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#DIS:placed An artist collaboration on sense of place


#dis:placed Volume 1:

In this collaboration each artist chose an inspirational location to select an object from that would capture the ‘essence’ of the chosen place. This object was posted on to another artist to respond to, along with four words to give a clue to the context, but no other indication of the place from which it had been taken. Every month for four months this cycle continued, with a total of four artists responding to each object. This document catalogues the responses of each artist and precedes the process of each piece of work being #re:placed at the original location. The outcome of replacing the artwork is documented as a video and in another printed publication; volume 2.

With thanks to all of the participating artists who have made this project such an exciting adventure: David smith Linn o’carroll Bo jones Sarah wills brown Stephen carley Joanna Walton Ric stott Lauren spencer Karen wood Helen tranckle Karen wicks

1. Edge Concealed Cross Inscribed

1 Joanna Walton- objects

1A lauren spencer- digital print

1b Karen wood- print

1c Karen wicks- digital monorpint

1d linn o’carroll – installation in situ

2. Tone Loop Pulse Tempo

2 stephen carley - objects

2a sarah wills-brown – mixed media drawing

2b Karen wood - print

2c lauren spencer- digital print

2d Helen tranckle – photopolymer on monoprint

3. Black Concealed Eroded Revealed

3 david smith- object

3a Stephen carley- cast object

3b sarah wills-brown – digital print/ concertina sketchbook

3c lauren spencer – digital print

3d Karen wicks- screen print with gold leaf

4. Landscape Placemaking Map Trace

4 linn o’carroll- object

4A Joanna Walton- painting

4b Stephen carley- cast/ installation

4c sarah wills-brown – digital fabric labels

4D Karen wicks- cyanotype photograph

5. Remembered Forgotten

5 karen wicks - object

5a Linn o’ carroll – altered box

5b Joanna Walton – mixed media painting

5c Stephen carley- object collection

5d bo jones – digital print

6. 1500 Temporal Step Wolf

6 bo jones - objects

6a Karen wicks – plaster casts

6b linn o’ carroll – found object/ plaster

6C Joanna Walton – mixed media collage triptych

6d ric stott – pierced drawing

7. Urban Subteranean Unsafe

7 ric stott - object

7a bo jones – digital print

7b Karen wicks – screen print, road paint, degraded

7c linn o’carroll – etching plate

7d david smith – drawing concertina sketchbook

8. Towering Heat Downpour Sprawl

8 lauren spencer- object

8a Helen tranckle- drypoint on monoprint

8b bo jones- digital print

8c Karen wicks – monoprint on tracing paper

8d1 sarah wills-brown – digital print onto voile

8D2 sarah wills-brown – digital print fabric sketchbook

9. Riverside Recycling Is Key

9 karen wood - object

9a david smith – altered map

9b Helen tranckle – altered book

9c bo jones – digital print and 3d printing

9d lauren spencer – digital print

10. Miner’s Cottage Lost Unmarked

10 karen wicks - object

10a ric Stott – painted casts

10b david smith – mixed media drawing

10c Helen tranckle - print

10d Stephen carley – mixed media drawing

11. Movement Secluded Creaking Decaying

11 sarah wills-brown – object

11a Karen wicks- pierced monoprint on newsprint

11b ric stott- paper sculpture

11c david smith- ink on Japanese paper

11d Karen wood – print

12. Borderless Empty Neglected Remnants

12 helen tranckle- objects

12a Karen wood – print

12b Karen wicks – screen print and stitched fabric

12c ric stott - wire and frame sculpture

12d Joanna Walton – mixed media concertina sketchbook

Links: www.dis-placed.com

Participating artists:

David Smith www.davidsmithartist.net

Bo Jones – https://www.facebook.com/Bo-Jones-ArtistTeacher-662681703796086/

Helen Trankle www.helentrankle.net

Jo Walton @joanna32310921

Stephen Carley www.stephencarley.co.uk

Karen Wood www.kbwood.co.uk

Sarah Wills Brown @brown_wills

Ric Stott www.iaskforwonder.com

Linn O’Carroll www.linnocarroll.com

Lauren Spencer www.laurenspencer.co.uk

Karen wicks www.circleobsessed.wordpress.com


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