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Factors that Determine Senior Life Insurance Products Most insurance companies sell senior life insurance for people less than 50 years of age. This is because of the misconceptions that death risks increases a lot for people who are over 60. On the other hand, companies who offer life covers to seniors above sixty years old often do so with high premium rates. However, all hope is not lost. If you are a senior above sixty or you are an individual looking to insure your parents and grandparents in their golden years you can find an affordable senior life insurance. Pay attention to the following factors:

Health Matters More insurance companies pay close attention to the health risks. You can reduce your monthly premium significantly if you can prove that you are healthy. Sadly, many older people suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis. This does not mean you don’t qualify to be covered. But

insurance companies will classify you as high risk individual and charge you high premium rates. Luckily, you can still improve your health no matter how old you are. Before you approach insurance companies for cover do something to improve your healthy. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can result in a positive medical examination feedback that can see your premium rates being cut in half. If You are Looking For term life insurance for seniors Log On To Habits

People who smoke and drink alcohol are regarded as high risk by insurance companies. Tweak your life style a little to insure that you qualify for lower premiums. If you cannot do this independently, seek professional help. Insurance companies look for things like body weight and take blood tests in order to rate applicants. If you have unhealthy habits and suffer from a chronic illness, don’t give up hope. Compare insurance prices on the

internet to see which company offers affordable senior life insurance for high risk individuals.

Factors that Determine Senior Life Insurance Products