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Marquee: How Are You Dressing Yours?

It is a common misconception that a marquee is just a tent, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Whether you are hosting a special event, party, charity ball, or even your wedding – marquees are a white canvas which can be easily transformed to suit any type of event. A tented event encourages a warm, relaxed atmosphere with all the freedom of your own decor! Even the plainest of marquees can be turned into a venue that is unforgettable – all you need is a little inspiration on how to make it look awe inspiring. What marquee to hire? Firstly you need to have an idea in mind, once you have chosen your idea and the type of marquee you need then you can think about the theme you want to decorate it with. There are many different types of marquees available on the market.If you are after something a little smaller for a more intimate event then you should be looking at hiring a matrix party marquee – these are a modular shape with beautiful high peaks. On the other hand if you are after something for a corporate event then you need to be searching for more of a Saddlespan like marquee that can hold many more people. Steps to success Colour scheme can be the most important decision you make involving your marquee, a colour that you feel best represents your event or ambience that you’re trying to create. Researching your colour is key! Red can represent warmth and love, more suitable for weddings, whereas, a duck egg blue is seen as a calming, peaceful colour which would be ideal for a corporate/work event. Having picked your colour, is there going to be a theme? If it’s a party are you just decorating it beautifully or are you going for a Hollywood glamour theme? It’s a good idea to start a scrap book of ideas, with colours, furniture and fabrics that you like so you create the perfect decor for your event. Decorating your marquee yourself is a great way to give that personal touch to your event. Most marquee hire companies will allow you decorate the inside and out of the marquee but make sure you check their policy on using things like pins and cello tape as it can damage the marquee – and see if they suggest anything that you can hang things up with, they are the experts after all! Whatever event you are planning to hold, you need to have chairs – with such a range on the market how do you know what to choose? Consider your audience and the level of comfort you will require. If you are planning to hold a party with just a buffet on offer then there is no need to have particularly comfy chairs, as people won’t be sitting down for long.At a wedding however you should be looking for more cushioning as your guests will be seated for long periods of time and you want them to be comfortable. Remember to consider space! If you are planning to turn the floor area into a dance floor later on in the evening then perhaps easily stackable or folding banquet chairs are the way to go. Once you have chosen your style of chair then you can think about chair covers, if you are going to have any at all or if you think the chair is enough on its own. Once again depending on the

event you are looking to host you should be taking different factors into consideration; for a wedding, chair covers are traditional, most people use the chair covers to tie in their colour scheme.If it is an 18th birthday party however – who’s going to be looking at the chair covers? Be sensible, they could be an un-necessary expense. Get creative with colour! Tables and table decorations can make a huge difference! If your event is going to take place in the evening and you are going to have some form of formal dining, then round tables may be the best option as they allow for larger numbers of guests without taking up as much space. However if you are expecting a vast amount of guests and you are worried about space being tight then rectangular tables can work well (almost like a banquet style) as you can seat more people. If your event involves formal dining and you’re going to opt for round tables then a centre piece is a great focal point for any marquee. Why not buy identical vases for each individual table, filled with flowers and petals scattered across the table.Make sure you go with your colour scheme to tie everything in together. If you are against the idea of centre pieces and you just don’t feel that they will suit your event then why not try using balloons! Balloons are a cheap and effective way to add a flash of colour to your event rather than using flowers and table runners.Balloons are a sure fire way to attract attention to your marquee – both on the inside and the out! Check with the company whom you are hiring your marquee from if they offer flooring and if so what your options are, most people tend to plump for carpet as it can bring a homely feel to the marquee so it doesn’t feel ‘tentish’. However, you may need to check what the flooring is like underneath the marquee as that could make the decision for you on what flooring you can have, speak to the experts who you are hiring your marquee from as they can advise you on the best flooring for you. Dim the lights... Mood lighting can create the atmosphere you are looking for, from chandeliers to create that luxurious effect to starlight linings, pea lights and colour changing led up lights you can transform your marquee into a party centre or a cosy reception room that will trump any type of venue on the market.Best of all you get to design it! Drapes allow you to take your guests to a faraway land, letting their imagination run wild. For complete ceiling coverage, start in the middle of the ceiling and secure the pieces of fabric with a drapery hook. Then, take the other end of each piece of fabric and attach it to where the ceiling and walls meet. When you are finished, your reception room will look like you are under a romantic tent. If you want drapes to highlight certain areas of your reception, like the table for the bride and groom or the buffet table, hang drapes from the ceiling directly behind the designated table. The goal is for your drapes to look like a long, sweeping curtain on either side.

Brrr! Don’t forget the heating especially if you are planning to hold your event in the autumn and winter months.Hiring a marquee heater may be a worthwhile investment, not only will your guests stay in good spirits but it will allow your event to be a success whatever the weather. Depending on the size of your marquee you may need more than one heater – for a smaller, modular marquee you may get away with one unit, however if you are planning to hold a large event then you may need to consider the expense of two. (You should think about heaters in the summer and spring too – the temperature drops at night remember and your guests will be in sparse clothing!). Finally be creative, wacky and wild with whatever you choose to design, after all how often do you get to hold such grand events?

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Marquee: How Are You Dressing Yours?