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Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero Bishop and Martyr First Saint of the Catholic Church in El Salvador By Karen Elvira PeĂąate

Where was He Born? Oscar Arnulfo Romero Galdรกmez was born in Ciudad Barrios in San Miguel, El Salvador; in August 15, 1917

His First Steps in the Catholic Church He was 14 when he entered the Minor Seminary of San Miguel. He studied with the Jesuits until 1937. He was ordained as a priest on April 4, 1942.

The Begins of His Priest Life in El Salvador His first Church was in Anamorós, La Unión. Then Romero went to San Miguel for 20 year for did his pastoral Life.

The Begins of His Priest Life in El Salvador In 1970, He was name as Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvador. The day of His Monsignour Ordination he choose the watchword Feel with the church "Sentir con la Iglesia". On 70's the war in El Salvador began to get worst. The church began to be persecuted. In 1975, a terrible success denominated Las Tres Calles when a group of farmers was murder when they retorned to the mass

San Salvador Archbishop Little by little He was facing to the cruel reality of Social Injustice. On February 3th, 1977 was named San Salvador Archbishop. On March 12, 1977 His friend, Rutilio Grande was Murder for defending the poorest.

Romero's Legacy He began to report facts against people from both sides Following his denouncing attitude, Mgr Romero began to suffer an extremely overwhelming campaign against his archbishop's ministry. The "Persecuted Church in El Salvador" became a sign of life and martyrdom in the people of God.

His Last Homily

On March 23th 1980 He said: "In the name of God and this suffered people, I ask you, I beg you, I ORDER YOU in the name of God, STOP THE REPRESSION"

How was he died?

How was he died? On March 24, 1980 He was cowardly murdered when He celebrated the Eucharist in the Chapel of the Divine Providence Hospital. He was buried in the middle of shooting and intimidation on March 30, 1980.

Saint Romero of America

"Romero didn't live for himself but for his people like JesĂşs" Bishop Vincenzo Paglia

"If we want to change the world, we have to change the hearts of the people, just like Romero did.’" Bishop Vincenzo Paglia

Saint Romero of America On February 3rd, 2015 Pope Francis recognized His Martyrdom and He was BeatiďŹ cated on May 25, 2015. On October 14, 2018, Pope Francis ofďŹ ciated the canonization ceremony in Rome.

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Saint Romero of America  

biography of Oscar Arnulfo Romero

Saint Romero of America  

biography of Oscar Arnulfo Romero