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Vaginismus Awareness - The First Step to a Cure By Karen Dunsky – Vaginismus has to do with the action of muscles in your vagina called the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles contract without your control with any penetration attempt to the vagina, be it a penis, a tampon or a medical instrument during a medical examination. If you are not aware of this reaction of the muscles, you feel the vagina tighten and you don't understand what is wrong. You get frustrated and feel pain with any repeated attempt of insertion to your vagina. Gaining control is the key to curing vaginismus. What you lack to "break" this pain feeling is the control over the action of these muscles. Once you develop awareness of the physical reaction your muscles have, you will be able to control these muscles and make them relax at your own command to allow pain free penetration. Awareness is a conscious feeling of your body and it can be concentrated to different parts of the body at a time by simply drawing your attention to a specific part of the body, in this case, your vaginal area. You focus on this area and try to feel the bodily sensations that arise from there. It is not easily done and requires training and guidance. One exercise I can give you to start developing awareness to the muscles in and around your vagina is by concentrating on the bodily sensations when you simply go next time to sit and urinate in the toilet. Urination is a natural process and it involves the initial relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles to start. It will allow you to feel the muscles effortlessly relax and prepare your focus for the next awareness exercises needed to defeat vaginismus. To learn about Karen's method to eliminate vaginismus in 60 days or less visit

Vaginismus Awareness - The First Step to a Cure  

How to take the first step to overcome vaginismus. Here is some good advice

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