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SEMESTRE “B” “Ingles”

Instituto De Investigación Y Enseñanza Iberoamericano “Portafolio Digital” Ana Karen Otero Chávez 1ro “A” Laura Verónica Briones Lima Siclo Escolar 2013-2014

Set 1 Daily Routines

“Months of the year” January come the Magi

Spring arrives in March

May mother’s day

February month of love

April month of children

Father's Day in June

July holidays arrive

Homeland month September

Day of the Dead

August Back to School



“Stations” Spring




Set 2 Daily Routines

“Recreation Center”

Set 3 “Likes and Dislikes”

Likes and Dislikes I like pandits

I like Rap

I like palettes

I like Rock

I like reading books

Don’t Like Cumbia

Don’t Like Brocoli

Don’t Like Getting Up Early

Don’t Like Lies

Don’t Like The Abuse

Set 4 Can/Can’t

I can eat ice cream

I can eat pandits

I can jump

I can listen to music

I can sleep

I can’t run

I can’t eat many sweets

I can’t fly

I can’t cook

I can’t speak good English

Ingles cx  
Ingles cx