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Our 2016 financial year end has come and gone and now we are into the new financial year so our focus continues to be looking forward. This is a good opportunity to take stock of what we did achieve over the past 12 months. As a business we continue to strive for zero harm – it is very achievable. During the last financial year we have continued to have a strong safety performance with only one lost time incident and one medical treatment case. Both injured people are fully recovered. There have also been high levels of near miss reports received, 218 in total, which helps us to reduce incidents and accidents. We also had 12 First aid incidents which is down from the prior year. The two key areas we need to focus on next year are improving transport safety on all our sites and reducing the incidence of fires. The business has benefitted this year from a huge investment in both practical safety training and on line training using the Learning@GrainCorp modules, both of which have helped to contribute to an increasingly strong safety culture among staff. We met all targets for LTIFR, RIFR, Line Leadership and Significant Risk set out by ourselves and GrainCorp so a huge thank you to all. Please remain vigilant on ensuring your personal safety and the safety of colleagues around you. The harvest has been quick this year with the overall quality on the good side with the exceptions of winter barley. Yields are slightly down on last year however the grain has come off farm at the lower end of moisture levels. At the time of writing this we are predominantly done on the harvest. Thank you to all those at the plant, Scotgrain and those supporting the plants for the massive effort that goes into each harvest – this is very much appreciated and of significant value to our business. On the customer front we continue to meet our forecasts with healthy offtake demand and our quality is holding up very well against our competitors as well as meeting our customer expectations. The impact of this is that we have been quite tight on malt stocks which we are managing very well so thank you to all those involved. Production quality has remained good through the warmest of the summer months and as we draw to the end of the 2015 crop. To supplement Scottish distilling production our English sites have produced a significant amount of distilling malt from Scottish barley which

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has processed very well and is currently being shipped back to Scotland. Delivered quality into our distilling customers as well as national and regional brewers has been consistently good over the last few months so thanks to everyone for their efforts and contribution to this excellent performance. Scotgrain had good results for the year despite some challenges around the wheat book which has been managed very well by Trevor and his team. Mark Lawrence Grain delivered another good year supporting the barley requirements into England. Brewers Select continued to grow its customer base with malt sales increasing 16% over 2015 however hops have been a challenge in a very competitive market place. The changes we made in resourcing with Dan Unwin as GM together with two more Key Account Area Managers is starting to bear fruit. On a financial basis we met GrainCorp Malt and GrainCorp’s financial expectations for the year. Another CAPEX and project year is drawing to a close with another huge investment in our Plants. Its pleasing to see so many improvements being delivered through the year. Two of our biggest projects are finishing in October and we look forward to bringing our upgraded peated malt facility back into production and the introduction of palletised malt from Grantham in the coming weeks. Our plans to install a CHP Plant at Inverness and Pencaitland remain on course for late 2017. Looking forward to 2017 financial year we continue to see increased competition for malt offtake volumes as well as increasing expectations on quality and service from our customers, we need to stay focused on producing the highest malt quality we can, understanding our customers site specific needs and providing the product and service levels that best meets these needs. Thank you all for the commitment over the past 12 months and I am looking forward to a very good year next year. Brett Weimann CFO European Malt Operations



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SHE UPDATE Fire at Brewers Select Most of you by now will have heard about the fire at Brewers Select in July this year. Fire is one of our top safety risks and we are very vigilant on all our sites about fire reduction measures, however this incident served as a stark reminder of how quickly and easily fire can develop.

Overall we have had a good year on the safety front, with only 2 accidents requiring more than first aid treatment. The final scores at midnight on 30 September were:

Incident Type

FY Year

Lost Time


Medical Treatment


At about 12:45 hours on Tuesday 19th July 2016, fire broke out in a stack of pallets stored next to a wire First Aid 12 mesh boundary fence in the yard at Brewers Select. Near Misses/Hazards 210 Fire quickly spread to other stored pallets and plasProperty Damage 30 tic sacks in the yard but did not spread into the Environmental 11 Warehouse or office area. Thanks to the very prompt action of Kasim Ladak, who was working in the yard at the time and was the first to spot the fire, all staff were evacuated quickly and no one was The incident graph for FY16, which includes a large harmed. 19th July was the hottest day of the year in number of near misses, clearly shows the main areEngland with temperatures between 30 and 34 deas that we will need to focus on next year. grees Centigrade. It is believed that the most likely source of ignition of this fire was carelessly discarded smoking materials from the next door car dealership. Restricted Duty




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A total of 8 fire engines attended site to fight the fire. There were no casualties as a direct result of the initial fire, but 4 fire men suffered heat stroke due to fighting the fire for too long a time on a very hot day. The Fire Service said they would be investigating their own procedures.

All the pallets and sacks stored on the affected side of the yard were either completely destroyed by fire or very badly damaged. One contract waste skip was also extensively scorch damaged. One section of wire mesh fence was damaged and the main gate was warped by fire heat along with 3 site signs.

Lessons Learned Lesson Number 1 Fire can spread very quickly, and the speed of action taken when fire broke out was crucial in ensuring a quick evacuation and no casualties at Brewers Select. The site team followed the Emergency Procedures and did everything that could be expected of them. Lesson Number 2 We need to keep an eye open for the activities of our neighbours that could be causing a potential risk to our own people and premises, such as smoking near our boundary fences. A procedure to cover this has been put in place. Lesson Number 3 It will be a great help in future to have a reciprocal agreement with a neighbour, or a contingency plan, for staff who have to evacuate due to an emergency. This fire happened on the hottest day of the year and staff were evacuated out to the front of the building, there was no shelter, no access to welfare facilities, no water (bottled water was brought in from a local shop) and nowhere to sit except the ground. Suitable arrangements are being made at all sites.

Linda Evans, The adjacent site is occupied by a car dealership; the upper part of their building was scorched due to SHE Manager fire damage and it is estimated upwards of 15 vehicles parked next to the wire mesh fence were also damaged. 3


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ARBROATH TURBINE—UPDATE The appeal on our proposed wind turbine at our We therefore have no avenue for taking this project Arbroath facility was refused by Angus Council De- forward as it stands. velopment Management Review Committee on the Life goes on. I have other projects in development 13th of September 2016. at Arbroath to make the site more efficient and these are already at an advanced stage in preparaAlong with our Tayside based construction partner tion for the appeal decision. Kilmac, Bairds Malt submitted their application to develop a medium-sized single turbine at our Ar- I would like to thank all of those who have been inbroath plant to Angus Council in December 2014. volved in the project throughout the last four and a The application was refused by the Council under half years. delegated powers in March this year, with Bairds Malt submitting an appeal in June. This appeal has Regards, now been refused in a 3-0 vote by the Development Richard Management Review Committee. Richard Broadbent If consented, the turbine would have minimised the Production & Technical Director company’s energy costs through the generation of renewable energy on-site. The energy consumption at the facility is a significant proportion of the sites production costs and the turbine would have seen this electricity procurement from the National Grid reduced by a third. Our appeal hearing lasted about 5 minutes in total. None of the Councillors who spoke gave much information as to why they were not in favour of our submission except to support the original decision based on local amenity and landscape effects. We had discredited these considerations with a submission of additional documents prior to the appeal meeting so this means that they were not going to change their mind whatever our information. Objectively our submission was very strong and given the planning guidance it's difficult to see from a planning law perspective why either committee would vote against our submission. However it's clear we were trying to counter reasoned opinion but instead trying change minds that were motivated by not wanting to go against public opinion of a vociferous few. The ‘Angus Against Wind’ campaign was well organised and knew how to strike a chord with the voting members.



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. The performance provided for the fund:

1 year Fund



ABI sector




Is after all fund charges have been taken, and ANNUAL FUND PERFORMANCE TO LAST QUARTER (%)  Assumes all income generated by the investments Fund 11.27 6.81 remains in the fund. -3.02 14.82 8.68 ABI sector





Performance data source: Lipper

Further information can be found by calling 0345 070 8686 or by logging on to the Legal & General website



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ARBROATH DRYER NOISE ATTENUATORS Since the barley dryer in Arbroath was commissioned, we have had concerns that we were out with planning consent on noise emanating from the dryer. We therefore set out to reduce the noise emanating from the dryer before any complaints were registered. The project involved the replacement of the standard Cimbria silencers attached to the outlets of the dryer fans.

and therefore the grain dryer system. The new attenuators were fitted in August this year in time for harvest. There has been a noticeable reduction in noise from the dryer fans, so far during this harvest and subsequent noise assessments will prove the scale of the noise reduction.

The process of grain drying requires fans that generate airflow through the grain column and these fans create noise. On our dryer in Arbroath , twelve fans were located on the top of the dryer, six on each of the two columns. These fans suck air vertically and noise is generated during operation of the dryer. A noise assessment determined after the dryer was commissioned that the noise from the fans was excessive using the existing silencers and that improved noise attenuation was necessary to meet planning consent. To achieve this, twelve new individual 'attenuators' Richie Kerr were designed to do the job. The grain Dryer struc- Project Engineer ture was strengthened to accept the weight of the new attenuators units, so that they could be lifted into position and fixed in place.

The winner of last issue’s Competition and the £50 M&S Voucher—was Mike Thomson at Inverness!!! The answers were:

The attenuators are constructed from galvanised steel and have sound absorbing elements internally that reduce the noise by the desired amount, whilst also ensuring that any aerodynamic resistance does not significantly affect the performance of the fans

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Thank you to all of you that entered. 6


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GRAINCORPS’ 100—the BML Cakes

Arbroath’s gathering above and to the left the wonderful cake that Marta Kosznik’s mum Wanda made.

Below the excellent cake made by Eilidh in Inverness

Witham’s get together above with the far cake made by Catherine Scott and the cup cakes by Kyrsten Moore. And last but not least, to the right Pencaitland



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STAFF NEWS NEW JOINERS Introducing our new joiners for this quarter……….. We have two new Warehouse Operators at our Brewers Select site. Firstly Sergejs Groznovs after attending the Police academy in Latvia, Serg then went on to private security until he moved to the UK. Then we have Joe Lynch who after gaining a few years warehouse experience while working with temporary agencies has decided to settle with Brewers and become a permanent employee.

A FOND FAREWELL We would like to wish the following people all the best for the future as they leave the business…… James Shewan part of the temporary Peat Fire team at Inverness. Shirley-Ann Talbot Arbroath after just 6 months Nicky Yorke Brewers Select with 1 yr service

Cheryl Simpson is next on the list and she joins the Adams Masters Brewers Select with 3 yrs service Commercial team as their new Administrator. With her experience in administration there has been a Richard Wash Witham after 15 years. smooth change over in the role, previously held by Shirley-Ann. NEW ARRIVAL!! Next we have Kellie Jones who is the new scheduler at Saxon. After working in the HR team at Morrisons, Kellie has decided that she wanted a change of direction and has joined the Saxon team. Lastly, but definitely not least, Abigail Chandler has started as the new Grain Administrator at Saxon. With four years experience within a similar role, she is sure to hit the ground running.

LONG SERVICE Congratulations to the following people whose loyalty and commitment to the business is greatly appreciated: Russell Hornsby, Grantham—40 years!!!! Willie Gillies, Pencaitland—40 years!!!! Eddie Douglas, Pencaitland—30 years

A massive congratulations to Claire Hobson and her husband on the birth of Isla, who came 2 weeks early on 25th July!!!. Both Mum and baby are doing well. Also to Sean Finan and his partner who’s little girl Olivia arrived on 9th August and all is well!!



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Kevin Bindon, Logistics Manager– Saxon 1957—2013 Saturday, September 17 saw the Saxon Agriculture cycling team once again rise to the challenge of the 22 -mile Tour de Norfolk course devised as a tribute to former colleague Kevin Bindon, who was an enthusiastic cyclist. Buoyed by the UK’s recent medal haul at the Rio Olympics, the team set a record pace for the course and were only slightly distracted by the need to take on isotonic fluids at a number of pubs enroute. A hearty buffet meal followed the event, which was somewhat more strongly supported than the cycling! A fitting tribute to a sadly missed colleague. The event was once again generously hosted by former Saxon Managing Director Guy and wife, Jennie Tasker.



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INVERNESS SUMMER SOCIAL A few pics of the Inverness summer social. They went bowling which was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. Steve Craigen was the overall champion with a ridiculously high score, with Ross second and Aidan third. Eilidh came fourth which she is still chuffed about! They also did a team win so Steve helped his team to victory there too!!!

EXAM PASSES ….. A big CONGRATULATIONS!!! To the people below who have passed their respective courses and/or modules ….. Andrew Gibb—Malting Diploma, Module 1 Lori Reams—Malting Diploma, Module 1 Allan Rushton—Malting Diploma, Module 2 David Booth—NEBOSH Diploma, Exams 2 & 3 Kyrsten Moore—Malting Diploma, Module 3— This completes her Diploma!!



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COMPETITION Simply complete the crossword to win a Luxury Whisky Hamper. Answers to Karen Warren in HR at Witham. Winner will be drawn by one of the Executive team.

Across 2. How many current members of staff have served 40 yrs service or more? 4. What county is Saxon Agriculture based in? 5. What's the surname of Brewers Select General Manager? 6. What type of plant is Witham? 8. How many sites in total belong to BML and their subsidiaries? 9. Complete the mission statement "we will be the ....... supplier of malt to leading brewers and distillers" Down 1. How many thousand tonnes of Barley Storage does Arbroath have? 2. What was the planning permission for that was recently declined by Angus Council? 3. What does the 'B' in ABC training stand for? 4. What was the '90's year that Hugh Bairds and Moray Firth Maltings merged? 7. Which of the plants is farthest North?



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Thankyou’s and acknowledgments I would like to thank the following people for their most valuable and appreciated contributions to this Newsletter. Without people’s continuing support this would simply cease to be:

Brett Weimann

Richard Broadbent

Linda Evans

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All at Saxon

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Zena Lea

The next issue will be Winter (December 2016) if you have any articles that you would like to put forward then please do not hesitate to contact KAREN WARREN in HR.


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