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The Color Book Featuring Photos from D&A Designs Volume I

Featured COLORS Ceilings ............................................................................................... 1 Red ...................................................................................................... 2 Crimson .............................................................................................. 3 Purple ................................................................................................. 4 Pink ..................................................................................................... 6 Yellow ................................................................................................. 8 Green ................................................................................................ 10 Orange .............................................................................................. 12 Blue ................................................................................................... 14 Black ................................................................................................. 16 White ................................................................................................. 16 Gray .................................................................................................. 20 Brown ............................................................................................... 22 Gold .................................................................................................. 24 D&A Designs .................................................................................... 28 Testimonials...................................................................................... 31

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Color is an important element in designing every room in your home. D&A Designs are masters in creating the perfect look for each room in your home employing various techniques and elements that includes your choice of colors. What makes D&A Designs so unique is their unconventional use

of color. Bold designs with splashes of color to excite the senses distinguish D&A Designs from other designers. Colors touch our emotions and impact our mood to create an atmosphere that evokes feelings ranging from cheerfulness to the depressed. When used on the walls in our home, traditionally, these colors would have a profound impact on the atmosphere of a particular room or rooms in our home. The ceiling represents one-sixth of the space in a room, but too often it gets nothing more than a coat of white paint. In fact, white had been considered

the best choice for ceilings for decades. However, as a general rule, ceilings that are lighter than the walls feel higher, while those that are darker feel lower, yet lower doesn’t have to mean claustrophobic – visually lowered ceilings could evoke cozy intimacy – dark walls could make a room seem smaller, and light walls could make a room seem much larger. 1

Red is a warm, positive, intense color that stimulates and excites the brain. It is the only color associated with power, passion, and energy that has even been proven to raise your blood pressure, speed respiration and your heart rate. With such intensity, this positive color makes a strong first impressions, especially when used in an entry way. Red is also a great color when used on an accent wall of any room in which you may want to stimulate conversation, however, it is considered to be too strong or stimulating for a bedroom. Depending on how red is used in a room, it could affect the peace and harmony you might feel when spending long periods of time in that room. Being surrounded by too much red could make you feel irritable, agitated, and angry, while too little red in a room could make you feel cautious, manipulative, and even fearful. D&A Design could help you make the best use of this positive color to create the desired atmosphere for your room. 2

Crimson could make some people feel irritable and invoke feelings of rage or hostility, so this color should be avoided as the main color of a room. Sitting for long periods of time in a room painted in crimson could affect the peace and harmony you are striving to create in your home.

You could impact the atmosphere of your room by adding a little excitement when the color red or crimson is added by using furniture pieces, pictures, flowers and other accessories. 3

Purple is known to be calm and soothing like most cool colors and is associated with spirituality, royalty, and mystery. It is a dramatic and sophisticated color, but could also symbolize cruelty and arrogance. Historically, purple is associated with royalty and still holds some of the connotations today. It is considered a good color for bedrooms or living rooms because it combines the restfulness of the color blue and the warmth of the color red.

Purple, in its darkest shades is also associated with luxury and creativity as shown in the design completed by D&A Designs (above), but could be flashy and portray wealth and extravagance when combined with gold. Lighter shades of purple, such as lavender and lilac, could bring the same 4

restful quality to bedrooms as the color blue, but without feeling chilly. When combined with the color yellow, purple gives the impression of something that is fun and easy to deal with. Psychologically, the color purple ensures harmony of the mind and the emotions drawing energy and strength from the color red, and drawing spirituality and integrity from the color blue. The colors purple and violet symbolizes the union of body and soul, which

creates a balance between our physical and spiritual energies. The purple color has a richness and quality that demands respect. It is considered ambitious and confident – the leader type. Too much of the color purple could promote or exacerbate depression for some people and should be used very carefully and in small quantities by those who are vulnerable to it. 5

Pink is a calming color that signifies vulnerability and safety. It also represents caring, compassion, romance, passion and unconditional love. As a combination of red and white, it gets its passion, power and the lust for action from the color red, and the opportunity to achieve success and insight from the color white which is softened with the purity and openness. The deeper the color pink, the more passion and energy it radiates, toning down physical passion from the color red that is replaced with a gentle and loving energy. The color pink shows tenderness and kindness from its empathetic and sensitive nature. Psychologically, the color pink represents a sign of hope that inspires warm and comforting feelings, and may also indicate good health and success. 6

There are studies confirming that high amounts of the color pink could have a calming effect on the nerves and could even create physical weakness in people; however, overexposure to the color may have the opposite effect. To make the color pink stronger and more sophisticated, you may want to combine it with darker colors like dark blue, dark green, black or gray as shown in the following D&A Design.

Design created by D&A Designs 7

Yellow is the brightest color the human eye can see, stimulating positive emotion that is associated with hope, optimism, joy, fun, and other happy feelings. Often affiliated with sunshine, the color yellow is uplifting and warm, but could be overwhelming in large doses. Including the color yellow in a bathroom, kitchen or as small accents in your home is suggested rather than completely covering the walls of a room in which you spend most of your time. In halls, entries and small spaces, yellow could feel expansive and welcoming; however, in larger doses the color yellow could create feelings of frustration and anger. Studies show that some people are more likely to lose their temper and babies seem to cry more in yellow rooms.

The color yellow resonates with the logical side of the brain, stimulating mentality and perception. It inspires thought, curiosity and gives way to new ideas by helping us focus, study, and remember information. Subsequently, yellow is the best color to boost enthusiasm with greater 8

confidence and optimism. On the other hand, the color yellow could also cause anxiety and has a tendency to make you more analytical and mentally critical and should be used with caution.

Walls were almost always neutral colors in a traditional sense, and most commonly some form of beige. Crisper neutral colors are commonly used for more productive rooms and warmer colors for your relaxing entertainment rooms, adding different tones to your home through colorful accents. 9

Green is often a calming and cool color thus, considered the most restful color for the eye. It represents good luck, health, nature, and renewal or rebirth. The color green automatically connects us with nature, making it a calm and natural color to be around. Depending on the shade you chose, the color green could be bright and refreshing or dark and reserved. It could be used to cool things down and encourage unwinding, but has enough warmth to promote comfort and togetherness. The color green is said to have healing powers and is believed to help with fertility. Psychologically, it’s the color green that puts heart and emotions in balance. The green color is an emotionally positive color that gives us the ability to love and care for ourselves and others in an unconditional manner. The color green promotes love of nature, family, friends, pets and home. It is the color of people who love being in the garden, at home, or enjoy being a good host. 10

Cool colors range from green to blue to purple and give a feeling of relaxation. These colors are often passive, soothing and restful to create a feeling of harmony in the home.

Design created by D&A Designs


Orange is a stimulating color that typically evokes feelings of excitement, warmth, and even playfulness. Although muted, it has the same energizing quality as the color red, which could bring about a sense of comfort and creativity. The color Orange could also be associated with action, and enthusiasm, yet it is not a very popular color. Nonetheless, including the color orange in your office or workout room could boost energy levels. A combination of the colors red and yellow, the color orange is a bright, warm color that represents fire, sun, and fun with appetizing and delicious qualities. It is also said to increase the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity. 12

Researchers believe that the color orange is related to our intuition and provides emotional strength in difficult times, thus helping us through despair, disappointments, and grief. Psychologically, the color orange is optimistic, uplifting, and adds spontaneity with a positive way of looking at life. Strangely enough, it also makes people think and speak.

Design created by D&A Designs


Blue is a cool color that could be sedative, calm or even sad. Psychologically, the color blue could evoke feelings of trust, security, cleanliness, and order, so it is no surprise that this color (unlike the color red) slows down your heart rate, respiration, and brings down your blood pressure. It also shows creativity, intelligence and symbolizes loyalty, strength, and wisdom. When used to accentuate the primary color, the room takes

on a completely different feel as shown here in designs completed by D&A Designs. Varying shades of blue could quickly become chilly or sad when in a room that receives very little sunlight. 14

For example, pastel blue could come across as chilly when used on walls and should be balanced with warmer colors for furnishings and fabrics. Warmer blues such as periwinkle or bright blues such as cerulean or turquoise encourage relaxation in social areas such as family rooms and living rooms. Dark blue has the opposite effect evoking feelings of sadness and is not recommended as a primary color scheme. D&A’s airy designs use blues to accent your room with just the right amount of color as shown below. Colors act in three basic ways: active, passive, and neutral. You could easily match every room’s colors to your personal desires, to your taste and to the room’s purpose. Light colors are expansive and airy, making rooms seem larger and brighter. Dark colors are sophisticated and warm; they give large rooms a more intimate appearance. Combining colors change how they are perceived. In general, too much bold color could be irritating even if it is a typically calming color. Keep in mind that you may not remember the specific colors of the walls in any particular room; however, you most likely would remember how you felt while spending time in that room.


The Magic of Black and White The color black could signify elegance, sophistication, power and sexuality, as well as wealth. Some experts maintain that every room needs a touch of black to ground the color scheme and give it depth. Black is a very powerful color that symbolizes class and when combined with other colors could have a very strong impact.

The color black fits in almost any design, adding contrast that makes the other colors stand out. However, it is also considered a color of the hidden, the mysterious, and the unknown to create a sense of mystery. Psychologically, the color black relates to protection against emotion – a barrier between itself and the outside world – providing comfort and hiding its vulnerability, insecurity and lack of confidence. The color black is the absence of light and the absorption of all other colors. It hides things, while the color white brings them into the light. Black also represents power and control, but could be intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable because of the power it radiates. 16

Black could It also could be used to absorb negative energy. When combined with other colors, the color black could add positive energy and definitely should not stand alone.

Design created by D&A Designs


White is cheerful and could be associated with sunlight when combined with red, yellow or even orange. It is often associated with being pure, fresh, clean, and good. Psychologically, the color white is the color of new beginnings. It contains a balance of all colors in the spectrum that represents both the positive and the negative aspects of colors, and although reflective it stimulating openness, growth and creativity. It offers a sense of peace and tranquility, comfort and hope, and helps to relieve emotional disturbances, giving a sense of order and efficiency. 18

The color white is refreshing and strengthens your entire energy system; however, too much white could seem cold, isolated and empty. White could give a sense of sterility, distance and lack of interest. There are no shades of pure white because the color is the combination of all colors.

Design created by D&A Designs


Gray is an unemotional color – detached, neutral, impartial and indecisive. Psychologically, the color gray is a compromise of neither black nor white and a transition between the 2 colors. The closer the color gray comes to black, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes, but it becomes more luminous and vivid the closer it comes to silver or white, with the tendency to become boring when it stands alone. The color gray is both motionless and unemotional, solid and stable, subdued, quiet and reserved, creating a sense of calmness and not particularly energetic or exciting. The color gray could also be boring, sad and depressing on one hand, while elegant and formal on the other hand. However, it is never considered very glamorous.

It is a conventional color, representing the reliable, the practical, the controlled, but often it is not the center of attention. The color gray is a safe and dimmed color that appears to strangle or suppress energy, while providing a stable base that could be associated with new and positive energy. 20

The color gray is very controlled, so it tends to downplay the stronger or brighter colors while enlightening the softer colors. Most often the color gray is not a perfect blend of black and white, but rather a blend of other colors such as blue, green, pink, purple or yellow.

Design created by D&A Designs


Brown is a warm and restful color that could also be depressing. Combining brown with orange, yellow or gold reduces its depressing quality. Traditionally, brown symbolizes endurance, and reliability. The color brown is serious and very down to earth, with properties like stability, structure and support. It stands for protection and support of family with a great sense of duty and responsibility, belonging to a family and having lots of good friends. Psychologically, the color brown stands for material security and the acquirement of material possessions. The color brown is said to find quality in a comfortable home that exudes physical comfort, simplicity and quality. On the other hand, the color brown could also give the impression of stinginess.

It is a friendly and welcoming color, loyal, trustworthy and reliable in a practical and realistic way. The color brown is also associated with honesty, the genuine and sincere, the practical, hard-working and grounded, diligence, and reliability. It could also be considered a sensual, sensitive, warm color, indicating common sense, giving one a sense of calmness and comfort. It’s no wonder that the color brown is 22

also associated with healthy, natural and organic products, as well as everything related to the outdoors. It is a color that promotes order and organization. The color brown is a scarce color that is not associated with abundance or waste in any form. It is materialistic, and appreciates quality above all else, but in limited quantities. Some brown colors could show a degree of sophistication, depending on other surrounding or accentuating colors in the room. For example, the color brown, with a soft white or ivory color, looks elegant and classic, but still more casual than when the color black is combined with the same colors. Research shows that the color brown suppresses feelings and creates a haven in which issues could be considered or resolved away from the outside world. Brown is a calm and confident color that provides a sense of security, but is seldom the center of the attention. It is solid, with strength and maturity, although one of the least favorite colors in the western world, along with the colors orange and yellow. 23

Gold is considered to be the color of extravagance, wealth, riches, and excess, sharing many of the same attributes of the color yellow. It is a warm color that could be either bright and cheerful or somber and traditional. The color gold is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. 24

Warm colors range from red to orange to yellow and tend to be strong, active, stimulating colors that evoke feelings of warmth and coziness. When these energetic colors are added to other colors, the warmth could be subtle or it could be strong.

Design created by D&A Designs


Design created by D&A Designs 26

When choosing color for the various rooms in your home, you need not be concerned with current trends since trends come and go. However, studies have indicated that color can influence our moods and thoughts. The idea would to choose a blend of colors that are also a pleasing combination to reflect your personality. In doing so, you would make your room unique and very special.

Design created by D&A Designs 27

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The D&A Design Group is truly the most specialized and unique interior design group in the entire United States. We have two very determined chief executive officers, Mr. Al Hagler and Mrs. Dee Martin-Hagler. This very special husband and wife duo have a passion for excellence. The D&A Design group believe in true customer service and hard work ethic. We make it our duty to always please our clients and achieve the best possible results for you and your loved ones. Each of our four highly trained and experienced team members are focused on working together and creating the most extravagant interior design for your home, work space, business ventures etc.

Meet the Dream Team Al Hagler: Construction CEO Alfred Hagler is an amazing construction, engineering, and technology specialist as well as a United States Military Veteran. He has been trained in various areas of construction and has over twenty years of experience. Although he has years of experience he is always improving his skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis. Mr. Hagler is famous for his renowned hand-eye coordination and is able to move very quickly when working. He takes much pride and pleasure in sharing his techniques and skills with construction workers all over the United States especially in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Mr. Hagler has expertise working with a wide range of construction materials and equipment. He has studied and mastered many different building processes from project initiation through project completion. With his years of professional training and love for construction you are guaranteed a wonderfully constructed home! Dr. Dee Martin- Hagler: Design CEO Dr. Dee Martin- Hagler is a world-renowned creator, artist, fashionista, and is also a former Mrs. Maryland. Since a young girl, she has always had a love for design, fashion, and giving back to the community. Dr. Dee Martin believes in the power of her beautiful interior designs. She knows interior design can transform someone's daily life in various positive ways. With more than twenty years of training in fashion and interior design she has an extremely well-trained eye for quality, craftsmanship, furnishings and textiles. She continues to be recognized for her hard work ethic, faith in God, and passion for fashion. Not to mention her timeless style and designs that remain fresh year after year. Dee is best known for creating one of a kind spaces that are created specifically for her clients. She has proven to achieve any look that is asked of her. Each project speaks to her client’s own interests and 29

lifestyle. Dee’s work is regularly featured on local news stations, newspapers, and magazines. She works exceedingly hard to make her clients happy. She is truly one of the best in the business. Tarsha Watkins-Jones: Creative Director (Design Assistant) Tarsha Watkins -Jones serves as D&A design groups creative director and is also a design assistant. She has passion for creating new designs and the desire to bring exceptional and one of a kind creations to each project. Whether the project is traditional, modern, high fashion, or purely decorative, Tarsha Watkins- Jones is creating new designs that will reflect who you are as a client. Tarsha Watkins-Jones has studied design from an accredited design university and is also a licensed cosmetologist. Just like when she is creating new and beautiful hairstyles for clients, she is also creating new art for each project. Not everyone can say they have a Tarsha Watkins-Jones original. She has over a decade of experience in creating her own art and has over twenty years of experience finding and matching art to create fascinating looks. Not only does Ms. Tarsha create her own work of art, she helps install her work in the many homes, offices, and businesses that D&A design group remodels. Ms. Tarsha has the ability to bring creativity and fashion together giving clients one of a kind looks. Cheryl Rogers- Brown: Inventory Supervisor/Project Manager ( Design Assistant) Cheryl Rogers- Brown serves as D&A design groups inventory supervisor, project manager, and is also a design assistant. Ms. Rogers- Brown does an incredible job organizing and supervising the different projects across the United States and also manages all the design groups stock items. Not only is Ms. RogersBrown responsible for supervising the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouse. She is also responsible for the organization of the warehouse and is incharge of hiring warehouse staff. She has created a perfect system to keep a detailed record of each new product as it enters or leaves the warehouse. Ms. Rogers-Brown also does a great job with design assisting. She is great with speaking with the clients. She can adapt to your diverse needs and translate ideas to the design CEO Dr. Dereky Martin-Hagler and the creative director Mrs. Tarsha Watkins-Jones. Lastly Ms. Rogers- Brown helps with installing and creating the master piece. She is willing to work for hours to guarantee customer satisfaction!


Testimonials: A sampling of countless testimonials from clients satisfied with the work completed by D&A Designs.

Sahara S (03/22/2018) D&A Designs exceeded my expectations through the beautiful outcome of their “Diva Den” creation and living room enhancement of my home. This awesome duo was able to nail down my style with minimum direction. What I love about D&A is that you can describe your vision and they can make it a reality beyond your requests. I really appreciate this duo being family operated because it shows through their stellar customer service. Additionally, D&A’s contractors were extremely kind, proficient and professional. I look forward to working with this team on future projects! JESTURDIVANT (03/05/2018) I had the distinct pleasure of working with D&A Designs on two projects. While working with this company, they have time and time again, proven to be one of the TOP home improvement businesses in the DMV area. Not only are they professional, I've found that they pay close attention to detail and consistently exceeds my expectation. The ability and willingness to work with minimal supervision is enhanced by their ability to work well with others. They REALLY make you feel as if you are apart of the family. A “quick study,” they have a track record of being able to “hit the ground running,” regardless of the size, scope, or duration of the assignment. It is rare to find individuals who reflect the perfect blend of teamwork and expertise. I, however, have found these traits in D&A Designs. I would HIGHLY recommend this company to EVERYONE. If you're looking for an "UPGRADE", let them be your source. Should you have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to contact us via email: Isi O (03/04/2018) In fall 2017 I started following D&A Designs on Instagram. I was in awe of all of their transformation projects. I was amazed at how they take clients thoughts, ideas, and dreams and are able to make it a reality. I didn’t think that I would be able to afford the quality of work that they delivered. However, watching their page and videos, they are always very responsive to their followers/fans. So after closing on my new house, I decided to reach out to this business for a consult for a future project. I received an immediate response and was able to setup an appointment. During my consult I admittedly only had general and vague idea of what I wanted. I knew what colors I wanted, I knew what purpose I wanted the project to serve and what style. When I first met Dee and Al....... I immediately knew I was in good hands and made the right choice choosing their company. They are both very genuine people, they are quite professional and you can instantly tell that they have a passion for this industry they are in. Dee walked through and started immediately spitting out ideas and where she stopped Al picked up. They are a true team. Once the project started I was excited. 31

Everything that was told to me prior to the start, is exactly what happened. The contractors, decorators ..... the entire staff have all been very professional. When they finished my original project I was in shock. I looooove the results. The room is beautiful. It’s even better than what I imagined. You can tell the entire team takes pride in their work and that D& A Design aims to please their clients. I was so pleased that I have continued to work with them on more rooms in my house. Both rooms are amazing! My friends love the rooms and the level of detail and quality displayed in both rooms. They can’t wait to come see it in person and have since started following them on social media. If you are looking to personalize your home.... to have a “One of a kind look”..... with quality furniture and products I highly recommend this professional team. I am 100% happy with my house and I look forward to continuing to work with Dee and Al and the rest of their team. D.B. (10/12/2016) Please read before hiring D & A Designs! If you are looking for a contractor who will give you the best bang for your buck, then this is the contractor for you. This contract company came to my home, listened (patiently) to me describe the type of work I wanted completed, and turned my ideas into an unimaginable “work of art” at a low cost. They understand the term “on a budget” and they are not pushy sales people either. I was kept abreast of the work being completed throughout the entire process. My opinions mattered! The business owners and their contract workers were always pleasant and professional. I appreciate the manner in which both owners treated my home and most importantly my family. I have had several other companies visit my home and provide quotes and each of them gave a price that not only was higher but their end product (via the pictures they showed) were plan, simple, and of a “cookie cutter” quality. I loved coming home and seeing the transformation of my home. These contractors definitely are passionate about the work they do and have a gift of being able to make your ideas “POP”. Their services are so amazing; I have already hired them to work on another project. Another great quality is their ability to communicate via email and text. I am often in meetings during the day and cannot easily accept telephone calls, so the ease of using technology works for me. If you are looking for a contractor to enter your home and passively listen to your desires, give you quick measurements without a smile, and charge you big bucks for every minor adjustment or request; do not hire this contractor. Go with the “Average Joe”; which D & A Designs is positively not. D&A Design Group is a well-oiled machine. Over the past two years of working closely with them I've had the pleasure of making quite a few projects shine. They are very professional and have a great knowledge in construction and designing. D&A Design Group are one of today’s top visionaries in creating beautiful spaces to relax, exercise, entertain or just plain ole admire. James Mason 32

D&A Design provided outstanding service to restore our home beyond its original glory after water damage. The attention to detail made the difference in selecting them for our repairs and we are not disappointed. Thanks Al and Dereky Sharon LeSane WOW!!!! D&A Designs is creative, efficient, and professional! After living in our home for 9 years, my wife and I decided we wanted to decorate our living room and dining room. It wasn't as simple as we thought it would be. We purchased a dining room table with chairs, some framed artwork and a mirror, chairs for the living room and still wasn't happy. Additional months went by and we heard about D&A Designs, gave them a call and they scheduled an appointment to meet us the next day. This company is a husband and wife duo, which are very pleasant. They made some suggestions and gave us a price. We discussed it and made the decision not to call around for other quotes. Within a few weeks, I came home today to what looks like a brand new entrance to my home. They repainted, removed carpet and added hardwood flooring, added casing to our windows, added recessed lights with a dimming switch and so much more. They were able to use the items we had sitting there and hung up our framed pieces of art and mirror. The AMAZING part was they added a feature at no additional cost that adds so much character to our living room; a display wall with several boxes and recessed lighting. I am totally blown away by the short turn around, unbeatable pricing with a bonus that will be a conversational piece when we entertain. The only issue is now my wife wants to continue with updates to the neighboring rooms (family room and kitchen). I will definitely give D&A Designs a call to work more magic in our home. Jimmie B Excellence at its best! D&A Design group fulfilled our dream in making our 1972, old fashion bathroom with a yellow sink and tub to an updated decorative bathroom in 3.5 days as they projected for a reasonable cost. Everything old was torn out and everything new was put back in (see photos of the work quality). They are professional, honest, reliable, and detailed from top to bottom. I truly love their work and their workers do a great job. Our little bathroom looks much bigger to us. I have recommended this company to my friends and family. Ricardo Whitby D&A is a wonderful company to work with. I felt very comfortable with their expertise and knowledge. They were very patient with me and their ideas were very creative for my vision. Tinaluvsunset


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The Color Book, Volume I  

Color is an important element in designing every room in your home and D&A Designs are masters in creating the perfect look for each room in...

The Color Book, Volume I  

Color is an important element in designing every room in your home and D&A Designs are masters in creating the perfect look for each room in...