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An Equipment blouse is one of the essentials that women should have in their wardrobe and just one piece can be worn several ways so as not to be bored with it. An Equipment blouse is a simple item but it’s something that women shouldn’t live without. Today in this article, we have gathered 3 fantastic ways to wear them without having a tired outfit. Here we have new and fresh styling ideas that can easily be personalized to suit anyone’s style. The Equipment blouse is a good victim for new styles since we need it, love it and can’t stop from buying this wondertop, just make sure you’re well stocked with enough how-to-wear-it options to get you through spring and summer. Day Time Style You can spice up a simple Equipment blouse by matching it up with florals and neon. Add these super-hot spring trends in order to turn one outfit to the next level without losing any of its casual-cool. This is the solution if you are bored with brunch outfits that you have worn to death. Try on a different chic look and see how it goes. Mellow Afternoon The Equipment blouse can be worn with a simple skirt and you can wear dark leggings when the sun is starting to set. Wear a pair of doll shoes and for that adorable accessory – tie a ribbon to your collar. You just have to find a silk ribbon that can be knotted to your collar. Ribbons are cheap, making them the most affordable accessory to adorn a shirt. Wear this outfit and expect the compliments to pour in. Picnic Guest Coral shorts are making some splash this season and you should also make way for basketweave flats as they step into the scene. Combine all these items with the blouse and you not only have a beachy get-up but you also have something to wear on a warm picnic on the field. Tone down your accessories by picking up a bag in earth color like brown or beige. Strolling on the lakeshore and just walking around the park will give spectators some eye-candy. All these styles are great and can be tweaked easily just by simply adding a few touches like accessories. Choose jewelries that would match your personality and taste but don’t go overboard by wearing too much, take note of your color palette and everything should be fine.

3 Ways to Wear an Equipment Blouse in the Summer  

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