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Karen Samir 900072127 JRMC 415 Dr,Mohammed Selim First draft. The importance of AUC Activities. In the college’s stage of our lives, we always have that excitement to go beyond studying and limiting our lives to a certain zone. Certainly we have this successful goal to get the best of our academic lives, but also if we focused all of our attention on this goal, we would miss some enjoyable experiences with the other activities. Those other activities that are represented by the AUC clubs that are all spread on campus. Those extra-curricula activities definitely have a great impact on the undergraduate student’s life. They widen his/her way of thinking, creativity, accepting others, learning from other experiences,and sharing ideas that help the person to think outside the box. For many reasons students care to a great extent to be engaged in AUC activities. One of the main reasons is that it opens the doors for the members to work with completely different members than each other. some of the activities require dealing with the real field of work outside AUC in order to make reservations, get the approval of a funding sponsor, and arrange with the catering sponsor to cover the food and drinks for the event. It also opens the field for more experience with how to convince students to join the club and be productive in it. It gives the chance for students to know and try many new skills that they didn’t have before like attending sessions on how to make publications ,fliers, and banners in order to advertise for the club and its events. Also there are many themes for those clubs. The student will have a great variety of clubs to choose from. The political ones, entertainment, academic, charity, development , and cultural clubs. Finally the impact on the student’s life is great.

My Article about AUC activities  

Article about AUC clubs

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