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In today's world even those of us who love to get back to nature sometimes don't have the time to leave it all behind. There is still work to be done. We take working vacations. Our laptop is always at our side so we need power. Not power in an ego sense but electric power. After all you can't plug into a tree. A rustic campsite may not have an electric outlet. Now you don't have to worry. Along comes a product that is sure to please. It is a solar generator designed for those of us who want to be outdoors without being out of touch. · Here are just a few of the advantages to a solar generator compared to a gas powered one. · You don't need any gas. · You can use a solar generator indoors and not have to worry about fumes. · After your initial investment it doesn't cost a cent to operate. Ask yourself this: (What is the payback period on a gas generator?) · It is light weight and portable. It can be set up in minutes and operates both AC and DC appliances. 1800 watts at peak power. · At home in an emergency or at that getaway cabin you've got it covered. · This unit can run your TV, short wave radio, refrigerator, computer, etc. · Never get caught with your power down again. This is an affordable insurance policy against power outages. It is perfect for the cabin, at the beach, or on that camping trip you have been meaning to take.

Dave has a background in Solar Installation. Since 1981 he has installed over 2,500 Solar pool heating,Solar thermal,and one 15KW photovoltaic system. His installations span 5 states with one in Mexico, City. For more info visit this link:

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==== ==== Hello if you want to go green and save tons of money check this link out ==== ====

Solar Is The Way Of The Future