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simplifying Camp Preparedness

Is your camp prepared?


very member of your camp community wants to know that campers and staff will be safe at camp.

cyber bullying and sexting, as well as new forms of communicable illness, it is necessary for camps to continually update their plans.

While the media tends to focus on shootings, there are many other threats to be aware of and to plan for, which are far more likely to occur.

Does your camp have plans to deal with these and other emerging risks? The safety of everyone in your camp community depends on it.

Many camps have thought about natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes, and human-induced threats, such as sexual abuse, fire, and transportation accidents, yet new threats appear each year. With the rise in social media threats, like

A coordinated and timely response to any crisis or emergency will also minimize damage to reputation, brand, trust, strategic goals, and the ability to operate. A comprehensive preparedness program at your camp will help ensure the best possible outcome in any situation.

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Seconds and minutes count. Time is never your friend in a crisis or emergency. Everyone at your camp needs to know what to do when disaster strikes. When your camp is prepared, you gain something valuable— the time to respond effectively.

simplifying Preparedness Using the Predict.Plan.Perform. methodology, Firestorm helps your camp develop or enhance its preparedness program. This program will position your camp to prevent, mitigate and respond to any disruption or disaster. We help your camp develop a culture of preparedness.

Predict The preparedness process begins with the Predict phase. Firestorm will work with your camp to conduct an assessment of threats and vulnerabilities. Thereafter, a complete gap analysis of current plans, processes and procedures will be performed to determine your camp’s readiness to respond. Firestorm will review existing documents, conduct interviews, analyze physical security and assess overall preparedness.

Plan After the predictive work is completed, the Plan phase begins. Firestorm will work with your camp to develop or improve written plans such as: emergency response, crisis management, crisis communications, communicable illness, reunification, social media risk, and camp/workplace violence.

Perform After completing or updating any plan, your camp must be ready to Perform. Everyone in the camp community must be trained on what to do and how to do it when disaster strikes. Plans must be tested through drills and exercises, and kept up to date.

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Camp Preparedness Framework

The FirestormÂŽ Preparedness Program

How is it done? Every preparedness program must be based on an established framework and overarching policies that define the goals of the program. The program should be supported by your board of directors or senior leadership team through either a board resolution or written policy statement.

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A program framework, which aligns with best practices, has many components that must be integrated with one another, your environment, and your culture in order to be successful.

Firestorm© Camp Expertise Firestorm is a national leader in crisis management, crisis communications, emergency response, security, and workplace violence. Firestorm is currently engaged in improving the safety of hundreds of public and private schools and camps. Firestorm founders have experience and roots in the camp industry dating back to 1934. Their family founded the Rhulen Agency, which was the largest provider of insurance and risk management services to camps. Firestorm continues the Rhulen Agency legacy of helping camp owners and directors identify their risks and manage their exposures.

Real-Time Crisis Support 24/7 Firestorm has rendered hands-on critical decision support and crisis management assistance to camp owners and directors, as well as to their insurance agents and companies, risk managers and attorneys. Firestorm also brings unmatched crisis communications and media response expertise to the table, helping to ensure that the way your camp communicates during the crisis doesn’t become its next crisis.

Could “It” Happen at your Camp? Abduction/Kidnapping/ Non-Custodial Parent Bullying/Cyber Bullying Bus Accident Child Pornography Drowning Drug/Alcohol Fire Food Poisoning Hazing Inappropriate StaffCamper Relationship Lightning Strike Natural Disaster Sexual Abuse Sexual Harassment Social Media Attack Suicide Wild Animal Workplace Violence

Firestorm has assisted in managing all these crises. Has your crisis manager ever managed a crisis? page 5 | ©2014 Firestorm

Flexible Solutions for Your Camp The preparedness process is one of continuous improvement. Firestorm recognizes that many camps do not have the time, budget, skills or internal resources to create a comprehensive preparedness program on their own. For this reason, Firestorm has created the Continuous Improvement Partnership. This program provides your camp with the project management, knowledge, skills, plans, processes and procedures necessary to create a robust preparedness program that aligns with best practices. The Firestorm process ensures that preparedness is, and remains, part of your camp’s culture.







The program is tailored specifically to your camp’s needs and timeline. It also provides your camp with direct, one-on-one access to Firestorm expertise in support of your camp’s preparedness priorities. PREPAREDNESS

What Will Preparedness Cost? Camps can retain Firestorm as a Crisis Coach© on a month-to-month retainer basis, purchase Firestorm Turnkey services on a fixed flat rate basis, or retain Firestorm on an hourly basis.

Crisis Coach® Working with Firestorm, your camp will establish needs, set the schedule and determine the level of effort. The program is customized to provide your camp with additional access to Firestorm expertise and support for existing staff.

Firestorm® Turnkey If your camp prefers the delivery of completed program components for a fixed price (e.g. risk assessment, emergency response and security response, and training), a Firestorm Turnkey engagement would be the best choice.

Preparedness: When you need it, as you can afford it.




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Don’t let the way you communicate about a crisis become your next crisis.

Levels of Engagement Crisis Coach®

Firestorm® Turnkey


• Direct Client One-On-One Virtual Coaching & Planning Services Each Month • Project Management • Convenient and budget-friendly monthly payment plan • Consultation with Firestorm Experts for set number of hours per month

• Custom Program Design • Firestorm Implementation, Coordination, & Training • Project Management Weekly Updates

Sample Monthly Activities

• Calls and Virtual Plan Development Sessions • Leveraging Firestorm Intellectual Property • Specific Project Deliverables • Customized schedule of activity with deliverables clearly defined

• Implementation of Project Plan with Specific Firestorm Deliverables & Milestones • Dedicated Firestorm Project Management • On-site Presence Available

• Included in Fee • Discounted Fees for Additional Firestorm Services • Insight Into Emerging Preparedness Issues with Regular Email Updates

• Included in Fee • Discounted Fees for Additional Firestorm Services • Insight Into Emerging Preparedness Issues with Regular Email Updates

Public Recognition

• Press Release (if desired) • Continuous Improvement Partnership Seals for Camp Website, Marketing Materials & Front Office

• Press Release (if desired) • Continuous Improvement Partnership Seals for Camp Website, Marketing Materials & Front Office

Access to Monthly & On-Demand Preparedness Webinars

• Access to Webinars

• Access to Webinars

Personal Planning Design Session

• Included

• Included

Predict.Plan.Perform.® Software Platform

• Available

• Included with Plans

Real-Time 24/7 Crisis Management Support

• YES • First hour at no cost

• YES • First hour at no cost

Hourly Consulting

Firestorm can be retained to perform services on an hourly basis.

Annual Membership in Continuous Improvement Partnership

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What Is Your Next Step? Contact Firestorm for more information about how your camp can join the Continuous Improvement Partnership at a level that is right for you. Firestorm is a national leader in crisis management and crisis communications, emergency response, security, and school/workplace violence.

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simplified Preparedness for Camps 2014  
simplified Preparedness for Camps 2014  

Every member of your camp community wants to know that campers and staff will be safe at camp. While the media tends to focus on shootings,...