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Karen A. Garcia is an 18-year-old second year Multimedia Arts college student at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. She spends most of her time on the Internet. She’s rooting from San Juan, Batangas, and proud. Thank you for grabbing a copy of this issue and making her dreams come true! Stay classy.


hew, what a month! At last, here is the first issue of INSIDE magazine that will circulate through our community. I learned so much during the making of it, especially how important it is not to cram a magazine if you want a really good output. It’s the first time I made a magazine and I’m on my won. As I was working on this super fabulous first issue of INSIDE, I gathered a whole lot of pictures with stories about crafts, markets, and trends. All worthy topics. First off, I learned that one of the best things about editing a magazine is that you learn about all kinds of people, places, and things you otherwise would not. You get to kind of reach them indirectly, but in my case, I did. All these pages are worth all my time (yes, sleep), ideas, and effort for the past 3 weeks. So, I think it’s safe to say that thanks to this project, I have been able to take myself to a whole new level, for the good. I’ll admit I didn’t expect this one to be this thick. The minimum was 6 spreads (24 pages), and usually, I’d just go with what was given as the minimum. But this one is an exception! Compiling all the shots you’ve taken, putting those images into words, sharing whoever might your reader/s be what you’ve savoured, and finally having all those printed. Best feeling in the world, yet. 4

You might be wondering why an Interior Design magazine. I have always been astonished by places with great interiors. I like anything that shows appreciation to the arts and this theme does, so this is definitely the way to go! When I was still making the backbone of my ideas, I decided that throughout the issue would be large pictures I’d fill the pages in. Since I really really wanted to showcase a beach or two in my work, I pushed it through to the last pages of the magazine. I thought since it is summer, it would be nice if I put a hint of its heat in the magazine. I’m not going to say that the taking of pictures was chicken, but I’d say that looking for people to write you articles is harder. Good thing I have good friends I could always count on. I’m giving them a shout out! If you live and work as a passionate designer, photographer and an enthusiast, in short, an ARTIST, you’re in the right place with my magazine. Whether you search for prompt solutions to your household needs, or just enjoy viewing places, you’ve come to the right pages. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you find support for your work and dreams in this issue of INSIDE.

KAREN A. GARCIA Editor-in-Chief


SUPERIOR INTERIOR The Philippines has long been a haven for good design and aesthetics – a quality made apparent in the colorful jeepneys and the quirky architecture that streak the streets of Matnila. The importance of aesthetics has been deeply rooted in our culture and in ourselves. As Filipinos, it is made an imperative to be creative in any way possible. Many of us has even welcomed it in their homes. Alas, giving birth to the businesses that adhere to bringing good design into our

households – literally. The LRI Design Plaza in Makati, a beacon that stands in the bustling area of a city enamored with busy workers and antsy businessmen. It houses one of the top businesses that adhere to your interior design needs. Here’s a roundup of the stores that stroke up our fancies.

written by: Mariel Empit photographed by: Karen Garcia 6

Different Designs, One Destination Your One-Stop Lifestyle Center


Heima Live Happy, Beyond Ordinary. 8



An up and rising brand in the interior design market, Heima has quite established a name within today’s youth cultures. 10

The Heima store is quirky, young, and vibrant. It welcomes you with a unique selection of wild hues and quirky fluorescence. The Heima market targets the young. If you’re looking to spice up a room with hints of energy and vibrancy that would earnestly remind you of childhood, Heima is the way to go!





Heima Home & Lifestyle Suite 229 LRI Design Plaza, 210 N. Garcia St., Bel-Air II, Makati City 1209 Phone: (02) 798 0027 Visit the new site at: 15








Design Matters A store whose motto resides in its name – and we couldn’t agree more! Design Matters freshens up the Interior Design scene with a batch of classy and sophisticated pieces. Design Matters puts a modern twist in classical pieces by incorporating strong patterns and texture. Using Design Matters pieces in a household, will surely give a classy yet fresh design feel.



3rd Floor, LRI Design Plaza, 210 N. Garcia St., Bel-Air II, Makati City 1209 tel (+632) 625 5712 website




Outdoor+Solutions shows an innovative way of approaching interior design. Incorporating the feel of the outdoors (making sure it lives up to its name), the pieces in the store makes use of very earthy and warm colors. Most of its designs make use of native material. Despite using very traditional resources, it does not fail to give it a fresh perspective. Outdoors+Solutions deliver style and comfort in its own unique way.



The colors you choose to wear and even brand yourself with say a lot about you—individually and as a business. There will always be reasons why you love certain colors. Outdoor+Solutions has got it all sorted out for you. Choose your color now!




OUTDOOR+SOLUTIONS 2F LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City

For inquiries, contact: Ma. Twinnie D. Handugan Sales Associate +63 917 8315044

Visit their website:





Diversity, Functionality and Innovation These are only three of the things that drive this company to distinction. Located at the second floor unit of the LRI Design Plaza, this interior shop showcases a wide variety of household items. Sleek and modern: two adjectives that one might use to describe the store upon entrance. They house a large array of very Filipino 34

yet modern furniture designs. Meticulous and contained color choices are also very apparent in their pieces, a quality that sets their products apart. If you have a heart for modern design and very geometrical furniture pieces, then the Locsin International Furniture & Lighting just might have the thing that you are looking for!



Suite 209 LRI Design Plaza, 210 N. Garcia St., Bel-Air II, Makati City 1209 Reg Locsin-Hagedorn mobile (+63 917) 525 7445 tel (+632) 846 1498 fax (+632) 899 7468 email 37

IS IKEA COMING TO PH? Ikea feel it!

written by: PV Sandrino photographed by: Karen Garcia

Have you heard that the world’s largest furniture retailer is coming to our shores? Yes! Ikea will soon arrive here in the Philippines and it’s going to be a massive shopping of good furniture! What is Ikea? Ikea is a Dutch-based company, but Swedish origin, that sells ready-to assemble furniture—from beds to cabinets and a lot more! Founded in 1943 by a 17-year old Ingvar Kamprad, Ikea has spread across the globe starting from its first store in Sweden and now, it has more than 300 stores in 38 countries.

because Ikea will have its first store in the Philippines, most of us will surely buy really good furniture and other stuff for our home. Now what would be the reaction of our consumers if Ikea would have its own warehouse in our country? Then definitely it will agitate the consumers to buy because Ikea has everything! For those who are fanaticos of Ikea, get ready with your credit cards and cheques because on their first day of their opening, the first 1,000 customers will get a 3,000-Peso gift certificate and if you bought Ikea products worth 10,000 pesos, you’ll get also a 3,000-Peso gift certificate!

Sound great and exciting isn’t it? Once you get in to Ikea, Most Ikea stores are big and it’s like a warehouse of you’ll Ikea feel it when you get to buy the furniture you want furniture so it will surely get into the hearts of our Filipino to buy! consumers who are fans of redecorating their homes. And 38


The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating

Interior decorating can be as simple as ABC or as complicated as rocket science. Before you snap up that rug that you think would go perfectly with your new oak hardwood floor, maybe you should take a step back and look at all the other elements. The secret to good interior decorating is that it’s all about the details (aside from knowing the basics, of course). But if you still find yourself scratching your head at the mere thought of revamping that old bookshelf, then fear not because we’ve got just the thing for you. Whether you’re stuck in a decorating rut or simply want to change up the look of your space, we’re sure you’ll be able to find great new ideas among our tips.

written by: Jade Gotera photographed by: Karen Garcia 40


Do pick a signature piece to focus your decorating decisions. It could be a beautiful fabric, an area rug, a picture, a piece of pottery, dishes, or a postcard. The item should embody both the color scheme of the room as well as the style and mood you hope to create.

Don’t display too many photos. Photo people feel very sentimental and have a hard time giving up the pictures on their walls and tables. The solution? Photo albums. When you have a lot of photographs of family, friends and trips, organize them properly in photo albums. You can organize albums by decade or event, and then keep them nicely arranged on a bookshelf. Then try to display just a few framed pictures at a time.



Do use a mix of patterns -- large-scale, small-scale, checks, stripes, geometrics, plain -- when coordinating a room.

Don’t just stick to fads. From beanbag chairs to lava lamps, be careful of trends as it’s difficult to get rid of those items once the fad is gone, especially furniture. Decorate in a style you’ll really like for a long time. Have fun with it, but be ready to recycle it when it goes out of style.

4 41


Do mind your cables. Keep wires hidden at all times with these easy

solutions: 1. Use a staple gun to attach them to the back of furniture or along baseboards. 2. Find a cord cover that matches your wall color. 3. If the furniture isn’t a valuable antique, drill a hole in the back for the cords to go through.

Don’t be a pillow hoarder. If the pillows actually hinder being able

to sit on a couch or lie comfortably on a bed, then it’s obviously too much. Instead of buying so many pillows, spend your time, energy and money decorating an area of the room you’re actually looking at when sitting in bed.


Do declutter every once in a while. Unsightly clutter and

disorganization not only contributes to a stressful life but also ruins the entire look of a space. Invest in stylish storage baskets on a bookcase or shelf to keep small objects in their proper spot, or add an armoire for extra hidden storage.

Don’t limit your colors too much. Getting a green sofa to go with

your green walls and green carpet is just plain overkill, not to mention boring. Experiment with different combinations and stick to a dominant palette of two or three colors.



Do let go of outdated accessories. Don’t let your rooms feel dated by

hanging on to older cabinets and especially hardware. Make small changes like switching the hardware on your kitchen or bath cabinets for a big impact.

Don’t neglect the lighting. In any room in the house, you want

different types of lighting for various times of the day. Dimmer switches are a great secret weapon — they’re cheap, easy to install and give an entire range of control of the mood and feeling of a space. Understand what kind of lighting you want in each space, paying attention to a room’s function when determining proper lighting.





Get crafty and



How to transfer image to wood written by: Janica Rizza Barrios photographed by: Karen Garcia

Having your pictures transferred on wood panels by print shops can be quite expensive. But have you ever thought of doing it yourself? With a few easy steps and inexpensive materials you can find at home, you can absolutely photo-transfer on wood without leaving the house.

Follow these easy and simple steps:

Things you need:

1. Prepare the photo you wish to transfer on wood. 2. Attach a sheet of tissue paper on bond paper using adhesive tapes. Make sure it won’t move while printing. 3. Print your photo on the bond paper with the attached tissue paper. 4. Remove the tissue paper from the bond paper. 5. Place the tissue paper on top of the wood panel. 6. Dab white glue on the tissue paper. Be careful not to tear the tissue. 7. Continue dabbing glue until you’ve covered the entire area. Let it dry. 8. You can protect your finished product using varnish. 9. Get your phone out and Instagram your awesome work.

Tissue paper (big size) Bond Paper Inkjet Printer White glue Sponge Wood Panel(s) Varnish

“Home DIY is an important aspect of living in a house.” 45


Experience CONDO LIVING with SMDC! 47


Grass Residences


The Lobby 49

The Amenities Area 50



Sample Condo Unit Interior Designs





You might want to have a toast in a stylish place like this, or what you may call “kitchen,” more often.



“When you work this HArd, you deserve more than just a patch of grass.� Behind SM North Edsa Annex Building, Quezon City Oasis of Blue and Green


Aizely Kristel Go単ez, 18


Confessions of an Interior Design Major Student The shock of being enrolled in Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) isn’t over yet. I have completed the First Term in the said school but it hasn’t sinked it to me yet. Days, weeks and months passed by so fast that I didn’t even noticed it. We are following the quarterly term that’s why. Mind you, I was a student at De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde but because of the consortium of PSID and DLS-CSB, Interior Design students had to move to PSID to take their major subjects. Hassle? Yes! But right from the start we already knew about that. At first I didn’t mind... at all. My mind set when I was still taking my minors in DLS-CSB during my frosh year was to finish all the minor subjects so I can immediately go to PSID. I was really happy and excited that time that I even made it to be in the Dean’s List. I was really inspired! Years have passed and the time came that we are all ready to take our majors. First day in PSID was a lot of fun until we met our strict professors. Though for us it was so cool of them being strict because it only motivated us more. My friends had a lot of fun during our first term here, but I honestly don’t anymore. I took the 3-month break we are allowed to take because I’ve thought it would help me think twice, thrice and more if I am still going to push through the course I am taking. And yes, I have finally come up with a firm decision! I really thought hard

of what I really wanted to take. I actually have been dreaming to be a Flight Attendant since I was a kid and I really don’t know why and how I still managed to choose this course, Interior Design. Well, honestly speaking, I also wanted Interior Design but I gave up on it easily. After I experienced making projects and plates in PSID, never did I know it was going to be hard.... really hard that it made me think to shift into another course. Finishing this with a piece of advice. DO WHAT YOU LOVE; LOVE WHAT YOU DO. This really fits me right now. And to tell you, I just did! I took the risk and I am now praying that shifting to another course would make me more successful in the future and I shouldn’t have regrets because the course I am shifting to is what I really LOVE. I am just so thankful that I have with me my supportive family and friends. Without them, I’ll be alone in this journey. But most of all, I am thanking God the Father for giving me signs for me to choose and decide properly.

“Do what you love; love what you do.”

-Aizel Goñez 61

Polaroid SX-70 OneStep Land Camera The rainbow model that hipsters love to draw. The one that iPhone cases attempt to imitate. The legend. 62

Summer is here. Beat the heat! 63

Your Paradise, Your Home

Blue Coral Beach Resort is just one of the so many beautiful beaches you can find in Batangas. It is located in the virgin paradise of San Juan Laiya Batangas, Philippines. Kudos to you for grabbing a copy of this issue for you are just about to take a peak of the resort’s beauty! Blue Coral Beach Resort offers uniquely designed tropical spacious rooms and suites. Their rooms are entirely furnished and equipped with basic amenities that will give you a feeling of total relaxation! The Blue Coral Beach Resort features a swimming pool and a kids pool, as well as rooms with cable/satellite channels. The resort also provides the added convenience of an on-site restaurant. Rent a jet ski and see the area from the water during your stay. Blue Coral Beach Resort is the closest relaxing ambience place for a great escape from urban life. It is home in the island of fine sand and calm water, Laiya San Juan, Batangas. Blue Coral Resort’s hospitable staff are dedicated to provide you with topnotch service that comes from the heart. Check us out, experience paradise closer to home! 64


The resort has a special restaurant offering special dishes that will warm your appetite.


With a relaxing setting, the Blue Coral Beach Resort’s on-site bar offers a choice of premium drinks.


Blue Coral Beach Resort is a tropical yet sophisticatedly designed resort offering a warm and paradise refreshing atmosphere. 68




You can also choose to chill in the heat with a stimulating dip in the resort’s swimming pool. See? How cool is that pool!




Or you can choose to revitalize in swimming at the whitebeach or just take a sip in the sunbed huts. 75


Contact Us

Blue Coral Beach Resort Laiya, San Juan Batangas, Philippines Manila Office: 1209-B Alpha Grandview M.H. Del Pilar, Malate Manila Email: Website: 77


oh, trust me. you wouldn’t wanna go OUTSIDE.




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