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Cane Choreography EntranceStep 2- 3 Suck back - Repeat use as walk on to stage Facing to right side ( your right when facing audience) Egyptian walk in ½ circle to facing other side - close, Salute Egyptian walk finish circle salute Step turn 2 3- left hip Lift Rolling turn Left – Right hip lift Rollign turn Right – Hip lift left Rolling turn left – feet close Egyptian walk forward 2 3 close – chest circle over cane (starts right – finish close left) repeat Rolling turn Right, Left hip lift Rolling turn Left – Hip lift right Rolling Turn right - Hip lift left Rolling turn left – cane to floor Africans R R – L L Chest 2 -3 -4 repeat African singles down 234 hold 234 up234 chest 23& Egyptian to side X4 (open right hand out to side on second one) Egyptian forward 2 3 4 to beside cane Large bouncy circle round back ½ from cane to other side Under 8 to cane then away Walk 2 3 Kick cane onto shoulder round to front (5678) Shimmy walk forward for 8 counts ½ bouncy circle at back under 8 – Repeat under 8 down 234 up234 Step forward onto R Toe with hip push forward back, back together ½ bouncy circle at back under 8 hip circles anticlockwise– flat turning to your left step forward (right) and back / lift(right) cross left repeat X3 more Under 8 turning to face front taking cane off shoulder runing hand along cane cirlce cane balance on head

repeat X3 more

Snake arms right and left – test size to check cane balanced bring right hand into front of chest then repeat with left hand coming in right hand out to frame cane – repeat with the left call and answer egyptian walks forward hip circles

repeat section

turn to right taking cane off head spin cane forward 2 3 tap on floor spin back 2 3 land on shoulder Egyptian walks round rolling turn Shoulder pulse back 234 R kick step back - chest lift into bodywave down chest circle Repeat on L. repeat on R then L double cane spear down forward 1& 2& 3& 4& repeat Cane spins R L R catch left turn 2 3 4 - repeat on end of second turn revese 2 3 4 feet together cane down then up overhead to end pose.

Desert Gypsy Cane  

Our cane choreography a fun and flashy number with a good rythmic beat

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