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Adobe Connect Training How to Conduct a Meeting By: Kari Busard

+ Learning Goals a. b. c. d.

Access Adobe Connect Learn Adobe Connect functions and attributes Learn Video and Audio capabilities Learn Best Practices for Virtual Classrooms

+ Adobe Connect Overview a. b. c.

What is Adobe Connect? How can I use Adobe Connect? What are the benefits of Adobe Connect over other virtual software?


What is Adobe Connect?

A web conferencing tool for online meetings, eLearning, and webinars

Uses Flash-enabled web browser and an Internet connection to participate in synchronous online sessions.

Many instant features to make your web conferencing experience easy and efficient


How Can I Use Adobe Connect? 

Meetings 

Online Classrooms 

Conduct multi-participant meetings with video and audio features

Teach students from all over the world using file sharing

E-learning 

Hold seminars for a wide audience with file sharing


How Does it Compare?

+ Create an Adobe Connect Meeting a. b. c. d.

Set-Up Meeting Roles Meeting Functions and Attributes Video and Audio Capabilities


Setting Up a Meeting ď Ž

All online

ď Ž

Sign in with username and password


Setting Up a Meeting 

Create a new meeting 

Specify Date and Time

Describe your meeting

Set user access

Share the URL with your participants

Now just wait for them to join!



Meeting Roles 

Three Roles 




Relationships of Roles: Host = Principal Presenter = Teacher Participant = Student


Meeting Roles - Host 

Hosts – Managers of the Adobe Connect Session 

Has FULL control

Set-up meeting and invite participants

Control the meeting layout

Determine who is a presenter and participant

Eject, demote, or promote users Host =



Meeting Roles - Presenter 

Presenters – Those who are conducting the meeting or presentation 

Has MODERATE access

Full presentation control

Presenter = Teacher


Meeting Roles - Participant 

Participant– Those who are participating in the meeting or presentation 

Has LIMITED access

Can listen, view, and chat

Can interact with participant initiated questions and polls

Participant = Student


Pods – What You Can Do 

Present information 

File sharing (ex: Word Document, PowerPoint

Share Desktop

Direct Participants to Websites

Interact with Participants 

Create a Poll

Have a Q & A



Share Pod 

What you can share 

Documents 

Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Etc

Choose from files on your computer

Whiteboard 

Write, Draw, type, share ideas in realtime

Computer Screen 

Share your desktop


Attendee List 

View who is in the room

Change various privileges for each attendee 

Change access rights

Change Raise Hand Status


Chat 

Chat with participants while conducting the training 

Answer questions

Clarify confusion

You or a moderator can monitor chat


Note 

Functions just like Word

Share a note with attendees 

Talking point to discuss later

Extra information for your attendees 

Information they can view on there own at a later date

Extra Resources


Poll 

Create your own Poll

Choose your own topic and create your own answers

Multiple Choice

Multiple Answers

Track Responses


Weblinks ď Ž

Direct attendees to a website in one click

ď Ž

Adobe Connect automatically opens your desired webpage on all attendees desktops


Video and Audio 

Broadcast Video and Audio to all attendees 

Choose one or the other

Control audio and video of attendees


Recording 

Record your meeting or training in 1-click 

Allows attendees to review information on their own

Share your session in other venues 




+ Virtual Classroom Best Practices a. b.

Know Your Audience Have a Presentation Style


Best Practices 

Know Your Audience 

What does your audience already know

What is their role? (Faculty, Students, Administration) 

Determines content you include and the amount of explanation provided


Best Practices 

Know Your Presentation Style 

Holding Attention  Think about what you find appealing?  Take from TV, Radio shows

Classroom to Online      

Stories: Keep them brief and relevant Practice until you are comfortable with the content Have visual content – video, photos, websites. Have more than you need Announce if you need a minute for technical difficulty, or to find something Briefly introduce your self via video – allows attendees to connect to you Ask users to introduce themselves via chat or poll

+ Q&A and Practice Session

+ Evaluations

Adobe Connect Training Presentation  

Adobe Connect Training Presentation

Adobe Connect Training Presentation  

Adobe Connect Training Presentation