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Official Notice — 2011 Annual Membership Meeting This provides Ice Age Trail Alliance, Inc. members with official notice of the IATA’s Annual Membership Meeting, Saturday, April 9th, 2011, 12:30 PM at Sundance Chalet at Granite Peak Ski Area in Wausau. The meeting takes place during the IATA’s Annual Membership Conference. More information about the conference is available on pages 12-15 and at You are welcome to attend the Annual Membership Meeting without attending other parts of the conference.

Please read on for a summary of items to be covered during the meeting.

ITEM I: VOTE — BOARD OF DIRECTORS ELECTIONS In January, all IATA members were sent a list of Board of Directors candidates recommended by the IATA’s Leadership Development and Executive committees. Members did not submit any additional nominees by petition. Therefore, the final list of candidates is the same as that included in the January mailing: Gary Klatt (Whitewater, WI; Region 1; new director-nominee) Dave Phillips (Madison, WI; Region 2; new director-nominee) Don Erickson (Birchwood, WI; Region 3; current director recommended for reelection) Roy Gromme (Oconomowoc, WI; Region 1; current director recommended for reelection) John Helling (Orono, MN; At large; current director recommended for reelection)

ITEM II: VOTE/BYLAWS AMENDMENTS The proposed new/revised article is: Section 2. Number. The number of voting directors comprising the Board of Directors shall be fifteen (15).  No more than seven (7) directors nor less than three (3) directors shall reside in, or be affiliated with, each of the three geographic regions as designated on the map of the State of Wisconsin attached to these Bylaws as Exhibit A.  At least five (5) of the voting directors shall be current or previous officers of a chapter. The current version of Article III, Section 2 of the Alliance‘s Bylaws imposes three separate requirements regarding composition of the board of directors: diverse representation from each of the three geographic regions described in the Bylaws; at-large representation; and representation by persons who are current or former chapter officers. These sometimes overlapping requirements have greatly complicated the task of the Leadership Development Committee in selecting new directors for the board. Because the present provision is cumbersome and makes the process of choosing new board members more difficult, the Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee has proposed amending Article III, Section 2 of the Bylaws to significantly simplify the rules for selecting directors by eliminating the requirement of having at-large directors. The proposed bylaw amendment would preserve the existing requirements for (1) diverse geographic representation on the board (at least three but not more than seven directors residing in or affiliated with any given geographic region), as well as for (2) representation by at least five directors who have served (or are serving) as a chapter officer. Your board of directors approved the proposed amendment at its meeting on January 22, 2011 and has directed that it be submitted for consideration and adoption at the 2011 annual meeting of members.

Ice Age Trail Alliance, Inc. Proxy I hereby appoint Valerie Bailey-Rihn or David L. Kinnamon as my proxy (with full power of substitution) to attend the IATA’s Annual Membership Meeting to be held April 9th, 2011 and any adjournment thereof and to vote on my behalf on all matters that may properly come up for membership approval during the meeting. Dated:_______________________________, 2011 Signature:__________________________________________________________________________________________ Printed name:_______________________________________________________________________________________ To ensure that your vote is counted, proxies should be returned by Friday, April 1st, to: Ice Age Trail Alliance, Inc. 2110 Main Street Cross Plains, WI 53528 MAMMOTH TALES | Spring 2011 |


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