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The Opportunity Could RALLY be good for you and your brand? A great opportunity looms for a national advertiser or manufacturer in search of a new platform.

Rally has been running on Canada's back roads for over 60 years, non-stop, under the auspice of the Canadian Association of Rallysport, making it the longest running motorsport series in Canada. In the early days, the rally championship was based on a navigational (also called time-speed-distance or TSD) rally series. As the sport gradually changed and adopted the European "stage" format, performance rallying became part of the Canadian motorsport picture. As opposed to TSD rallies, where competitors are required to follow the organizer's schedule, travel below posted speed limits and otherwise adhere to the rules of the public roads they are traveling on, performance rallies incorporate high speed "special stages" on roads closed to vehicles other than the rally cars, which must be specially prepared with full safety equipment. In 1973, the Canadian Rally Championship became based solely on stage rallies. In February 2018, a young and up-coming driver, son of a well-known driver on top of it, has taken by storm the Canadian rally scene by winning the first race of the season. His name is Karel CarrĂŠ. He is described as the future star of Canadian rally. And the stars seem to be aligned for him in 2018 and beyond. Rally in Canada offers great opportunities to a manufacturer, as well as to any national advertiser, with fans, participants and viewers at the four corners of the country. Further are the broad stroke elements of a partnership or sponsorship project the CarrĂŠ clan believe would be of interest to your company. As they prepare for their 2019 season (starting in February 2019), Karel, his father Bruno and their business agent, Robert Desrosiers, are canvassing tier one prospects to explain how rally could be a great fit for their organization and an asset to their brand. What are your brand objectives? Ask us how we can work to achieve them, with you.

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THE CANADIAN RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP The CRC on TV • The seven episodes of the CRC are aired in Canada on TSN in English and RDS in French • A few weeks after the premiere airing on TV the episode is posted to the CARSRallyTV YouTube channel • The 7 episodes receive approx. 70 airings on TSN & RDS • The views are taken from the Neilson ratings provided by the broadcaster

The Canadian Rally Championship (CRC) is Canada's top tier performance rally series, consisting of seven events spread out across the country, in a season that extends from February to November. All national level events are broadcast nationally in English on TSN and in French on RDS, as well as internationally in over 89 other countries. The series is presented by Subaru Canada, supported by Yokohama Tire Canada and features a contingency program from Subaru Canada. The Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS) is the official sanctioning body for rallying in Canada. The CRC is based out of Turner Valley, AB, near Calgary.

It is fair to say that close to 2,011,000 people have viewed the broadcast or some of its segments on TV or on the CRC Facebook pages last season. Close to 55,000 unique subscribers or followers , tuned in on the various CRC social media platforms throughout the 2017 season.

The Canadian Rally Championship consists of the Overall Driver's and Co-Driver's Championships, the Overall 2WD Driver's and Co-Driver's, the Production 4WD Driver's and Co-Driver's Championship and the Production 2WD Driver's and Co-Driver's Championship. There are also awards presented to the top women competing in the sport, and top Novice Driver.

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KAREL CARRÉ Karel CarrÊ is a 25 year old Montrealer who began driving rally cars in 2014, yet in reality he has been immersed in rally life for as long as he can remember since his father, Bruno, has been driving for over 20 years himself. Now that his son has developed a taste and a talent for the sport, the father is now testing cars for his son, unless, of course, a special opportunity comes up. In February, Karel and his co-pilot Samuel Joyal , had the thrill to race against their respective fathers - in the same position as them - in a similarly prepared car as theirs. A real head to head fathers vs sons, which made for a great weekend and an easy headline. In 2014, Karel began modestly in the QuÊbec Rally Championship where he finished 3rd overall in the championship. In 2015, back into the Quebec championship, he exchanged several times the top position of the cham-


pionship to lose it to a 20 year veteran at the tail end of the season, finishing 2nd overall. But that was not all. Karel managed to participate in two races part of the Canadian championship during that same year, securing two podiums that enabled him to finish 3rd overall in the national championship. That is when the milieu started talking of him as one of the most promising drivers in Canada. 2016 was a slow year for Karel with only one race on his schedule since he decided to buy a more powerful and performing car which required most of his time. Despite the new car, 2017 brought its load of technical issues which hampered the team's success and finally forced Karel to look for another garage to prep his car.

THE MAN BEHIND THE WHEEL Came 2018 with a new prep team in tow. The results were immediate. Karel and his co-pilot Samuel Joyal won the Rallye Perce-Neige in Maniwaki in February. His next race is in late May in Invermere, British Columbia. 2014 6 rallies, 3 podiums Two 2nd place and one 1st place 2015 7 rallies, 6 podiums One 3rd place, three 2nd place, one 1st place 2016 1 rally, no podium 2017 3 rallies, 1 podium One 3rd place 2018 1 rally to date, 1 podium 1st place


VOLKSWAGEN ON THE WORLD RALLY SCENE Meanwhile, back in Canada Volkswagen is no stranger to the success of the Canadian Rally Championship and its record book, but contrary to its WRC counterpart, the hay days for VW on the Canadian rally scene dates back to the debut of rally in Canada in 1957.

Volkswagen has made its name in the World Rally Championship scene, and more so than ever in its second foray on the WRC as a manufacturer, from 2013 to 2016. In these four years, Volkswagen won 43 of the 53 rallies it entered, providing the Hannover, Germany , motorsport group four consecutive world driver championships, with French driver SĂŠbastien Ogier, and four manufacturers championships with the VW Polo R WRC.

According to available records, Volkswagens has won five of the first seven manufacturers' title between 1957 and 1968 (5 years have no record of the winning manufacturer).

No supremacy was ever so clear cut than during those four years. That period was the climax of Volkswagen's involvement in WRC, which began in 1978 with various specs of the VW Golf. Then was the Dakar Rally period from 2003 to 2011 which saw Volkswagen win three times the iconic race. In 2017 tough, considering that the sport was undergoing an overhaul of the technical regulations for its 2017 season, Volkswagen decided to withdraw from the sport and to reorient its presence in rally through a customer-oriented approach and providing Polo rally cars built to R5 group specs, to interested privateers. Photos: /

With the debut of the Polo GTI R5 for customer sport in October 2018 in Spain, an up-coming Canadian rally hopeful is knocking at the door to seek support from Volkswagen for its 2019 season.

Sources: Wikipedia / Volkswagen Polo R WRC Canadian Rally Championship

Like father, like son, Karel CarrĂŠ is following his father's steps, himself a long time and successful rally driver on the Canadian stage.


Winner of the first Canadian Rally Championship race (Le Perce-Neige) in February 2018, Karel is determined to pursue his dreams of a championship and would enjoy the opportunity to do it behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Golf R5 in 2019.

THE ACTIVATION Karel Carré's management team can ensure any prospect that an activation plan will be developed in function of its objectives. It is the team's wish to ensure, wherever possible, and wanted, a vertical integration of any sponsorship into the company's marketing and communication streams. But different sponsors have different needs, therefore we are open to work with the sponsor's representative to tailor our activation in line with company aspirations. Activation revolves around the sponsor's need. Please find below some traditional ideas that are commonly used, but Karel's team looks forward to being challenged on ideas that might better fit your needs.

• On-site hospitality • Rides with the driver • Corporate days for clients • Company activities with the employee • Factory or dealer visits • Integration into internal communications via videos or branded material to employees • Communications and results distribution internally • Social media engagement, chats and conferences, from company site or from race sites

To the above, there is a complete communication package that can be activated by Karel Carré's team: • Media advisories • Post race results • Social media postings • Spokesperson media training • Media tour with the driver • Round table with the media • Regional push with local media prior to each event • Schedule announcement • Post season wrap-up • and more

All-in-all Karel Carré could be used to: • Promote a product • Endorse professional services • Promote a touristic region worth visiting • Be the face of your company with a charitable organisation • Help develop team spirit and a sense of belonging within a company

In light of the above and just to name a few, please find below some proven activation ideas that could help deliver the above:

The level of engagement by the sponsor will determine how many of these, if not all, can be activated. Karel Carré's management team looks forward to the opportunity to meet with you and better understand your needs and how we can be an active player in delivering your objectives.

• Branding on vehicles (incl. transporter) • Branding on driver and crew members • Branding on all team components • Branding in the name of the team • Branding in all communications • Branding of promotional items


Who wants to talk money? We can't hide from it unfortunately. We are committed to delivering a top notch team, which can only be fueled by the passion of people and sponsors. Here is a global view of our yearly budget. After exchanges with the sponsor and a better understanding of its budgetary capacities, Karel Carré's management team will thereafter suggest a tailor made proposal.


STEPS TO THE FRONT Mathieu Dubé built his first two rally cars when he was 16 years old – a BMW for himself, and a VW for a friend. In the 15 years since, Dubé has built up TEST Racing through building approximately 40 cars. The team will field five cars at Rallye Perce Neige this weekend, in Maniwaki, Quebec. The biggest excitement is centred around the battle between Karel Carré and co-driver Samuel Joyal, and their fathers, Bruno Carré and Yvan Joyal. Both teams will be in cars built and prepared to nearly identical specifications by TEST Racing.

TEST Racing is located in the Eastern Townships location of Cowansville, Quebec, roughly halfway between Montreal and Sherbrooke. Dubé has built a reputation as a perfectionist and works hard to ensure everyone and everything arrives at the rally ready to race, even if he’s the one short on sleep. TEST Racing impressed many last year when the team provided a car and support for Oliver Solberg – son of WRC Champion Petter Solberg– at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières for a taste of rallycross.

The older Carré and Joyal team had just one test of the car prior to the event, but is no stranger to Subarus,having won the Rallye Perce Neige while driving one in 2010.

Managing all of these teams and cars takes the right focus and the right support crew. TEST Racing keeps a focus on reliability to make sure as many cars get to the finish as possible, and build speed on top through in-house engine building and testing. About 10 service crew will be on hand for Perce Neige, plus a couple of more from the Vincent team.

Thankfully, TEST Racing will come prepared, with enough parts to rebuild two whole cars. Parts that are known to take abuse are brought in bigger numbers.

The team has big ambitions for the future and is working on a new package set to be revealed in 2019, but first, there’s a season of the Canadian Rally Championship to get through.

“Bruno tells us he thinks Karel will be faster,” said Gabriele Roy, Communications Director for the team. “But that Bruno will be smarter.”

TEST Racing is located in the Eastern Townships location of Cowansville, Quebec


Source: CRC Full article by Dean Campbell

RALLY RACING: A SUCCESS STORY FOR SUBARU When thinking of rally racing most people will remember one team and that is the "555" sponsored Subaru Impreza operated by Prodrive in the 1990's. But Subaru's incursion into rally racing began as early as 1980. It is not until 1989, when Prodrive began to operate the team out of England, that Subaru started to become a household name in rally racing. Subaru used the team to showcase its symmetrical allwheel drive technology. And it did it with amazing success. Subaru has credited the increase in vehicle sales, and especially its Impreza model, with its success in the World Rally Championship. The team managed three manufacturer's championship in the mid 90's and three drivers' championships in the 90's and early 2000's .The WRC Subaru team ran from 1989 to 2008. The involvement in Canada coincided with Subaru’s initial involvement in the World Rally Championship, helping to align strategies between Japanese and Canadian corporate offices. The Canadian Rally Championship has enjoyed, from 2008 to 2017, nine continuous years with Subaru Canada as a presenting sponsor, and as backer of a factory team. But the roots of the most iconic brand in rallying reach far deeper, going back through nearly three decades of involvement in the CRC.


Following a 50th career victory at the Pacific Forest Rally in September 2017, Antoine L’Estage and Alan Ockwell secured a 13th manufacturer’s title for Subaru, more than any other brand in the history of the series. “We first got involved because we saw rallying as a good fit for Subaru,” said Ted Lalka, Vice President of Product Management, Marketing, and Customer Experience with Subaru Canada. “The value of rallying depends on the health of the sport, and how well we do,” said Lalka. “The contingency program encourages more competitors to enter in Subarus. We would love to see some competing brands too, but the more Subarus, the better.” Today, Subaru Rally Team Canada still represents the pinnacle of the sport in Canada. Rallying continues to serve as the ultimate testing ground for the cars, where competitors have to race not just against others, but persevere in the elements. With the conclusion of the 2017 CRC season, Subaru Rally Team Canada (SRTC) took the decision to no longer participate competitively. Subaru Canada will however continue its support as presenting sponsor of the 2018 CRC season and its contingency sponsorship for the 2018 CRC season.

Source: CRC/ Words by Dean Campbell Edited by Torchia Communications

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Karel Carré - FORD edition  
Karel Carré - FORD edition