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When Is The Right Time To Call Addiction Hotline? Everyone knows about addiction hotlines. You may have seen one in a newspaper, magazine or the yellow pages. You can also find them online. The toll-free numbers of the hotlines are conspicuously displayed so that you will know which numbers to dial when the right time comes. But when is the right time exactly? You are probably wondering when is the right time to call addiction hotline. When The Caller Knows An Addict When is the right time to call addiction hotline? If you know someone who is addicted to alcohol, the right time for you to call is when you see how much drinking is affecting his or her life. The individual may insist that there is no problem, but the impact of alcoholism is rather easy to see. If the addict is a family member and you can see that he has begun neglecting his responsibilities at home and work (or school) becausehe is drunk or has a hangover, it is time to call the hotline. You can ask the counselor on the other end of the line for intervention suggestions. You want to get the addict help before his drinking problem results in legal issuesor risks his life. When The Caller is An Addict But DoesNot Know It The response to the question “ When is the right time to call addiction hotline?” will be different if the person who would be calling is the one dependent on alcohol. If you are drinking more than you used to but is not sure if you are addicted to alcohol, now would be the right time to pick up that phone. Before the situation gets any worse, you need to find out if you need help or not. Addiction hotline counselors can help you determine if you are indeed an alcoholic through your answers to their questions. The sooner you find out if there is a problem, the higher the chancesof you having a lasting recovery. When The Caller Wants To Kick The Drinking Habit Most alcohol addicts reach a point where they acknowledge that they have a problem and that they want to kick the drinking habit. However, they often find that quitting alcohol on their own is hard to do. For people like these, the answer to “ When is the right time to call the addiction hotline?” is the moment after they realize their need for professional help. Once you realize that you have alcohol addiction and you decide to be free from it, you should call an addiction hotline. Counselors will tell you how to proceed and how to start your journey to recovery. Take the first step & call the addiction hotline ,we're here for you 24/7 (866) 785-9714 addi473897ction48217

When Is The Right Time To Call Addiction Hotline?