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Constructing Environments Karen Dionisio-See Week 4


Activity: An Introduction to Working Drawings In this week’s tutorial, we were able to put ourselves into groups and choose the site we would be working on for the rest of the semester, which is the ERC Student Centre. We were given working drawings to find out the different features in the documents.


Key navigation to the drawing The general legend is to specify and understand the symbols in the drawings.

Drawing title Scale Date

Drawing Number

The general notes is for further referencing that may not be included in the plan

Architecture Firm


Client’s name


Constructing Environments Karen Dionisio-See Week 4

Dimensions (eg. 1055mm) Windows, doors, staircases, lifts Fittings & fixtures Use of space Links to details/ sections/ elevations Materials used


Grid, which are identified by letters

Referencing to other drawings (elevations, sections and details using symbols depending on what type they are

Writes down the floor level of the plan

Constructing Environments Karen Dionisio-See Week 4

Grid which states where this elevation is located in the plan

ELEVATION Words and phrases are used to describe what kind of material is used in the structure.

Dimensions of the building is seen at the side. (eg. 1000mm)

The elevation is the external side of a building or a part of the building. In this case, it is the student services hub elevation.

Constructing Environments


Karen Dionisio-See Week 4

The grid shows which part of the plan is this section located

The dimensions, unlike the elevation, is put in the inside of the drawings

Similar to the elevation, the materials are described through words

The section is a vertical cut through the building or the site. In the section, there is an overlap with other parts of the site.

Constructing Environments Karen Dionisio-See Week 4


This is a detailed section of the roof in the building. It shows a detailed construction of the structure compared to the ones in the elevation and section drawings

This detailed section is seen in the section drawing in the previous page.

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