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El DĂ­a Los Muertos

Brittany Shepherd & Karena Karnes

Margarita lays down her daughter Jade and tells her about El Dias Los Muertos, the day of the dead.

“What is day of the dead” asked Jade? “Day of the dead is a day to celebrate when your lost loved ones come back to earth” explains Margarita.


Day of the dead starts on November 1st, on this day they celebrate the children!


November 2nd is the day they honor the adults.


El dia los muertos, the day of the dead takes place all over Latin American countries. Most Hispanic speaking countries count this as a very important holiday!

Momma Margarita was almost done with her story. Jade stopped her before she was done, and said she still wanted to know more! Jade asked “How do you celebrate Day Of The Dead?

Momma Margarita got so excited! “Great question” she said with a HUGE smile on her face!


Day of the dead is celebrated many ways! Most people throw a huge fiesta with all their relatives and close friends!!


Most people decorate ofrendas, offerings! They decorate them in white table clothes and papel picado, tissue paper! The ofrendas, offerings usually have more than one layer! The top layer is usually set with candles, which are set next to images of the saints.

The also make a ton of food. They like to make pan de muerto, a very popular dish. They decorate and make skull candies as well.

“WOW, I learned so much tonight about El Dia los muertos, day of the dead!” says Jade. “Good, mi hija, my daughter.” Buenos Noches Momma, good night mom.” “Buenos Noches, good night, Jade.”

El Dia Los Muertos  

Spanish story