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From: John George [] Sent: Saturday, August 03, 2013 6:57 AM To: Karen Subject: JOHN's TIP that will make you flip!!

Now if it were me, I would be much more specific. Telling the seller what is acceptable, even terrific. It should clearly state whom is responsible to pay. And the work must be done by someone in the trade. I like to reference where in the inspection report it is so glaring. As not to misinterpret or to act so uncaring. The buyer should ask for receipts and some proof, That the work was done from the basement to the roof. Asking to explain or further evaluation, It seems a bit late for the Sellers revelation. There should be a date for the Seller to get back, With a timely answer, its all just fact. And by all means have the right to come back and check it out, 48 hours before closing to erase all doubt. Addendum's can kill a deal that looked great. So have your ducks in a row, so not to irritate.

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