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Brand philosophy This company, Luminous, is a talk therapy clinic that excels at helping people handle their stress problems. They strive to create a unique brand that will attract their target audience and ensure that they feel comfortable when choosing this brand. Luminous believes that they have found a new way to make life happier. They achieve this by catering to the personal needs of their clients’ to help them live a better life.

What we offer This therapy clinic focuses on flexible short term therapy that solves short term goals via creative and uplifting methods. The objective is to give the stressed client a personalized and relaxing environment where they can reorganize their thoughts. They value the privacy and uniqueness of each client and their sources of stress. The only standard process in their therapy is to start each and every session the same way: listening.


a fresh approach to mood therapy


a fresh approach to mood therapy

logo in use

what we are not

a fresh approach to mood therapy

a fresh approach to mood therapy

in black and white

a fresh approach to mood therapy

different color bg


color choices R = 86 G = 209 B = 209

C = 57 M=0 Y = 23 K=0

R = 225 G = 240 B = 89

C=2 M=0 Y = 77 K=0

Pantone 101 C

R = 117 G = 117 B = 117

C = 55 M = 47 Y = 46 K = 49

Pantone 424 C

Pantone 7466C Pantone 3115 M

Pantone 101 M

a fresh approach to mood therapy

Pantone 430 M

when the logo is less

primary typeface Futura Book

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX YZ1234567890@#$%^&*()-=;’.:”,>?[]{}\|`~

secondary typeface Futura light

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ yz1234567890@#$%^&*()-=;’.:”,>?[]{}\|`~ this is usually used for

application needt o write smoething

business card 2 in

3.5 in

with sticker

without sticker

with sticker

without sticker

envelope front

7.5 in

17 in back

stationery front


11 in

780 Cambie, Vancouver, BC

8.5 in

604 329 2920

appointment card 4 in

4 in





68.5 in


writing tone Luminous has a comfortable brand feeling. When describing either in writing or speech about Luminous It is important not to use any words that are commanding, bossy, or even overly confident. For example, “must” is a very commanding and inflexible word that is not used at Luminous. No client at Luminous “must” do anything at any therapy session, instead they are “encouraged”.

tone of voice

visual style

the photograph

luminous branding guide  

branding guide for luminous

luminous branding guide  

branding guide for luminous