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I considered myself as a creative person with the ability to adapt to different forms of work and areas of industrial design. With the necessary ability to speed up the design process through the use of my learned skills of strategic design thinking, that will benefit both, the final consumer as the design itself.

Bachelor of Industrial design ITESM Campus Monterrey Monterrey, Mexico. 2007-2011

I’m always ready for new challenges.

COURSES Lighting design. 2010

Design for me is the best way to express myself and transmit the feelings and thoughts that comes to my mind on the creative process.

Internship of Industrial design LDM Lorenzo di Medici Florence, Italy. 2010

Product visualization and rendering. 2013

I was born in Mexico LANGUAGES Spanish ***** English ***** Italian *** SOFTWARES   Autodesk Inventor Autodesk Alias Autodesk Autocad Autodesk 3D Max Autodesk Showcase Autodesk Sketchbook Pro Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator V-Ray Rendering Freehand Sketchup

PARTICIPATIONS “Diseño Eficaz” Contest Alen Mexico Monterrey, Mexico. May 2009 Redesign the bottle of “Eficaz”; one of the three market leaders in dishwashing liquids in the northern region.   “Design Avenue. A Path to Meaningful Innovation” ICSID InterdesignMonterrey, Mexico.Oct 2009 Intensive two-week long workshops where seasoned and young design professionals from around the world gather to work collaboratively to propose global solutions to regional problems of international significance.

EXPERIENCE Interior and web page designer Lapson México Monterrey, México. Jan-Aug 2011 Redesign of the interior space and furniture of the work office, based on wood and materials that allow the optimum economic development of all areas of the company Advice in the area of graphic design, marketing and the organization of the Internet advertising Industrial Designer and sales consultant Alvazi Monterrey, México. Ago 2012- Present Advising clients regarding to the desire design, according to the current space, decoration and distribution of the area. Introduction of a new brand concept of furniture and interior design objects.  



A concept design inspired in the turtle’s shell and the moon, which is reflected not

only on the materials at first sight but also in its operation system, the amount of light and shapes projection depending on its phase.

The lamp will give direct light on the front (white part) and will reflect indirect light behind, creating an appearance of the moon in its different phases. The amount of direct light given depends on the position on the outside part because it can be open and closed. When closed, only a shape of a circle will be show.

What about materials?

Diffuser in white satin polyethylene Tortoise plastic

What about the type of light?

Halogen bulb incandescent light wattage75 W voltage 12 volt color rendering 100% higher effective color temperature (3000 k)

Multi shelves that can be moved and adapted in different positions and distances between them to increase the functionality according to customer needs.


project with a real client that consisted in design, manufacture and distribute quality furniture that exceeds the expectations of their customers, giving an added value to their new products. To create a sense of modernity and simplicity, the product is made from wood and glass shelves with height regulation system, common materials that produce to the user a sensation of simplicity in addition with the lacquered finish that transmit the feel of a contemporary product.

Height regula,on  system  inside  the  shell  

A device to generate a way never before experienced of

music to incorporate home entertainment through the use of leading technology and a user-abstract reality.

See your  music!  

Opens the container to activate and remove the ¨balls of music¨ Balls are placed on a flat surface and begin to move according to the desire of the person, creating music The balls received signals from motion, acceleration, pressure, that are send to the base to generate music, communicating at the same time with each other to mix the created sounds. A light is projected depending on the mixed sounds generated to be able to ¨see¨ your music.

To turn off the device, put the balls inside the shell and the ON/OFF button turns red.

How is possible? The production of the sounds is possible through the implementation of MEMs (microelectromechanical systems) that are able to detect movement, pressure, temperature changes, optical signs. Basically, they can detect your mood and play the sounds on a determinate frequency to produce pleasurable sensations. The vision of the music is possible through an advanced technology called DLP (Digital Light Processing.)      

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