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Checklist For Sale or For Lease  Go to MLS and pull the Full Agent Detail report with tax information and property history of the property, review the marketing and agent remarks for any indication of a short sale. Helpful Hint: Less is more…use the street number and the first few characters of the street name to find all property history, history that may be “disconnected” by clever agents.  Go to Realist (tax service) in MLS, pull the detail report and look at the sales and mortgage history (number of and loan amounts).  Go to the County Auditor’s website to determine the owner(s) of the property and payment status of property taxes. Butler: Clermont: Hamilton: Warren:  Obtain a preliminary title search paid for by the seller to confirm/identify liens. NOTE: Prodigy Title (Nick Perrino), 513-870-9070, will conduct a preliminary title search for $50.  Have the sellers complete the form, Authorization To Release Information (see attached), giving you the ability to verify the status of the various liens on the property. Helpful Hint: Use the form at the outset of the listing and check periodically throughout the listing.  For properties with a Homeowner Association (HOA), have the seller complete the Condominium and Homeowner Association Checklist (see attached) created by the Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS®, acquiring and providing the appropriate documents.  Logon to the County Clerk of Courts website to see if any legal action (i.e. foreclosure, judgment, divorce) has been filed against/by the seller that could affect sale or lease. Butler: Clermont: Hamilton: Warren:  Logon to the County Sheriff’s website to see if the property is scheduled for a sheriff’s sale. Butler: Clermont: Hamilton: Warren:  For Sale Listings: Prepare and present to the Seller an Estimated Net at the time of listing, at the time of a price adjustment and when in receipt of an offer.  Based on your findings, determine whether or not you want to list, seek assistance from company management or refer the business to someone who specializes in the type of listing you determine it is. Copyright® Karen Schlosser June 2011

For Sale or For Lease Checklist  

Checklist for agents, listing or selling, to use to determine the salability of a listing.

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