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HOW TO GET ALONG WITH EACH OTHER People in the world have different opinions, practices, religions, and nationalities, but despite our differences we all want to get along. Respect and care make us treat others well. We enjoy being treated nicely because we are social beings. To be in peace with the society we need to practice a specific value, tolerance. Tolerance includes respect, acceptance, and appreciation of the enormous diversity of the world´s cultures, forms of expression and ways of being human. Is the value and virtue that makes peace in the world possible. It means to accept the way they appear, their situation, their behavior, and values, and not to judge people by their behaviors in society. Tolerance can be applied in legal and political requirements. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you find it hard to tolerate someone´s actions or words. There are several ways to train yourself to become wiser and more tolerant. One of them is to control anger. Anger could drive people to have less tolerance to others. The second one is to respect others if you want to receive respect. Respect is the thing that makes possible tolerance and you need to be courageous to become tolerant, this helps you deal with things that can cause intolerance. For a better understanding with others you must first listen carefully if you are in a conversation and then start to speak. Do not try to change others, you can only change how you interact with them. Stay positive, laugh a little and smile. Give compliments, sincere ones and finally do things for others, be kind and polite. All this actions will show that you care about others and this will make people want to be around you. In conclusion, tolerance is the appreciation of diversity and the ability to live and let others live. Recognizing and respecting other´s beliefs and practices without sharing them. If other people think differently you, it doesn´t mean that you are wrong or that you necessarily need to justify your own beliefs and actions. Just be yourself and let others be as they want.


FOR THE WATER, AIR, ODOUR AND EYESIGHT THAT YOU GAVE ME When my first day of school came and I felt lost in the desert, you where there understanding me Because instead of playing, I saw the shapes of the clouds. My first friend showed me new and amazing things about life and you also saw them with me. When we played with the soil making fake cakes. If numbers were complicated for me I knew that you´d always be there for helping me. In the forest, I used to count every tree that was in my pathway. New ages, new experiences, new goals, all difficult to me but you always stood by me. The lake gave me all the peace and made me feel in calm when I had problems. Love in my life was the most beautiful and especial experience because you supported me. He took me into a flower field where all was colors and you also were there. Successful became a lifestyle because my goals were achieved when you motivated me. Because when I felt lost I knew that you always would be there for me. You are the best thing in my whole life, you are not a person, but you are the closest thing to me. No matter the place, the situation, or the people I know that I will always can count on you.


I CARRY YOUR HEART WITH ME By E. E. Cummings i carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling) I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true) and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart).



“Why we have to do it?” said Chelsea before packing her important things. Two weeks before, Anne, the mother of two beautiful girls and her husband Charles, decided to search an activity for becoming their daughters humbler, they took the decision after seeing her daughters Liv and Chelsea making joke of a poor person. She was walking around the city when she suddenly stopped because of an announcement about changing a life for another life, first she didn’t understand it, so she called Charles and told him about the announcement, he, also confused said her to pick up the announcement and they would decide what to do. Coming home both talked about the topic and they decided to go to the announcement´s company to know more about changing one life for another life. Arriving there, first they met Archibald, he told them that the announcement that she found was the only one that they put in the city because the project of changing lives is only for a certain number of people and that the people were chosen by an


inexplicable force, of course they were all inventions of Archibald for scaring them and make them leave but his plan failed and they claimed to talk to the president Atwood, the president of “FYH”´s (For Your Humble) company. Atwood with the best attitude as possible received them in his office, first he explained the couple about how the company works changing lives for better lives, he also explained that the family nowadays are missing their humble part. that’s why he had this amazing idea about making people humbler. He realized that the couple didn’t understand yet, so he explained them more specific. “The company FYH is a program changing the life of a rich family for a poor family through making them sleep in special machines changing their mind with the other´s family body. This means that they will live in other body, in other house, in other city but with the same mind and soul and vice versa. It is safe, there were a lot of scientific experiment to invent this and there are witnesses of this process, we will search the poor family, but you won’t know who are they. You will know few details about the family for basic things. It can last one day, 1 week or 1 month, according to their necessities. You don’t have to worry about the money, isn’t expensive, this is for better families in the world so you only give what you want to give for the company and a little portion for the poor family and all the make overs you want to do in the poor family´s house, but not in exaggeration.”


This is what Atwood told the couple and give them all the information in a paper signed by the company. Charles and Anne looked each other and after listening to all the explanation they couldn’t take a decision right there so they decided to talk about it and they take an official decision about accepting or not. Arriving home, both decided to make a scheme, they do this seldom but they decided that it was necessary to trick Liv and Chelsea, after talking they called Liv and Chelsea for dinner, where they will be going to talk about the topic. Al ready the four there, they started explaining the situation telling them that they will go on holidays, Liv and Chelsea without thinking, accepted immediately, but they didn’t know which type of holidays. All the family went to the company to talk with Atwood, and all of them signed, the daughters thought that they must sign the paper because Atwood will pay for their holidays, but then Archibald started talking about which family will be the one to change their bodies, it sounded like they were a beautiful and humble people. Because of this the daughters got scared, but according Archibald and Atwood were talking, they knew that their parents lied to them about the holidays and they felt outrage. In that hour, they were uncomfortable with their parents until they got home. All of them were in silent because of the strange events happened, but Chelsea started saying, “why if the project doesn’t affect anyone, you hide us this?” the parents rebutted her by saying that they thought that they wouldn’t accept that type of holidays. Finally, all the family agree to go and change their bodies and lives so


they started packing all their very important stuffs because they couldn’t pack any clothes, because they will use the ones of the other family. March 20th of 2020. The day all the family will change their bodies with the other family but one week before they went to the company to learn how is the life of the other family, their friends, their customs, their responsibilities, their jobs, all about their daily lives, it was their obligation if they want to change their lives to change themselves. They did it very well, they learned all very well, they were prepared to their new life. Arriving the day, all the family were prepared for the day, staying there Archibald introduced them in a cold room with iron walls with four inclined chairs with different buttons, cables, and devices, also they included little televisions each one, he made the family sat in they, he also called other people to help him to collocate the cables and the devices of each member of the family. It was a process where two little cables are installed in their heads and this is connected to a machine that makes a microchip with all their inter information, keeping the body lonely without a soul, after doing this with all the bodies, Archibald will put each microchip in the nape to the body each corresponds, the body of Charles with the soul of Baron , the body of Anne with the soul Effie, the body of Chelsea with the soul of Alisa and Liv's body with Violet's soul and all of them vice versa. It lasted 36 hours for the process been completed. Once they woke up, they were already in the house of the other family, Charles and In the main room,


Liv and Chelsea were in different beds but in the same room, that was very strange for them because they were custom to be separated but they weren't very worried because it was bigger than theirs, the first thing the family did was to take a look in the mirror, they couldn't change anything about their appearance, that was one rule of the project, they looked no so bad. Charles looked like a man of 47 years, 1.80 cm, brown hair and eyes with a medium complexion, Anne looked of 45 years, 1.65, tiny brown eyes and short black hair, Liv with 19 years, 1.65, medium brown hair, tiny complexion, round face with medium eyes, mouth and ears and Chelsea with 15 years, 1.63, long brown hair, tiny complexion and long arms, after this, they checked their clothes, they were normal clothes, with usual colors, they were nice clothes, the best part for the daughters was that the other girls have a lot of dresses. For that moment, everything was right but then they will watch all the house, first they watched the kitchen is was picturesque and the dining room was small, very small, then they went outside and they got a surprised, a big field with some pigs, horses, and hens around it and in the left side a place to care them. The next day, the daughters went to the school in bike, Anne stayed in home observing the animals, the field and the house and then went to the downtown to look for shops and markets and Charles went to the job where he will work as a counter. Arriving Chelsea to her classroom she saw the most beautiful guy, Zayn a boy with medium brown hair, 1.65 cm, very skinny dressed in black colors, she immediately


liked him, she was too shy to approach talking to him. she decided to sat next to him, Zayn also liked her, so he started talking to her about where he live and his family, also he told Chelsea about his favorite sport, basketball. The days were passing and all the family discovered and learned many things like milking a cow, riding a horse, collect eggs without the hens noticing, select the ripe fruits and vegetables, among other things but Chelsea learned something more, the true meaning of friendship of Zayn. All the family have been there for 1 month and Chelsea started feeling something more about Zayn when but first some events occurred. The other family formed by Effie the mother, Baron the father, violet the big daughter and Alisa the little daughter made a big mistake by telling other family about the project and that they were other family, they thought that the family was trustful but they were wrong and the worst thing for Liv was that Violet broke up with her boyfriend. Because of this event the families had to change their lives and bodies again to protect the company and the project, before this happens Chelsea and Zayn discovered that they were in love, but they had to say goodbye but before this, Chelsea confess Zayn that her family was part of a project and that she was very grateful about what she learned and how he made her felt and all the things he made for her and after she finished talking he also confess her that he and his family were


part of the same project and that he lives in the same city that she and her family lives in their normal life. After this all the family came back to their bodies and lives. After a month Chelsea was going to the school when she heard someone screaming her name, she turned and she saw a guy, he anxiously ran towards her and she scared started screaming and he calmed down her explaining that he was Zayn, that he spent the whole month looking for her address to watch her and that now that he saw her as she really is, he realized that she was very beautiful but Chelsea realized that Zayn was very ugly but nevertheless she will still loving him for all the things he made for her.



K ind as the flowers bloom in March.

A tree in the leafy forest. R unning away from sadness. E nding with your smile. N ow I realized that you are what I want.