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Download Pokemon Black Rom In Five Short Minutes. Source: Jeffery Strong Dated: Aug 20, 2012

This Pokemon black download is as easy as 1 2 3. Follow, the steps in the paragraph below. Before you download pokemon black there are a few items you may need. This game is a ROM, so you will need an emulator , an emulator is a program that will let you play gameboy advance (GBA) games on your pc or mac . Ensure that you have this installed on your computer. Originaly built for gba, this game can be downloaded as a ROM and played for free on pc using the visualboy advance (VBA). This version of the pokemon game features 156 new pokemon which include water type pokemon, fire type pokemon and grass type pokemon. You can play this game as a male trainer or female trainer. This short video below will quickly show in five steps how to download pokemon black for free on your pc. If you prefer not to watch the video, follow the link to at the bottom. Click the play button to start the video. Reshiram as dragon fire pokemon is the strongest pokemon in the black version and it has the power to set fire to its surroundings. Its secret ability is the turboblaze. In the pokemon black version you can fight rotational battles where you can change pokemon during fights, all battles are fought in the black city. The following is a list of pokemon you can find in the pokemon black download. Though the pokemon black and white versions are similar since they all have the same starters - snivvy, tepig and oshawott. These pokemon can only be caught in the black version. 1. Weedle, whose ability is - shield dust. 2. Kakuna, whose ability is - shed skin 3. Beedrill 4. Houndour 5. Murkrow 6. Shroomish 7. Breloom 8. Plusle 9. Volbeat 10. Cottontea 11. Whimscott 12. Gothita 13. Gothorita 14. Vullaby

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

15. Mandibuzz 16. Tornadus 17. Reshiram This is a short explanation of the rotational battles you will play when you download pokemon black: This battle is different from the battle in the pokemon white version. In the black version - each trainer will send out three pokemon to fight battles but they will not be fighting duels at the same time. Instead, one pokemon will fight the enemy , and within the duel, a trainer can switch the pokemon on the battle ground with another. You can use this to your advantage, for example if your opponent puts forward a water type pokemon and you have a grass type - you can easily switch to a water type pokemon too or a fire type. Pokemon Black Cheats Tornadus can only be found in the black version, to catch him you need to beat the opelucid city gym and start on route 7. 1. Make sure you have any pokemon with thunder wave. 2. Another pokemon that is fast and strong, you need this to lower his HP. 3. Mean look, or the shadow tag ability. 4. When you meet tornadus use your thunder waver 5. Then use mean look, so he can't run. To download pokemon black go to For more information on pokemon black version go to http:// Category Tags Email Country Link

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Download Pokemon Black ROM  

In the pokemon black version you can fight rotational battles where you can change pokemon during fights, all battles are fought in the blac...

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