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PROJECT STATEMENT 1) BACKGROUND: The client is the editor of the Seattle-based newspaper The Stranger. The product is a vector illustration for an editorial article in the paper titled “How a Hot Tub Can Change Your Life” by Emily Nokes. The illustration is of a cracked/broken heart blissfully lounging in the healing waters of a hot tub. This illustration should draw readers into the article and exemplify the essence of the article. 2) TARGET AUDIENCE: The target audience consists of people who read The Stranger, specifically readers of this editorial article “How a Hot Tub Can Change Your Life”. 3) OBJECTIVES: I want readers to be intrigued and drawn in to reading the article. I want readers to completely understand the meaning behind the illustration and how it directly relates to the main point of the article. I also want readers to find my illustration to be beautiful/ aesthetically pleasing and clever/ fun. The Article is about girl who’s heart was broken when her husband suddenly left her. Instead of sinking into depression, she decided to buy a hot tub and ends up having regular hot tub parties with her friends. The fun that she created for herself with the hot tub quickly healed her broken heart. In my illustration, the band aid over the crack in the heart and the soft golden rays emanating from this hot-tubbing heart imply that the hot tub is having a very positive healing effect, thus visually portraying the essence of the article. 4) OBSTICLES: The audience/readers must understand the meanings behind the symbols I use in the illustration (cracked heart = broken-heartedness, band aid = wounded but healing, golden rays = positive effect/ positive emotional state.) Obstacles to understanding occur if the audience isn’t familiar with these symbols. Illustration must also be well-drawn so that the audience can easily recognize the hot tub is a hot tub, band aid is band aid, etc. 5) KEY BENEFIT: Audience will be enticed to read the article, get an immediate and clear idea about the essence of the article within seconds of seeing the illustration, understand my intent behind using the symbolic images of cracked heart, band aid and golden rays and be able to see how it directly relates to the content of the article. 6) SUPPORT STATEMENTS/REASONS WHY: The images used in illustration (and the symbolism behind them) are well-known in society so the meaning of the illustration should be easily understood by the audience. The illustration conveys a sense of renewal, calm and healing, and involves

a hot tub and a broken heart, which is unusual and intriguing and may help to draw in the audience. But the symbolism is clear enough for viewers to guess what kind of story the illustration is conveying. The viewer thus gleans immediate knowledge about the content of the article before even reading it. The Illustration is a visual expression of the article’s content. 7) TONE: Blissful, soothing, relaxing, emotionally healing and renewing, calm, happy. Light-hearted and fun but also deeply restorative, sacred, the power within to heal oneself. 8) MEDIA: Print (in The Stranger newspaper), and digital/web-based for online version of article. Adobe Illustrator’s vector graphics output works well for both print and web-based media. 9) CREATIVE CONSIDERATIONS: The Stranger is a local Seattle newspaper, but the meaning behind the illustration should be easily understood regardless of geographic location/ language/nationality/culture. It utilizes the universally known symbol of a cracked (broken) heart- all cultures recognize meaning behind a cracked heart-shape, and everyone knows what a band aid is for (healing).

Kari P1 Final Case Study  

Final case study for Digital Illustration Project 1 Editorial Illustration assignment