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Solar watches are just as they sound, powered by the sun. These preferred watches first appeared on the scene in the 70s and are gaining in popularity as 'going green' is becoming more and more common. The come with a spread of styles from a standard watch to atomic watches, from stainless to plastic and of course your choice of digital or analog. They can also have a compass, altimeter, temperature or barometer on them. 'Going green' looks to be the big news word now days. Everybody wants to be thought of as ecological. With a long list solar watches definitely are that. These watches run off a solar panel, or series of smaller panels, that are either the face of the watch or just beneath the face of the watch. The sun, or synthetic light, charges the panels and this keeps the watch running. Most of these watches do have a chargeable battery so that the watch still works in the event that light can't get to the panels to charge them. Users of this type of watch infrequently have to replace the rechargeable battery. Like all batteries, however, the rechargeable battery will have to at last be replaced. A rechargeable battery can only take so many charges before it stops working properly. That being said, this will generally take a lot more time than the standard watch battery, so you'll be changing batteries less often. Solar watches have been discovered to be just as tough as regular watches. Most of them are water resistant some up to 165 feet ( fifty meters ). The faces are quite as tough to crack as a standard battery powered watch, but keep a look out for exact cracks ( not scratches ). If your watch is one that the face of the watch is the particular solar panel a crack to the watch crystal could have cracked the solar electricity and the watch will not work. Solar Watches don't have to be expensive. They can be found for as little as $22 and upwards of hundreds of dollars. The more knobs and whistles you want on the watch, the extra cash you're going to spend. You may also cough up extra for the popular big name brands but you can still get a top quality watch for a small part of the cost of some of the top brands. Being green is popular trend. Batteries, be them watch batteries or otherwise, must be recycled properly going solar is a good way to not need to fret about this as frequently.

If you're prepared to get your own solar watch, you can get additional information about the models and styles available by going to our solar watches site. We're looking forward to seeing you there where you can read reviews and compare prices on solar watches, compass watches,

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==== ==== Hello if you want to go green and save tons of money check this link out ==== ====

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