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Brownstown Central Middle School

Volume 1 Issue 1 November 2011

Funding for New Technology Many students at B.C.M.S. have been told, from responsible teachers and staff, that it is very possible to be fully converted from textbooks to a new technology source by the time they are a few years into high school. Knowing this information has excited the majority of faculty and students and has stirred concerns and questions to the surface. In an interview with Ms. Ault, the library media center coordinator, she said, “ The purpose for changing to new technology in the future is because we feel we should be preparing students to be competitive with using new tools effectively.” The possible plan for paying for the devices is to have to pay a regular rental fee for at least three years and then it would be owned by the regular user after that. Even though the actual hardware is still to be determined because of the rapid change in technology, there is a possibility that the future may hold a laptop, net book, or a computer tablet for the one on one devices. One- on-one devices are devices that are given to individual students and aren't shared. For education the devices will provide students with skills such as being more self sufficient, (there will be) less repetition teaching methods, a higher comprehension rate, and will let the user have better critical thinking methods. These all will contribute to a better future for all of the students at Brownstown Central Middle School. By Emmitt

Class Clowns-How to handle their behavior. Every class has one. Their improper, exasperating, and disturbing etiquette annoys you. Maybe it's a murmured antic that captivates the students, or a spit wad smacking off an innocent face. You probably recognize this person as the class clown. Most of the behavior starts “Before class or when class gets boring,” says Lute. The only solution is to go with your urgent instinct: laugh.“This is a situation where a good sense of humor -- essential for a career in education -comes in handy.” according to the article Clowning Around by Edutopia. “Most of the jokes are immature,” replies Madison. They are only making these comments to gain attention and popularity from their friends and peers.“Acting out may be the only way this kid can garner peer acceptance.” according to Edutopia. This is why laughing may give them the small moment of fame in the classroom, just enough to shut them up the rest of the class time. Many authorities deal with these disruptive attitudes by simply ignoring them, or handing them a detention. Doing this won't make them stop. Most of them have already experienced enough detentions to be accustomed to them. Simply ignoring them just makes them angry, and they make their infuriating tactics even more aggressive. When asked if class clown's actions have anything to do with “at home” issues Riley responded, “Parents may teach them that is how they need to act towards people in order to be liked.” Some kids just need to be taught that's not how you act in public, and especially when somebody is speaking. “Most class clowns look at their friends when the class starts laughing,” says Blake. This goes to show that they only want to impress people. So when the “clown” starts their badgering routines, take a deep breath and use some of the advice that's been given to you. Laugh along with the class and tell them that's not how to act in public. By Kirsten

Football Injuries: Big Deal or Little Problem? Football is considered one of the hardest, toughest, and harshest sports in the world. Many middle school players suffer from football injuries every year. According to Pediatrics, 1,659 students were observed during two football seasons. Per 100 athlete exposures during total events (games plus practices), 1.5 suffered an injury. Football coach, Mike Brown, says, “We usually have around 5 players injured every season with the most common injury being concussions.” In football, 14% of injuries are considered serious (fracture, dislocation, concussion, etc.) That is more than baseball, softball, and soccer combined! One player who suffered a concussion this season, Cam Shoemaker, says, “Better padding and better, newer, more advanced helmets would really help protect future athletes because I got a concussion from just getting kneed in the back of the head, so its not that hard to get one.” Both Brown and Coach Tom Wischmeier say that they can't do any more to protect their players.. Jacob Bollinger who snapped his arm this season says, “More padding isn't going to protect athletes, there is always a possibility to break a bone.” Some students that don't play football believe that injuries aren't getting enough attention at the middle school level. When asked about this both Brown and Wischmeier said that they take the injuries seriously and that they get enough attention. When told this most players agreed with them. Football is definitely a rough sport and should never be played without wearing protective padding. Always follow your body's limits. Pushing yourself is a good thing, but pushing yourself too hard can be dangerous for your body and help further your chance for injury. By: Blake

Bullying at BCMS I bet you've seen a lot of elements lately about stopping bullying. You've seen it here at school on Channel One, you've maybe heard people talk about it, and eighth graders even had Jim come in to talk to them about stopping bullying. So you've most likely heard about bullying one way or another. After being filled with all this information about bullying, you most likely have made your own opinions about the concept. “Bullying can be a very serious issue, but most kids who are a bully see it as a joke,” Ms. Weisman said in reply of what she thinks of bullying in general. Mason McClure, an eighth grader, says bullying is a poor way to express your anger. With the bullying movement going on, you can see that bullying is a major issue in many schools around America. So is BCMS one of those schools? A student in eighth grade says, “There is not a whole lot of bullying in our school.” Ms. Weisman says, “ It happens, but I hope it's not at the same level as other schools.” Of all the people I interviewed nearly all of them agreed that most kids in our school get bullied in the halls, and that it's usually verbal bullying. The reason for this is because the kids can get away with it in the halls. Also, all the students said they have seen someone getting bullied at our school, But almost all of them said they never put a stop to it. I also asked in my interview if they thought there was more our school could be doing to stop bullying from happening. All the students said no. Ms. Weisman thought the school could provide more education about it. My last question I asked was, why is it so hard to get bullying to stop? Some people said it's because the bully keeps the victim quiet, others said it's because the victim won't stand up to the bully. People also said its because the bystanders don't do anything about it, and that it's too hard to control kid's actions. From all the information I have gathered, I have concluded that bullying is obviously wrong and can be a serious issue. Bullying does go on at BCMS and we need to keep doing our best to stop it. So from all of this, how do you feel about bullying at BCMS? By: Kent

Common Sports Injuries Have you ever been exercising and something just hurts or doesn't feel right? Small sports injuries often happen, and your injury was probably a commonly occurring one. According to multiple websites such as Common Sports Injuries, some of the sports injuries that happen most often are muscle strains, muscle pulls, and shoulder injuries. These injuries are minor, but can cause problems if not handled properly. These common injuries can be easily prevented. Before exercising, it is important to have a whole body warmup. You need to get blood traveling to everywhere in your body. This will make your body move and bend easier and will bring down the chance of injury. It is also important to stretch after you do your warmup. This will also make your body move easier and get your blood circulating. These two steps will get your body ready for more tough exercise. According to The New York Times, If you do get a minor sports injury, maybe one listed above, you should follow P.R.I.C.E. This is an easy to remember acronym that reminds you the steps to treat an injury: Protect the injury from getting injured even more, Rest your whole body after getting injured, Ice the area of the injury (a towel should be placed between the ice and the skin), Compress- wrap a bandage or towel securely at the injured sport on the body, and Elevate- lift the injured arm or leg above your body to bring down swelling. Following R.I.C.E will help reduce both the pain and swelling of an injury. Even though these minor injuries are not very serious, no one wants to get injured. Any injury is something to take seriously. If you follow all these steps, these common sports injuries can be quickly treated or even prevented. These procedures can keep you off of the sideline and keep you in the game

By: Tyler

Advantages and Disadvantages to Online Courses in BCMS Technology is coming into BCMS! Teachers have given middle school students lessons in BCMS online courses such as Moodle. There are definitely some advantages to online courses. The online courses help BCMS students by letting them work at their own pace. Many BCMS students are more interested in computers. One BCMS student said, “I like the online courses we have.” Other BCMS students like the online courses better than regular classrooms. Online courses can be a little confusing and also has its disadvantages. Some BCMS students do not look forward to having online courses. A BCMS eighth grader I talked to said, “It is so much more complicated and I would rather learn in the classroom.” With online courses, you must have a computer for each student, and sometimes there are not enough. Every once in a while, BCMS can have power outages. This is bad since you need power to run the computers. BCMS has changed a lot from online courses. Whether you learn at school from a computer or a teacher, you gain knowledge by going to school. Having online courses are one of the ways BCMS students learn. By: Maya

Bullying or Teasing, Is There a Difference?

Why Do We Wear This? What you wear to school can affect your school work n more than most people think. It can also affect how other people treat you. Casual days, lazy days, and dress up days are dome styles we wear every week. The sports you play could also have a role in what you wear to school. On game days a lot of teams wear khakis, a nice shirt, and some nice shoes, the team chooses what they wear on that day. The majority of the week, students wear their casual outfit, consisting of a tee- shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Then there are the lazy days: sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Friends can have a huge role in what you wear. “If my friends wear something that I like, I would want to buy it,” said Kirsten when I asked her if her friends had an effect on what she wears. You might think that girls buy their clothing because their friends like it or they have the same thing, sometimes that could be the case but others it might not. Do you buy your clothes because your friends have those same clothes? This is what Hannah said to that question, “Sometimes I might buy something that my friend likes but I like it too, I buy clothes because I like it not because everyone else has it.” The price tag on all those name brand clothes can seriously have an affect on what you wear. Some kids are lucky enough to have their parents buy their clothes but others might not. Most parents buy what their children need but the student buys extra clothes that they want. Students like to buy expensive name brand clothes but that is extra money coming out of their pockets. That's when you buy name brand clothes on sale. Not all students buy brand name clothes. Most parents buy their children clothes. Peers, friends, and family can influence what you wear. As you can see fashion can affect you everyday! In the morning when you get out your clothes for the day, remember that people everywhere are looking at you and they can either judge you badly or in a good way! By: Madison

A lot people like to say that teasing is just a joke, but teasing can hurt other people just like bullying can. After taking a survey from one class in each grade level, 41% of the kids said that they have been bullied. Sixty-nine percent of the kids said that they have been teased, and in many of the cases the ones that had been bullied had also been teased. Most of the kids who said they had been both teased and bullied said that there was a difference and that teasing was not as bad, but some of the kids said that bullying and teasing are the same because they both hurt the victim. According to the state law, bullying is repeated acts or gestures to give the bully the power to be recognized. Teasing is just a one time thing, mostly between friends; however, it is still mean and inappropriate. Teasing with friends often leads to bullying. According to principal Mr. Greg Walker, most bullying starts with gossiping and rumors between friends. However, anyone can be a bully, even adults. People like to think that bullying will eventually go away, but this is a nation wide problem and will always be around. Both bullying and teasing are hurtful. As far as a difference in how the victim feels, it depends on their self-esteem. For example, if someone with a high self-esteem gets a one time remark from their friends they might laugh along. However, if someone with a low self-esteem gets the same remark, they might think their friends are making fun of them. Either way it needs to be controlled. The assistant principal, Mr. Mike Kelly, said, “The best advice I can give about bullying and teasing is to be mindful about what you say, be a listener for bullying in the hallways, and don't be afraid to report things to the office.” Bullying and teasing need to be controlled in our school and the nation. By: Hannah


Indiana statewide testing for education progress or (I-STEP) is a very important part of school for our Brownstown Central Middle School. We have certain things we do to help improve I-STEP scores. During I-STEP in the morning we give the students breakfast. Studies show that students who eat breakfast can think better and can preform better. Not all schools give students breakfast around Southern Indiana. Do you think this is one reason we have some of the highest I-STEP scores around Southern Indiana? I interviewed a few teachers and a Language Arts teacher and when asked about breakfast helping students in ISTEP, this teacher stated, “ Breakfast is an important meal of the day and with out it you wouldn't be able think as clearly. So I think students do do better.” She prepares students for I-STEP by talking about confidence so that all students are confident, she reads and does I-STEP practice questions in her class, and The class goes over the state standards. In Language Arts, there were 345 students that were tested at BCMS. The percent of passing I-STEP test scores from BCMS middle school was 78 percent. In math the number of students that were tested was 347. The percent of the students that passed were 82.4 percent. Those were pretty good scores based on the state standards.

Students Interacting In Clubs Clubs are an important part of school. They let you participate in other extra curricular activities other than sports. Clubs may help you find something you are interested in, so you can find a career that you love doing. Friends are easily found in clubs. Clubs help teach you leadership skills. Clubs also have competitions and contests to challenge your abilities and have fun while doing it. When abrupt clubs meet? “Clubs should be meeting during lunch or tribe because people might have things to do after school,” said Kirsten Acker. Students in clubs should be able to express themselves. Why can't students make up their own clubs? “The problem with that would be time,” said Mrs. Davidson. “The students would be disorganized if an someone in the group didn't step up and take charge,”said Mrs. Davidson. “I think it would be a very good idea to try in the future,” said Mrs. Davidson. BCMS has activities that are similar to clubs like; Spell Bowl, Year Book, Newspaper Staff, Super Bowl, Student Council, and Destination Imagination. What new clubs would you like to see at BCMS? Lute Lahrman said, “I would like to see a chess club.” My classmate said, “that BCMS should have a religion or drug awareness club like the high school.” If you are looking for something to do, then join one of our clubs. BY RileY

Something the entire school does are constructed response, extended response, and ISTEP questions or I-STEP packets. These seem to be helping the students with I-STEP scores based on the scores. The ways BCMS prepares seem to working, however in the year 2014 BCMS won't be taking I-STEP. The state will change the way they test the students knowledge. It will be interesting to see what they will do and how BCMS will prepare for the new tests. By Zach

Homework Intervention Plan Homework, some kids fret at the sound of it, some try as hard as they can, but a certain few refuse to do it. BCMS has thought of an idea to try to end that though. A group of six teachers, (two from each grade) thought of the idea for a homework plan in the spring of the 2010-2011 school year. They named the plan HIP, which stands for Homework Intervention Plan. In the summer the teachers sent it into our new principal, Mr. Walker. Walker approved HIP in hope that it may help with standardized test scores, and overall grades of students in the school. The HIP program has three different levels. To get into HIP in the first place you have to be off level in three subjects or have 7 missing or incomplete assignments. With the first level you can't go to morning gym before school, at lunch, or for intramurals. You stay on HIP until you get under the required amount of assignments missing or incomplete. If a student continues to stay on for another review level they step up to the second level. In the second level then the student must stay after school on Thursday's and Friday's until 4:30. If the student stays on for another review level then they must go in front of the principal for the principal to decide a penalty. Out of the students I interviewed, many thought that it wouldn't affect them. They also thought that it wouldn't really make a difference in the idea of doing homework to many kids since we already had the level system. I, however, thought that even though it may not effect me (since it took seven missing or incomplete homework assignments to get to the first level) that it was a good idea for discipline to students who don't finish their homework on a regular basis. When I interviewed a student who was in the HIP program said, “I will try to get my homework done, but I think it's a [want] to do something that keeps me from doing it.” The student that was interviewed thought that the new HIP program really did help because of the way that it keeps them away from hanging out in the gym with friends. They also said that they have seen a little improvement on grades but they feel like they are doing better, and that they think it will really help them on their ISTEP scores. The teacher that I spoke to me said, “We figured that a new program that forced kids to do their homework would help their grades and their ISTEP scores, since in the future our funding will be dependent on our ISTEP scores, it's important that each student does well.” The teacher also thought that it would make students think differently about school after they see that doing their homework isn't that hard, and that it will really improve their grades. Although my opinion and everybody's opinion varied, it seemed that we all agreed on one thing. That thing is that the grades of the school will improve from the HIP program being put into action. Most of us even agreed that the grades would be improved partially because the HIP students would be forced to do their work and partially because since they're forced to do their homework and partially because they will realize that they should listen and learn something from the teacher. Even though some kids might still fret at homework, BCMS may have found a solution to homework problems, and hopefully more schools from all around will follow to help kids learn more, get better standardized test scores, get better grades, and get along in school better. By: Conner

Tennis 2011 This year, for the second season in a row, the boys tennis team was again undefeated. Tennis player, Lute Lahrman said, “Although it was hard work, our team dominated.” Lahrman also said, “The eighth grade contributed the most to the team considering that every points player was an eighth grader.” When asked if he had expected the team to have a second undefeated season this year, Lahrman said that he knew that a lot of us would be good and since there were only a few eighth graders last year, a lot was expected. Eleven matches were played this year including matches against many bigger schools. Athletic Director, Mr. Kelly said, “Coach Weisman is doing an outstanding job with both the boys and girls teams.” He says that a huge part of the success is the support of the team. Kelley also stated that even though we take a bus to away matches, many parents still go to the matches. The team consisted of sixteen players this year, including points, players Riley Carlin, Kent Criminger, Cole Brock, Lute Lahrman, Mason McClure, Devon Pruett, and Trenton Rogers. Since all of the points players were eighth graders this year, Coach Weisman agreed that the team had almost twice as many eighth graders this year compared to last year. She said that, “Even though I wouldn't call it a fault, the biggest problem at the end of the season was keeping our intensity up.” Carlin put it this way, “The eighth grade led the team. I expected an undefeated season because I knew we had all improved our game over the off season.” Probably the biggest way the boys improved was by playing over the summer. Carlin said that the singles players had a lot of competition, but our skill level was still higher than other teams. However, without the doubles teams we wouldn't have gone undefeated. Doubles points player Mason McClure said that the communication of the doubles teams was far more important than the skill of the teams. “Our experience was much higher than other teams this year.” Kent Criminger, singles points player, said that he thought our skill level was definitely high enough to go undefeated. “The eighth grade contributed the most and led the team to victory.” All of the players that were surveyed agreed that experience was a big part of the undefeated season this year. The practice and hard work of the eighth grade helped us win. There were several close matches, such as St. Vincent, but still a lot is expected for the high school team in 2012. By: Cole

School Lunches I'm sure all of us here at the middle school at some point in our career have wondered how our lunches have come around. I interviewed one of our cooks to answer that frequently asked question. One of the biggest questions I always ask is how the hamburger patty is made. It turns out the patty isn't even completely hamburger. The “hamburger� is actually soy beef. The beef they serve in chili is beef, but not in hamburgers. I also have wondered how fresh the fruit is in the bowls you can buy as a side. Some of the fruit is fresh, but others are canned fruits. I also learned that the frozen food stored is usually only kept for one week maximum. Trucks bring frozen foods week by week, so the cooks try to only purchase enough food for that week.. The nation has actively attempted to make school lunches healthier. That arose my suspicions of the quality of our school lunches. It turns out the cooks do not keep track of the calorie content, but they do keep track of the fat content in the foods they serve, including the big cookies' fat content. The cooks also revealed to me that they only kept cooked foods for a maximum of one day. The last question I asked the cooks is what sanitary precautions they take while preparing foods. They replied, saying they washed the eating utensils after every use, used gloves and hair nets, and kept foods separated while cooking them, preventing cross contamination. That means they prepare things such as salads in one place and something like hamburgers in another place. I learned many things about our school lunches here at the middle school. I was surprised to learn of the contents of the hamburgers, but I was also happy to learn that the cooks don't try to keep the foods longer then they are good for. I think we have wrongly slandered the cooks for trying the best they can at preparing our lunches here at the Middle School. By: Mason

Snow Days: How the Decision is Made The majority of students like snow days. Some students do not like them because they extend the school year if the school goes over the number of built in snow days for the year. Making the decision whether or not to cancel school is tough. Our superintendent, Mr. Bane, was nice enough to let me interview him about what he goes through to make this difficult decision. Here is what school administrators do to try and make the best decision possible. Bane goes out to see what condition the roads are in with Mr. Rochner and Mrs. Rumph. They all go separate routes and usually start at four o' clock in the morning. They check to see how slick the roads are and if the highway department is making progress. They take many things into consideration before making the decision. Bane, Rumph, and Rochner also think about the road conditions and many weather forecasts. Safety is the top priority in making the decision. Bane, Rumph, and Rochner also think about the students in the high school that drive on the slick roads. Bane makes more choices than just close or have school on schedule. The possible options are: a two hour delay or release students two hours early from school. Once they have made the choice, Bane, Rumph, and Rochner call several radio and television stations to get the word out. There is also a phone chain for employees. The buses go out on routes picking up students as early as six thirty. Bane wants to make the decision by at least six o' clock. Bane does not get very many complaints about the choice. The majority of people understand that the safety of students and faculty is the corporation’s top priority. If they are going to make a mistake, they are going to make it for safety for all students. The decision made is based on students of all areas. By: John

The Use of Moodle @ BCMS Did you know that approximately 77% of 65 students prefer Moodle over traditional pencil and paper work? Moodle is commonly used as a teaching tool and a valuable resource at BCMS. Moodle it is an online website, composed of several online courses. These courses allow you to use modern technology and methods to learn more about specific subjects. Moodle users may know that they can use Moodle to take Spelling and Vocabulary Tests. Although, it might be unknown that you can create these tests, and post discussion topics and forums about Young Hoosier Books, all on Moodle. I soon came to wonder if the use of Moodle, here, at BCMS would improve the grades of students. Therefore, I recently conducted a survey that included 65 students, which was 19 students in Mr. Lanier's 6-7 period class, 8 students in Mr. Allman's 2nd period class, 20 and 18 students in Mrs. Rieckers’ 5th period and 8th period class. I also surveyed all of these teachers and Ms. Weisman, who has used Moodle the previous year. Afterward, I tallied the surveys and calculated the results for a grand total. I gathered much data from this survey. Mostly it consisted of statistics. The statistics conclude that about 75% of the 65 students surveyed thought that using Moodle improved their own grades, and 77% of them thought using it improved their classmates’ grades. Approximately 25% of these students also thought that using Moodle was more stressful and harder work than paper and pencil projects off of the computer. Finally, around 77% of them liked using Moodle, and around 22% didn't. I was also able to gather many statistics from some BCMS teachers. Based of the results of these 5 teachers, Mrs. Rieckers counts as two for two class periods, 80% of them say that their students’ grades are improving from the use of Moodle, and 60% of them say that is superior to previous teaching methods. 60% of them also say that it is more time consuming. Mrs. Rieckers said that it is sometimes more time consuming, depending on what is being done, and Ms. Weisman said that it is more time consuming to set up, but after that it wasn’t more time consuming. 100% of the surveyed teachers said that they had never had any complaints from students, parents, or other teachers about problems on Moodle, and 80% of the surveyed teachers think that there are better ways to teach students about their subject, while using modern technology. I can conclude, from these results, that Moodle does help improve a students grades and the majority of them like and prefer Moodle. I also think that Moodle will become more widespread throughout BCMS, such as that more teachers might use Moodle, and that it can be introduced as early as 6th grade. Hopefully Moodle will become even a more valuable resource and teaching tool, here at BCMS, than before. By Trenton

Uniforms: Should We Wear One? Many schools wear uniforms because they believe the students behave and interact better. It also diminishes economic barriers between students. Uniforms could also give the students confidence to make new friends and ask questions during class. Students would have to wear different types of clothes. Boys would have to wear button-down shirts and ties, and girls would have to wear pleated skirts. You might even have to just wear a collared shirt. At Brownstown Central Middle School, only one eighth grade teacher said that we should have to wear uniforms. This teacher stated that “School is for learning, not a fashion show!” The other seven eighth grade teachers said no to having uniforms. They all said that students should be able to express themselves and that they liked variety. Schools believe that the risk of wearing uniforms is a a risk they are willing to take because it could create a better and healthier way of how the students interact. By: Jacoby

Texting in School: Why Not? Most adults would all agree that texting in school is wrong and horrible, but studies show that texting in school could be more of a good thing, students can text and ask each other questions on homework, use the calculator on their phones, or, if its a smart phone, students could use educational apps. Collier County schools are allowing students to text and use their phones during the school days. They are saying that their test scores are higher and students are happier, but it's all not just a walk in the park because some students will text friends about things other than schoolwork, and some will play games. Some schools just allow phones to be out in the halls or in the cafeteria, but put away in lockers when students are in class. I think it just depends on the teacher's and principal's opinions. Texting is the big thing in our generation, and it's here to stay. I interviewed some BCMS 8th grade students and some said it was okay to text in school to a certain extent. Others say it should be absolutely banned. A fellow BCMS 8th grade classmate said, “Its okay to text depending on what it's for. If it's for a personal problem that you don't want teachers to know about then its okay. There are some excuses.” I feel strongly that our school should try out what other schools are. By: Elizabeth.

Concussions in Football

Have you ever been to a choir concert? Well if you haven't the forty-five minutes to an hour show seems like a breeze. Well it's not. I interviewed Mrs. Willey, the choir director, and asked her what she must do to get ready for a choir concert. Some of the many things she must do to get ready for the show are meeting with Mr. Kelly and she gave him a high school and middle school sports schedule. They find the dates for the shows that don't conflict with the games and most shows are between sports season. I asked Mrs. Willey if she comes up with the dances on her own for each song and she said; “No, I go to a summer camp and decide in the summer what I'm going to do for the whole school year.” She also said students give her great ideas for the dance moves. Other preparations for the show include Mrs. Willey staying after school figuring out how to organize and put together dance moves. There are also piano and sometimes dance rehearsals after school, while the classroom is used for learning the music. Next, I interviewed Mason McClure, who was playing the piano in the fall show that was October 25. When I asked him what he does to prepare for the show he said, “I participate in class and practice one hour every day and on weekends I practice thirty minutes. I also interviewed Katie Turner, who was one of the soloists for the fall show and when I asked her how she gets ready for the show she said, “I practice in class.” Now you know all the hard work it takes to make this choir concert successful. By: Kayla

Did you know that 47% of high school students get a concussion in the game of football. Most of them are a repeat of the same person getting it again. I have gotten a concussion myself and they are not fun at all. I know another person who has gotten a concussion and so they can happen everywhere. Some doctors say that a concussion is when you get hit hard your brain jolts back or forward (the way you get hit). The brain hits the skull causing traumatic brain injury. You may not black out to get a concussion, if you hit your head hard enough it could happen. Some of the symptoms include not thinking clearly, feeling slowed down, not concentrated, not able to remember new information, headache, nausea, and dizziness. I did some research on the best helmet you could buy for your most safety when you play the game of football that helmet is Riddell 360 Helmet is the top safety helmet for football. Virginia Tech did a safety test and that was the top safety helmet, but it comes at a hefty price of 419.99$. Our high school football team is doing a lot to protect our players from getting hurt. Coach Jerry Brown one of the high school coaches, agreed to answer some of the questions about concussions. I asked him what you think of concussions? He said not good, and is permanent. Then I asked you think we are taking precautions on concussions? He said yes, with equipment and technique with keeping head up. My final question is what have we done to prevent concussions? With special helmets(Riddell Revo Speed)and education on to prevent concussions.

By Cam


Volume 1 Issue 1


Volume 1 Issue 1