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Massage Therapy and Stress Relief Click to edit Master subtitle style

 These

days, you won’t find anyone in the medical community or anywhere else that thinks of stress as a benign byproduct of life. Stress shows up in all different shapes and sizes from many different directions and it affects everyone differently.

 Basically,

stress refers to the way your body responds to an emotional or physical demand. In modern society, people look for any way to help reduce the effects of stress without affecting performance or lifestyle too much. One way that helps put a dent in the negative

Common Causes of Stress  Even

though stress and its effects differ for everyone, there are some common causes that are the origin for many people. These include: 

Health – health issues can add a boatload of stress to your daily life, especially if you suffer from a chronic or potentially fatal illness like cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

Relationships – marital problems, issues with

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Common Causes of Stress (con’t) 

Financial Problems – Money has a way of causing stress like nothing else. Heavy debt or the inability to make ends meet can cause a major backload in the stress department.

Unemployment – Not having a job can cause stress for financial reasons, and for self-esteem and self-confidence reasons.

Social Status – If you feel lonely or discriminated against because of your age,

Significance of Stress  The

reason that stress is so significant is because it has a negative effect on your brain. Your brain releases chemical messengers called neurotransmitters when it feels the effects of stress. One of the neurotransmitters that is released is called cortisol, which is commonly referred to as the ‘stress hormone.’

 When

cortisol is released, it can affect several different systems within your body. Your heart rate may increase, immune

The Role of Massage  While

there are many different lifestyle changes you can make to help relieve stress levels, massage therapy is one that most people wouldn’t consider. The “International Journal of Neuroscience” published an article in 2005 that reported massage has the ability to reduce cortisol levels by up to 30 percent.

 Massage

also increases levels of neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. All three of these hormones

The Role of Massage (con’t)  And

so, massage therapy doesn’t just relax your muscles to relieve stress. There is actually science going on inside your body as your muscles and rubbed and kneaded. Of course, massage will decrease the muscle tension associated with high levels of stress and improve oxygen flow, but there is much more going on than meets the eye. 

Some of the other ways that massage therapy helps with stress relief include:

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