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By: Karen Abril Robles Uribe - 509

 This

is a collection of compositions that I created during this school year. So far, I have written five compositions.  The first one was on September. I have learned how to describe a Friend and  The second one was on October. I have also described a restaurant in my country and what we eat.  The third one was on October. I have practiced how to write a review of a book.  The fourth one was on November.  The fifth one was on December. In the 2 last compositions, I’ve practiced the formal e-mail and hot to write it.

 Writing

helps me practice English to learn the vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and how to communicate in writing.  I think what these activities are very helpful. Is one form to learn English easy!  I hope that this book is of his pleasure.




Individual & Society.



Eating & Drinking.




Art & Music.


Hopes & Fears.


Work & Leisure.



The description of my friend.


My favorite restaurant.


The Review of one of my favorites books.


E-mail and reply.


E-mail in reply to the advertisement.


My best friend is Edith. She’s 15 years old. She likes to watch the moon and trees, read a lot of books, walk in the park in the afternoons, listening to music and surf in the net. She is very outgoing, honest, beautiful and she’s adorable! Also, she is very lazy! she doesn’t like practice any sport. She has dark brown eyes and brown short hair. She isn’t very tall but is thin. She studies in the High School 1 “Gabino Barreda” in the group 506, so we are separated. I love her!!

I don’t have a favorite restaurant, but one of my favorite places is the “Italianni’s”. It has Italian food and my favorite dish is the pizza of pepperoni, it’s very delicious! The restaurant has a lot of wine and the food is very tasty, too. The location of this place is on Patriotismo. The staff is very kind and friendly and the decoration is beautiful. I love it!

Lament The Faerie Queen's deception.

This is the story of Deirdre Monaghan, a girl with a fantastic talent for music. Unexpectedly a mysticism boy arrived her life and the love is born between them. But, this boy feel the same love what Deirdre? Is a real love or more that a simple summer romance? The novel is a passionate love story with science-fiction in an amazing level. Maggie Stiefvater creates a beautiful story.

Dear Jessica How are you? I hope you are fine. I am writing about the conference for the next weekend in Brazil. I’m going to arrive by train approx. At 10 in the morning and after I am going to take a taxi to the conference center to meet Anna at reception desk, that’s right? But is half past ten a good time? Or does she want another time? Well, I believe that the conference will last between 1.5 to 2 hours and I’m going to be there for 4 days. After, I’ll arrive by plane to Mexico in the afternoon.

Without anything else for the moment, I only give you my mobile number so you can call if you’re late or have problems ok? Is 55 21 81 57 28. Yours, Abril

Hello Abril I’m Ok, thank you and you? I hope you're very good, too. All yours plans are very well for me. I told with Anna to confirm them and she agrees with you. She will meet you at 10:30 AM. I hope you could stay more days in Brazil to be able to show you the most famous places in the city. Here is my mobile number if you have any question: 55 32 44 71 76. See you soon. Bye for now, Jessica

Dear Ellis, I hope you are fine. my name is Karen and I’m 20 years old. i want to participate in this sporting event and I am available in July.

I have been in a soccer competition and at a volleyball international event. I’ve also been in a lot of tickets sales and i have experience with this. I’m very outgoing and I hope that you contact me to know more information about the event.

Yours, Karen

My compositions  
My compositions