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rice and shine proposal

Karen Kwan Yee Poon


target audience

to come up with a restaurant idea for a resturant that fits the needs for the target audience.

students and resident around the area of VFS homer



conducted interviews with 25 vfs students and staff members. Asking questions according to their eating and buying behavior. students stay late at night for project enjoy resturant as a hang out place want good balance of quality and price efficiency is priority healthy food are more popular

restaurant idea Our brand values are empowering, healthy, efficient, local and quality. Our company provides rice bowl that are healthy, cheap and designed for different health condition. For example, a student who just pulls an all-nighter will need different food from a student who needs to take a test in an hour. Both students’ meal will have different portions with di‛erent ingredients.

br an d

Provide healthy delicious food that empower people

py Empowered






Feels more healthy, has more energy

More efficient meal (take out)

Variety in food meal combination

A place to hang out with friends

Get fresh food



Save time + money

To relax

more choices

Save money (local fruit/veggie) Access to food at night(convenient) Nutritious food that fits their need

A wide range of different rice bow that are fresh and healthy

Customize combo set and drinks

Bright and colorful decoration

Give discount to users who brings the company’s bowl / bag

Relaxing music

Nutritional facts Take out order

Rice plant absorbs sunshine and these energy are transfer to customer with our delicious food. Our rice bowl warms and uplift customer with the energy of nature.

relaxing , friendly, uplifting, energize

brand name

Rice and shine

LOGO # 1 earth tone, natural, organic

moodboard 1

ear th tone, natural

LOGO # 2 simple, clean , contemporary

moodboard 2 simple, clean , contemporary

rice & shine

rice & shine

color palette

LOGO # 3 colorful, vibrant, uplifting, crafty

& s hi n e

moodboard 3 colorful, vibrant, uplifting, crafty

rice rice&&shine shine

color palette

logo refinement

rice & shine

rice & shine

rice & shine rice & shine

rice & shine

rice & shine

final logo

color pallete


Y2K Neotype (logo) DilleniaUPC (text)

3.5� 2�

tel 6043215432 located at 420 homer st


envelope design



envelope design


take out bags sack bag

recycled paper bag

return customers

new customers


+ sh



+ shin



color coded bowl

ceramic bowl + lid for take out (return customers) plastic color coded bowl (new customers)


wear with different brand color shirt


restaurant interior

have a great meal

rice and shine presentation  

presentation of ficticious restaurant - rice and shine

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