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November 2013

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INDEX 1. The opinion of Jennifer about makeup

2. The worst outfit of season 3. Beauty tips by Shakira

The famous actress of the Hunger Games trilogy, said that too much makeup, dislikes because he prefers natural. In the interview conducted after the release of the second film “In Flames”, we confessed: “-Honestly, I hate makeup too, I like more natural, but this time I had to give in to my director, so that the scenes would have greater impact and the public will be satisfied”. Jennifer Lawrence said that you had small discussions with their makeup artist for this situation, but he prefers to be tolerant, because his leadership has been success.

A survey was conducted to 1000 women about the worst outfit that have been; and 83% of women said that it was the elegant style, because it is always a disaster when choosing. As women, they hate having to choose a different for each day or event outfit, because along with this, they have to decide your hairstyle and even makeup. In addition it is terrible when in a party, because it is shameful to have to be taking care of details like makeup, shoes or dress. As a result, if an accident happens, the glamour is lost. For this reason, they prefer the sport style, because it allows them to be as they are, feel free and above all, be quiet at all times.

Now, we are presenting, 6 things you must do to look more beautiful: 1. If you're white and you want to look tanned, uses a base of color dark. 2. If you want to see you flirtatious, use pink blush on your cheeks. 3. To look over your lips, use strong colors lipstick to draw attention. 4. Use enough mascara on your lashes to give them more volume. 5. After using a makeup base, put enough powder to reaffirm. 6. Uses shades according to the color of your clothes.

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