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Social Media for Paraeducators Karen Haase Harding & Shultz (402) 434-3000 H & S School Law @KarenHaase

Social Networking  Examples • MySpace • Facebook • Twitter • Tumblr • YouTube

How Paras Get in Trouble  Drug/Alcohol Use  Sexual Inappropriateness  Inappropriate Communication with Students  Inappropriate Communication with Parents  Inappropriate Communication about Students/Parents

Social Media is Here to Stay  Ed. Professionals are using social media • 85% of Americans use social media monthly • Twitter grew over 500% in the last year • More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than big 3 networks created in 60 years

 Facebook dominates social media • • • •

500 million users as of July, 2010 50% of active users log on daily Average user has 130 friends Largest group of users aged 35-54

My Suggestions  Make a professional page separate from your personal page  Don’t “friend” students or parents on your personal page  Don’t let yourself be depicted behaving unprofessionally  Ask: will this affect me at work?

Privacy Settings    

Set your profile as “private” Only let “friends” see pics Turn off geo-tags Friend Facebook on Facebook

Using School Computers

Digital Data Legally is:    

An Education Record A Business Record A Public Record A Potential Exhibit in a Lawsuit

Digital Traps  Do NOT e-mail, text, tweet questions about IEP implementation  Do NOT vent or communicate educational concerns in digitally  DO NOT forget to proofread  Do NOT engage in extended electronic conversations with parents  Do NOT disclose info re other students  DO assume you’re being recorded

Social Media & Politics  Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act  In the Matter of Michael Nolan, Case No. 07-03: •

Norfolk City Manager used city’s e-mail to send message opposing referendum • Used his own computer; outside work time • Used city’s e-mail system, using the city’s email server and the city’s internet service provider

Social Media for Paraeducators Karen Haase Harding & Shultz (402) 434-3000 H & S School Law @KarenHaase

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