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BULLETIN of the Career center of Masaryk University 2013

Bulletin 2013 Career center of Masaryk University, Komenského nám. 220/2, Brno 602 00 | |

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CAREER COUNSELING Professional and Personality testing Assessment Center Rehearsal Career Consultation and Curriculum Vitae(CV) Consultation Individual and Group Coaching Job Market On-line Blog

This bulletin edited the Career center of Masaryk University Graphics: Zuzana Žabková | Text: editors of the Career center 2014

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The team of the Career center led by Šárka Karmazínová organized a career fair called JobChallenge 2013 and other projects focused on personal and professional development. From the left Pavel Svoreň, Katarína Slezáková, Šárka Karmazínová, Andrea Špoková, Tereza Tichá, Kristýna Veselá, Lenka Kováčová, and Radoslav Pittner.

Students from Masaryk University (MU) and other schools deal with questions regarding their future careers. They seek to learn how to organize their CV, successfully interview for a job and to find an ideal job placement during their studies. The Career center helps them to manage difficulties they may come across in their personal and professional development concerning their future employment. The Career center of MU organizes lectures, happenings, workshops, assessment centers, and last but not least a job fair. At these events students learn how to improve their skills that are important for entering a job market.

They discover what a future employer may want, where they can get work experiences during their studies, and much more. One of the main goals of the Career center of MU is to erase old myths and draw the attention of students to what it is seen as fundamental for joining a job market successfully. Professionals from the areas of psychology, personal development, career consulting, HR managing, and those who have successfully built their own careers share their precious experiences with our students. In  this bulletin we present activities and achievements of our Career center in the year 2013.

Mgr. Šárka Karmazínová Director of the Career counseling center of Masaryk University

- 3 -


Events | JobChallenge

JobChallenge JobChallenge is a career fair that presents work opportunities to students and graduates from Brno universities. The aim of the fair is to help students and graduates to better orient themselves in the job market and enable them to connect with companies. Exhibiting employers have a chance to present their company and the opportunity to attract a group of young people. JobChallenge is one of the biggest fairs in the Czech Republic. The fair has a rich accompanying program that is oriented towards developing empoyment-related skills and gaining practical experiences.

The exhibition hall where JobChallenge fair 2013 took place was completely full throughout the whole day.

JobChallenge fair 2013 13th November 2013, Wannieck Gallery, Brno Career fair that presents work opportunities to students and graduates took place on 13th November 2013 in Wannieck Gallery in Brno. More than 2500 university students and graduates visited the seventh year of the fair. This year colored identification bracelets that helped to distinguish area orientation of visitors were introduced as a few features of the fair. Also new this year was a competition entitled “Determine your own challenge” and a coffee bar.

- 5 -

JobChallenge 2013 in numbers • • • • • •

Year: 7 Exhibitors: 72 Visitors: more than 2 500 Happenings before the fair: 11 Lectures on an accompanying program: 18 University societies: 15

Events | JobChallenge fair | Accompanying program

Accompanying program of JobChallenge The accompanying program of JobChallenge 2013 contained lectures that were divided into three panels. In a panel Employment, visitors met with HR managers of certain companies, who described how job interviews at their company are conducted and what makes an applicant attractive for that company. A Panel of personalities offered inspirational stories of  successful and interesting people from different fields of employment. In a  panel Development, speakers focused on describing key skills important for finding an employment.

Panel of personalities – the lecture of Filip Dřímalka How to get any job in the world by making mistakes, being cheeky and doing the “extra stuff”.

Color labels for different exhibitors were assigned according to the area in which the exhibitor was involved. For easier orientation and quick identification of visitors, colored identification bands were given to both visitors and companies based on work area in the year 2013. There were eleven color categories. Each participant was free to choose his or her own identification bracelet.

- 6 -

Events | JobChallenge fair | Accompanying program

Catalogue Every visitor of the fair got a catalogue of all exhibitors at the entrance. The catalogue contained contact information and areas of activities of seventy exhibiting companies at the fair. In the catalogue a visitor could find information about what the  company offers, the  kinds of applicants it seeks, and how the job interview process is conducted.

Business ideas consulting Thank to cooperation with Southmoravian Innovation Center (JIC) aspiring entrepreneurs could consult with a Career center representative their business ideas.

CV consulting At stands of the Career center of Masaryk University, Mendel University and Brno University of Technology, visitors could learn how to compile correctly a CV or how to improve an existing CV.

University societies Student societies presented themselves at the fair in rooms nearby a main exhibition hall. Representatives of societies described their work and opportunities for people to join their activities. This part of the program was managed by Masaryk Student Union (MUNIE).

- 7 -

Events | JobChallenge fair | Accompanying program

JobChallenge conference The aim of the JobChallenge conference was to provide visitors with the answer to the question: How to prepare for a fair, including what to do before, during, and after?

Scala before opening the conference

During a four-hour program participants learned how to better formulate their expectations and goals when looking for an employment. They discovered what tools are available to help them when looking for a job and when contacting potential employers at the fair. Visitors of the JobChallenge conference had a chance to review their CV with representatives of the Career center of Masaryk University. They could also have professional make-up done and a picture taken for their CV. All participants were subscribed into a seven day email mentoring program after the end of the conference. Mentors challenged students to define their professional goals, track their digital footprint, create a LinkedIn account, prepare how to approach their future employer, and how to present themselves at a job interview.

- 8 -

CV consultation took place in the cinema Scala Café bar.

JobChallenge conference in numbers • Number of lectures: 4 • Number of lecturers: 7 • Number of visitors: 120

Events | JobChallenge fair | Accompanying program

Happenings 2013 Together with preparation for the job fair there were informational happenings connected to the competition “Determine your JobChallenge“.

Happenings at different faculties.

The objective of happenings was to show students profiles of exhibiting companies before the career fair started. It aimed to help students gain important information about exhibitors to better orient themselves at the fair. At happenings students chose one company from those exhibiting at the upcoming fair that they were most interested in based on either the area of work, firm culture, or prospects of receiving an offer of employment. After choosing the company, students’ task was to approach that company at the fair. At the day of the conference exhibiting companies received a list of students who chose their company as their “JobChallenge“. Representatives of companies selected students who excelled at presenting themselves and were engaging. The best applicants got a small gift from the company. One of winners of the competition „Determine Your Own Challenge“.

- 9 -

Events | JobAcademy conference

JobAcademy conference The conference introduces stories of successful and inspiring people through lectures and aims to provide a variety of professional employment. In addition to lectures there are workshops where students can get practical information and skills in the area of personal and professional development from specialists at big companies. Workshops focus on writing CVs, cover letters, and job interviews, specifically on leaving a good impression on the future employer.

Eight graduates of MU talked about the way how they found a job that they like.

JobAcademy conference 2013 25 th April 2013, Hotel Continental Brno “There are many opportunities and various ways. The choice is up to you.” The objective of the educational conference JobAcademy 2013 was to help students with their personal and professional development. Participants met with successful professionals throughout the oneday program. There were specialists from HR and personal development coaches at the conference. The first year of the conference included interactive lectures aimed at self-development and workshops that focused on building additional skills. There was an accompanying program that offered professional-personality testing, professional make up and professional photography for CV photos. How to get an internship directly at the conference? The conference was followed by a CelebJAtion party (edit. note Ja featuring me in Czech). Students could meet there with speakers and other students who participated and visited the conference as well as employers. Proactive students could take part in a team competition that could lead to obtaining an internship. During the evening companies chose students who they contacted afterwards to collaborate on real projects.

- 10 -

JobAcademy conference 2013 in numbers • 7 lectures – 10 inspiring speakers • 5 workshops – 9 specialized coaches • 8 stories – 8 successful graduates from Masaryk University • 736 registered students

Events | Career evening

Career evening Career evening is a playful, in-formal and friendly meeting in a more intimate space, it is a sort of career cabaret. The talk show presents interesting career paths of past graduates of Masaryk University. It aims to actively connect the audience with a guest in a relaxed atmosphere that is created by life piano music, refreshments and fun. The  aim of  the evening is to encourage students to create their own visions and goals for their future employment, and to inspire and motivate them through the career story of a guest.

Guests of the Career evening gave the Career center of Masaryk University 28 books all connected to the topic of personal development. Books will be able to be borrowed by all students through a library of the Career center.

Career evening with Tomáš Baránek and Vít Šebor 22 nd October 2013, Kabinet múz, Brno During the first Career evening two Masaryk University graduates discussed their career paths that resulted in creating their own publishing house that publishes books about personal development. Having the best results is strongly connected to doing something that people like and enjoy. They must believe in the meaningfulness of  their activity too… This was a recurring theme that was present during the whole evening.

- 11 -

Career evening 2013 in numbers • • • •

Event: 1 Numbers of speakers: 2 Visitors: 43 Number of books gifted to a library of the Career center of Masaryk University: 28

Events | HR Management from the Inside

HR Management from the Inside The aim of the project “HR Management from the Inside” is to teach students basic information connected to topics from the area of HR and recruitment. The project brings together students, employees of the Career center of Masaryk University, and participating companies. It creates an enriching cooperation for all participants.

Team of students under a supervision of Mgr. Pavla Horáková (first from the left) planned two-day program for the project HR Management from the Inside.

HR Management from the Inside 2013 16 th – 17 th October 2013, the Career center MU, Brno Students participated in the project under the supervision of employees of the Career center. Students could try to rehearse a job interview, assessment center, undergo personality testing, and consult their CV during workshops and lectures that were included in the project. Students got information from the area of law, ethics, and etiquette.

- 12 -

HR Management from the Inside 2013 in numbers • Number of workshops: 35 • Number of lecturers: 12 • Number of visitors: 140

Events | Personal development courses

Personal development courses Personal development courses focus on developing skills in communication, time management, team cooperation, and getting practical knowledge from HR management. The lecturers support students in their career and study goal defining.

Illustration photo

Personal development courses 2013 Students could participate in 24 courses with topics like effective organization of time (especially during stressful exam period), personal development, or developing a career (how to sell “your brand/self ” in the job market). It was emphasized that students experienced using their freshly gained information. Illustration photo

- 13 -

Events | Company workshops

Company workshops Company workshops present partners of the Career center to students. They enable a connection between young talented students and interesting employers as well as providing current information about a job market.

Illustration photo

Several companies participated in cooperation with the Career center in 2013 (PWC, Komerční banka, Cyrrus, Amazon, Unifer. Lecturers and employees from those companies shared practical knowledge and skills that they believed are important for successful employment.


10 th - 11 th June 2013, the Career center MU, Brno Representatives of Amazon, a global leader in e-shopping, presented a career opportunity at the company suitable for new graduates. Interested students took part in job interviews for the company afterwards. As the company expanded its market it started to look for employees for its new operational centers across Europe. Those interested were offered positions as a team leader and analyst.

- 14 -

Company workshops 2013 in numbers • Number of presentations: 8 • Number of speakers: 10 • Number of visitors: 186

Events | Company workshops


16 th October 2013, the Career Center MU, Brno A lecture Paradox on capital market was introduced by Dušan Jilčík and Tomáš Mečík, professionals from a company Cyrrus working in the area of investment consulting. The lecture was divided into four parts: Shares at their maximum and economic downturn; China slowing down its economic growth and investors ignoring it; Company’s effectiveness - a decrease in the cost of shares; and Treachery of macro-data.

Komerční banka (Societé Generale Group) 17 th October 2013, the Career Center MU, Brno HR officer of Komerční banka, Lukáš Mašek, showed students what an assessment center (AC) entails. A workshop titled “AC” – modern bugbear of job interviews? provided participants with important information regarding what they need to know about AC and what to expect from it. In the second part of the  workshop students could participate in methods used at assessment centers.


23 rd October 2013, the Career Center MU, Brno Anna Hatoková, a professional HR manager, prepared an interactive program for students with interests in the area of HR and personal development. How to build own brand and how to work with it and use it when entering a job market was the topic of the first workshop. Anna Hatoková also gave advice in what students should focus on when searching for job and how to successfully conduct a job interview.


21 st November 2013, the Career Center MU, Brno Stanislav Gálik discussed stories of people who are happy in their lives, who are productive and successful in the lecture titled “7 things you must know, otherwise you will not know it“. When you meet someone of this character you should not miss the chance to learn from listening to experiences of  this person. As Charlie Chaplin said: “Follow those who search the truth but run from those who think they found it.”

- 15 -


Career consulting | Professional and personality testing

Professional and personality testing Professional and personality testing maps predispositions of students for their study and specific work positions. Students can discover their strong capabilities and thus preferable areas of future employment. It analyzes student’s resistance to stress, character features, and predisposition for a team work. The feedback from the testing also includes a personal development plan. Students verify their choice of their area of study because they often think about the appropriateness of the choice when choosing future employment.

Illustration photo

Professional and personality testing is divided into three parts. The initial part consists of an individual consultation where students share their expectations and try to evaluate their character. The second part can be individual or in a group. Students undergo personality, performance and projective tests. At the third meeting they receive a feedback during an individual meeting. A personal development plan is created together with students. It focuses on developing desired skills or habits.

- 17 -

Professional and personality testing 2013 in numbers • Total participants: 217 • Masaryk University students: 199 • High school students : 18

Career consulting | Assessment center rehearsal

Assessment center rehearsal (peer to peer form) Assessment center (AC) is a modern method used during recruitment. The assessment center rehearsal organized by Career center is meant to help students gain practical knowledge of model situations that they can expect during a real AC. Model situations can be individual or include a group. AC model includes job interviews and psychological diagnostic tests which differ according to the topic of AC.

Students present the results of their activity during one of the model situations.

Assessment center rehearsal 2013 After the end of the AC each participant received a 60-minute individual consultation about his or her behavior during the AC and their possible impression on a future employer. Together with this feedback all participants received a recommendation for further individual development of skills and competence. AC was managed by interns of the Career center of Masaryk University. Preparation was quality and time demanding. AC was followed by evaluating and creating individual feedback. Interns worked under the supervision of employees of the Career Center.

- 18 -

Assessment center rehearsal 2013 in numbers • • • • •

Number of AC: 10 Number of participants: 96 Number of interns: 42 Workshop on AC: 3 Number of participants: 30

Career consulting | Career consulting and CV consulting

Career consulting and CV consulting Individual consultations enables students to discuss possibilities of job searching, preparation job interviews, starting a career, and learning how to correctly write a cover letter or CV. They can also help students to discover strong and weak sides of their personality with regard to future employment.

Illustration photo

Consultations 2013 CV consultations were provided by employers of the Career center to individuals or as a part of larger events - JobAcademy, JobChallenge fair, JobChallenge conference or HR Management from the Inside. During events with company partners consultations were provided by employees. Career consultations took place at  the Career center of Masaryk University and they were managed by students in their final year of a master degree in psychology who are trained in performing a consultation, giving feedback and who repeatedly meet at supervision meetings.

- 19 -

Career consultation and CV consultation 2013 in numbers • • • •

Number of individual consultations: 30 Number of group consultations: 125 Seminars on writing a CV: 13 Number of participants at seminars on writing a CV: 165

Career consulting | Individual and group coaching

Individual and group coaching Coaching leads to personal, study, and professional growth of an individual. It activates motivation and satisfaction and comes from specific client needs. Coaches ask questions that help a student define more clearly their career goals. Students then find their own best way to achieve these goals.

Illustration photo

Coaching in 2013 We offered students individual and group coaching on supporting independence, creativity and responsibility. Meetings were focused on topics like time management, postponing and planning a professional career. Working in a group affected participants and their thinking and ideas. The objective was for them to be one another’s source of inspiration.

- 20 -

Coaching 2013 in numbers • Number of individual consultations: 98 • Number of group consultations: 6 • Number of group coaching meetings: 35

Career consulting | Job Market

Job Market Job Market is an advertising web page that is a part of the Information system of Masaryk University. It publishes new job offers, information about trainee/ graduate programs, and other relevant information.

Ilustration photo

Job Market 2013 A company profile is created for every company that decided to enter our Job Market. The content of the profile is created by the company itself. Students can choose to follow those profiles and inform themselves about changes and happenings in a company via email. Currently the Job Market has six sections:

Job Market 2013 in numbers • Total company profiles: 162 • Number of sections, area oriented: 6

Information technologies Health care


Job Market

Recruitment agencies

- 21 -

Service and business


On-line Blog

We publish interviews with recruiters, consultants, experts from different disciplines, and people who have interesting career paths on our blog JobAcademy. We bring reports from events there and in articles we give advice about personal and career development such as how to write a CV or how to improve your LinkedIn profile. The aim of the blog is to draw attention to events at the Career center, present inspiring and successful people, and provide students with useful advice. We started a registration on JobChallenge fair 6 th October 2013 The Career center of Masaryk University and Counseling center of Brno University of Technology and Mendel University in Brno organizes the seventh year of JobChallenge fair for university students and graduates. The career fair is scheduled to occur on 13th November in Wannieck Gallery in Brno. Its objective is to help students to orient better on job market and inspire them to perceive an entering on a job market as their personal challenge.

Creating CV 9 th November 2013 1. Think about your internships and work experiences and decide which are relevant and which you include in your CV (if you are without professional work experience try to include any kind of work activity to show the company that you have good work habits). 2. Outline the structure of your CV, write in notes everything you want to include in it (personal data, practical experience, career profile, hobbies , and other information).

Ján Zahurančík: If you are not sure that you are the right person for the job you can hardly persuade a future employer about it. 23 rd April 2013 In the heart of Prague resides a subsidiary of KPMG, a company that prepares taxes, audits and consultancy. Each year the company employs 85 graduates and students. What level of knowledge or work experiences do you expect from students and fresh graduates who are applying for a job in your company?

- 22 -

Interview with a speaker: If you want to move with your environment you must move yourself first, says Radim Valigura. 24 th April 2013 Story of Radim Valigura seems as an unreachable dream - when he was young he moved to Switzerland to be a coach of Martina Hingis, a world known tennis player, Radim Valigura had the chance to travel the world. Despite all this when you meet him today he seems as a humble man who just believes in what he does. Before you have a chance to listen to Radim Valigura on JobAcademy Conference we bring you an interview with him about his interesting life path. You train a product called Supremacy, what can be understood under this term in the context?

Lukáš Mašek: Preparation for a job interview should not be underestimated. 16 th April 2013 Lukáš Mašek communicates with students, university societies and schools but also with talents from companies or mothers before maternity leave. He sells Komerční banka inside and outside. How future employees should sell themselves? He is a specialist in personal marketing. What can you imagine under this expression?

Jakub Procházka: Many people damage their image at the interview because they pretend to be someone else. 8 th April 2013 Are you graduating from university? Do you want to prepare yourself to enter the job market and do you want to prepare already during your studies? Jakub Procházka, another speaker from JobAcademy, will discuss these topics and much more. He teaches at university, he evaluates candidates during job interviews and decides who is right for what position in different companies. What does your role entail?

An interview with a speaker: Radka Sobotková 11 th March 2013 Do you focus on a complex image of a client or do you specialize in some specific area? I focus on a complex image of a person. It means make up, color typology, cut and style of clothes. It connects to a certain level of communication and behavior so I interconnect a consultation of image with ethiquette.

- 23 -


Bulletin of the Career center of Masaryk University 2013  

By connecting the university with a job market, Masaryk University (MU) Career Centre aids students in finding their first employment after...

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