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Church of Christ Encouragement: Jan. 16, 2011 I pray that the God of peace will give you every good thing you need so you can do what he wants. God raised from the dead our Lord

Jesus, the Great Shepherd of the sheep, because of the blood of his death. His blood began the eternal agreement that God made with his people. I pray that God will do in us what pleases him, through Jesus Christ, and to him be glory forever and ever. Amen. Heb. 13:20-21

New Century Version

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to You To Jesus Be True May God’s richest Blessings Abide Upon YOU! Jan. 20: Alysihia 17yrs In Christ: Jan 23: Betty, 1958

Blessing and Prayer Requests Let us know your prayer request so we can PRAY for each other. .

Karen’s surgery date for knee replacement is Feb. 17th. Pray for excellent results, patience and peace!! That we as a congregation will grow in our spiritual maturity and be able to reach out to others, sharing the gospel and the need for Jesus salvation. Thankfulness for the salvation we have in Christ. To rejoice in the life we have here in Canada, as we live for God.

Davenport church of Christ meets at 68 Donlevy, Red Deer Alberta, T4R 2Y8 Ph. 403-347-3986 Sunday Worship: 10am Bible Study Class: 11pm Monthly potlucks Ladies Brunch: Tues. 9:30am Mens Coffee: Mon. 9:30am Youth meetings: Thrusday pm Blog: Faceboook: rchofchrist

Events Calendar Jan. 20: Ladies Class Jan. 30: Soup/Sandwich (need soup makers) Feb. 3 & 17: Ladies Class Feb. 13: Love Lunch Potluck Feb. 27: Soup/sandwich June 25: Annual Country Fair Regular dates; Mon 7:30: Worship Team Sunday 6pm Singing

Pray that those in the Friends speak program will come to know and love God, as they learn better English.

To Glorify God, Embracing His Word, Spirit and Son

Keep up to date: NEEDED: teacher for preschool/nursery class, starting Jan. 16. Jane has material so contact her with your willingness to take this class (2 people please) Ladies: Secret Sister wind-up Meet together Sunday at 9:20am for time of prayer, (before worship). Weekly Devotional time at Mercley’s, Pine Lake, Check with John as to days/times CANCELLED TILL FURTHER NOTICE Huddle Group Team meetings: Jan. 16th, 11am

Family News: Debbie has found that she has to move again. She has found an apartment and would appreciate YOUR help in moving. Jan. 30 after potluck. With many hands her move will be as painless as possible. Thanks Please advise Karen of any and all calendar dates for the upcoming year. Jan/Feb are on the bulletin board in the lobby. Pennies for Zambia – jar in kitchen or on foyer table. Can. Tire money jar for building supplies

From John: Hello, I’m back from my mission/vacation/weather survival trip to Mexico and California. Because of the severe weather some of the congregation (including me, your preacher) were not able to gather with the church last Sunday and so the huddles that were to have happened did not. So this Sunday we will meet huddles during the second hour. The teens will have one, another will focus on summer events and a third will meet to catch up on the organization for Men’s day. Pick and team and get in the action I will begin a new series of lessons and our worship service will have two primary parts, establishing a pattern that the worship planning team will work with over the next few months. One part is to draw us near to God through worship. The other part is to build up one another through the Word of God and prayer. Expect this second part to be more interactive and participatory for you than just being the audience of a sermon and prayer led from the platform. (In other words, shorter sermons come with a price.)

Until further notice there will be no devotionals out at the Merkelys. The roads are not good and the temperature is dangerously cold at night. Gerald may still be planning something for teens but at the church building. Stay tuned. From Communications: Karen needs to meet with communication team. ASAP. There are several things we need to get caught up with. With the events coming up we need to get advertising lined up, wondering how the directory and pictures are coming along. So.. please update me on your area and what is happening. Will set a date/time soon. Because of my upcoming surgery I would appreciate everything being lined up because I will be out of things for awhile. Thanks Rental huddle: We have new rental applications and forms done and nearly ready to go. Please contact Connie or Karen if you want to rent the building or know of a group or organization that would like to rent our facility.

The elders and I meet this Saturday morning for prayer and planning. We have discussed the need to include others in our meetings but have not really planned for it at this point. Nevertheless, I invite your input into our agenda. Please reply to this email with any congregational matters you feel your shepherds and servants should be praying about and/or planning.

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To Glorify God, Embracing His Word, Spirit and Son

Bulletin Jan 16, 2011  
Bulletin Jan 16, 2011  

Jan. 16, 2011 bulletin, chruch of Christ, red deer