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Sweeteeth specializes in creating artisan chocolates using traditional handcrafted techniques. Our operation in Charleston, South Carolina is devoted to the production of finely crafted chocolates and chocolate bars, with an emphasis on high-quality chocolate couverture and innovative flavor pairings.

what do I want to achieve?

to create a package that compliments the uniqueness of the chocolataire and the product.




the goal of this project is to bring the man who’s behind the loved crafty work closer to the customer.

Letters chocolataire




to use the letter as a communication tool that connects the chocolataire with the customers using the metaphor - personal letter.


draft to recreate the an envelop using abstract shapes that also shaped like colorful teeth.

The pattern of shapes are used to represent the chemistry between each ingredient and the playfulness of the brand



to emphasize the chocolataire ‘s presence throughout the experience, personal notes from his recipe is included on the package and underneath the chocolate.

font choices lady rene

dieline cinnamon and apple �n��e���nt�: D��� M��� Choc�la�� , D��e� A���e�, C�n��e� Pec�n�, C��n�m��

I ��j�� wat���n� ��� ����is��� �e����� ����� �n� ���n�m�� �n� �e� ��� �hoc�la�� ���e��� ��r�e� it��l� �� t��. ” B���e� E�i� “J��n��

�” B���e� E�i� “J��n�

I h��� y�� ��j��e� i�! �” B���e� E�i� “J��n�

dieline ginger and popping sugar �” B���e� E�i� “J��n�

” B���e� E�i� “J��n��

I h��� y�� ��j��e� i�!

�n��e���nt�: 70% D��� Choc�la�� , C�n��e� G�n���, P�p��n� Sug��

G�n��� ha� � ��e�i�� ��i���es� �ha� p�p��n� �ug�� c�������nt�.

” B���e� E�i� “J��n��

I h��� y�� ��j��e� i�!

” B���e� E�i� “J��n��

peanut butter and chipotle �” B���e� E�i� “J��n�

�n��e���nt�: 62% D��� Choc�la�� , Na��r�� Pe��u� B����, M��� Choc�la�� (coco� �i�u��, ���e� ���� s��id�, v����l�, �ug��), Coco� B����, C������ P����r�, P���

T�� �m����es� � �e��u� ����� i� ��� ��r�ec� ba�� f�� ���e� �n� ��i�� ������� �����r� ” B���e� E�i� “J��n��

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sweeteeth package presentation  

presentation on sweeteeth chocolate packaging

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