kalacherry, Enterpreneur, Author and Evangelist of Subscriber Computing at Spine Innovations at Bengaluru)


Walking the other side

„Brigitte Filonardi


ne year has passed since we bid farewell to our beloved Father Thomas More. I have known him since my first longer stay in India eight years ago and I am glad that I was given the opportunity to remember him as ‘Achan’. It was he who took me under his wings introducing me into Indian culture and mentality, which sometimes is so different from the European one. Furthermore I always will remember him as a Father who lived for all those around and near the camp house. Indeed he was a man who still had lots of dreams, up to his old age. I remember him first of all as a true and loyal friend for me and for all who came to him in need of help or simply with the wish to share their happiness with him. His sense of humour, his peace of mind and his relaxed composure swept away a lot of anxieties and restored hope and confidence that things would change for the better. I especially loved the peaceful evenings when we sat outside the little house watching the nature, listening to the silence around us or talking and discussing for a while. The main topics of our conversations were his dreams, his plans and his aims for the future. His loving heart, his keen mind and the experience of his age were always at work for those he felt responsible for. We may remember the Mother Child project, the Cows and Goats project or the Stitching project and his last project – his favourite one - the little school. It was his great desire to provide for everybody of the surroundings the possibility to improve their conditions of life. I found it was his joy to dignify each person by giving each one some opportunity for a small work. But it was his dearest pleasure to give the children the best education as a valid start into a satisfying future. Achan’s ways of helping, advising and supporting were as broad and many sided as it were his dreams for the future of Darshanapuram. In fact I miss Father’s warm hearted support and guidance. And I am deeply thankful to have had him as a sincere friend, I am grateful for the time I spent with him gaining so much from his humane personality. I am convinced and confident that his dreams in one or the other way will come true. Certainly not in the same way Achan would have realised them because times, methods, and people may change but his objec-tives and aims will remain the same. The Divine Providence has its own designs, which we often understand only later. We should, however, never forget that Achan has not abandoned us; he will stay with all those God has put under his care during his lifetime. Father Thomas More still continues going with us – only he is walking on the other side of our way. (Brigitte Filonardi, Social Worker from Germany.)


Realization of dream

„ Vavachan Joseph Kakkassery


r Thomas More’s mesmerizing skill and to be embed the religious and social ideologies in the minds of audience through his speeches had attracted me ever since my student life. The steady and undisrupted flow of much selected words mixed with enjoyable jocks always drew big crowds to listen to father in the churches and other social functions. He was a specialized and popular speaker in the church festivals. His popularity as a ‘Dhyana Guru’ has been prevailed throughout the country and abroas also. In the year 2010-2011, I was privileged with the opportunity to serve with Fr Thomas More as the Principal of Blessed Pope John XXIII English Medium School founded by him at Darshanapuram, Alappuzha. This school was the realization of long awaited dream of the local people. Father started this school as a part of his work for the integrated development of the area which was in his vision. It was his noble desire to provide quality education to the children of labour classes in an affordable manner. The dream Father had cherished for long was materialized on 31 May 2010. The Minister K. C. Venugopal in the presence of big gathering of local people and well wishes had conducted inauguration ceremony of the school. The limited fund and the meager fee collected from the parents were quite in sufficient to meet the expenses for running the school. Still somehow, Father managed everything. Even in such a financial crisis Father arranged bi-monthly short educational tours. The special feature of these trips was that the parents were also taken with the children which were not seen in any other school tours. The places Selected for visiting gave a clear indication to Father’s secular vision and advanced approach to education. Father always stressed the importance to provide the children a homely feeling in the school. The natural beauty of Darshanapuram, the peaceful and echo friendly atmosphere in this school campus, the love and cure enjoyed by the little ones from Rev. Father, teachers and other staff of Blessed Pope John XXIII School had really converted this little temple of knowledge to another Santhinikethan. Unforthunately everything came to an end with his sudden journey to heavenly abode. Darsanaveedu lost its charm. Darshanapuram looked deserted. All those glories are now left as just memories. Yet that great person lives in the heart of many, Children, youth and grownups as a real lover of humanity who always worked for upliftment of the downtrodden in the society cutting across all the barriers of caste, creed and religion. (Vavachan Joseph Kakkassery, erstwhile Principal, Blessed Pope John XXIII English Medium School and Ex Sub Inspector, BSF) 109

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Suvachanam. Fr Thomas More Karikkampallil CMI (1936-2011) Souvenir 2012. Editor: Thomas Mathai Karikkampallil

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