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Fairhill Bids Ado to the SeniorS By Rickie Huang Graduation is just around the corner and all seniors are thrilled to graduate. Prior to graduation, Fairhill said their goodbyes and wished all Seniors of 2011 good luck at the Cap and Gown ceremony on May 20th, 2011. With all this excitement and emotions, Seniors and their parents were touched deeply by reflective letters bringing some to tears. Mrs. Cameron, Head of Upper School presented the valedictorian, Tina Vint, and the salutatorian, Erica Dallas . Mrs. Cameron, Ms. Deni Kington, Drama teacher, and Mrs. Jennifer Allen, Senior Class Sponsor, presented moving letters written by the senior’s parents. All letters were filled with joy, but they were also filled with cherished memories. “It is my favorite ceremony

of the year,” said Mrs. Cameron. “It is touching when we read letters from parents telling about their children growing up and leaving home.” Not only were parents present, but there were also the Senior Buddies, who are second to fourth graders at Fairhill School. They were paired with a senior at the beginning of the school year. The Buddies presented their seniors graduation caps to them with the assistance of Mrs. Gail Berkemeier, Fairhill First and Second Grade Teacher. Honor cords were presented for the following organizations: National Honors Society: Miles Lyon, Caleb McCandless, Tina Vint, and Erica Dallas. International Thespian Society: Tori Shelton, Anne Lightner, Caleb McCandless, Daniel Harper,

Ross Lovell, Alex Sauer, and Catherine Dabrowski. National Art Honors Society: Bennett Updegraff, Erica Dallas, Tina Vint, and Tiana Bermudez. Student Council Officers Honors: Erica Dallas, Tina Vint, Caleb McCandless, and Alex Sauer.

Macbeto Says “Bien” to Spanish Class Performance By Adam Neifach

Senior Caleb McCandless reads one of his lines during the Spanish classes performance of Macbeto. Photo by Preston

Fairhill’s Spanish classes carried on one of their many traditions this year performing one of William Shakespeare’s classic

plays, MacBeth, but spoken in Spanish. The play, unlike other years, was presented in the gym as a full performance with lights and speakers rather than like other years, where the performance was conducted in the cafeteria. The play is also different this year since the Spanish class is referring to the play as an “Enchilada Western,” referencing back to the ole’ days when the popular western TV shows were referred to as “Spaghetti Westerns.” “We tried to take a different twist on the play. The story has a new sheriff when Macbeto comes to town,” said Senora Lissa Dallas, Fairhill’s Spanish teacher. “Instead of witches, they become Indians.” Along with Senora Dallas, other students were excited about the

Tiana Bermudez’s senior buddy, Taylor Swanson, carefully places Tiana’s cap on her head after finally finishing highschoool. Photo by Preston Sokol

performance. “I’m excited because it’s fun, and I get to be with my friends,” said Hunter Harty, Junior. Some students, though, do not appear nervous for the play. “I’m not that nervous,” said Alex Gregory, Senior. “I’m used to doing this before, but I do have stage fright.” “I’m going to do excellent work out there to try to steal the show,” said Miles Lyon, Senior. “Mrs. Dallas has taught me a lot about Spanish over the past three years, and I hope the play goes well.” “We [were] ready,” said Senora Dallas. “We [had] lights, music, a stage, and a set. We [were] ready to go.”

We’re Sorry for the Erros By Rickie Huang I’m sorry that we newpaper members Can’t speel anythign right. It may have something to do Wit hour dyslexis I sight. Sometimes its cuaseed by typos Other tims we r just laze. I’m sorry that most daz we write Our eyes gits kind of hazy

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Tuesday, May 24 2011

The Fairhill Talon Times

Falcon Beats

Dad’s Cookout By Katie Gorman

okol Preston S Photo by

Tina Vint relaxing outdoors and eating a hotdog.

The Fairhill School had the annual Dad’s Cook Out on April 29, 2011. Some of the dads volunteered to help cook the meals for everyone, which included hamburgers and hot dogs. They also served water, soft drinks and chips. This gave the students a chance to hang out with their fathers. When some of the students were done eating they went to play on the soccer field, where they played soccer and threw the football around. When the music started to one of the songs, Coach Tom Wiemann and some of the high school girls broke out in a line dance. Alex Sauer hanging out with mascot, Michael Martinez. Photo by Preston Sokol

Book Fair By Katie Gorman

Fairhill Students always look forward to picking out a good book at the annual book fair. In past years the book fair was mostly for younger students, but Mrs. Sanchez said this year “they are putting out more books for high school.” Book Fair was held May 9th through May 12th in the Fairhill library. The money received at the book fair will be used to buy new books for the library. This is where you can find a good book, even though the book fair is over.

Catherine Dabrowski enjoys relaxing outside with her friends at the Dads Cook Out.

Photo by Preston Sokol

Poetry Corner The Wonderful, But Malicous Person I Admire By Rickie Huang

You, You little booger you. What am I going to do with you? The toughest tissue, the longest finger Won’t make you go away.

As the sun sets aside the moon will arise While we give birth one will fall As we dance like no one is watching I guess for now I have to put up There are people crying with you. behind a curtain Your sandy lips, straight from the As we remember the ones who desert dune have lived And those eyes brown as horse We will rejoice for the ones sewage. who have come in I will just have to deal with As natural beauty is your frown, being deceased Monumental as the St. Louis The uglies start to reach Arch, their peak Your gorge deep voice, As we move on we will forget Your additude, fierce as a But their forgiveness is bull dog being spread As we walk away There is so much I could Every moment lasts forever whine about, As we get frustrated, But still through it all disappointed I see, love, and admire the One moment of happiness is wonderful person you are. being lost

“I Love You” By Shae Kiley

Photos by Preston Sokol

Mrs. Sanchez gets ready for the book fair by organizing the books and putting them on the tables.

“As” By Lori Mayo

I love you. I love you: the words I cry out into the windless nights. I love you, the words I say, even though I know they won’t end our fights. I love you I cry in the darkest

of hours. I love you, until the bitter end. I love you, my words carried upon the wind. I love you says the moon, I love you says the stars. But none of them can compete, With the “I love you” of my scars.

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The Fairhill Talon Times

Breaking News

Tuesday, May 24 2011

Death of Terrorist Leader Brings Feelings of Hope

By Neil Rickoff After 10 years of hiding and about 18 years of being the most wanted terrorist, the infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden is dead. His death came rather unexpectedly to the American people. Most people thought he was hiding in a cave in the middle of Afghanistan , but once again his death proves that the U.S. is still the champion of “Hide ‘n’ go Seek” when we’re “IT.” Bin Laden died May 2, 2011, when U.S. Navy Seals found and infiltrated his compound and took him out along with two couriers and one of his family members, who engaged in armed combat. No casualties occurred

for the Navy Seals according to Channel 8 News in Dallas. Fairhill Junior, Connor McNeil said, “It’s sad that after 10 years the hide and seek champion is finally dead.” Osama, who was 54 at the time of his death, was the head of Al-Qaeda which was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks and for many other various terrorist acts. Many Americans rejoiced at the news when they heard it. People in Washington D.C. crowded outside the White House cheering, singing, waving American flags, and holding up signs with such things as “NOSAMA.” Freshman, Fritz Foster, said,

“He beat my record in hide and go seek, which is one minute and thirty seven seconds.” Even in new York people gathered in the streets in celebration of the world’s most wanted terrorist’s singing, chanting, and waving flags and banners. One woman who was phoned up on channel 8 news, immediately after the event said she was, “overjoyed that Bin Laden has been brought to justice”. All over the world people felt the impact of his death. Junior Ryan Baldelli said, “America is the best!!!” Loved ones of 9/11 victims were glad to know that justice was served, but on the other side of

the world many people in Iraq and Afghanistan were less than pleased with his death. Al-Qaeda has made multiple threats regarding attacks on American embassies and military forces, though many speculate whether they have the credibility to carry out such attacks without their leader, even many news sources have claimed this to be true, including WFAA news. While many people are already making jokes about the now deceased leader of Al-Queda, the majority of it is done in a way that mocks him for going against the U.S. and ending many American lives in the 9/11 attacks.

the Play Station 3 allowing for homebrew games when he released his method SONY issued a law suit. Many users fear that their credit card information is being used, but a video released by Russia Today on YouTube showing a interview between a Russia Today reporter and an Anon representative says otherwise. During the video, Anon said that they are not after banking information. The representative said they are performing an online

protest. On the Anon website “,” they said that they did in fact perform a DDOS attack, but they did not have anything to do with the credit card theft. SONY supposedly found two documents, each held information pointing towards Anon. One document held part of their slogan. “We are legion.” The other held the group’s name, but Anon said on the same website that the documents were planted there to get them into a lot of legal trouble. They

countered by saying they have never before committed credit card theft. They also stated that SONY made the statement up completely as many of their rivals have. Many supposedly made false accusations, lied, and created false evidence against the company. Anon believes that while they were performing the DDOS attack, another group of hackers broke into the weekend SONY network and stole the information. The group responsible remains to be seen.

Playstation Network Hacked By Nick Orr

SONY’s servers were recently hit with a DDOS attack (Distributed denial of service attack) SONY discovered hundreds of compromised accounts. They shut down the servers to prevent further damage. They had recently received the message illustrated here. The message was sent by the hacker group called “Anonymous”. (Anon) SONY stated that due to the actions taken against a hacker named George Hotz by SONY, they would hack the Play Station Network. Hotz had jail broke

ROYAL RELEVANCE Who cares about the Royal Wedding? Fairhill students said,

2% 21% 77%

ITS Welcomes New Inductees By Adam Neifach

On May 12, select drama students were inducted into the Fairhill chapter of the International Thespian Society. Members were inducted based on if they met the requirements. This year’s inductees were:

Actually Watched Could Care Less


• Patrick Belshe

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• Travis Olivarez

The Fairhill Talon Times Staff

• Tim Cheatum

Adam Neifach Preston Sokol Rickie Huang Sam Wieland Neil Rickoff

• Nick Orr • Alec Ferraro

Recorded Wedding

To Our

• Nicole Wilson • John McLaughlin • Sam Wieland

• Rickie Huang • Ryan Fischer • Kirsti Jack • Matthew Bagley

Emily Plunket Katie Gorman Nick Orr Mrs. Boozer

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The Fairhill Talon Times

Senior Wills To You Tiana Bermudez

Collin Gibson

Will: I, Tiana Bermudez, here do leave my evil twin brother, Adam Neifach, for Fairhill to take care of. Prophecy: Tiana will live in the Bahamas and own an iguana, and chill in a sauna.

Will: I, Collin Gibson, shall allow Caleb McCandless the opportunity to see a Manchester derby at old Trafford. Prophecy: Collin Gibson will hate prophecies that rhyme because they take a long time.

Kyle Brannon Will: I leave our two microwaves to Daniel. I leave my hardware to eBay (funds go to my family). I leave my coffin for the ground. Prophecy: My future is clouded It is hard to see, So I’ll prophesize someone else With much more clarity. He’ll stand, not tall, But above all. His persistence will carry him Through thick and thin Until victory is his As an Eagle Scout, he will win.

Catherine Dabrowski Will: I, Catherine Dabrowski, leave Lori Mayo the Internet. You’re welcome. Prophecy: Catherine will see the world and possibly drive a Ford

Erica Dallas Will: I, Erica Dallas, leaving Fairhill finally, give this to fellow students… “Adios batos!!” Prophecy: Sam Houston State Bound. For she has found Her long lost calling. Asleep in class Never hearing the bells large brass Working as a teacher While others preach to her About their days lessons For three hour sessions.

Sabah Dhanani Will: I, Sabah Dhanani, hereby leave my swine flu to Mrs. Allen, for her to grow a pig nose. Prophecy: In the future, Sabah will be living in a mansion near the sea given to her by her daddy.

Ari Disraeli

Will: I hereby leave Asher my wisdom to completing high school and the confidence to take on any challenge. Prophecy: I’m going into the Corp to be something more, so that some day as a Marine I won’t work on the shore.

Universities... Here We Come OSU

Megan Marshall Will: I, Megan Marshall, as a graduating senior hereby give full rights and ownership of the lunch room table to Devon Taylor. Keep them in line for me. Prophecy: Megan was a dear girl but temper was sour. One day she’ll change the world with Rainbow Power! Caleb McCandless Will: I, Caleb McCandless, leave behind my cunning and charming jokes to Adam Neifach as well as the ability to say what he wants, do what he wants, and I also pass down my title as “King.”.To the school I leave my mother. Prophecy: Miles is the one, who will adopt a son, from Scarborough Fair. In costume he will dress, obsessions he will confess and nobody will care.

- Spend a year with a Cherokee Tribe

-Go over 250 mph in a car

- Own a mountain lion as a pet

- Become a zombie

- Use Ari’s time machine

Austin College Richland DBU

New York Film Academy



New York Film Academy: Alex Sauer Ohio State University: Tina Vint

Sam Houston

Richland College: Torie Shelton


University of Texas at Dallas: David Bails

Sam Houston: Erica Dallas

Austin College: Miles Lyon University of North Texas: Ross Lovell Dallas Baptist Univeristy: Anne Lightner Oklahoma University: Daniel Harper & Kyle Brannon



-W i D is in m Buy a N rea a l - M ttre a T ove i ss em l P e ri pe ev Inv et E ra ze er en m pe - W yo t in di e a n m c in e Ti m th eM el ot ac te hi ry ne fo r

Tori Shelton

A&M Commerce: Megan Marshall

- Graduate high school - Have a job - Get bachelor’s degree

Kyle Brannon Taylor Proffer

Will: I, Taylor Proffer, hereby leave all maps ever drawn to steer my life to any or all kids with problems. Prophecy: Today marks two weeks left if school, can I get a shout “hooray?” But someday I’ll be back in this joint sport’n a stylish beret.

Alex Sauer Will: I leave all the schools secrets and juicy gossip to whoever can find the book in the library. To Matt Bagley I leave the ability to cross the line just because you can and to never let an authority figure keep you down. Fight the system just to keep it on its toes and always find loop holes. Prophecy: Total jerk or total friend my determination will never shrink. In the future, you’ll be wrong and I’ll win.

Torie Shelton Will: I, Torie Shelton, hereby leave this pencil in my hand to Mrs. Kington, who never gave me one in Drama. Prophecy: Erica is not only going to be a pimp, but to go with her swag she’ll have a gimp.

- Use Ari’s time machine

-Spend a day with each of my friends and getting to know them fully and entirely

- Party in Germany

- Go to G-Fest

-“Party” with Prince William and Harry

- Write and publish my own novel

Erica Dallas

- Mess up Wieman’s Soccer field Bennett Updegraff

Will: I, Bennett R. Updegraff, being of sound mind and body, hereby leave the legacy of the Prius and all of the luck associated with it to Hunter Harty in hopes the joke will never die. Prophecy: Just because I’m that kind of guy, I’ll be the one to limit the sky.

Tina Vent Will: I, Tina Vint, being of sound mind and body, will to Jasmine a box of band aids to give to anyone she knocks to the ground. To Adam, I will the Vint legacy of academic excellence. To Torie,- my gift of silence and patience in hope she uses both wisely. To Alex Gregory, I will my good luck at prom, in hopes you win many prizes. To Lindsey, I will Chubaka in hopes she scares her family as much as I have with it.

- Vote the other guy into office

Caleb McCandless - Use Ari’s Time Machine - Fly a kite - Plant a tree - Write a book

- Learn how to draw and digital art - Spend my very last day with the person I love the most - Use Ari’s time machine - Experience anti-gravity

Megan Marshall

- Make Mercer happy

- Go white water rafting down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

Tiana Bermudez

- Save someone’s life

- Live and travel though out Europe and the rest of the world - Swim in a cranberry bog - Travel along the Amazon and the Nile

- Get a tongue piercing - Take my girlfriend to London - Be the 2nd person to use Ari’s time

Miles Lyon - Use Ari’s Time Machine

- Travel the United States in a hot air balloon

- Save a life

- Start a charity Foundation

- Make it out of Fairhill

- Break an addiction - Meet and go on a date with Henry - Survive Ari’s Time machine Cavill

- Fly a Fighter Jet - Use Ari’s time Machine!

Anne Lightner - Tell Obama what I really think of him.

Collin County Community College: Tiana Bermudez., Caleb McCandless, Taylor Proffer and Ari Disraeli Texas A&M: Cory Free

-Experience zero gravity

- Fly

A&M Commerce

Miles Lyon Will: I, Miles Lyon, do hereby will to one, Sam Duke Wieland, all of my off-cuff, under-breath comments, that he already deems “too soon,” in hopes that he will continue to make his classmates laugh the way only he can. Prophecy: Miles never ceased to amaze himself, though how time flies, for soon he will be sailing the seas around, fighting the raging tides.

Daniel Harper

- Invent perpetual motion device

Anne Lightner

Will: I, Ross Lovell, hereby leave weird drama roles to Andrew Bitterman. Prophecy: In the future, Ross will be the leader of a great big company.

Cory Free

- Invent faster than speed of light travel


Will: I hereby leave my only Tazer to Cory Free. P.S. He knows why. Prophecy: Taylor will find a one way ticket to an Italian thicket and will have to find his way back without getting a ticket.

Ross Lovell

Senior Bucket List

- Live in a different country - Have a family/ use Ari’s time machine

Tina Vint - Use Ari’s time machine! - Plant a tree in Wiemann’s soccer field - Prank my annoying neighbor - Set off fireworks next to a police station - Drop a giant water balloon off a roof

Caleb McCandless - Use Ari’s Time Machine - Fly a kite - Plant a tree - Write a book - Make Mercer happy

- Visit Princess Diana’s grave - carve my initials where my family planted trees - use Ari’s time machine

t Bendneegtraff Up orth in the n

- Livefew years for a Italy - Visit nt Preside a t e e -M e ri’s tim - Use iAne mach da - Atteynwood movie l l Ho ier prem

Catherine Dabrowski - Use Ari’s time machine - Go sky diving - Go parceling ov the Pacific Ocean er - Go with Joun a date stin Bi eber - Perfo r m Broadw on ay

r ffe

Cory Free

Seniors Say “So Long”

Daniel Harper

Will: I, Anne Lightner, leave the energy I didn’t use to work to Mrs. Cameron, the role of favorite student of Mrs. Kington to Andrew Bitterman, and a map of Hawaii to Torie. I shall leave this school as a memory, therefore never to return again. My life is already a trip. Prophecy: Anne Lightner will be in jail “it’s because I’m diabetic!” she will wail.

Tuesday, May 24 2011

The Fairhill Talon Times

e ro r P s tim of ri’ ylo ide Ta sing Ae rs in the - U ch eo he t h ma s er r t ld ou or ll ov ine -T w uis ea the c c rage riv s oti ga rs - D te ex ar ca Sta all 5 c line at a 1 op -E wn all t - Oith w

Will: Aye you, it’s ya boy, Ari Disraeli. I now pass down the position of Mrs. Allen’s favorite Hebrew to my fellow amigo, Adam Neifach. Adam, don’t forget to mack on Natalie Allen. Prophecy: Yo, tell your friends, listen, ugh, it’s Ari and that I ain’t sorry, for eating all the calamari, chillin in my Ferrari, swaggin in the safari, oh and by the way, I’m Ari.

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Tuesday, May 24 2011

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The Fairhill Talon Times

Arts & Life Prohibate My Prom

Tuesday, May 24 2011

Torie Shelton (center), Jazmine Austim, Erica Dallas, and Tina Vint hit the dance floor Photo By Rickie Huang

Seniors, gamblng away their adolescense... except in a good way Photo By Katie Gorman











Rap Music Makes A Stance By Neil Rickoff Rap music. Is it good? Is it bad? is it still the same? Over the years hip-hop has become popular with teens and adults alike, not just in America, but across the world. Whether its Eminem, 50 Cent, T.I., Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Kanye West, etc. rap music is rising in popularity for many reasons. Rap became popular among teens and young adults in the mid 80’s with N.W.A, a rap group consisting of Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, MC Ren, and Ice Cube. Later other rap groups and solo rappers appeared, such as 2Pac, who became popular because of the way he changed rap from gangster mentality, to a style of rap that wasn’t preachy about unrealistic stuff. Another popular rapper around this time was, “Notorious B.I.G.” Both of these rappers had rough lives filled with snags brought on themselves. As rap became more popular a different situation was put onto the rap scene. Eminem started stepping up in 1996 when he released a mixtape called “Infinite” and caught the attention of former NWA rapper, Dr. Dre. In 1999 Eminem released his first studio album called, “The Slim

Shady LP” taking the music industry by storm. But what many rap experts and fellow artist see in Eminem is his psychological approach to his music, using his alter ego “Slim Shady”. people’s lives. Rap music has changed over the years, it’s gone from making people feel emotions of anger, hate, abandonment, or isolation, to taking a brighter turn through the rappers and listeners. Songs like B.o.B’s “Magic” show upbeat lyrics and singing from Rivers Cuomo. Eminem’s “Not Afraid” shows happier sounding lyrics to piano and opera sounding meldodies. The change from negative to positive lyrics didn’t happen overnight. It’s been a long process that’s taken many years to become publically acknowledged.


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Tuesday, May 24 2011

The Fairhill Talon Times

Inside Scoop

Field Days R’nt Us What was Your By Sam Wieland Favorite TV Show This Year? “NCIS”

—Alexander Sewell

“Bones” Devon Taylor—

“Chuck” —Greg Trotta


Kendall Wolf—

“Criminal Minds” —Kirsti Jack

“Doctor Who” Daniel Harper—

“The InBetweeners” —Ross Lovell

To most, childhood ends when entering high school. Progression into adulthood starts to seep into the brain, leaving childhood activities in the dust near the monkey bars where you just fell off. A common tradition between the transitions from middle school to high school is the highly anticipated Field Day, a day purely dedicated to nonsense scoring of points, “fun-in-the-sun,” breathing fresh air and pollen, and celebrating the last day of school. By now you’ve probably double backed and realized that field day ends at middle school, not sixth grade. They say there was nothing more shocking than the Great Potato Famine to a country’s people, well I say a premature cancellation of Field Day surpasses a mere lack of starch. Field Day gives students a motivation to come to school, knowing that they’ll be

rewarded in competing over which grade level is superior. Suspending Field Day from only a select few is like cancelling recess. Then again, is it really age appropriate for students of higher levels to be running around on the school’s campus like some kind of (oh, I don’t know... athlete?) barbarian? Sure it’s cute to dip your body into a potato sack and try to see who can make it to the finish line first when you’re young, but would it really be that horrifying to see an upperclassman participate in potato themed activities? Unless of course it’s the Great Potato Famine... really, you shouldn’t joke about that. Field Day is something special, so special that it should be distributed to the school as a whole. Yes, finals are important, but so are making memories involving running around on a hot and humid day wishing you were inside, soaking in the air conditioning.

Lightner Struggles with Diabetes & Succeeds at Life By Preston Sokol

Diabetes affects 8.3% of America’s population. However 7.0 million people are undiagnosed, One of Fairhill’s Seniors, Anne Lightner, has lived with diabetes for 14 years. Lightner has Type I diabetes; she is required to take insulin each day. “I’ve had it for so long it’s just a daily thing,” said Lightner. There are many causes of diabetes. It is difficult to identify the reason why an individual gets it. However heredity plays a big role on the likeliness of someone developing diabetes. A huge danger for diabetics is “diabetic shock.” There are many causes of diabetic shock such as; an imbalance of insulin in the body, the intake of food, or the level of physical activity. Lightner has never been in diabetic shock however she has witnessed it. “For me to witness this wasn’t scary. I knew what to do,” said Lightner. Lightner doesn’t let diabetes affect her life in any way. She has accomplished many things such as entered in photography contests, played sports, and many more accomplishments. She is also attending Dallas Baptist University.

Anne Lightner played La Reina Delia in Macbeto, Fairhill’s Spanish Play for 2011. Photo by Preston Sokol

Good Luck, Seniors. We Will Miss You!

Senior Superlatives Page 8

The Fairhill Talon Times

Tiana Bermudez

•Most Likely to Lose High School Diploma •Most Likely to to Burn Down a Smoothie Shop

Catherine Dabrowski

•Most Likely to Become a Baker •Funniest Laugh

Ari Disraeli

•Best Sense of Humor •Most Likely to Escape from Alcatraz

Sabah Dhanani

Tuesday, May 24 2011

David Bails

•Most Likely to Win a Video Game Tournament •Most Likely to be Late to Graduation

Kyle Brannon

•Most Likely to Find Atlantis •Most Likely to Become President

Erica Dallas

•Mrs. FHS •Most Likely to Work for a Fortune 500 Company

Collin Gibson

•Most Likely to Work at 7-11 •Most Likely to Lose Directions to Graduation

•Most Likely to Name Their Kids After Themselves •Most Likely to Own a Segway

Daniel Harper

Anne Lightner

•Most Likely to be a Government Employee •Most Likely to Become Mr. Mom

•Most Likely to be in a Film with Nick Cage •Most Likely to buy a Dollar

Ross Lovell

Miles Lyon

Megan Marshall

Caleb McCandless

•Most Likely toAppear on America’s Most Wanted •Most Likely to Forget Where You Parked

•Most Likely to Draw a Comic Book •Most Likely to Own too Many Cats

John McLaughlin

•Most Likely To Grow A Neck Beard •Most Likely To Name Your Kid “Cholly” •Most Likely To Brighten Your Day

•Class Jester •Most Influential

Taylor Proffer

•Most Likely to Steal a Diamond From a Mexican Cartel •Quietest Person with the Most “Tude”

•Most Likely to Carry Around a Satchel •Most Likely to Drive a Car Backwards

Alex Sauer

Torie Shelton

Tina Vint

Cory Free

•Most Likely To Appear On Broadway •Most Likely To Be In A Movie

•Most Likely to Become a Soccer Mom •Most Artistic

•Most Talkative •Most Likely To Break The Sound Barrier

•Most Likely To Survive Survivor •Most Likely To Kill A Bear

Bennett Updegraff •Mr. FHS •Most Likely to be Arrested

The Fairhill Talon Times Editor in Chief: Adam Neifach Photo Editor: Preston Sokol Staff Writers: Katie Gorman, Rickie Huang, Nick Orr, Emily Plunket, Neil Rickoff, Sam Wieland Advisor: Mrs. Karen Boozer

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