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Profile Undergraduate Advertising major with a minor in Sociology looking for an entry-level position in Account Planning. Experience working as an Account Planner while interning at BBDO New York. Opportunities in leadership positions through Brigham Young University’s AdLab working with paying clients. Reliable, organized, considerate. Has demonstrated ability to collaborate and work effectively in group situations. Experience Account Planning Intern, BBDO New York New York, NY April-June 2011 Gathered and presented research for several of the agency’s clients. Worked alongside planners on their various projects, including AMP Energy Drink, Lowe’s, Johnson & Johnson and Milky Way. Gathered and edited images and video for global focus group. Researched how to reinvent client’s advertising effectiveness criteria. Attended seminars about digital media and qualitative research methods. Became better acquainted with research databases such as Mintel and Iconoculture. Account Planner, BYU AdLab Provo, UT 2010-2011 Worked on account side for several projects, both local and national, in on-campus ad agency. Clients included: Gatorade, Zion’s Bank, Tipping Bucket, and several start-up companies. Conducted research, implemented strategies, and built relationships with clients. Teaching Assistant, Brigham Young University Provo, UT 2010-2011 Teaching Assistant for the Introduction to Advertising class. Provided input on students’ group campaign projects throughout the semester and evaluated them at the end. Taught certain advertising principles to the class when professor asked. Required knowledge of basic principles of advertising. Education Brigham Young University, Provo UT 2007-2011 BA in Communications: Advertising Emphasis; Sociology MInor Graduated in April 2011 Skills Proficient on both PC and Mac systems. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Also skilled in Apple Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Knowledgeable in online presentation software such as Prezi. Familiar with online databases such as Mintel and Iconoculture. Referrals Matt Goldberg, Vice President of Behavioral Planning, BBDO New York Email: Federico Chiesa, Senior Account Planner, BBDO New York Email: Jeff Sheets, AdLab Director, Brigham Young University Telephone: 801.422.3524 Email:

I love to color. As in coloring books. To some it may seem juvenile, but after a stressful day there is almost nothing I love more than taking out my gigantic Toy Story coloring book and completing an extremely well-colored picture. It’s my other creative outlet. People often tell me that I am a good listener. I guess you could call it a gift. Mostly I think that it’s important to know when to open your mouth and when you should just open your ears. Music completes me. Sometimes I wish I could publish a soundtrack for my life and the theme song would be “Hakuna Matata.” (It means “no worries.”) It’s amazing how for every event in life there is the perfect song to accompany it. The same is true for advertising; for every product, there’s the perfect message to accompany it. The fun part is finding it. Killer whale trainer at Sea World. That was my very first dream job. My favorite movie was Free Willy and I wanted to be just like Jesse. I think it’s important to dream big sometimes.


GATORADE POWDER Client: Powder is the truest form of Gatorade. We see the orange cooler on the sidelines of professional and collegiate games, easily recognize the green bottle, and watch as coaches get the “Gatorade Dunk� after a championship win. Powder gives the benefit of fueling an athlete with electrolytes and energy while being cost effective, making it a sensible option for parents of high school athletes.

The Problem:

The Challenge: TBWA/Chiat/Day gave us the challenge to give a sense of soul to Gatorade Powder and make it relevant to the human experience. We were to target those considered to be Performance Athletes.

Research Methods:

Qualitative Research: -Two focus groups (Parents and Athletes) -12 one-on-one interviews with high school athletes KEY QUESTIONS: -Describe your lifestyle as a result of being an athlete. -How do you feel about practice? -What goes through your head on game day? -What traditions do you have? -What motivates you to push yourself?

The powder drink category, which was at $60 million in 1999, has declined to $41 million in 2004. Sales are down 26% in current prices since 1999 and 35% in constant prices. This form suffers from the inconvenience of the extra step involved in mixing the dry powder with the right amount of water. (Sports Drinks, Mintel, US, Feb. 2005)

Performance Athletes: Teen athletes between the ages of 14-19 who are driven and dedicated to their sport. Winning to them is key, it becomes the payoff and the proof for their hard work. They know that playing their best comes from being in peak condition, and they do what it takes to prepare for the win. They do not quit because their season is over, but instead use this time to maintain and prepare for the next season. Their personal benchmark comes from what opinion leaders say or do about conditioning and training. These opinion leaders are people they look up to athletically: older siblings, more advanced players within their athletic groups, or professional athletes they admire.

The Insight: Although athletes recognize that practice is important, many don’t associate the benefits of Gatorade with proving themselves and silencing the voice in moments of practice.

Big Idea: Practice is the Proving Ground. Gatorade powder helps you make the most of practice and refuels you, allowing you to silence negative voices.

Articulation: Proven.

Creative Work Manifesto

We don’t do it for the fans, or for the big orange cooler behind the bench. We do it because of the voice inside; the one that replays our false start or how many games our jersey stays clean. With every run up the stairs and rep beyond our limit we will overcome. The coach can rupture our eardrums and a crowd can deafen the stadium, but we choose how much to let in. We practice to silence the voices. WE WILL BE PROVEN. Print Ads

Creative Work TV Spot

Creative Work

Interactive Print Ads

When print ads are viewed on tablets and other electronic magazine readers they will have an additional interactive feature. Users can roll over points of the athletes body to highlight the science behind all that Gatorade Powder does during an athletes workout.

Sales Promotion

To emphasize the importance Gatorade Powder has for sports hydration and power, the iconic Gatorade bottle will be used to associate that where there are serious athletes there is Gatorade Powder. To accomplish this, Gatorade bottles will be sold on the shelves where stores currently stock RTD’s and powders. The bottles will be marketed as a set with Gatorade Powder and feature the ease of mixing amounts of powder for the bottle size. This will give athletes the ability to try the power while displaying the same level of seriousness often seen with professional and college athletes on sidelines of games and at training camps.


TIPPING BUCKET Client: Tipping Bucket is a social venture seeking to redefine what it means to be a philanthropist. It allows you to make a difference in someone else’s life with just a dollar. Tipping Bucket serves as the funding platform for social projects promoting development around the world.

Brand Promise:

The Challenge: Help Tipping Bucket determine how to increase engagement with those who are already members of their online community. They have been successful in their efforts to attract new members to the community, but have not determined a way to keep those members engaged.

Tipping Bucket is a unified voice for change. It provides an online community where people can rally together and take a stand about something we all believe in: opportunities for a better life.

How to Differentiate: We’ve all seen the images of starving children on our television screens. We unfortunately do not connect to those images. The emotional connection necessary is lacking in this charitable efforts. Tipping Bucket needs to establish this emotional connection with the members of its community.

Insight: We connect to individuals. When Oprah talks about an issue, she always uses an individual to demonstrate the larger issue. We want to hear people’s stories. We want to know about their life. We want to see their passion. We want to share that passion with them.

Solution: Focus on the World-Changers rather than the projects. Allow donors to follow the individual behind the projects and their journey through Twitter, YouTube, personal blogs, etc.


MINI Countryman Client: The MINI Countryman is MINI’s newest addition to the MINI family. It will be launched in January 2011. The Countryman is the first four-door, optional all-wheel drive vehicle. It has the look and feel of the MINI Cooper with the space and convenience of a four-door model.

MINI Countryman

The Challenge: MINI needs to find a way to make the Countryman attractive to 20- to 30-year-old Americans who previously had doubts about the size and functionality of the MINI. The new campaign also needs to make the Countryman’s British origins appealing to American consumers.

MINI Cooper Hardtop

MINI Clubman

BIG Idea: “The MINI Takeover” We will essentially take over America with our European culture.

The Transformation: “Takeover” Locations

The American yellow taxi will be replaced with a black MINI Countryman to resemble taxis found in London. Well-known red, British telephone booths will be set up around the cities. They will be tagged with MINI stickers. “Mini” replicas of famous European landmarks such as Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, and the Tower of Pisa.

Autobahn Weekend: New York City


MINI will sponsor an Autobahn weekend in Montana where people can come test-drive the Countryman while driving as fast as they’d like.

Magazine Insert

Magazine Insert

Media Plan

End of January: Begin running magazine inserts (3 months)

January 2011: Takeover Begins (1 month)

April 15-17, 2011: MINI sponsored Autobahn weekend in Montana


ORGANIC LUNCHABLE Client: Venture capital client from ritzy Connecticut who is interested in developing a pre-packaged, meal-type “Lunchable� but with an organic approach. There is no current brand. We must determine the brand and the product.



The Challenge: Conduct research to determine everything from branding and positioning, to strategy, to menu and packaging. We also need to determine if people are willing to pay more for a pre-packaged organic meal.

Research Methods:

Quantitative: -Survey to women across the country -93 respondents Qualitative: -Observations and In-depth interviews -Two focus groups -Projective methods

Demographics from Survey Under $25K $25K-$49K


$50K-$74K $75K-$99K


$100K-$149K $150K and above 0





Key Insights: 1. Women know that organic food is better for them, but often times they don’t think to buy it. 2. Women don’t eat well when they’re busy. And they feel guilty about that. 3. “Organic” is a lifestyle that most people haven’t adopted yet, and those who have wouldn’t be interested in purchasing a pre-packaged organic meal. 4. They want the ability to mix-and-match different options to create their own meal.

“I still wouldn’t buy a packaged meal unless it was for a special occasion. I figure I can put those things together myself.”

“It’d be cool to mix and match food items, kind of life a wardrobe.”

Moderator’s Guide Ice Breaker: Welcome and thank you. Tell them who we are and what we’re doing. Go around the circle and have everyone introduce themselves. Current Eating Habits: -Hand out a piece of paper and have them write down what they have eaten so far that day. EVERYTHING they’ve eaten. -What changes do you wish you could make to that list? Why? -Do you make a conscious effort to eat a healthy diet? How important is eating healthy to you? -How much do you value breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Do you eat healthier at one meal compared to the rest? -How do you feel when you eat healthier? -What are some of the things that prevent you from eating healthy? Collage: Cut out pictures that demonstrate what a healthy lunch looks like in your mind. Current Brand Position: -Picture Sort: Choose one picture that best demonstrates how you feel about Lunchables. -Picture Sort: Choose the picture that best demonstrates how you feel about the Kashi brand. -Picture Sort: Choose the picture that best demonstrates how you feel when you hear the world “organic.” Packaging/Pricing: -When you take your lunch to work or school, where do you keep it? How do you carry it around with you? What kind of container/ packaging do you use? -Would you rather purchase a full pre-packaged meal or have the option to mix-and match various side options to create your own meal? -Are you more likely to purchase products from companies who use recyclable packaging? Why is/isn’t that important to you? -Is a healthier meal option worth a higher price to you? How much more is it worth (monetary amount)? Or would you rather keep eating what you eat currently? -How much would you be willing to pay for an organic pre-packaged meal? Give a price range.

Advertising Objective: Create a naturally healthy, on-the-go lunch package. Build awareness of our product as the healthier choice for the least amount of preparation.

Consumer Insight: “I try to pack a healthy lunch, but I don’t always have time. It’s really irritating because a lot of my food is not easy to just grab quickly.”


Our product promises the healthiest, grabable lunch options to keep you out of the kitchen so you can cross more things off your to-do list.

Suggestions: -Make sure advertising has a fresh, modern, and honest (informative) approach. -Create a pre-packaged meal option with which women can mix and match sides to create their perfect meal. -Use traditional media like television along with blogs, point-of-purchase displays and free samples given out on popular airlines during flights.

Product Design


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